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  1. 2017-2018 Schedule

    From what I can piece together, there are 4 pricing tiers. I have 300 level orange seats (cost $80.00) and the top games (tier 1) go for $150, 2 = $120, 3 = $110 and 4 = $90. Tier 1; (5 games) the Opener, Vegas on 1/5, Detoilet on 1/14, Islanders 1/20, Capitals 2/17 Had to step away and cant tell the games from 2/23 forward...
  2. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    So how was the locker room sale? I was guessing that a lot of gamers where made available??
  3. 2017-2018 Schedule

    What a brutal schedule. Gone is the run of holiday games and the 2 trips to Vegas....during the week.
  4. Out of town playoff tickets

    Not sure of the demand but how in a revenue sharing business model can one restrict the sales of their tickets? Once again Nashville has the "no out of state sales thing" happening. My guess is the Blackhawks are sharing revenues and Nashville are takers of revenue.
  5. Promotions / Game night giveaway schedule

    Its there now.
  6. The Crawford Thread

    What happened to I-miss-wis??
  7. Stan As Gm

    I am not a big Stan fan but these deals being tossed around are a joke. Weber for $100M over 14 years. A minimum cap hit of $7.1M for someone who MIGHT put 50 points on the table in a Norris trophy winning year. Dont care about the 4 first rounders as that is a crap shoot anyway BUT must assume some kind of reduction to the cap and or a reduction in revenue split to the players to support the cap. Same with the deals given by the Wild. Forget it. Hey...I am 52 years old and can say I was alive for two Cup teams. I am way further ahead of any Sox's or for sure Cubs fan in this town. My bet is the Hawks will win again. Just need everything to fall together just like it has for the 8 or so different Cup winners over the last 8 years!!
  8. Stan As Gm

    Sorry me bad. It is Nash but the point is the same...Stan has taken the off season off!!
  9. Stan As Gm

    Now we are not even on the top 6 list for Doan? Gee...I could have done Stans job this past off-season!
  10. Stan As Gm

    StanBo is by trade a "consultant". That is what he was with Arthur Anderson. Consultants by trade usually come in to a situation...tell everyone what is wrong...make recommendations and get paid a ton of money. Then they leave. They do not stick around to live through implementation nor do they typically "live with their decisions". But cause of ScottBo we have StanBo. And StanBo for once has a job that he has to stick around to live with his recommendations...and so far the results are not pretty. We need a hockey guy running this team and not a consultant. There is ABSOULETLY NO WAY this team can get to a conference final. We are WAY TOO SMALL and get crushed when it comes Cup time. NO WAY could we compete with the way the Devils, Rangers, Yotes and Kings hit this past playoff season. Disappointed with the way this team has slide down while my tickets have shot up.
  11. Stan As Gm

    Lets see...I paid my deposit, Stan has done nothing. I bought my convention tickets, Stan has done nothing. Just received my invoice for the remainder, Stan has done nothing. Did Stan at least watch the finals and see just how tough the Hawks needs to get back? An yes...I also posted this in a ticketholder forum....