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  1. FWIW - Zawaski's tweets over last few days...... Regarding any interest in James Neal..... Regarding Sharp...... Evander Kane...... Karl Alzner......
  2. ^^ I'm also not giving up on Jurco. He showed flashes of brilliance especially in stick handling ......with an inability to finish, regrettably.
  3. Hoping cap hit is less than $600 as Darling's last 2 year was. Interesting that his was a two way with a hefty salary even in Rockford, which made sense after his 2015 playoff heroics.
  4. Correct. His sources have proven solid as he's been first to break some trade news for a few years now.
  5. My feeling as well. Would give us size and physicality on both lines.
  6. Ha! Things coming in too fast and furious to separate into different threads!
  7. Excellent work renaming the thread, btw!
  8. It's official! I've started drinking early this morning! Combination of crying in my beer and raising a toast to Stan going off the rails!
  9. Barring any further BIG moves, what are the top two lines as this stands?
  10. Hey Mods! Good luck breaking this out into seperate threads!
  11. I can live with that one........and I had to be reminded that Saad is younger than Panerin.
  12. That blows! My two favorite players gone in 24 hours! Where is the 7th pick in all of this?!
  13. This is the "You be GM' thread, right?