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  1. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Will we see the Chicken Fat line in the next game?
  2. 9/28 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    It seems like something should be done to accommodate players like D'cat and others like him; I'm sure other teams have prospects periodically in similar situations as D'cat. I understand they are the junior teams stars and they want them around too but maybe they could do something to accommodate the exceptional player that may not be a surefire lock right off for their NHL team but have shown another year in juniors would do nothing for their development.
  3. 9/28 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    I hope you and hsbob are right. It would sure be ideal if the coaches feel he would be better served with a little seasoning first; he would get a lot of ice time against pro players compared to maybe spotty ice time with the Hawks. If it's due to being American born, i'm curious if the same would apply to Euro/Russian born juniors that are too good to stay in juniors but haven't turned 20.
  4. 9/28 Preseason Hawks vs Wings

    I agree; the Hawks would be foolish not to utilize the 10 game window. It gives them a chance to see how D'cat does against NHL caliber players each game; then they would have a better read on him. Is it right that D'cat can't go to Rockford until December?
  5. 9/25 Preseason Hawks vs Bruins

    What's the outlook for Hinostroza? With all the additions from the offseason signings, he seemed a bit like an orange in a Minute Maid factory.
  6. Jan Rutta

    Since Stan just traded away a top 4 dman 3 months ago, and got a dman in return that's making nearly as much as NH, my guess is Stan won't be looking for a top 4 guy. I think it's up to the guys already here. Suppose Stan did try to get a top 4 dman; what if the other team insisted Stan include Roszival in the deal.
  7. Jan Rutta

    I read the article about winners and losers of the preseason, so far, and it had Kempny as one of the losers. Is this pretty accurate? It also had Rutta as one of the winners If it's accurate about Kempny, what effect will it have on the competition for spots right behind the top 3?
  8. Hawks Training Camp Roster 17-18

    I know we would like all the new guys and young guys to succeed; two players that I think are key players that would really help if they can step up: Schmaltz at C, and Forsberg. Wouldn't Schmaltz at C open up a spot at wing for D' Cat, or someone else? Plus it would be interesting to see what he can do playing with Kane. It seems like there are a lot of hopes on Forsberg becoming a decent backup. If he flops, what is the next option? I hope he continues to build on his last game. These certainly aren't the only ones; a few young dmen need to develop.
  9. 2O17 prospect camp & schedule

    He was really uncomplimentary about Knott. Yet the Hawks have already signed him so you would think they must have seen something.
  10. 2O17 prospect camp & schedule

    I keep hoping one of these years one of these late rounders will defy the odds and become a very good player; not just another fourth liner or a #6 dman, or someone that might bounce and forth between Chicago and Rockford each year, but a good player. Sort of another Dustin Byfuglien or Andrew Shaw type story. And FA's like Panarin don't grow on trees either.
  11. 2O17 prospect camp & schedule

    I wonder if Group A will put 5'8-158lb. Anthony Louis on a line with 5'8-160lb.Will Pelletier.
  12. Wouter Peeters

    I probably shouldn't have been but I'm a little surprised Stan didn't take a G somewhere in a later round. He had a few extra picks but he seems to have an aversion to drafting G's. Would we really have missed one less small F? Crawford will be 35 when his current deal expires so even if they resign him for a short term deal, it would be nice to have a young prospect that might be ready to step in a few years down the road. However, we know Stan will go with either the FA route or the trade route. He has had good luck with FA's although one possible problem is when you want to look for a starting caliber FA goalie, you're limited to what's available. Is there always going to be a Scott Darling or a Niemi available? Plus, how much will Stan have to spend? And a few other teams may need a G also. We seem to have a lot of young F's, and we'll continue to draft more so maybe we'll have an excess of F's to trade down the road. For now, if Anton Forsberg plays at least half as well as the other two Forsbergs, we should be okay at backup G.
  13. Wouter Peeters

    I hope Peeters develops; maybe he'll become at least a good candidate for a back up spot in a few years. Is Crawford the last draftee to play for the Hawks? More than just a few games.
  14. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I ran across this a while ago. While the Blackhawks certainly have depth to add across the board before the season begins. On Saturday they worked to that end, signing Tommy Wingels to a one-year deal and goaltender Jean-Francois Berube and defenseman Jordan Oesterle to two-year deals. Wingels, who hails from Evanston, was traded to the Ottawa Senators at the deadline last season. He played in 36 regular-season games and nine playoff games for Ottawa. Wingels had been with the San Jose Sharks since the 2010-11 season. [RELATED: Patrick Sharp is officially back with the Blackhawks] The 25-year-old Berube was 3-2-2 with a 3.42 goals-against average and a .889 save percentage with the New York Islanders. As of now the Blackhawks are planning on Anton Forsberg, acquired as part of the Brandon Saad trade last Friday, to be Corey Crawford’s backup this season. As for Oesterle, 25, he’s played 19 games with the Edmonton Oilers over the past two seasons. He spent most of last season with the Bakersfield Condors, recording 32 points in 44 games.
  15. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I noticed too that HF was outdated in their articles; I think they've been on at least a year long vacation. Debrincat still doesn't show up and they still have Mark McNeil and Garrett Ross listed. No telling if we'll ever see Jokiharju listed.