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  1. That's pretty funny The trophy is awarded annually to the National Hockey League player "who best exemplifies the qualities of perseverance, sportsmanship, and dedication to ice hockey."
  2. Kruger has no idea what to do in those situations
  3. So now Roussel is piece of nothing since Tootoo beat shit out of him 😊
  4. Jonathan Toews? 😊
  5. But that would be 'dumb' 😊
  6. You'd also think that same coach will learn how to make line changes
  7. Thanks, GT. It's very deep thinking. Hope it will work.
  8. Didn't Darling deserve to start it?
  9. How many turnovers did Keith have today?
  10. Hey, yopper, I feel your pain, as one member of the board used to say stop talking music to the deaf.
  11. or one....
  12. Does it mean that Toews moved to 3rd line?
  13. I thought it was hypothetical conversation what you can do with 10.5 mils, nothing can be done now, it is what it is, let's hope that slump is temporary and Towes we know will be back.
  14. I'm getting 1st line center for 7.5 mil, we already have almost 1st line center in AA I believe for around 5 mils, so it leaves 3 mils for 2 fourth liners, should be enough
  15. For that money we can have number 1 center and 2 solid fourth liners. And then we will have some depth.