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  1. BucksNBlackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    Hey Bob, I tired messaging you and it says you do not receive PM's. Can you message me?
  2. BucksNBlackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    Here is to a quick recovery for Crow, as the Hawks very much need him back sooner rather than later!
  3. BucksNBlackhawks

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Shaw, the person, seems like a good guy...Shaw, the hockey player, can not control his emotions and it does not seem like he will ever learn to reel it in. I do not miss one bit the boneheaded penalties he took far too often in Chicago.
  4. BucksNBlackhawks

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Another day, another 12,000 reloads...the boards are almost completely unusable.
  5. BucksNBlackhawks


    The kid has nothing left to prove in the OHL...this is why I hate the age rule for the AHL. He could be learning the system and developing as a pro right now as he is clearly ready to take that step.
  6. BucksNBlackhawks

    Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Having the same problem as everybody else with the multiple reloads of the page.
  7. BucksNBlackhawks


    A couple of things:. To the first paragraph, I am really not concerned about the start for either of them. The fact is, Kane was able to elevate his game since signing the contract while Toews (measured against himself) overall has plateaued or even regressed in some areas. I don't think anybody can objectively say that Toews had a great season last year ( was probably his worst) or that he has shaken out of it so far this year. I have faith in him, I don't think it is permanent, but I am concerned and that is just the long and short of it. To the second paragraph, Patrick Kane's actual average is slightly over a PPG for his career, does not matter how he got it there but those are the cold hard facts. On top of that he has averaged no less than a PPG in any of the last FOUR individual seasons, where he has played in 47 (lockout), 69(injury), 61 (injury), and 82 games. In those seasons his point totals are 55, 69, 64, and 106, respectively ...so as anybody can see the complete story paints a bit of a different picture. Toews does all of those things that you mentioned at an elite level, and it in no way gets overlooked, nor should it. But he is paid to be elite at both ends of the ice as Kane is paid to be the best in the league in the offensive zone. If we look at it objectively for a second, Anze Kopitar is in the same class as Toews defensively and has found a way to not let his offensive game suffer while doing it. Toews has a ton of offensive skill and as such I don't see why it's so looked down upon to expect him to use it. Expecting a guy to live up to the level of play he is very capable of at the price he is getting paid should not be getting the vitriol it is getting.
  8. BucksNBlackhawks


    Yes Kane does make the same money, and he was also the League MVP and Art Ross winner last season...so let's not leave out that not so small nugget when comparing the two in regard to their salaries. This is not to MF Toews by any means, but let's not conveniently leave out some pretty big facts to try and strengthen your defense.
  9. BucksNBlackhawks

    Gustav Forsling

    Hino looks like your classic AAAA player, he has speed and enough skill to light up the A but not enough to be a regualr NHL guy. He has Darren Haydar/Martin St. Pierre written all over him.
  10. BucksNBlackhawks

    Gustav Forsling

    I agree MJ, both of them have shown they can absolutely contribute this year and it would be in the Hawks best interest to allow them to continue to develop with the Hawks and be comfortable and improved come playoff time...same goes for Hartman. I don't want to jump to far ahead here, but his skill set suggests he could project as a future Top 3.
  11. BucksNBlackhawks


    Toews start to the season is disappointing any way you slice it, and just because he has started slow in the past holds no water to me when you make the coin he does. Patrick Kane, since getting paid, has elevated his game into another stratosphere, it is not unreasonable to expect at least some bump in Toews game...especially since he is entering his prime. Having said all of that, while Panik has been great, the way the lineup is currently constructed is doing him no favors either. I would like to see Panarin and Motte swapped, giving Toews a legit elite flank. Kane will produce regardless and AA is on top of his offensive game so far this season easing that change.
  12. BucksNBlackhawks

    You Be The Gm

    Maybe they would take back an overpaid defensive specialist in return to offset the salary.
  13. BucksNBlackhawks

    Okay Our Defence?

    If the Hawks are going to commit to Forsling then they need to move TVR for something useful instead of wasting him in the pressbox. I know, I know, depth and all, but really I don't think there is a huge falloff between him and Gus (and I'm a TVR guy) and it just seems stupid to carry 8 D. I think a package of TVR and McNeil or Hino could brink back a solid winger.
  14. BucksNBlackhawks


    Really surprised he didn't get a longer look at camp. He may be small but he has far too much skill to have not gotten more of an opportunity to make the team, especially since he couldn't go to the A.
  15. BucksNBlackhawks

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    A couple interesting names on that waiver list