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  1. On a positive note, Seabs and JO were +/- even tonight. As was Rasmussen. Everyone else was minus with PK and JT at -4 each.
  2. poor play, poor officiating, poor night. Time to move on.
  3. The next couple of games will be interesting. They have been sloppy for a few games now, but have Tampa Bay Monday and then Pittsburgh on Wednesday. We will see if they can regain their focus and structure by then.
  4. lost focus. Get it out of your system boys.
  5. at this point, do not let them get the extra point.
  6. not a fan of fisticuffs, but maybe this will provide some energy and focus for Monday v Tampa Bay. Well done Panik.
  7. stats after two: shots 23-16 panthers, hits 11-9 hawks, fo 56-44 hawks, pim 14-10 hawks.
  8. looked like a hook to me, but the hawks need to keep their thoughts to themselves. Furlatt is having a bad day.
  9. good job panik. was he tripped or was that a toe pick in the soft ice?
  10. don't see kaner mix it up very often. Looked like jokinen wouldn't let go. Kaner laughing with the linesman at the end.
  11. wasn't panik's debut with the Hawks on this Florida swing last season?
  12. make some space boys.
  13. another call?
  14. okay. now is the time to start the comeback. Don't need to wait for the third period.
  15. that goal is on Hartman. No need for that second two minutes.