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  1. irmaks

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    I would probably add bad coaching to the list.
  2. irmaks

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    So far all 3 of Stan's summer acquisition are doing pretty good job.
  3. irmaks

    10/06 Hawks vs Blues

    Exactly my point, it is team leaders who make young guys better, not kids making Toews or Kane worse.
  4. irmaks

    10/06 Hawks vs Blues

    It's funny how when team leaders are playing like team leaders no one mentions how terrible the rest of the team is. Just the contrary, everyone mentions how they are getting better and more confident. Just an observation.
  5. irmaks

    10/06 Hawks vs Blues

  6. irmaks

    10/06 Hawks vs Blues

    Martinsen did, but Hayden isn't good enough for playing hockey.
  7. irmaks

    10/06 Hawks vs Blues

    It's obvious for everyone but not for coach. I can't believe that Hayden would be any worse than Kruger who is not playing his natural position, can't put it on Stan. And Stan can't teach PP and PK.
  8. irmaks

    10/06 Hawks vs Blues

    Would be nice to have Hayden instead of Kruger playing wing against blues, but genius Q knows better
  9. irmaks

    10/04 Season Opener Hawks vs Sens

  10. irmaks

    Opening Night Lineup

    Agree with assessment of Hayden, he should be given a chance, and agree with Kruger playing wing. If he does not play center, he shouldn't play at all.
  11. irmaks

    Opening Night Lineup

    I can't believe posters are back with that garbage about privileged kids.
  12. irmaks

    Okay Our Defence?

    Great post, also I wouldn't include 2015, 16, 17, 18 drafts into calculations since we don't know how many of them will make into NHL.
  13. irmaks

    9/25 vs Detroit

    And one of the main reasons was to help Toews
  14. irmaks

    9/25 vs Detroit

    Way too early to write that team off. Just a preseason.
  15. irmaks

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    He is a Russian, who was born in Finland 😊