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  1. irmaks

    2/16 Hawks vs Blue Jackets

    AHL or KHL?
  2. irmaks

    2/14 Hawks vs Devils

    Not arguing about that 😊
  3. irmaks

    2/14 Hawks vs Devils

    Kahun used to play for a couple years in OHL.
  4. irmaks

    2/10 Hawks vs Wings

    Couple reasons come to my mind, one of them incompetence of both GM and coach, yes both. Another one may be GM has a plan, long term. .
  5. irmaks

    2/10 Hawks vs Wings

    So according to you trades should happen at the beginning of the season? Consider its a post, LOL!
  6. irmaks

    2/10 Hawks vs Wings

    You should stop watching spy movies, Bob, maybe then you will stop to see conspiracy everywhere.
  7. irmaks

    2/10 Hawks vs Wings

    Actually I don't make posts, but good try.
  8. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    Sounds like valid reasons to me.
  9. irmaks

    2/10 Hawks vs Wings

    Yep, that lunacy how Stan was working on a plot to get rid of his coach by starting last year sending Franson, Bouma etc to Rockford to make JC looks better, continuing this summer by getting Manning, Kunitz etc, and ending by stabbing cowardly Q in a back, becames pretty laughable.
  10. irmaks

    2/10 Hawks vs Wings

    ... Trusting to 'career ahlers' in Kahun, Kampf, Dahlstrom etc was helpful too
  11. irmaks

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Montreal is waving Alzner, couple years ago everyone wanted him on blackhawks, is he still worth to be picked up?
  12. irmaks

    Jeremy Colliton

    Yes, it's excellent, if they had that power play from beginning of the season, they would probably definitely be a 'playoff team' by now
  13. irmaks

    2/07 Hawks vs Nucks

    Imagine we lost both games 😊
  14. irmaks

    2/07 Hawks vs Nucks

    Any reason Dahlstrom didn't play tonight?
  15. irmaks

    Patrick Kane and the defensive game

    Nah, maybe Norris 😊