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  1. NextDynasty

    Giveaway Schedule

    Something to note, first time I’ve noticed Hawks have a few games with specialized giveaways. There is an Italian American Heritage night, and games for Notre Dame alumni (or fans), law enforcement, and the military.....all with Hawks caps with special colors and logo patches if you buy tickets for the respective game of you buy tix and use special codes listed on below link. Boys and Gorls scouts nights too with Hawks patches. Kinda cool. https://www.nhl.com/blackhawks/tickets/groupnights
  2. NextDynasty

    Giveaway Schedule

    http://archives.subscribermail.com/msg/703fdef5b8b644d2bf98f9ca20de27d8.htm https://www.nhl.com/blackhawks/fans/giveaways Decent giveaways this year. I would have thought sponsorship would have taken a hit and reflected in amount of game night items.
  3. NextDynasty

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Not sure if will be league wide or mandated as new policy, but Hawks have lagged behind many who post contract details with cap hits from team sites and team twitter accounts as soon as they make official announcements of deals. Regarding injuries, wonder if it becomes more prevalent or league mandated if sports gambling is slowly having an influence.
  4. NextDynasty

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

  5. NextDynasty

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    This and Kunitz skating on the Toews-Dcat line biggest news out of day one of camp it appears. Appears with Murphy gone through November at the earliest, we’ll see plenty of Joker early on. Also, good to see the Hawks being more transparent with injuries moving forward.
  6. NextDynasty

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    With Karlsson being traded to San Jose. I found the conditions of the second conditional pick listed above rather interesting. First time I’ve seen a team put significant conditions on whether a trading partner trades the player back to original conference. I like this clause, just don’t recall seeing it before.
  7. NextDynasty

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    After seeing the Habs’ modest haul for Pacioretty after backing themselves into a corner with moving him before the start of the season, I was surprised that the Hawks couldn’t match a comparable package. My guess was that they might have thought he’d be seeking a longer term than they’d be comfortable with. I also have been coming around to he belief that the Hawks are willing to write off this season in hopes of getting Panarin back next season as a UFA and not giving up assets this year in a trade. I now see that Vegas signed Pacioretty for 4/$28 mil. IMO, this is a great contract for Vegas with term and salary. It is also a contract that would have been ideal for the Hawks, primarily with term, to maximize the quality years left of our core players. As I don't believe the Hawks can afford Panarin and the new contracts coming to D-Cat and Schmaltz, at least with AA still on the roster, I now wish the Hawks would have looked at MP knowing the term he agreed to. By trading either D-Cat, Schmaltz, or Sikura, they also could have then looked to Panarin in the offseason with some roster and cap magic.
  8. NextDynasty

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Wow! At 29, I would have thought he’d be looking for longer term as a final big money contract. Great deal for Vegas!
  9. NextDynasty

    Seabrooks Contract

    Looks like after a salary of $9 mil this year and $7.5 next, it drops down to $5 mil for 20-21 with $4 mil paid as a signing bonus and only $1 mil of actual salary. Seems like that would be the time for a trade after Hawks pay that bonus, acquiring team would only pay out $16.5 mil for the final four years. He would still have a full NMC however until the final two years. Still need him to improve his play or it’s gonna require one heck of a sweetener!
  10. NextDynasty

    Winter Classic Jersey

    If the Hawks are wearing the predominantly black with white road jerseys as this seems to hint at, then I’m all in.
  11. NextDynasty

    Winter Classic Jersey

  12. NextDynasty

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I’d take this.
  13. NextDynasty

    RIP Stan Mikita

    RIP. Class act through and through
  14. NextDynasty

    hawks unsigned prospects

    I’m interested in seeing what this kid will bring next year if he puts up another solid year in the KHL. I agree with OTH that with others set to become RFAs or UFAs after this season, and the uncertainty surrounding CC, the timing works for Namilov to potentially grab a roster spot in 2019.