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  1. Thankfully, it did come out prior to the trade deadline that Patrick Sharp would require surgery at the end of the season. With Stars out of the playoffs it looks like it will be sooner rather than waiting. With this added to his numerous stints on IR due to recent concussions, who knows how this will affect his future playing. Wish him all the best and glad you got in one last game against the Hawks at the UC last week. Almost wish he had scored on his breakaway that game.
  2. Jack - May have read many of the same articles as there have been quite a few the past couple of days and I agree with all the points above. I did find one article interesting in suggesting that seeding be based on winning percentage. It was pointed out that a team might have a higher winning percentage over a team with more "points" if it were to have more two point wins over many games with the loser point. I wouldn't have an issue with that. In the absence of going to a 3 point regulation win, this might encourage teams to try to win in regulation over playing safe at the end of a game to force OT and secure a point.
  3. At $750,000, I love that it's sub $925,000. As we have more than a few $925,000 guys (Motte, Pokka, Schmaltz, Hayden), the Hawks need these lower cap hits when every cap dollar counts due to our core $ commitment, even if it means needing a Tootoo or Roszy for even less to round out roster.
  4. First two rounds on sale to public at noon on Monday. Looks like partial plans get access at 9am.
  5. I agree and looks likes Q is mixing up the lineup tonight with Hartman jumping up to center the 2nd line and Schmaltz moving down. Per Myers and Lazarus.
  6. Q has rested some players the last game or two the last few seasons, although with the with the last game on Saturday the 8th and UC booked through Wednesday the 12th, it appears the first playoff game can't be until the 13th which should provide for a decent rest for the team. You should be fine with the Columbus game with 4 more games after that and the top seed most likely still in play. Be patient and wait until late afternoon on game day to buy on StubHub for pdf tix. The longer you can wait the better. A pair will be no problem to find and prices come way down late afternoon and early evening before a game. Be sure to give yourself time to print up tix. When I can wait until 1 1\2 to 2 hours before puck drop, I typically pay around face or less. Another option for cheap seats is to go to the Billy Goat on Madison/Ogden to eat/drink before the game. They either have or let a ticket broker operate from there with their own kiosk, laptop, and printer. The name of the broker's website escapes me but it's on their counter in the bar. Monitor their ticket inventory from you phone and as prices drop the closer to game time you can purchase from your phone, have the guy print up for you at the kiosk, and walk 3 short blocks to the game. Be sure to check Ticketmaster the evening before the game and throughout the morning and afternoon on game day as well, as the team will release seats last minute that were held back for both teams.
  7. Wild's last two games......Arizona and Colorado. Hawks have Anaheim and L.A.! We had better catch the Wild well before that last weekend. If we're tied and have the same ROW, I believe the Hawks have next tie breaker out pointing Wild in season series. That'd be a hell of a way to overtake them. Gonna be a great last week to the season.
  8. Interesting article below regarding Maple Leafs acknowledging looking at secondary market ticket pricing in justifying season ticket hikes in what they claim is an attempt to combat gouging by brokers and scalpers and dig into their profits. Didn't think this needed a new thread, but as it is a topic debated in threads previously, thought I'd post as it is a good read and take on the issue.
  9. Q mentioned yesterday that Hayden would sit tonight and play one or both of the next two on the 3 game road trip.
  10. I'd much prefer a wild finish to a Wild finish! It makes nightly scoreboard watching a must especially for those looking out east. If the Hawks don't catch the Wild, I'm guessing Hawks would open against Blues in first as the latter should overtake the Preds as a weird scheduling quirk has the Blues still playing 3 games against PHX and the Avs in the next month. I would love overtaking the Wild and a possible Hawks/Kings first round meeting.
  11. I'm good with this. Q just announced post game that with Yale's season over the Hawks have signed John Hayden (2013 3rd rounder) to a 2 year contract and he'll be joining team and will see some action (and be eligible for playoffs). He's a big bodied center that I hope pans out in the future. For now, with the defensive depth we have and some versatility at forward with the addition of Jurco and his extended look, and now Hayden, I say make sure everyone is rested and healthy come playoff time, including Crow and Darling. While I'd love to catch the Wild, the Hawks have proven they don't need home ice throughout to win it all and the closing schedule to the regular season is brutal!
  12. Full tier pricing: SRO: $50 300/3: $60 300/2: $80 300/1: $100 200/2: $157.73 200/1: $177.73 100/3: $160 100/2: $205 100/1: $225 Glass: $500
  13. Renewals have been posted to clicktix accounts. Lower Goals have increased just over 3% from $155 to $160.
  14. Mark Lazerus and Tracey Meyers are both reporting that season tickets are rising by an average of 4% for next season. Does anyone have their source or any listing of all tier increases? I've seen nothing from the team so far. Edit: Lazerus tweeted he was informed team sent out renewal notices today. Yikes! That seems really early this year! I might be wrong.
  15. With Hammer's achy back and hoping to add cheap defensive depth, am I allowed to be the first (this trade deadline) to admit that I miss Wiz?! I'd also be remiss if I didn't add that that I miss I-miss-Wiz!