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  1. irmaks

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    I agree, considering how many accolades their GM is getting should be embarrassing first round exit. And now they have to pay to their stars. Will be interesting.
  2. What are discussing here? Stan or Yzerman. If Stan seems like that thread is way too redundant.
  3. irmaks

    Would the Hawks been able to bring it ?

    Your last sentence, isn't it true about any coach including Q?
  4. irmaks

    2019 Lottery draft

    I thought we have Gravel, Peeters, Lankinen and Nalimov plus Delia and Forsberg.
  5. irmaks

    2019THN Future Watch

    Kurashev should be another forward prospect that could be a real deal
  6. irmaks


    Hi, dw, sorry I had to respond 😊, I agree issue is closed, no back and forth needed. I have to apologize if someone was insulted with my post. I had to be more specific. It was directed to the posts where Joe's posts were called baseless, anti boards etc. You can easily find them if you want to. Sorry again and issue is closed now.
  7. irmaks


    I'm not sure why you brought up mvr's name in regards to my post. I will never consider him as 'so called expert' and will always respect his opinion, though I'm not always agree with it 😊
  8. irmaks


    I don't see insults in my post, but I see it in someone else's. Sorry you missed it too. Just my opinion.
  9. irmaks


    That's exactly what it is for, posting your opinions, hopefully you won't get discouraged by some so called experts and insiders.
  10. irmaks

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Awesome news! He looks like a real deal.
  11. irmaks

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Stan had many problems but you can't blame him for Kempny, he actually was able to bring him to Chicago, but the way he was used or misused is totally on Q. So GM had to trade him to get at least something in return.
  12. irmaks

    Late night epiphany

    Well I guess if adding Nick Jensen would push Hawks to playoffs then I guess now Caps are lock to win SC. How many of 1st and 2nd round picks Hawks would have to trade for rentals to get into playoffs?
  13. irmaks

    Late night epiphany

    What’s the point of that trade? Just to get a rental and lose 2nd round pick. He signed a contract with Caps, would he sign it with Hawks? Possible but not probable. Would he make Hawks defence better? Probably, at this point it can't be any worse. But question is why to make it better now, for what? And lose a second round pick at the same time.
  14. irmaks

    2/24 Hawks vs Stars

    I thought you just said KK singlehandedly cost us a playoff, so I guess they were a playoff team?