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  1. We are transitioning to our new chat because this one is being retired. Please join us on game nights here:
  2. Chatzy link:
  3. We miss you gh - you should join us in the chat.
  4. Tonight's chatzy chat for those interested:
  5. Trying out a new chat tool, drop in if you'd like to check it out.
  6. chatters - go to
  7. we will have to find something that works for us. I'll post a few tool links, maybe we can try them out and see which one we like.
  8. Tomorrow baby! You have to make an effort to drop into the chat from time to time 1S, we don't see you nearly enough!
  9. Speech to text - it's a thing
  10. Dave, there are plenty who drop in during intermission - won't miss anything
  11. Looking forward to another season with the greatest group on the boards! Hoping that we can recruit a few new participants this season, so for those of you who are new(er) to the community, drop by during games for the game night chat. We'd love to have you!
  12. There is no question that the decision to sit TT and Vermette was ridiculous, but the coaching issue runs far deeper. I understand that the coaches don't play the game, but when the same fundamental mistakes are made again and again that speaks to coaching. How is it that there is rarely anyone in front of the opposing goalie? It's a crappy job, but it's on coaching to ensure that the player responsible plants himself directly in front immediately, and is held accountable when it doesn't happen. On the flip side, how is it that players - frequently more than 1 - are permitted to park themselves completely unaccosted in front of Crawford? Why are defenders not getting in there and even attempting to move them out? Fundamentals. And we as a fanbase are dealing with the frustrating aftermath.
  13. Happy summer everyone!

  14. Now that I've fully decompressed, I wish all of you a wonderful off season. See you in the fall!

    1. DeckJamalAndYoullBeSorry


      Tough one to swallow Northie. Have a great summer!

  15. Merry Christmas fellow Hawks fans!

    1. buf52


      Frolik navidad everyone !

    2. Smokinmedic1


      happy holidays Northie!