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  1. The Crawford Thread

    He was at his best in 2011? That's an insult to Crawford's play in 2013 and 2015 when he should have won the Connie as the player who really made those Cup dreams a reality. Because that was the truth...those awards went to the video game cover boys...but anyone who watched those playoff series on the way to those Cups understood it was Crawford that saved the teams' bacon time and again . And you never thought he was always that good...quite the opposite and your history of posting about Crawford on this site bears that out. You've forever bashed supporters of the man as shallow fans who "own his jersey" and didn't understand that goalies aren't important and that's why "The Darling" would be just as good or anyone else would just get in the way of pucks for peanuts. I mean let's keep it real...you were all over Bowman for the Crawford contract and were targeting his contract as THE one that was going to have to be moved for cap space less than a year ago,,,now you make statements like you always considered him a top goalie. That is simply not true...you likened his glove as a "little girl back catcher" on several occasions and went out of your way to dismiss his supporters as weak-minded fans who couldn't grasp what hockey was all about. Of course I'm going to come of as the "Board Police"...or "Stasi"...or the other cute names I've been tagged with on this site....but really...I can't help but feel more than a bit sickened when Crawford starts getting some long overdue credit by people who shoved the terms "fan-boy" et.al. in my face when I was trying to put some perspective to his contribution
  2. Are They Having Fun?

    My apologies if I crossed lines...let's just pit this aside and not make it a big damn deal....we've been members for a lot of years and have gone thru worst battles before,
  3. Are They Having Fun?

    Uh...no... Why would you make a public post to ask me to go to PM?....other to gain an advantage as the guy who was being "reasonable"?.....you should have just PMed me. No big deal Gig...this exchange will be forgotten soon enough
  4. Are They Having Fun?

    You don't think at some point.....you're over the top views are not going to elicit a response?.......which might not be in total agreement? Typical....somebody died and left me in charge.... Why do you feel the need to let everyone know you're getting ready to bail out? Why is it everyone has to know you just can't put up with this level of hockey anymore? Again, read your own posts....Woe is me, I'm not gonna put up with less than a .750 winning percentage .....life is too short for this....on and on... Take a look in the mirror before you stake your claim to free speech
  5. Are They Having Fun?

    "Selective reading"? Yeah right...no.....you've been bashing away for quite a while now. I haven't posted much at all here but I've been reading all along. Who needs to take a "chill pill" ? Would that be me...or that be you? Who's the one bashing the team in game day threads and getting to such a dark place to say he has better things to do, your life is too short to bother anymore with Chicago Blackhawk hockey? Rebuild,...10 new faces,,,,gonna take some time to turn the corner. You;d think there would be some freakin leeway....but 7-6-2 and you're already building your exit strategy...I just won't watch anymore, because I'm not entertained....it's not fun enough...life is too short ...etc... Yeah I'm so "anger induced"...I'm some maniac....somebody kidnapped my sister....sure....meanwhile guys like you can spew all over the map and nobody says boo...you're different from me? Hardly....read your own posts
  6. Are They Having Fun?

