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  1. Thanks for input guys
  2. Forsling said at the begging of year if he didn't make the big club he did not want to go to Rockford. Is there talk now of him going back to Sweden?
  3. Was at game great 8 was kicked out about 6 min in . Soupy is a great fit
  4. knew there was gonna be a signing like this just was hoping it was Rutuu
  5. That team was not gonna advance after # 24 was knocked silly. but if you are gonna blame #51 for that you have to praise #51 for comming back way early from broken clavicle way early in 2010. Big time stones to play with that !
  6. no way shaw holds up for 8 years, but leave it to shaw to prove me wrong again from the first time i saw him a prospect camp and said he looks good but no way he plays that kind of game in NHL at his size ooooppps was i wrong
  7. Does sound like a good rest plan.
  8. Yup sure Jt sat him down and said don't celebrate to much, especially against a team that was poring it on in a game as there fans chanted we want ten ??????????? Sure they want to curb his enthusiasm .
  9. merp you guaranteed johnny o would be gone I would like a full report today as to what happened !
  10. That was me Bob I will stand behind what I said Blues would have ate him alive.
  11. TM stick around its just the way Merp responds it grows on you.
  12. Merp you are over reacting most on this board are not saying he is next one most are saying he is on a ELC . And Merp you last pic to click was Brandon Pirri so please slow your roll a tiny bit.
  13. Merp breath I'm worried you might not make it through the night.
  14. yup and there were a lot 1 mil second line centers. Competent 2nd line centers start around 3 mil. But your right we could all play the what if this or that game.
  15. Tom I'm with you on this one , get me a bigger forward to play with Krueger and Sharp and I have a checking line again and I dont have to put JTs line against everyone else top line. Sharp had his best year playing in all 3 zones this year and the most physical I have seen him.