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  1. 4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    Fingers crossed we get to see Tarasenko snap his stick in half again.....that was a fun thing to watch!!!
  2. 3 in 6

    You are correct with that last line but for me its Byfuglien.......an awesome player and a great guy.
  3. 3/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Totally agree with this and let's not forget as much as Panarin went AWOL in the playoffs he sure as hell wasn't the only one!!
  4. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    In the interview Yesterday Bowman looked spent, huge bags under his eyes looked like he hadn't been getting much sleep.......maybe he realises the writing is on the wall for himself?
  5. 2/17 Hawks vs Caps

    Were they STH? Could the Hawks take them off them or just ban the person and allow them to sell their seats on a game by game scenario?
  6. Will the Hawks make the playoffs?

    I'm late to the party here, playoffs look to be fading away fast so after a first round debacle last year they look to be going one better this year with a dismal season and no playoffs. Seems most people are of the opinion that Coach Q and/or Bowman have outlived their time in the Organization, which I totally agree with, however I am wondering just who comes in and replaces these guys? Would be interested to hear your views.
  7. Bringing my kids to the UC!

    In all honesty i would think you will struggle to find 4 tickets this late.....maybe if you have very deep pockets its possible.There will no doubt be scalpers outside but selling 4 tickets together? not so sure about that. Standing could be an option but with two little ones I would say not a good idea, view is awful and they will see nothing. Good luck with your quest but try to have other plans would be my best advice.
  8. RIP Dave Strader

    Strader and Pang were a fantastic team at the Yotes. Strader just had a flair for play by play and was an easy listen, he will be missed in the announcers booth. RIP Dave Strader.
  9. 2017-2018 Schedule

    Anyone have any dates for when the regular season single game tickets go on public sale??
  10. Hossa done?

    According to Elliotte Friedman (Sportsnet) its the long term use of medication that is supposed to be causing concern not necessarily the actual condition. If true it would be a sad end to a great players career but playing devils advocate it would be a godsend for the Hawks and the cap.
  11. Artem Anisimov

    How about a player like Shaw at Montreal.......oh wait didn't we once have him!!!
  12. Why have I lost the ability to post on threads?

    Nothing appears on the thread giving me the ability to reply......any ideas or help much appreciated 

  13. The Crawford Thread

    Who will go down to Rockford? Raanta surely deserves the backup spot.