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  1. The Crawford Thread

    Hey Bob, I tired messaging you and it says you do not receive PM's. Can you message me?
  2. The Crawford Thread

    Here is to a quick recovery for Crow, as the Hawks very much need him back sooner rather than later!
  3. Will Sharp Return to Chicago?

    Would not mind seeing Sharp back at all, but not because the Hawks couldn't get Panarin to stay in the fold. He is priority #1 and he will be re-signed, most of the money is already there and Kruger is/will be gone to ensure it happens. Sharp would be an excellent 3rd line guy on this team who can also give you some Top 6 minutes here and there and he would fit right back in. Curious what the price would be if he was in fact a deadline move.
  4. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Shaw, the person, seems like a good guy...Shaw, the hockey player, can not control his emotions and it does not seem like he will ever learn to reel it in. I do not miss one bit the boneheaded penalties he took far too often in Chicago.
  5. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    This game went from dud to holy crap exciting. Would like to see that effort for 60, but I will take the W!
  6. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    Hoss doing Hoss things
  7. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    What a load of crap
  8. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    What a finish!
  9. Bickell just diagnosed with MS

    Very sad news and wishing him and his family all of the best.
  10. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    Love it! Now get two more!
  11. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    It never gets old watching Patrick Kane play hockey
  12. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    Have a good feeling about this one, the effort is much better here in the 3rd!
  13. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    That was quick
  14. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    Btw, what's up gentleman (and ladies)...its been a while
  15. 11/19 Hawks vs Canucks

    That pass was a real beauty!