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  1. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    The billion dollar question. We fans can't seem to decide if they have another Cup in them (even if not this year) or not. I do not look forward to making those timely trades of core players that reap King's Ransom prospects, but if and when the time comes, I support Stan in doing just that. I'm not sure it's time yet, but I do think it would be the best for the franchise long-term if the situation presents itself. The trouble is this: You can't get King's Ransoms by trading away core players that clearly have little left in the tank. Therefore, it needs to happen earlier than some of us would prefer. All this said, NMC contracts galore would make King's Ransom returns that much more difficult even if the player gives Stan the permission as the amount of teams would be less and they likely would be teams who just need "that key Cup winner" to get to the Promised Land.
  2. Hossa done?

    I would have given the kid an A and put it on his sweater just below his left shoulder.
  3. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    No question in my mind. He was uncanny for his full-ice vision and anticipation of plays. He was not only speedy for his age, but also took the perfect angle every time to make a defensive play. He often came out of nowhere, like from about half the length of the ice away, in order to prevent an odd-man breakout. Then, he also had a great stick and hardly anybody could take the puck away from him. Only two or three guys could do that and even then you'd come away with "Hoss, are you not feeling well?" He was, every year for the Hawks, Selke-worthy. Yes, he was getting up there anyway, but he wasn't showing it very much at all. Then, the kids see the oldest man on the team putting out game-after-game efforts, not to mention the core guys, and it was a consistent motivator for the team. I've been saying this since about ten games in. I think he is a huge loss.
  4. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

  5. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    It does seem that way, doesn't it?
  6. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    That's my positive spin for this day. I didn't have to dole out well over $100 a person and the time to be at the UC to watch that train wreck.
  7. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    ...and for you to get to that point to say that GT? You tend to be very reserved that way. So, to me, it really means something.
  8. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Second shutout of the year for one of the worst goalies in the league
  9. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    No. They're not on him. He's been the Hawks best player today by far! You know the irony of that? He's probably, on paper, their worst.
  10. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Remember prior to this huge home-heavy schedule, we all said that this will be a "make or break" (I said more "break than make") period in the season? I suppose they don't think so at all. To come out like this? To see them put forth horrible PP's, a pathetic three periods at home to a bad team on the heels of back-to-back, this is really very disappointing to say the least.
  11. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    his nephew
  12. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    ...and Seabs just let him be until it was too late.
  13. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    That will be on every NHL blooper reel for the next few years.
  14. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Right now, Duncan Keith in my book is a mere shadow of his glory days.