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  1. It does make sense, I just don't think that even with Hammer they would be able to win it all.
  2. Fair enough, hope it will work out
  3. Now Kane lost the only guy who could convert his assists to goals on a regular basis.
  4. I could be probably only one who likes Hammer trade and don't like Panarin's trade. I love Hammer but he was traded at the right time and brought back very decent return, otherwise in a couple years Stan would overpay him same way he did with Seabrook, who should be traded 2 years ago. And I think Panarin is a great talent, you don't trade players like that for the guy who already left Hawks once. Panarin didn't perform in playoffs, but it's not only him. Also everyone was excited when he signed that contract just several months ago, and now he is not a good player anymore?
  5. So I guess now Towes won't have an excuse for his performance.
  6. He didn't do anything different than other 20 guys on a team.
  7. SB would give him 5 mils 4 years and NMC
  8. Honest mistake, could go both ways
  9. Better team should win, which is penguins. Can't stand Crosby but I'd rather have him to win than players like Subban or Neal. Also will be happy for Daley, well deserved after he wasn't able to make Hawks team.
  10. Well I guess I will post my senseless comments one more time and promise not to reply again. Also I can't carry over something from other thread to all your posts otherwise I won't have time for anything else. I think those Russian players are pretty stupid, they should wait until they will know who will decide to come to Olympics before making those statements. Now if let's say Toews or Crosby will decide to play, what are they gonna do? I mean Russians. No chances for them. They will have to come with some kind of excuse. Panarin is smart, he is waiting to see what happens. And Letang is not my hero, actually I can't stand him. If someone drops gloves with him, and kicks his butt I will be excited. I just feel sorry for him, that he needs that surgery. It's not really something you can wish to another person. But that's my opinion based on my many years of playing, reffing, coaching and just being a normal person. As I said I won't be replying again.
  11. I guess according to that logic if Hawks will beat Pinguins in Stanley Cup final, then it won't really count since Pittsburgh won't have Letang. I don't think Malkin or Ovechkin are really desperate for additional glory. I know it is really hard for you to understand but maybe it is some kind of patriotism even though it is a pretty strange country.
  12. I hope you are the only member of that club. He is not serial killer or rapist. He is dirty player, yes, so if someone kicks his butt on ice in a fair fight that's fine but wish him only worst? Seriously?
  13. Yes he will
  14. That's pretty funny The trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League player "who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey."
  15. Kruger has no idea what to do in those situations