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  1. mtl09

    Jack Hughs

    He is in town with team USA playing the Chicago Steel sat night....a chance too see him up close....
  2. mtl09

    Should Roenick be in the HOF.

    My thoughts for some time....#24 was the best.....
  3. mtl09

    2/16 bluejackets

    Tix are gone
  4. mtl09

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Duncs not going anywhere unless Seabs goes with him......thats the catch......
  5. mtl09

    2/16 bluejackets

    Have a pair in 308 row 2 to trade for a future game.....
  6. mtl09

    Hurricanes willing to move top 4 D?

    Thx yoop.....i knew the hawks had drafted him.....
  7. mtl09

    Hurricanes willing to move top 4 D?

    I used to watch jacob slavin play for the chicago steel here.....solid player.....and the steel just picked up his younger brother or cousin in a trade.....dam i cant remember which one at the moment.....ill see him sat and sunday....
  8. mtl09

    Collin Delia

    He let in a couple so called soft goals....other than that he had some spectacular saves today........ Shore up whats in front of him.... I still remember the day the hawks gave up on a young goaltender because his "flopping style " was unacceptable and would never be successful...... Of course young mr hasek went on to bigger amd better things....
  9. mtl09

    Dliberately Tanking

    They would never tank on purpose...this hockey.....not basketball...
  10. mtl09

    United Centre question

    Tommy is out and.about beating his drum during the game....
  11. mtl09

    Gate 5

  12. mtl09

    12/14 Hawks vs Jets

    Saad was all over the place tonite also....back on d....leading the rush....digging in the corners...probably went unoticed by most..... Nice to see some size on the back end also.... And Sikura does look a bit nervous outhere....he has to just go with the flow and dont hold back..... Kaner looked way off tonite for some reason....even without the puck....
  13. mtl09

    Gate 5

    Has anyone entered gate 5 using your american express card early? Was it ok or crowded?
  14. mtl09

    Worst in the League Goes to Guess Who

    Do your job! I think Thibs would be a great hockey coach....
  15. mtl09

    Stan As Gm

    I hope stan doesnt make any big moves really..... we're 2-3 guys away from being a playoff team.....lets roll with what we got and if anything try to move some salaries for next year ...the free agent class is pretty good.. And for gods sakes in the draft next year can we take a defenseman that actually can block a shot or clear the crease..... I still say the Nhl should allow drafted players by a team to get a discount against the cap if the player stays with the orignal team......