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  1. Rentals have a time and a place. But I don't think a rental will do much good for the team. Maybe a modestly priced bottom 6 forward at most, but I wouldn't trade a high pick or decent prospect.
  2. I think Forsling is here to stay, Q seems to be really high on the kid and he has a boatload of potential.
  3. Joel Armia?
  4. Hopefully this is just a precautionary move and it provides Keith with the opportunity to get more rest.
  5. I think it's too early to tell, the roster we see today is unlikely to be the final roster on opening day. However, based on the current roster I would guess the lineup would like like this: Panik - Toews - Hossa/Kane Panarin - Anisomov - Kane/Hossa Kero - Kruger - McNeill/Hartman Desjardins - Rasmussen - Lundberg Tootoo/Mashtiner
  6. Rozsival won't be a regular on the 3rd pairing, he'll be the #7 at best. Hopefully Seabrook and Keith are reunited. I didn't like the Keith-Hjalmarsson tandem.
  7. The draft is only one way to stock up on prospects, but you're right that Stan can't keep trading picks forever. I wouldn't expect Stan to trade the 1st or 2nd next year at least, and probably not the 1st in 2018 either.
  8. I'm sure Bleakley will get taken before the 6th or 7th round. I wonder is Stan will take a chance on him.
  9. Exactly....Leighton's replacement now and possible Darling's replacement in 17/18. Although I would like to see Darling re-signed. Things will get interesting in Rockford next season. Carruth and Visetin played well too but there isn't room for 3 goalies.
  10. The Blackhawks should just give up. They'll be lucky to score a goal against the Blues let along win a game. #sarcasm
  11. One of Panik, Weise, or Desjardins will likely sit. It will be interest to see who Q chooses.
  12. Let's totally switch up the lines (assuming Krugs is back) for fun: Anisimov - Toews - Hossa Panarin - Kruger - Kane Ladd - Tervainen - Fleischmann Weise - Shaw - Panik What the lines realistically should be: Ladd - Toews - Hossa Panarin - Anisimov - Kane Weise - Teravainen - Fleischmann Desjardins - Kruger - Shaw However, Panik has played well enough that he could substitute in for Weise or Desjardins.
  13. No argument there. Except is probably a little unlikely that Montreal take Mashinter over Danault in the deal. That deal still has be a bit perplexed It seemed like Weise was the main target and Flash was more of the "throw-in" for lack of a better term. But Flash has been utilized a lot more effectively and so far is the better part of the acquisition. Although that could quickly change in the playoffs.
  14. I would rather hang on to Shaw if possible. As much as some people think that Ross and/or Hartman can replace Shaw there's just no guarantee of that. Should Shaw be dealt I would hope the return would be some help on defense.