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  1. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    Just speculating here, even if coach or FO told players not to fight, shouldn't captain or /and someone like Seabrook or Keith tell Hayden or Martinsen forget about what you were told, go there and fight?
  2. irmaks

    Joel Quenneville

    Just saw Q was hired by Fliers. Interesting, good for him. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/report-flyers-fire-dave-hakstol-hire-joel-quenneville-as-coach
  3. irmaks

    Worst in the League Goes to Guess Who

    Yep, true
  4. irmaks

    Worst in the League Goes to Guess Who

    I thought they fell apart right after that when they were swept off by 8th seed.
  5. irmaks

    12/06 Hawks vs Knights

  6. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    I'm faceless too😔
  7. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    Your last phrase, you said I know it
  8. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    I was venting too, sorry!
  9. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    I don't, not sure how you do.
  10. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    Very patriotic example, but I guess you forgot to add that those country loving citizens are threatening to move somewhere else if that country that they love so much won't improve, let's say to new country that is doing much better than their original country. That is stupidity at the finest, at least you didn't call anyone moron this time. And yes there are people who wants that team to fail, based on your example how would you call people who would be counting every failure of their country, ex. 0:3 in trumps era?
  11. irmaks

    11/29 Hawks vs Jets

    Kampf is getting better with each game
  12. irmaks

    hawks unsigned prospects

    Thank you, it seems like a very solid prospect, could be a great surprise found in 4th round
  13. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    Where did I say anything about prospects? In 10 years they won't be prospects anymore, maybe then we can judge Stan's legacy, same way as we are doing it now for Smith and Tallon, I'm pretty sure no one was excited when Keith or Buff were drafted.
  14. irmaks

    Stan As Gm

    Nice post, I wish there were more common sense posts like that. I have a feeling that in 10 years fans will be giving Stan a credit same way like they are giving it now to Smith and Tallon.
  15. irmaks

    Jeremy Colliton

    Thank you, nice post