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  1. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Exactly, that's what they should do with Seabrook while he had some trading value instead of giving him that contract
  2. Toews

    Are you sure they were not dwarfs?
  3. Toews

    Have no problem with people not disagreeing with me, have a problem calling me troll.
  4. Toews

    Check my post in a same thread from October 11th, and replies I received. It's a crime on those boards to say anything negative about Toews
  5. Toews

    Hey, careful with those statements, when I revived that thread couple weeks ago,I was labeled as troll 😁
  6. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    Yes, them first.
  7. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    Can we trade Saad back for panarin. I understand he is not good for playoffs, but we won't make anyway. At least will see Kane scoring.
  8. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    It should be one timer, he was waiting for too long
  9. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    15 with 88?
  10. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    It is so painful to watch Kane and Sharp trying to play hockey.
  11. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    I want Kane back, and Toews, and Seabrook, and Keith and...
  12. 11/04 Hawks vs Wild

    And Kempny
  13. 11/04 Hawks vs Wild

  14. 11/04 Hawks vs Wild

    He is getting there but as you mentioned it, he should be in AHL, nothing bad about that
  15. 11/04 Hawks vs Wild

    That's actually what I meant. At this point if we need same size player Hino is much better option.