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  1. How about a player like Shaw at Montreal.......oh wait didn't we once have him!!!
  2. There is no passion being shown by the Hawks, look at some of the other series with the Leafs and Oilers brimming with passion, hitting everything that moves really wanting to win. Where is the will to win from the Hawks, who is out there doing a job? I would argue Hoss has been a tryer but he seems to be the only one of the forwards. The D apart from Hjalmarsson have been pretty lame. The whole team .just look to have a hit a roadblock and seem to have no answer to a team that (I think) they haven't lost to all year! Horror show to watch.
  3. Why have I lost the ability to post on threads?

    Nothing appears on the thread giving me the ability to reply......any ideas or help much appreciated 

  4. Who will go down to Rockford? Raanta surely deserves the backup spot.