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  1. Patrick Kane

    Assists 1. Stan Mikita* 926 2. Denis Savard* 719 3. Doug Wilson 554 4. Bobby Hull* 549 5. Steve Larmer 517 6. Patrick Kane 486 7. Duncan Keith 435 8. Pierre Pilote* 400 9. Chris Chelios* 395 10. Pit Martin 384
  2. Patrick Kane

    Interesting enough, Kaner is about halfway in both Goals and Assist Goals 1. Bobby Hull* 604 2. Stan Mikita* 541 3. Steve Larmer 406 4. Denis Savard* 377 5. Dennis Hull 298 6. Patrick Kane 295 7. Jonathan Toews 280 8. Tony Amonte 268 9. Jeremy Roenick 267 10. Bill Mosienko* 258
  3. Patrick Kane

    For those wondering, this is what the top 10 looks like: Points 1. Stan Mikita* 1467 2. Bobby Hull* 1153 3. Denis Savard* 1096 4. Steve Larmer 923 5. Patrick Kane 781 6. Doug Wilson 779 7. Jonathan Toews 642 8. Dennis Hull 640 9. Pit Martin 627 10. Jeremy Roenick 596
  4. Hawks Post Game Interviews

  5. Are You Worried Yet?

  6. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    I haven't made up my mind if that is a terrible fake, or a decent fake...
  7. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Welcome back!
  8. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    I don't believe it's possible. Why would you want to delete your account? don't like your screen name?
  9. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    That's fair. I agree that the whites look better than the reds. Overall I don't think they would bug me as much, if they would just make the collar equal parts white and black, the silliness of all white with a tip of black just doesn't work...
  10. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    The new replica version does seem to be a little better than the old Reebok cheaper replica. This is based solely on the indianhead and the tomahawks on the shoulders. If you wore your old replica a lot, the tomahawks would start to crack. Then again I haven't tested the new ones out yet.
  11. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    Still don't love them, but they are starting to grow on me to the point where it doesn't make me shake my head every time there is a close-up.
  12. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    Ooofff, and the strings too...
  13. Adidas Hawk Jersey

    I finally was able to put my finger on where I've seen this collar before...
  14. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    Convention was good again. I have found that the panels are good enough to keep me interested for years to come, what I really get excited for is the vendors. This year I picked up a 16x20 Bolland scoring the 2013 GWG autographed for $30, and a 16x20 Seabrook with the cup autographed for $35. Attendance didn't seem to be down from previous years, although I do tend to stay away from the dungeon downstairs. My only complaint about this year was the amount of PokeNerds outside the convention crowding everything outside of the Convention. For those who have stated this is the same thing every year, I would have to ask... how would you entertain 10k fans in a space that comfortably holds 6k for 3 days?

    This guy gets it.