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  1. RIP Klemmer

    Sad news, RIP Klemmer
  2. Gustav Forsling

    To me, this is an agility thing and Sved just doesn't have it. If you compare him to even an older Chara there really isn't a comparison. Like all sports, everything starts with the feet and Sved may improve a bit but he is turing 25 shortly so not sure how long you can wait. He is in his physical prime now. I hope Forsling can adapt his game to the NHL. We need alot of help on the back end.
  3. Stan As Gm

    Agree that Daley was trending up when he was traded. Another guy who was playing his game that he had played his whole career but was expected to change for Q. Stan got him for a reason and Q chose not to allow him to play that role. Good luck to him as I believe TD is a class act!!
  4. Panarin

    Couldn't agree with you more ER!! It is amazing that at his size, he is the one who gets the puck in a board battle. 100% determination to get the puck. Love seeing him with Kane and Anisimov. This is one of the best lines in the NHL right now. 59 goals through 47 games. Not bad
  5. Panarin

    This kid is special. Yeah, he stick handles a bit too much at times and passes when he should be shooting but he is still also learning the NHL game and to do what he is doing right now is damn impressive. Yeah, it doesn't hurt to be playing with Kaner, but my goodness does he have talent. One an impressive find for the Hawks. It is also hard to believe that he has lived up and exceeded what was being said about him before even playing a second as a Hawk.
  6. The Crawford Thread

    All of the regular season trophy's are great for the trophy case, but hockey, more than any other sport, is about winning it all. Regardless of how good Price is the combination between him and what is playing in front of him isn't good enough to win the cup. Crow and his team played unreal in the cup finals defensively. The 4 games the Hawks won, TBL only scored 3 goals. Price and his mates couldn't get that kind of performance and that is why they lost.
  7. Stan As Gm

    No doubt that this is Stan's team and they won the cup. I will gladly eat the crow and apologize to Stan. It was so amazing to see the Hawks celebrate on home ice at the U.C.
  8. The Crawford Thread

    I really don't think Crow could give a rats behind what the critics say. The only thing he cares about is winning and being respected by his teammates and opponents. You can bet that if you ask any of the players that were robbed by Crow this playoff season they will be saying what a great competitor he is. Man, can't we just all be happy for a few days and enjoy what we have just witnessed??? At some point, we will look back at all of this and think that this was the best of times because it is. This won't last forever, let's appreciate what we have here.
  9. The Crawford Thread

    The goalies you mentioned are great in the regular season. When it matters the most and when the lights are at their brightest, they always seem to fail. The discussions will go on about how much Crow makes but wow, he is just a winner. Let's hope for some more F' bombs on Thursday!!!
  10. The Crawford Thread

    Couldn't be happier for Crow. He saved his best hockey for the last 3 games!!
  11. The Crawford Thread

    With the margin of error so small, Crow comes up huge again. The last 2 games he has come back and saved the day. 2 of the best back to back goalie performances I have ever seen. The last 2 goals that were scored on Crow he had no chance on.
  12. The Crawford Thread

    Unfortunately for Crow, the series is riding on his shoulders because the guys in front of him really aren't getting the job done. Crow was amazing last night and won the game for the Hawks. No other player is under the microscope like Crow because he is out there all game long. Any mistake he makes has the potential to be in the back of the net. Such is the life of an NHL goalie.
  13. The Crawford Thread

    I couldn't resist. The thread needs a bit of levity
  14. The Crawford Thread

    I know what you are saying but this is the Crawford thread. I agree, the team needs to stop skating in quick sand the first 10 minutes of every game and only start playing well when they are down a goal or 2. With that said, Crow has to be better on the easy saves. He was fantastic in the 5-3 and the break-away but it seems like his concentration lapsed (like everyone else on the team) and he let in a couple of bad goals. This is starting to remind me of the playoffs of 2011 when Crow just couldn't stop the easy shots from going in. To me, Crow should be on a very short leash the remainder of the series. I wouldn't hesitate in making a change to 1, send a message to Crow that he has to be better (talk is cheap and Crow says he needs to be better but the last 2 games, not so much), and 2, to the other stiffs on the ice that are playing in front of the goalie to play better. Remember, this is Bishop's first post season as well and he is outplaying Crow. The Hawks need to play a little game of Beat the Bishop tonight!!
  15. The Crawford Thread

    Thanks Hawks