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  1. Not necessarily upgraded... more like changes that were requested were completed. = ) Ask and you shall receive!
  2. Definitely not a bug or an issue... And there's definitely a reason for it. = )
  3. For old times sake
  4. I thought prior to the personal player songs, it was AC/DC's "You Shook me all night long". I don't remember the Hawks ever experimenting with Song 2 as a team song, but I'm glad it got shot down... too many people use that song. Another fun fact, is that Kane hated his "Rock you like a Hurricane" song. Also, I remember reading somewhere that the fratellis don't even like hockey.
  5. Still having this issue? I haven't seen any other reports of this happening to anyone else.
  6. Does anyone know if kids under 3 need a ticket???
  7. 2.0? Don't remember 1.0 being much different = X
  8. As someone who is due another root canal... I wish I had this power.
  9. Haven't stuck around like I used to back in the day, but it used to be that the best way to get an autograph was to wait outside the parking garage where the players exit the stadium. I used to see a handfull of people chilling there after a game, and many told stories of many of the players stopping to sign autographs. During the game, it's virtually impossible. I know we used to have board members who would use the parking garage strategy to get autographs... but it's possible that they don't allow this any longer. Good luck!
  10. I don't see anything.
  11. No se... on another note, never ever change your avatar again. I think I just watched it for 5 minutes straight, chuckling the whole time.
  12. Two Things: 1. I don't think this was a conscious decision to not allow it, I think with the many updates that have happened over the years it was something that was probably off by default. 2. There is something to be said about taking away the ability to delete post. Say for example there is a heated debate, and tempers flair over an issue... content gets reported, and the member who knows this deletes his post to try to "cover his tracts". This would be an issue. At the same time, I'm not opposed to bringing back that ability to delete posts, since we're all very civil respectful human adults on this board... amirite??? right??? Ps. It's silly to assume that the reason why something is gone, is because the mods/admins want to take rights and abilities away. I have been called a nazi (which is a little unfair IMO) before on this board, but I would try to remember that in the future. love you guys... even though you hijacked my thread < 3
  13. Don't tell me what to do = )
  14. How did you fix it?