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  1. Weise can say what he wants to say. I agree with several posters on here in saying that if given a chance, Weise could have made an impact. Q is really a mystery in how you get in to and out of his doghouse. For as much credit I give Q for the Cups that Chicago has gotten, I also look at all the really dumb moves he has made and step back and wonder how many more cups we could have had. I will never blame Bowan again for any roster moves because I believe Q paints him into a corner with the playing time decisions and lineups he makes. Q is directly responsible for Rosi costing the Hawks a half million off the cap this year because of the playing time from last year.
  2. Glad Soupy is back with the Hawks. He is going to help with the puck possession game that we have lost over the last couple of years.
  3. TT was a small price to pay to unload BB. Stan must have had a gun to Francis's head to make him take BB. Great job on getting rid of a huge contract. I'm not counting on the cap going up.
  4. I'm sure that the casinos will buy up a bunch of tickets and comp them to the people who lose alot of money. I'd hate to see the electric bill trying to keep that ice in decent shape.
  5. To me, this is an agility thing and Sved just doesn't have it. If you compare him to even an older Chara there really isn't a comparison. Like all sports, everything starts with the feet and Sved may improve a bit but he is turing 25 shortly so not sure how long you can wait. He is in his physical prime now. I hope Forsling can adapt his game to the NHL. We need alot of help on the back end.
  6. Agree that Daley was trending up when he was traded. Another guy who was playing his game that he had played his whole career but was expected to change for Q. Stan got him for a reason and Q chose not to allow him to play that role. Good luck to him as I believe TD is a class act!!
  7. This is like bizarro-world. Rundblad is like a bad fart that won't go away.
  8. Yep, so sad
  9. Couldn't agree with you more ER!! It is amazing that at his size, he is the one who gets the puck in a board battle. 100% determination to get the puck. Love seeing him with Kane and Anisimov. This is one of the best lines in the NHL right now. 59 goals through 47 games. Not bad
  10. I think the fantasy crap is ruining pro sports. Not so much hockey right now, but look at the NFL. Just hoping the NHL doesn't change anything to get the scoring up.
  11. Hossa is the ultimate pro and I just don't worry about him not scoring. He does so many other things that has and continue to have positive impacts on this team. Every time I see someone on the Hawks come back and lift a stick on a back check I think to myself, thanks Hoss!
  12. Let's just be glad he's in Europe and not wearing the Indian Head sweater
  13. I'm just glad he was finally sent down. This move was long overdue.
  14. The problem I have with the whole thing is that he is NOT the best option the Hawks have at defense. 3-4 guys in Rockford are better as we sit watching DR turn the puck over again in his own zone. UGH!!!
  15. Right on Bucks!