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  1. nothing works for me I'm so upset
  2. GUYS GOT ANY STREAMS? ! !​GO HAWKS BABY !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I love the way the flyers play for each other in the reg season . Its entertaining to watch
  4. link got shanked by nhl
  5. GO HAWKS !!! Any Links for stream please
  6. well kane is due
  7. This is true untill its not anymore I still think our struggle againts the western playoff teams is at least concerning if not alarming . I know i worry to much ))))
  8. yahoo article praising the Hawks after Flames beat ... it was a 2-1 game .... with 2 empty netter ... Im suprised how good is our team save % with the strugling D . We need to play 3 times better I HOPE we can in Playoff time . We still have special players but teams closed the gap on us and learnt Q tricks by now....
  9. Going for the Icehogs game today .Wedding anniversary cool wife eh?