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  1. Didn't the Hawks move up a spot or two to get Schmaltz? Or am I wrong. They must have seen something in him if that's correct.
  2. As far as trading Kruger; for what he brings to the table, how much of a hindrance will his $3M per yr. salary be?
  3. I agree with not trading away the good young prospects like Schmaltz, Hartman, D'cat (I don't think he's in any danger at all) and others. The lack of depth is showing this year so if cap troubles in the future will keep forcing Stan to fill in with young prospects from the system, then we need more young guys with the potential to develop into top 6 F's or a top 4 d-men. If we have to fill in with mostly young, lesser talented prospects with more limited potential, I'm not sure how they take that step back up? (not saying they've fallen a long way) We also need to remember not all of these young prospects will develop.
  4. Out of curiousity, does anyone remember where Debrincat had been projected to go in his draft? Was it about where the Hawks took him? Also, is he a RW?
  5. You're right. Fortunately the Hawks have Cups to show for their past success but they're now paying the price for them. It's showing up in a lack of depth and few upper level prospects in the system. When you have to give bigger slices of the pie to a few players, and the size of the pie stays the same, you will soon feel the side effects.
  6. You do make a fair point. When some of the core players are contributing to the problems on the ice, and maybe I'm wrong, but unless Stan plans on getting some upper level players, it's hard to see a trade deadline rental(s) really making much of a difference. It's hard to get champagne when you've only got enough money for beer. If Stan does do something at the trade deadline, the price needs to be cheap. Do they even the cap room to add anything halfway decent, even with salary retention?
  7. I thought the same thing. I haven't seen him listed all season. I looked a few weeks ago thinking maybe he would be listed after the Hawks signed him but still didn't see him; and even looked earlier today but his name still doesn't show up. Under RW, they have McNeill and Hartman as the top two, and at LW they have Motte and Knott. Under 'Top Prospects' they have Schmaltz, Pokka and Hartman as the top three.
  8. I'm curious why Hockey's Future doesn't show Debrincat in their Hawks prospect listings. I expected to to see him as the top wing prospect.
  9. How good of a shot does Hartman have? I've seen a couple of his goals on highlights and it looked like he had a pretty good shot.
  10. At 6' 5 it would be nice to see Bondra translate to the NHL. I know he was a 5th rounder but maybe he can defy the odds.
  11. I think you're right; cap reasons have forced the team to use a lot of young, cheaper players. Although I would hope Stan/Q would consider sending Schmaltz down if he continues to look just so so and and doesn't show any real growth. If he continues to just tread water then he's not really developing.
  12. Wouldn't Schmaltz be better off at Rockford to get some seasoning? Not all college kids are ready to go straight to the NHL like K. Hayes or Vesey.
  13. Isn't this what Yanic Perrault is for?
  14. That's good to hear; hopefully it will help him develop at a steady pace. (a little sidenote; I'm in Oklahoma and I think half the state is still in mourning after the steamrolling the Sooners took on Sept. 17th. There was an obvious difference in the talent level between the two teams; and this with the Buckeyes having to replace 16 starters. That's what consistent top 5 classes will do for you. The diehards here won't admit that and just blame it all on the coaches. )
  15. I've thought that too. Unless he's showing he's really ready and can take the grind of the NHL regular season, it does seem he would benefit more in the long term to get a lot of ice time at Rockford as one of the main guys and learn the pro game. I think it's great that he's looked good and not overmatched and not doing much of anything on the ice. The Hawks were patient with TT in his development so I would expect the same with Schmaltz. No need to rush him.