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  1. Toews1

    Gustav Forsling

    Gustav Forsling officially signed 3 yr deal
  2. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    so not to take anything away from your points because you make valid one's but you say Bollig saw little ice time in key situations to me is also a HUGE KEY point. He was a Q guy and offered really nothing of value..if all he offered was a physical presence then playing him really no time on ice at all also had zero to no impact..so why not play a guy who actually can do something?
  3. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    sorry not trying to be a jerk but do you have actual sources or connections?
  4. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    Good God get a grip in what planet is Boedker an elite left winger?
  5. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    that wont work with contracts...have to add Bickell or Daley
  6. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    you would have to jettison a hell of alot more salary than that
  7. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    What about JVR? I fel like he would be an absolute perfect fit at LW with Toews...i would be willing to give up Dano or Tervainen along with 1st round picks to acquire him. Obviously Daley or Bickell need to be included for cap purposes
  8. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    Dont forget 6'4 Anisimov
  9. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    really hope the Marleau rumors are nothing..really don't want a 36 yr old guy on last legs..you make that trade its a win this yr move and screw the future
  10. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    Bickell, Daley, Terravainen for Byfuglien..make it happen
  11. Toews1

    Stan As Gm

    ya but those trades for Runblad and Timmonen...woof
  12. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    you either want to win a cup or you dont..no in between especially with cap crunch coming..buckle up be a legit gm and get §hit done
  13. Toews1

    You Be The Gm

    Bowman letting other teams make the moves..funny how other cap strung team can make moves yet Sleepy Stan cant wake up