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  1. Pretty awesome, I love that the Chicago Stadium fades into the UC.
  2. Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam Russian Spam *blows brains out of head

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    2. galaxytrash


      just wondering hawkmod...is there any communication between mods on this board and the other nhl message boards? is this plague affecting other teams boards as well? just wondering...

    3. HawkMod


      no communication with other Mods. As far as the epidemic, I have no clue if others are experiencing the same things. What I do know is that the support team found a way to tweak some things to prevent the spammers.

    4. galaxytrash


      good to hear....tweak away.

    1. I-miss-Wis
    2. Guest


      Wow, what a fantastic finish; just now catching my breath. Love my Blackhawks! Congrats guys on this tremendous win...2 Cups in 4 years!!!

  3. Is it Wednesday yet?

    1. Guest


      I Wish, Bruins fan here came over wish you guys luck and hoping for a great series...

  4. Happy New Year Ryan .....another year, another peg as Senior Mod

    Keep up the great work!

  5. A Big thank you to the Community for being on top of spammers. I appreciate everyone who is reporting the spam. Keep up the good work guys, and thanks!

  6. RIP TBird

    1. Stu12


      My heart is breaking....he was so loved...and will be so missed. RIP Tom. See you on the other side.

    2. IceHogsFanIHF


      Old Time Hockey Fan... Tough, Determined, Opinionated. It is why he will be missed by many.

  7. Contest FINALE happening tonight at 7pm!

    1. InDaWheelHouse


      What was the final contest? :(

  8. Great Fight boys... I can't help but feel pride for the effort displayed this Season.