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  1. It's like the six stages of a project: 1. Enthusiasm 2. Disillusionment 3. Panic 4. Search for the guilty 5. Punishment of the innocent 6. Reward and praise for non-participants (this is where TT promotion comes in)
  2. I think Einstein wrote about the Kruger effect back in the early 1900's...
  3. That's just an incorrect interpretation of what statistics tells us. Infinite series is not likely, given a non-zero probability of both events (a coin with two heads will always land heads up!). And if the Hawks keep beating Minnie, there must be a reason for it. When the Hawks lost to Vancouver in 2011, it wasn't because they had beaten the 'Nucks in the two previous playoff runs; it was because had dismantled their cup-winning team, and the 'Nucks had their team intact. All the same, the Hawks came within one shot (Sharp on the OT powerplay shooting the puck right into Lou's glove from 5ft) of eliminating them.
  4. Minnesota, quite possibly, is not an ideal opponent for the Hawks -- but it's a statistical fallacy to say that the Hawks are more likely to lose because they have played them 3 times in a row.
  5. Towes scored in his first NHL game on his first shot.
  6. I am just a simple caveman fan, but it seems to me that the Hawks have succeeded -- including arguably this season -- when they've had minimal turnover in their roster. They've come within a coin toss of going to the finals this season as well. I am just thinking they need a few tweaks, primarily in the bottom half of the roster. The hawks' biggest problem seemed to be not being able to hold the lead, particularly obvious in the LA series. I am sure at least some of that can be attributed to not being able to play four effective lines. In the LA series they lost two games out of four where they had the lead after two. Seems like a couple of reasonably skilled guys with speed for the bottom six forwards and a reliable defenseman should do the trick. I can certainly see Morin being one of the bottom 6. The only big name I would consider letting go would be Oduya. Not because he is bad per se....just maybe not exactly what the Hawks need at this time. But I'd be fine with the defensive core staying as it is, minus Rozsival.