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  1. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    I have no explanation for the boards being down. I thought it was because of the update, but that hasn't hit yet it looks like. HM
  2. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Hmmmm, not that I'm aware of
  3. Ryan Hartman

    Good Luck Ryan!
  4. RIP Klemmer

    Sad indeed, RIP Klem. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  5. 6th Convention Lanyard

    Hello, I was going through my collection of different random Hawks stuff that I've accumulated over the years, and somehow when I was making sure I had all of the Convention passes, I seem to have lost the 6th convention Lanyard pass. Does anyone have an extra one that you would be willing to trade or sell? I have doubles of most all of the other 9. -HM
  6. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Also, please check out previous post to access your account a different way. For example, try using your email instead of your screen name. I believe there are more solutions.
  7. Hossa done?

    Definitely Gig
  8. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    You're fine Ozzy!
  9. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    First I'm hearing of this... Anyone else seeing this issue?
  10. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Thank you for reinforcing why we have a rule in the first place
  11. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    This is probably due to the 25 post requirements to start a topic. Welcome!
  12. The coach's message...

    Well that's not entirely true is it...
  13. Patrick Kane

    Assists 1. Stan Mikita* 926 2. Denis Savard* 719 3. Doug Wilson 554 4. Bobby Hull* 549 5. Steve Larmer 517 6. Patrick Kane 486 7. Duncan Keith 435 8. Pierre Pilote* 400 9. Chris Chelios* 395 10. Pit Martin 384
  14. Patrick Kane

    Interesting enough, Kaner is about halfway in both Goals and Assist Goals 1. Bobby Hull* 604 2. Stan Mikita* 541 3. Steve Larmer 406 4. Denis Savard* 377 5. Dennis Hull 298 6. Patrick Kane 295 7. Jonathan Toews 280 8. Tony Amonte 268 9. Jeremy Roenick 267 10. Bill Mosienko* 258
  15. Patrick Kane

    For those wondering, this is what the top 10 looks like: Points 1. Stan Mikita* 1467 2. Bobby Hull* 1153 3. Denis Savard* 1096 4. Steve Larmer 923 5. Patrick Kane 781 6. Doug Wilson 779 7. Jonathan Toews 642 8. Dennis Hull 640 9. Pit Martin 627 10. Jeremy Roenick 596