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  1. I will never buy the predictions of the beat writers in any sport. Although they do follow their own team closely, by and large, most of the rest is based on what they read and what they hear from one another. There is only so much you can discern from highlights and a box score. The cracks in this team have been evident all year for those paying close enough attention.
  2. I think this might, in part, be a self-preserving effort. Although StanBo took some accountability for this, the educated fan who watched closely saw the cracks and problems all season long, and most of them were roster based. The Blackhawks had exactly 1 player in the top 50 league wide in faceoff wins, which on the PP cost at least 15 seconds, and on the PK nearly always resulted in sustained pressure against. Additionally, they have nobody willing to go to the front of the net on offense or defense. JT does it reluctantly, Anisimov occasionally. Forwards were always in the blue paint in front of CC and Darling, which was really magnified against Nashville. I would bet that if we don't see some changes in the makeup of the team, we may see the end of Bowman.
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