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  1. GigECJ

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    One equation I hope Stan avoids: Trade a potentially elite player (such as the #3 pick) for two good players. Elite players are elite for a reason and they hardly ever drop into your lap. You take advantage on those very rare opportunities to get them whenever you can.
  2. GigECJ

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Not bad coming from a Seahawks fan. 😂
  3. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    Part of me wants to agree with Stan that the game overall is getting less physical until I think about the 2017,18 Caps.
  4. GigECJ

    Jeremy Colliton

    It's no secret I'm no Stan Man Creatch, but I do agree that I'd be ok sticking it out for the next couple of seasons with him. There does appear to be something brewing on the stove and I'm fine with seeing how it tastes. There is also something to be said that a new GM right now might just wreck the plan entirely. That said, if he were fired tomorrow, I wouldn't cry myself to sleep.
  5. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    Totally agree Bob.
  6. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    Sometimes, "tomorrow" never comes.
  7. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    He might get another team to sign him with these recent showings.
  8. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    It's a "system thing" not only in terms of play, but also drafting, signings, etc.
  9. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    They were sort of with Probert. They were in the Keenan years.
  10. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    Zebras and Predators
  11. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    Now THAT would be a "tail" in back!
  12. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    Our system does getting outshot very well, very well indeed.
  13. GigECJ

    4/06 Season Finale Hawks vs Preds

    Sikura does not make me feel sikura.
  14. GigECJ

    Stan As Gm

    That is my main concern. I see a team that has potential what with the young ones on their way, but a Toews and Kane in their prime still has to part of the equation. It's getting close to the age ceiling, especially for forwards, and particularly for any 200-foot forward. I'd say they have very likely just one chance at the Cup while they're still in prime. That would be the 2020-21 Season. All of Stan's focus should be on that season without getting rid of the "yungins" that could form a platform for years to come IMHO.
  15. GigECJ

    Stan As Gm

    Question for those in the know: Traditionally, offensively-gifted D-men such as the Paul Coffeys of the world, et al, were so talented that their defense was essentially their offense i.e. an uncanny ability to skate it out and keep it out. Does Gus fall into that kind of elite category? I still see him as a guy who doesn't really do what those guys did. Yes, PP QB is the perfect scenario for him by far as he is essentially playing "half court" hockey. Therefore, I find it a bit troubling making him a Six Million Dollar Man. Who else with his approximate skill set makes Six Million?