    Was your time all that so much shorter in the Cup years? Were those hours :"frittered" away? "Full Disclosure"...bolded .....I'm a fan when things are good, I'm an old man running out of time when things are bad.....although there are 5 months left in a season which is such a disaster, the team is one point out of second place in the division. Hey man,,, go away....give up and go spend your time in a better way. You wanna write off a hockey team before the first snow of the season? Fine
  7. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    The main thing is Miller didn't lose his left leg to a football play....but there has to be some change in this "completing the process" rule, which is beyond confusing in whait is interpreted.... It seems pretty crazy to me that a runner can score a TD without ever setting one foot in the end zone...he can graze the pylon...or just break the plane....and then actually fumble the ball...as Ingram did yesterday....there is no process to complete there. I get the spirit of that rule, but it's bogus. In the old days if the ball came loose, it was a fumble up for grabs...the play was not considered to be over. Why is it that a runner can lose control of the ball and there is no fumble, because the ground cannot cause a fumble....but a WR has to go through a process where any part of the ball touching the ground nullifies a catch, even when he still has control? Makes zero sense. The NFL has to take a long look at what they're calling, far too many times they get it wrong in key situations. I mean...the aftermath of the Miller play was the call came from New York was that "the receiver has to survive the ground for it to be a catch"....what does that mean? Miller had control the entire time, the Refs threw their hands up indicating a legit TD. What is the frakin' point of having the on-field Ref stare at a Microsoft tablet, when New York is going to overturn the call...when the actual rule is,....that should only happen when there is overwhelming evidence pointing to a missed original call. Clearly not the case this time The arrow on the Bears is still pointing up, but they are not in position to have points taken away on a perfect throw and better catch. That TD would have changed the momentum and dynamic of a game with over 17 minutes left. That is unacceptable
  8. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    Well said Bob Prayers for Zach
  9. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    That reversal was a damn joke. Clearly, Miller made a great catch to bring the Bears right back into the game, only to have it nullified, It's hard to swallow that kind of obvious mistake when the Refs have high-definition looks to get the call right and somehow, someway still bend Chicago over and turn a game that later should have been tied into a waltz to victory for Brees and NO. Call it sour grapes....and the Bears are a team that shoots themselves in the foot time and again....but ask yourself.....does that call get overturned if the pass was thrown by Brady....or Rodgers....or Big Ben......I mean it really sticks in my craw to sit there watching, just waiting for the inevitable overturn when something good happens to a team from Chicago. I'm waiting to see a home run from Abreu get wiped out next year because it was deemed the wind aided the flight of the ball unfairly
  10. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    After one game? Really....we "have the answer " after 60 minutes of hockey. I mean I get you possess a better perspective above a guy who played 800 + games in the NHL and is considered to be a pretty decent coach. But really..... It;s laughable when armchair wizards like yourself come along and start fronting the idea that you actually know more than a guy like Q. Warts and all... you actually believe you can point out Q's failures and actually believe if you sat down and had a dinner with him, he'd take you seriously. I mean, yeah it;s a message board..opinions are welcomed...but really...ONE GAME with a tossed line-up, and we now "have the answer" Gimme a break.....this is a team with many new faces, it;s a re-build on the fly, but still there;s a bunch of jaded "where's my Cup" fans lamenting the fact that the team should win every game
  11. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    Not sure where this season is going after a win against a Division leader, with a D that was on the field all day long and still held the opponent to 3 points and scored 14 of the 17 total. That said....I would dump Fox no matter what happens the rest of the way, and give the job to Vic Fangio. He's the guy we need to keep in the house and lead what is rapidly becoming a dominating defensive squad....even with 3rd stringers at key positions. Letting Fangio get away to be HC for another franchise would be criminal. The Bears have gone up against QBs that have played in Super Bowls for 7 straight weeks now...and they get yet another one in Drew Brees next Sunday. With no legit NFL receivers for MT to work with, they're not letting him throw the ball. It's been all D with the Glennon disaster and Trubisky is working with a pamphlet for a playbook. It's not going to win anything this year but this defense is the best I've seen since Urlacher was in his prime. Fuller has turned into a beast in his contract year, pay the kid. He helicopters a runner once a week now. As I said last week, Eddie Jackson is going to be a Pro-Bowler pretty soon. The big boys in the 3 point stance are scary. Fangio for HC, sign 2 decent wide-outs in free agency, draft a offensive tackle. The Bears are not far away from being really good.
  12. '17/18 hawks outlook

    Fair enough.
  13. '17/18 hawks outlook

    Patrick Kane doesn't need excuses. He may go up and down.... but approaching 800 games and maintaining a +1 PPG average means you're special. Period. Go compile a list of players across the league who've done the same. Most if not all are in the HOF
  14. '17/18 hawks outlook

    Duncan Keith is probably the best bargain in the entire league. His price-point is pretty low given the hardware he's accumulated. But whatever....let's talk about Kane, There are 4 legitimate players, in terms of games played since 1926 who are in the PPG club for this charter franchise. .... Stan Mikita, Bobby Hull. Denis Savard. and Steve Larmar ..... All + 1PPG in the reg. Kane is at 1.01 PPG in the reg approaching 800 games and is at.980 PPG post season, @130 games Yeah he's been off of late in the playoffs the last two years. He's had company, but agreed it's on him. But this year he's scored 8 points in 6 games. Not sure how he's under producing
  15. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    Very telling how much better an already stout D looks from the return of the starting MLB.....DT had a great game. I'd love to see just how good they'd look at full strength Hicks, Goldman, Floyd and Unrein are pretty formidable. Fuller is finally looking like a #1 pick in a (surprise!) contract year. Amos is taking advantage of his chance due to injury, and Eddie Jackson is going to be a Pro Bowl stalwart in short order. Trubiski was kept under wraps for his first roadie, and that was fine, given they have marginal (at best) NFL wideouts....who have trouble getting open. It was impressive to see the 1950's game plan on offense actually work....the Bears just ran the ball at will, right down the Raven's throats. Jordan Howard is a beast. Kudos to the OC for at least utilizing the WRs as blockers in an excellent gap based running scheme. I'll say this for Trubiski.....he wasn't asked/allowed to do much, but he did make 2 incredibly athletic plays....first being able to scoop up a bad snap from Whitehair and smartly throw the ball away, and of course the great off-platform jump-pass to Wright on 3rd and 11. Fox still drives me nuts. Why run 3 useless running plays (one for a 2 yard loss)....when you are in position to win in OT with a 42 yard FG? Just begging for a fumble, or 10 or 15 yard penalty to negate that big play. Too bad they came up short against Mini last week, those bogus calls that killed certain points in a close game really sting, but you have to play over that if you're a legit team. Either way....call me crazy, but with Rodgers out, the division is wide open, The Packers are 94-46 with Rodgers and 3-6-1 without him. Finally...Ryan Pace.....please comb the waiver wire and bring in a WR somebody has heard of. Tanner Gentry/Truman McBride III cannot be the only options available.