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  1. A side question: Didn't the Memorial Cup used to only have three teams, the winners of the three junior leagues, and then they decided to go to a four team format with a pre-designated host city? Was this to help attendance or did they think a final four type format was better?
  2. It certainly appears they will be much younger up front compared to last year.
  3. Out of all the young forwards that Stan has signed during the season, I'm curious which ones will be in Rockford this season. I know Iacopelli, Louis, Bondra and Highmore will, I wasn't sure who else. I wonder if there's any chance we might see a young G prospect; or will we see the same ones as last year.
  4. It's interesting they go to Sweden for Rockford's coach. This may not be quite the right place to ask this but why was Ted Dent fired? He was at Rockford for six seasons and I know this past season was bad but he did have some 40+ win seasons and a few of his former pupils have gone on to the Hawks and have done fairly well. Was he just a victim of the Hawks poor postseason?
  5. I agree. That's what they did with Crawford; he spent a few years in the minors and eventually took over the starting job. If there had been a decent young guy developing in the system over the last few years, he could have had a chance to be the backup next season and he would be cheaper than a vet FA. He doesn't necessarily need to be a draft pick, as long as it's a young guy they feel has good potential. Does Wouter Peeters fit this criteria? I don't know much about him except that he's young and comes from the same country that gave us Stella Artois.
  6. I'm sure someone can help answer this. As far as which side D'cat might be put on, it made me wonder about the level of difficulty for a winger to switch sides.
  7. What are the chances of Debrincat flying under the radar at training camp.
  8. (I'm a little late with this) I agree. I don't see Stan needing to add a good young prospect as a sweetener in a deal for guys like Anisimov or Panarin or Seabrook; he shouldn't have to. TT had to be added to Bickell's deal because Bickell was badly underperforming his salary level but that's not the case with guys like Panarin or Anisimov; they're playing up to their contracts. Kruger might need a sweetener if Las Vegas doesn't take him and he goes on the block but I don't see any of our top prospects added; maybe one of the lesser guys.
  9. Just to toss this out, I looked up Hawks salaries in spotrac a couple of weeks ago and it showed that next season, by salary, the Hawks top six paid players will make a combined $50.2M next season. That means these six will account for about 69% of a $73M cap. (The top 3 combine for $27.4M, this is 37.5% of a $73M cap) (it's a good topic since the Hawks and the cap should be the topic du jour this offseason.)
  10. I know some may look at Noel and complain about Stan signing another smaller, offensive type but I think Stan has done a good job of signing some of both types. Even though he has signed smaller, skilled guys like Debrincat, Highmore, and now Noel, he has also signed Bondra, Hayden, Knott and Iacopelli who are all 6'2 or taller. It's a numbers game and they won't all pan out so Stan needs to keep signing both types.
  11. ^^ I think it could also pass for a chainsaw.
  12. Would Debrincat joining the team next season and being a RW have any effect on whether they try to retain Panik? As I understand D'cat either stays with the Hawks or goes back to juniors for a fourth season and I don't see that being of much help for his development, unless he really struggles. Or would the coaches want to put D'cat at LW, since he shoots right?
  13. When any expiring contracts and one year deals disappear, and Panarin's new deal kicks in, how much over the cap will the Hawks be? I thought it was about $7M. I looked at the Hawks contracts on Sportrac and next season their 7 highest paid players will account for around $50M of the cap. (I could be off a little)
  14. I've also wondered about Pokka. Hockey's Future speaks highly of him, although I think all of their comments were prior to this season (apparently whoever updates the Blackhawks section on HF has been on a year long vacation; no Debrincat listed and Mark McNeill is still shown as a Hawk prospect.). They said Pokka had a good rookie year in 2015-16 and was the Hawks best Defensive Prospect. Hawky is right about his shot; HF had Pokka with the hardest shot among Hawk prospects. He is only 22 so surely next training camp will be his opportunity; I'm assuming Oduya and Campbell will be gone. He is a solidly built guy so maybe that will help him.
  15. One thing about Schmaltz that people may tend to forget is he didn't have the benefit of any minor league seasoning when he joined the Hawks. And when he was later sent to Rockford he still only played in 12 games, although even after only 12 games he came back a better player.