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  1. 2017 IceHogs

    Has Dauphin been in the bottom six all season?
  2. 2017 IceHogs

    Thanks. I saw Jurco was second on the team in goals and total points, with VH gone, but I didn't want to read too much into it. Hopefully he's been progressing all year, since he does play LW, according to the roster. It was interesting to see Dahlstrom, a dman, was now the team leader in assists with 13, and the only one in double digits.
  3. 2017 IceHogs

    How has Jurco been looking?
  4. hawks unsigned prospects

    GT, thanks for posting this; it was interesting to read. It will also be interesting to see which ones continue to develop and get better and which ones will fall by the wayside. I keep hoping the Hawks will have another Andrew Shaw/Dustin Byfuglien/Troy Brouwer type pick; what I'm referring to is a late round pick that defies the odds and becomes a good NHL player, not just a 4th line type that bounces around. Maybe Sikura could be that guy. Considering the Hawks goaltending situation in the system, it would be good if Nalimov can continue to develop.
  5. 2017 IceHogs

    I don't think it's too much of a stretch to imagine Hinostroza maybe being part of a trade. Could he get caught in a numbers game? You would have thought he may have a call up for a few games when the Hawks offense went south. Don't the Hawks have other young C's like Dauphin and Highmore at Rockford, who are a bit bigger, along with a couple of others? Granted, even though I'm guessing Highmore has looked good, we need to see more of him along with the other young guys. I'm also curious how much trade value Hinostroza really has.
  6. 2017 IceHogs

    I saw Bondra was in the ECHL. Was he caught in a numbers crunch at Rockford? I saw he also had zero points in 7 games. I'm guessing he's still trying to make the adjustment. Another interesting stat was Rockford's team leader in PIM was Jurco.
  7. 2017 IceHogs

    The writer was very impressed with Highmore's speed. Is Highmore's speed that good? I hope it is; and hopefully he can make plays at high speed and utilize it to his advantage. In football it's called "functional speed". His comment about Raddysh needing a better understanding that he's a d-man and not a F was interesting.
  8. 10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    What are the odds of Illinois or Rutgers making that same comeback against Penn State? That's why teams need playmakers. I have to agree the Hawks need to do something about their PP, whether they copy other teams or just borrow some ideas; it's obvious they need to change something up. I looked it up and they rank 28th, at 12.7%. Isn't there a saying about doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?
  9. 10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    It It's possible a better power play might have changed the outcome of a few of those one and two goal losses. Have the coaches thought of watching what teams with a good power play are doing? It's not as though the Hawks don't have anyone that can put the puck int the net.
  10. 10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    I'm going to borrow an analogy from football, especially college football. It's often said one thing that separates the top level teams from the lesser teams year in and year out, like Bama or Ohio State, is they have several difference makers, or playmakers; guys that can make plays when you need them. It usually goes along with your talent level; your better players are normally the ones that develop into your playmakers. Hockey really isn't much different. you need more than just a couple of guys to play at a high level to play for cups. You need guys that can score that crucial goal, make a key pass, play good defense when needed, or a G to make a key save. To apply this to the current Hawk team; How many playmakers does this team really have? How many guys are playing at a high level? At least fairly consistently; I know everyone will have off nights.
  11. 10/27 Hawks vs Preds

    I did find a replay and that must have been what they determined, although their idea of possession must be a bit different than mine. In slow motion, Forsberg did take a whack at the puck and it looked like he just barely grazed it; the puck looked like it moved about six inches before AA put it in the net. If AA had not have been there, I don't think the puck would have moved two feet on it's own.
  12. 10/27 Hawks vs Preds

    Should Schmaltz have gotten an assist on AA's goal? I've slept since they played but did Nashville ever gain control of the puck after the first shot was stopped? I didn't think they did but maybe I missed it.. These numbers won't surprise anyone: Goals scored - first 11 games last season- 40 Goals scored - first 11 games this season- 33 Goals scored -games 3 thru 11- last season- 36 Goals scored-games 3 thru 11 - this season - 18
  13. 2017 IceHogs

    ^^ It does seem like Pokka has a bit of a bumpy road ahead. In the meantime, one thing he needs to do is to play well at Rockford and show Stan & Co. he's capable of helping the Hawks if a d-man is needed. Or at least make a good enough impression another team might have some interest in him.
  14. 2017 IceHogs

    I'm curious what the future holds for Ville Pokka; he's starting his fourth year at Rockford. I' wonder if he might be the first in line if the Hawks needed to call up a d-man for any reason, or if it would be Gustafsson.
  15. 10/18 Hawks vs Blues

    Will Kane have Chicken Fat back at C tonight?