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  1. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Lots of discussion about gm or coaching changes. Talk of making a trade to fill a hole. I think there are too many holes to fill to make this team a cup competitive team over the next couple of years. Rebuilding through the draft takes a number of years. What does the draft pool look like in June? Hawks have a 1st, 3rd, 2 5ths, a 6th and 7th. Will they sell to pick up additional picks? Who will be on the list?
  2. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Lord, I confess I wasn't following the Hawks at that time due to lack of tv coverage and, of course, the trajectory of their team. It was 2007 when I reacquired the spark.
  3. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Hawks are 2 and 3 at home this month. I think your "break" comment might be the correct assessment. I continue to support this team, but reality is taking hold. Question is what will the front office and coaching staff plan over the break.
  4. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Hawks have really let Glass, and the rest of us, down today. 4 goals on 24 shots suggests deficient goaltending, yet I don't think any of those goals are on Glass.
  5. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    right. I should have clarified, a Bertuzzi of the Bertuzzi blood line.
  6. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Seabs? and it had to be a Bertuzzi?
  7. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Agreed TC. CAmera was not on the Hawks coming off, but we have seen lazy exits before by that line.
  8. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Well that was a missed chance. Tazer couldn't get that out of his skates.
  9. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    I agree Gig. At 34 though it is unrealistic to expect the energy and speed of a 24 year old. He, and his coach, should adjust his play, role and decisions accordlingly, imo.
  10. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    I just rewound the dvr to watch that play. Bad change by the Hawks/ 2 on 1 started with DK getting beat at the D blue line. he recovered with JO, 2 on 2. Kane and his line went to the bench for a change as did Detroit. Mantha beat JT as the trailer on that play. Can't put that goal on either DK or JO.
  11. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    ,JT was closest, but a long way away.
  12. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    why was mantha unimpeded on thte late entry into th play?
  13. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Let's go hawks! Big period, show us you have what it takes.
  14. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    Indeed, it does seem like a dream at this point. :-) And now, unfortunately, we have all awoken to this current reality.
  15. 1/14 Hawks vs Wings

    anytime the hawks want to score will be soon enough for me. Be a good way to finish the period.