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  1. AcesandEights

    2018/19 IceHogs

    You are correct. For some reason I was thinking he was going to be at Rockford this season but I finally found a Fuel roster for this year and he was on it. I know he played there for a while last year. If he went to camp with Rockford but couldn't force the coaches to keep him, it makes me wonder about his development. Although he's still young, and a tall player, so maybe he's a late bloomer.
  2. AcesandEights

    2018/19 IceHogs

    Bondra isn't listed in either lineup; is he injured? Or is he being rested for the home opener? 😉
  3. AcesandEights

    Winter Classic Jersey

    Those look good. I hope "concept" doesn't mean noticeable changes in the final design. The jersey in the pictures look good like they are. I agree about the green Winter Classic patch. Why don't they put the patch on the bottom of the jersey on one side. It's not as though the fans are going to notice the patch from where they will be sitting.
  4. AcesandEights

    Winter Classic Jersey

    That's for sure. If I was betting money, my bet would be since they're using the modern logo in an old, throwback style, they probably won't use the actual throwback jersey that we see in the pictures. Maybe we'll get something along those lines but not exactly? In thinking about the joke that a camel is a horse designed by a committee; let's hope when it comes to the jersey, there aren't too many hands in the pot. Hopefully we'll see a good looking jersey.
  5. AcesandEights

    Winter Classic Jersey

    I agree on the black jersey with the white stripes. However, I wonder if they will end up using the throwback logo but with a different style jersey. I think they should let the fans vote on the jersey; I'd vote for the black with white stripes. If they're going to go with a throwback logo, why not use a throwback jersey. sidenote: In looking at the montage, apparently facial hair was not the style in the 1930's.
  6. AcesandEights

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I'm curious what these masks end up costing when it's all finished.
  7. AcesandEights

    Stan As Gm

    I would agree Stan seems to have a plan and it's obvious the important part of it, beginning last year, was to get young, high end, offensively skilled d-men in the system to help rebuild the future D. The current young d-men on the team are guys like Forsling, Gus, Rutta, maybe Dahlstrom, Manning was added this offseason, so it's easy to see Stan's reasoning. Since these young guys will take a little while before they're ready, I would bet Stan felt last year he couldn't afford to put off the D any longer. Maybe he gives attention to the F's next year? Plus, it should be remembered when it comes to trades and signing FA's, for your higher level players especially, the Hawks aren't the only ones out there trying to trade for certain players or sign certain FA's. Other teams might be able to offer better packages.
  8. AcesandEights

    2018 development camp roster

    GT, thanks for the link to the scouting report. I read the report and decided to compare it to another scouting report from SBNation I had read recently. The two reports were very similar in all aspects except for skating. The Top Shelf report called his speed "very good" and "well above average" while the writer for SBNation called it "slightly above average". However, the SBNation writer never called it a negative and something that might limit his ceiling. Both reports felt he could possibly develop into a 2 line C. I'm not sure which report is closer to correct on his skating; let's hope it's Top Shelf. Both said he was a pass first center and didn't shoot a lot, so I guess he couldn't be paired with Schmaltz on his LW or they'd hardly ever score. Both thought Wise could possibly become a 2nd line C so let's hope he develops.
  9. AcesandEights

    2018 development camp roster

    I think the name MacKenzie Entwistle sounds more like a British rocker than a hockey player.
  10. AcesandEights

    2018 development camp roster

    ^^ Thanks for the link. Those were interesting snippets about some of the prospects. Or were they nuggets?
  11. AcesandEights

    2018 development camp roster

    Apparently Mitchell had similar thoughts, at least for a little while. There was an article in the Athletic dated March 29, 2018 about Mitchell returning to Denver U. for his sophomore year. It mentioned Mitchell himself said he had spoken to the Hawks about signing but both sides decided it would be better for him to return to school for this upcoming season. It sounds like there's a good chance he will be signed next offseason.
  12. AcesandEights

    2018 development camp roster

    I appreciate your comments about Mitchell. I don't know if it was due to being a 2nd rd. pick and/or being overshadowed by Jokiharju, but Mitchell seemed to get a little bit overlooked when people would talk about the future of the Hawks D and the young D prospects. I didn't know much at all about him except he was a smallish size, and wanted to learn more about him so a couple of months ago I searched for articles about him; sort of a combo of a scouting report and eyeball observations. I think the article may have been from SBNation. I do remember the person said some very good things about Mitchell and I do recall he thought Mitchell had the ability and potential to become a good second pairing d-man. He did mention his good skating and agility and that he saw the ice well. On Boqvist coming over this season to play for London; I'm curious if the Hawks suggested it to him as good for his development or if Boqvist himself had been considering it and brought it up first. I wouldn't be surprised if the Hawks were the ones that mentioned the idea. I'm guessing playing in the OHL will a good measuring stick for Boqvist.
  13. AcesandEights

    2018 development camp roster

    I know what you mean, I've read a few of these. I know I've commented before that I like to read 2-3 scouting reports on these kids in case one of them was written by their parents. I agree about Kurashev; I like that he is a great skater. Just from what I've read, another kid I hope can develop is Niklas Nordgren. The Hawks traded up in the 3rd rd. to get him so they apparently thought pretty highly of him. He's Stan sized and it's unanimous he's got to improve his skating. When an interviewer asked him what he needed to improve on, he said "skating" so hopefully he can. Needing to improve their skating isn't anything unusual for young prospects and I've been curious how many kids that do need to work on skating actually do improve over time and develop from being just an average skater to a good one.
  14. AcesandEights

    2018 development camp roster

    Something interesting were the big offensive totals put up by FA invitee Ryan Kuffner at Princeton; 29 g's and 52 pts. in 36 games. He was 2nd in the NCAA in goals per game and his point total was good enough for fourth in the NCAA, right behind Dylan Sikura. However, Sikura got drafted and has signed a contract while Kuffner is a FA invitee to a development camp. I hope to read some good things about some of the young d-men.
  15. AcesandEights

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    My thinking on Kampf was since he was only 23 and just finished his first year in NA, maybe he had a little upside and could improve with more experience. I guess we'll see.