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  1. Are You Worried Yet?

    Bowman dosnt need to talk to the players that is what Granato was brought in for to report to Stan. Right now what i see from my seat is the hawks are one of the easiest teams to play against.no one leaves the United Center going OMG that was a battle . going to be an interesting next 2 weeks GO HAWKS
  2. 9/19 Preseason Hawks vs Jackets

    thanks again daughter in Pitt made her day!
  3. 9/19 Preseason Hawks vs Jackets

  4. 9/19 Preseason Hawks vs Jackets

    any stream info?
  5. Traverse City Tourney

    Same links for tonight's game ?
  6. Traverse City Tourney

    Any word on why Fortin sat second game ?
  7. 2O17 prospect camp & schedule

    Scrimmage was fun Sikura looked good again , new dman looked good . Dcat had ups and downs but I did like him more in the scrimmage he is always moving at a good clip. Did get the puck taken away for a breakaway goal the other way . Loved the way Krys skates with puck and sees ice stood out to me. Louis looked good but again another little guy. Kinda stinks that they didn't scrimmage everyday like they use to .
  8. 2O17 prospect camp & schedule

    Was there Tuesday and Thursday. Hard to tell with guys . Sikura highmore looked good Tuesday. Sikura and Dahlstrom looked good yesterday Dcat shows flashes both ways . Those wondering about fortin he was head and shoulders the best at camp last year and Dcat was there last year . Scrimmage today got my spot should learn something hoping someone stands out
  9. Gustav Forsling

    Thanks for input guys
  10. Gustav Forsling

    Forsling said at the begging of year if he didn't make the big club he did not want to go to Rockford. Is there talk now of him going back to Sweden?
  11. Hawks Sign Soupyyyy

    Was at game great 8 was kicked out about 6 min in . Soupy is a great fit
  12. Hawks Sign Soupyyyy

    That team was not gonna advance after # 24 was knocked silly. but if you are gonna blame #51 for that you have to praise #51 for comming back way early from broken clavicle way early in 2010. Big time stones to play with that !
  13. Hossa

    Does sound like a good rest plan.
  14. Panarin

    Yup sure Jt sat him down and said don't celebrate to much, especially against a team that was poring it on in a game as there fans chanted we want ten ??????????? Sure they want to curb his enthusiasm .
  15. You Be The Gm

    merp you guaranteed johnny o would be gone I would like a full report today as to what happened !