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  1. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Your're right. If they see Schmaltz as a 2nd line C, they would have JT, NS, Kruger and Kampf as the 4 C's. This would let Stan use AA in a trade, if he chooses to. It seems if they see Schmaltz as best at LW, it would give Stan a bit of a problem. He could keep AA as the #2 C and they would have JT, AA, Kruger and Kampf as the 4 C's and Schmaltz as a top 6 LW. However, it would take AA and his $4.5M away as a trade candidate in Stan's quest for a good d-man or F. The other scenario in seeing Schmaltz as best at LW is if Stan went ahead and traded AA, then there's no second line C.
  2. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Something I've wondered about with Schmaltz is if the Hawks see him as a C for the long term or as a LW. I know he's played both but wasn't sure if the Hawks see him as a C on a more permanent basis. Or does a lot depend on what happens with AA?
  3. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    In reading about Stan should consider trading Schmaltz, for various reasons; I hope people realize if Stan traded Schmaltz, then he cannot trade AA. If he traded both guys, there is no second line C. Unless we want Kruger in there as the #2 C. We would be left with Kruger, Kampf, Edjsell. maybe rookie Luke Johnson? I don't see any of them as the #2 C. If you can believe everything you read, it appears Stan is looking at trying to get a good d-man and/or a top 6 F, so it's seems any possible trade of Schmaltz or AA would be for a needed good d-man or top 6 F as the main piece and not another 2nd line C. And what team would trade a top 4 d-man or top 6 F as the main piece to the Hawks and then add in a #2 C to the package because the Hawks are giving up a C? I would think if any C might be added, it would be just another lower level C, like what we already have. That's why I don't see both getting traded this offseason. And with his cheap salary for one more year, I don't see Schmaltz going anywhere for this season. I read Stan now has $8.5 M in cap space after the Arizona trade. That's enough for one real good player but not two, without any other moves to free up more cap space; especially when you look at some of the names being thrown around. This makes AA a more prime trade candidate but doesn't he have a LTC that would have to be worked out first? Plus, Stan has to find a trade partner that actually wants AA; no one is going to take him just because Stan wants to trade him. And hope the teams that want AA have what the Hawks want in return. There has to be a fit. Something I'm also curious about. On the idea of Stan getting both a top 4 d-man and a top 6 F; Do the Hawks have enough assets to accomplish this? I can see getting one of them but I wonder about getting both since I can't see Stan giving up any of his recent high level draftees, like Boqvist or Jokiharju. And I see him keeping his 1st rd. pick in 2019.
  4. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Exactly right. To get a good player(s) Stan had to get more cap space. I highly doubt Stan called up Arizona and asked what it would take to get Kruger; and I also highly doubt Arizona said they would have to get Vinnie Hinostroza and Hossa's contract.
  5. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    I would agree. Schmaltz just finished his second year, was tied for second on the team in points and for whatever shortcomings he had, he was the best in the entire NHL in takeaways with 86; 22 TA's ahead of the next player. And since he's only 22, I tend to think NS is the kind of young player Stan would like to keep around for a while. Not that he couldn't get traded because you never know what can happen but I agree it would have to be the right type of return. Let's hope when he becomes an RFA, he and the Hawks can reach a deal good for both sides. Didn't Saad price himself off the team?
  6. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I wonder if Ekman-Larsson gave the deal a two thumbs up?
  7. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I think getting rid of Hossa's contract and creating more needed cap space makes this a good deal for Stan. Wasn't this Stan's real intent in the trade? How many teams would have actually been willing to take on Hossa's contract as part of a trade; not just have the room to absorb it but actually willing to take it on. Nothing against Hino but Stan was able to move Hossa's contract without giving up a good young roster player like he did with Teuvo in the Bickell deal. Now that he has more cap space, the ball is in Stan's court.
  8. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    ^^ The article mentions the main priority going forward is to have cap room to resign young guys and names Sikura as one of them. Doesn't Sikura become an RFA after this season ends which leaves him with just this season to try and prove himself and earn a decent RFA offer? I thought Dylan was in a somewhat similar situation as Duclair when the Hawks acquired AD last season. Wasn't there about half a season, or a bit less, remaining when Duclair joined the Hawks, before getting injured after only playing in 23 games. Then Stan had to make a decision with a 2 goal, 6 assist, 23 game Blackhawk sample. For the Hawks sake we should hope Sikura has a decent season. He does at least get training camp and a preseason and has a full season to play but if he only has this year to make an impression, he needs to make hay while the sun shines.
  9. Boqvist

    Thanks, Big-T. I had thought the competition level was probably higher than he would face in Sweden. I agree that's good for his development. If you do get to see him play, let's hope he shows good progress. Maybe he'll grow a little taller.
  10. Boqvist

    What differences will Boqvist notice in the OHL, compared to Swedish jrs., besides the smaller ice surface.
  11. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    It appears you are correct. I couldn't get the link to work. This was in the Chi. Tribune, dated today, the 6th. "The call had a big impact. Despite the Predators offering three years, albeit at a little less money, the 28-year-old Manning chose to sign a two-year, $4.5 million deal with the Hawks." From reading the article, it would appear Manning and Connor McDavid no longer exchange Christmas cards.
  12. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    This is all water under the bridge now but I wonder if Stan might have tried fairly seriously to trade the second 1st round pick if the Hawks would have still had their 2nd round pick at 38. He could have traded the #27 pick and still have the #38 pick, only 11 spots later. You never know but Beaudin might have still been there. To be fair, when Stan made the trade, he had no idea the pick would have ended up a high second rounder. I agree Stan doesn't need to be including future first round picks in a trade. We need some more high level prospects for the future; and they do come cheaper for a while. I just hope whatever trade(s) he makes don't fill one hole but open up another.
  13. 2017 IceHogs

    I wonder what impact this might have on Forsberg and Delia. Plus Lankinen will have to play somewhere. Someone will need to go the ECHL.
  14. Draft 2018

    I was surprised too when they took Beaudin at 27; not so much because he was a d-man but like you were saying, he was another smaller, offensive type. Besides Boqvist this year at 8, last year's draft netted Joki in the 1st and Ian Mitchell in the 2nd, and Mitchell is a smaller O type; and the 2016 draft netted Krys in the 2nd rd. who's also a smaller O type. This has to be Stan's attempt to rebuild the blueline and get a few skilled O types in there. That's why I posed a question in a reply to you a week or so ago if maybe next year Stan might change things up and look for a few different type d-men, and a few bit bigger F's. Although I wouldn't bet on a radical change; any player likely would still have to fit the criteria he's been using. From Stan's comments, he apparently thinks Manning can be one of those types that plays defense and can be physical. He also liked Manning's skillset. What was it like actually being at the Columbus draft in person? Did you have to corner Dale and talk him out of taking Kyle Turris?
  15. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    According to Stan in the interview about the signings, their idea was to get Boqvist under contract so they could help accelerate his development. Although he did say they don't have a timeline for him.