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  1. Weise can say what he wants to say. I agree with several posters on here in saying that if given a chance, Weise could have made an impact. Q is really a mystery in how you get in to and out of his doghouse. For as much credit I give Q for the Cups that Chicago has gotten, I also look at all the really dumb moves he has made and step back and wonder how many more cups we could have had. I will never blame Bowan again for any roster moves because I believe Q paints him into a corner with the playing time decisions and lineups he makes. Q is directly responsible for Rosi costing the Hawks a half million off the cap this year because of the playing time from last year.
  2. Glad Soupy is back with the Hawks. He is going to help with the puck possession game that we have lost over the last couple of years.
  3. TT was a small price to pay to unload BB. Stan must have had a gun to Francis's head to make him take BB. Great job on getting rid of a huge contract. I'm not counting on the cap going up.
  4. I'm sure that the casinos will buy up a bunch of tickets and comp them to the people who lose alot of money. I'd hate to see the electric bill trying to keep that ice in decent shape.
  5. To me, this is an agility thing and Sved just doesn't have it. If you compare him to even an older Chara there really isn't a comparison. Like all sports, everything starts with the feet and Sved may improve a bit but he is turing 25 shortly so not sure how long you can wait. He is in his physical prime now. I hope Forsling can adapt his game to the NHL. We need alot of help on the back end.
  6. Agree that Daley was trending up when he was traded. Another guy who was playing his game that he had played his whole career but was expected to change for Q. Stan got him for a reason and Q chose not to allow him to play that role. Good luck to him as I believe TD is a class act!!
  7. To me, if the NHL is really serious about this, it shouldn't be just a suspension. The team needs to suffer as well. Don't allow the team to fill the roster spot. Guys like Orpik will stop getting contracts and you can rid yourself of this type of crap. Orpik needs to be booted out of the NHL. It is time that they take a real stand in this since the players are never going to respect each other enough. Very sad and hope that Maatta is ok.
  8. They may have had depth but Q constantly changing who was in, who was out, and what role they had changed from game to game. Q forced Bowman's hands in several situations and that is what caused such a huge turnover in the roster. The last 20 games should have been played with the guys who were going to see time in the playoffs. I don't blame Stan for this. Again, Q ran the roster like a 3 ring circus this year.
  9. It would be a very fast decision for me. Shaw would be kept and TT would be on the block. Watching the Shaw interview from the clean out day, I don't think he wants to play anywhere else. It really sounded to me that he would take less to stay but who really knows. It is just the way he was saying everything that made me think that. Also, lots of excuses being given for TT having a regression year. Bowman blamed it on all the rolls he had to play. In that way, it looked like a shot at Q. Anyway, no comparison for me. TT needs to go.
  10. Watched all the interviews with the clean out day and one questions was asked of everyone. It had to do with why the Hawks weren't able to roll 4 lines effectively this year. Nobody really wanted to answer the question. It really is an easy answer. Depth is part of it, well, that and the constantly changing roster that the team was unable to build the chemistry needed to make a deep run in the playoffs.
  11. I will not blast you GV. This situation will not be fixed overnight, nor will it be fixed by the playoffs next year. Blackmore, thanks for the link.
  12. Right on Merps. Great discussions going on here. You have to remember, the roster that just lost game 7 in the first round is losing several of those pieces. Q has already shown that he is not impressed with the guys who weren't playing in the playoffs and yet, these are the guys that the Hawks will have on the roster next season. With no cap room to really sign anyone, how is this going to work out? The Hawks need to stop with Rosi and Runbad. The only way the young d-men in the system are going to develop is to play in the NHL. Rockford is only going to prepare them so much. They need NHL time to make there mistakes and learn from them. I can't think of a better situation then to let them learn from guys like Seabs, Keith, and Hammer. By game 82, they will be miles better than Rosi or Runbad. No other team in the NHL is going to take Bicks or Runbad off of our hands, ever. Tbey were both on waivers as I recall and nobody wanted them. Why would another team now make a deal and lose talent when they could have just picked them up? The Hawks will be in a better situation after next season when the Bicks contract is finally gone. Agree with many on the Q and Stan situation. It is getting out of hand and I think Q really screwed the pooch by his "doghouse" mentality. Q backed Stan into a corner the way he was playing/not playing some of the players that were acquired. It was a circus the way Q ran this team this year.
  13. As I have seen in several topics over the last few days, it seems to me that Stan was way to active at the trade deadline and this roster never had time to mesh together. That being said, this roster seems to be in disarray. Several players won't be back and several hard decisions need to be made. My thoughts are that next season, I'm not expecting too much because, to me, the cupboards are bare. What say you???
  14. Wow Granada, this is so well said. Hammer meet head of nail!!!
  15. Do suspensions for certain hits deter players from doing the offending hit???? NO, it doesn't. Fines, i do believe can be useful if put to good use. If the money goes into the NHL coffers, then no, the money won't help. If the NHL goes into a partnership in the LGBT community and does something with the money there, then it is a good thing.