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  1. Hawks Clinch 1st in the West

    Lets not forget Hayden, who has really fit in since joining the team. I dont know if he'll ever play an AHL game.
  2. Face Off question, saw a weird stat today.

    Mike, As a couple of others have said, don't be so quick to leave. If hockey is a new interest for you, please enjoy the Hawks and join our community. Many of the posters here have long been fans of the team and members of the board. While that brings knowledge and familiarity, it can also breed suspicion as typically there are a few trolls who show up every year around playoff time to provoke the board. Please pay no mind to the reaction, it is not meant to be personal if you're not trying to troll. Thanks for posting.
  3. 2016/17 Maple Leafs

    Just wanted to start a topic in appreciation of what the Leafs are doing and how they are doing it. For too long the Leafs have tried to take shortcuts to success, only to find themselves the perennially mocked for coming up short. While Matthews gets all of the headlines this year (not that he doesn't deserve them), the real story is with the entire team; from the front office, to behind the bench, to the players on the ice. When was the last time a team made the playoffs with their top 3 scorers being rookies age 20 and under (Matthews, Marner, Nylander)? How about the coach that has instilled the right approach to the game in less than two years, and the front office that is creating the right culture? How about the evolution of the Gardiner and re-invention of Kadri? I know this is a Hawks board, but following the Leafs this year has been a lot of fun.
  4. Scott Darling

    Darls is gunna get paid in the off-season... Good for him. He's earned every penny.
  5. Toews

    Just noticed this morning that Toews is the Hawks all time +/- leader at +197. Second place is +182 (Larmer). I know it could go down from there, but I'd bet he stays in the top spot.
  6. Q's Future

    I agree with you 100%.. unfortunately I expect him to completely passed over for the flavor of the week (year).
  7. Johnny oduya

    Ive been good, Bob. Hope you have as well. Re McNeill: His skills have never been special, really in any way. He isnt a great skater--not fast or particularly agile. He isnt a very good passer. He doesnt have a very high hockey IQ. Not great hands, etc. Right now he is an average AHL player with unspectacular size. When he was 17-18, he had average skills with a man's body, so he could do pretty good against other kids. When he went pro he had average skills with a man's body, playing against other men. That makes him useful in the AHL, but just not good enough to stick out against other prospects that have those 1, 2, or 3 things that really set them apart.
  8. Johnny oduya

    Not bad, T. You?
  9. Johnny oduya

    There are many reasons why... Not meant to personally offend McNeill or his fans, but he peaked at 18. Seriously, given that the best of the youngins made the Hawks this year, McNeill should have easily been the BMOC in Rockford, but after 58 game as a 24 year old, he was averaging less than .5ppg.
  10. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    I'm logged in under my old user name now (tackleberry) after reseting my password on nhl.com. The new account I set up the other day with user name: tackleberry1 could not reply to threads.
  11. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Thanks for trying to help out HM. As my last bit of spamming, I have to say that it was funny to have you guys ask me questions in this thread that I couldnt reply to...
  12. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Thanks 1shot. my old account is able to reply, but we might want to check the new member settings.
  13. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    OK, we can kill tackleberry1 now... and this thread along with it. Still, it is pretty weird that my new account did not have the option to reply in any existing thread, but did have the ability to start a new thread. Maybe the new member setting is backwards???
  14. Panarin

    I know. I was just joshing ya.
  15. Panarin

    whoa, whoa, whoa...