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  1. I'm logged in under my old user name now (tackleberry) after reseting my password on nhl.com. The new account I set up the other day with user name: tackleberry1 could not reply to threads.
  2. Thanks for trying to help out HM. As my last bit of spamming, I have to say that it was funny to have you guys ask me questions in this thread that I couldnt reply to...
  3. Thanks 1shot. my old account is able to reply, but we might want to check the new member settings.
  4. OK, we can kill tackleberry1 now... and this thread along with it. Still, it is pretty weird that my new account did not have the option to reply in any existing thread, but did have the ability to start a new thread. Maybe the new member setting is backwards???
  5. Lots of assumptions, projections, and attacks in this posts. I stopped posting on these boards for awhile last spring and summer to avoid the negativity, and that was really good for me. I think I'll take another break, maybe permantly. Have fun tearing down other human beings incessantly "for fun" and "to help take [your] mind off of the stresses of [your] everyday life."
  6. I'd have to agree with mvr to an extent on this one. We all want to think we are the most focused and motivated people, but if that is true, what the hell are we doing on this message board.
  7. I know. I was just joshing ya.
  8. whoa, whoa, whoa...
  9. I thought it was generally acknowledged as well, but I interpreted your to go beyond that, especially with the phrase implying that teams are willing to literally give up nothing for him.It should be noted that 4MM is much more than nothing - and that no one was willing to give up 6% of there allotted cap space for him.
  10. Then its true: you've forgotten more than I've ever known...
  11. This whole time I thought Saad signed a 6mm contract w/ Columbus. Now you're telling me he actually signed a 4MM bridge contract?
  12. Actually, you didnt say that in the post I responded to. You said "nobody will touch him for, basically, nothing" because of "how bad and lazy he is viewed around the league". Then I basically said that it wasnt because of bickell the player, but more because of his salary and questionable health. Now your coming back like you suggested it was because of salary all along. Not so; your original post on the subject was not pragmatic, it was an emotionally charged attack.
  13. I generally love shaw. Not trying put him down in any way, but his perceived value in relation to his production makes a nice comparison to Bickell's production and his perceived value.
  14. You dont need a concussion to experience recurring vertigo symptoms...
  15. Its not for nothing, MERP. The guy was 8th in scoring of the Hawks forwards last year despite ranking 10th in total TOI and rarely getting powerplay time. Conversely, Andrew Shaw was 5th in overall forward TOI and 3rd in PP TOI, yet was outscored on the season by Bickell. Bickell wasn't claimed because he has a 4MM cap hit - and salary cap projections are dim going forward - and because his health is not a sure thing. Bickell got 4th line minutes last year. Are you really suggesting that no team in the league wants a 14 goal scorer on the 4th line? Its the three factors above that are unappealing to teams (including the Hawks). Mostly, your post just sounds bitter and mean.