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  1. fraulein-5-4

    2018-19 Winter Classic Tix

    When did the STH email go out for this? Nevermind, found it
  2. fraulein-5-4

    Ticket Department is Trying

    So, were the last minute tickets released again this morning discounted? I received a text about 300 level seats starting at $33, but couldn't find the existing pricing tier to compare. I would hate to renew at over $80-90 per seat, if the next person will be able to buy them for a fraction of the price next season.
  3. fraulein-5-4

    Season Ticketholder Party

    Agree, the queue to get in was crazy. We were handed our wristbands and told to move along quickly, only to be reprimanded by the UC security at the escalator for not getting them snapped in time. I enjoyed the museum over Navy Pier, but I do not have kids tagging along.
  4. fraulein-5-4

    First Blackhawks Game

    You should really look into tickets prior to arrival, scalpers outside of the UC are a risk. Allow at least 30 minutes for security, if you want the bobble head get there at least an hour ahead. For recommendations, it would help to know how many adults/kids? Some bars down Madison are ok for families. If you arrived earlier in the day there is ice skating at navy Pier, Maggie Daley Park, Wrigley Field....