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  1. HawkMod


  2. HawkMod


    I wonder who calls that shot? Do teams get to design their own jersey? Nike? NHL?...
  3. HawkMod

    OT: fantasy hockey

    HOw many do you still need?
  4. HawkMod


    Maybe he started eating steak again.
  5. HawkMod

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Nope... not staff either... I'm just all out of magic wands, this is an isolated incident... and no one is able to replicate it. Any one else having this issue? HM
  6. HawkMod

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Phill, can you please explain what you mean by having to reset your password 7 times? How are you logging in if your password won't take? Can you please try a different browser? It's possible that there might've been some sort of update on the Safari side that is messing things up. I checked with Adam and he confirmed nothing has changed on the NHL.com side. HM
  7. HawkMod

    2018 Blackhawks Convention

    Speaking of Convention, I finally am starting to organize all of my Convention memorabilia and somehow I can't find my Lanyard for for Convention #6. Does anyone have an extra one, or one they would like to trade? lemme know
  8. HawkMod

    2018 Blackhawks Convention

    I was thinking more of something like this
  9. HawkMod


    Gross. I guess when you're hunting your prey, you don't much mind how it's cooked huh?
  10. HawkMod

    2018 Blackhawks Convention

    I can't imagine what you would do to that car Creatch...
  11. HawkMod


  12. HawkMod


    In regards to the banter back and forth, I will come out and say as a mod... that nothing has been over the line, and most of us have known each other for some time and know the tone of what is said, and what is actually said. Please take that into consideration when reading other people's comments. Concerning Wiz, even after you've been cleared for cancer... you always know there's a chance it might come back.
  13. HawkMod


    In regards to Toews I only have one thing to say...
  14. HawkMod

    2018 Blackhawks Convention

    Congrats on the Win! How many times did you get to drive it? Also, did a player present it or something? I have so many questions.
  15. HawkMod

    Winter Classic Jersey

    Those are super nice, I hope that's close to what it will be. Sadly I think the Boston jersey edges it out just by a hair.