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  1. Toews

    yeah....lets just renegotiate that contract. man....where have you been?
  2. Okay Our Defence?

  3. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    it used to bother me, but now i miss how negative these boards would be after a loss.
  4. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    i worked offshore during the last 3 cups.....4 weeks on, 4 weeks off. as much as i appreciate the 3 cups....i appreciate the fact that for all 3 finals, i was home for every final round and got to see every game. that's just flukey luck that i'd like to thank someone for.
  5. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    i'm still not ready to embrace the tank yet, but...
  6. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    nah....you nailed it.
  7. How the Hawks Get Better

    say what you want about foley.....he ain't a complete homer. edit: again.
  8. How the Hawks Get Better

    forsberg puts an exclamation point on the season. edit: i was in the wrong thread.
  9. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    i've seen that little square in the top left hand corner of my tv (of the goalie skating to the bench in the last 2 minutes) waaayyy to many times this year.
  10. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    sooner. Q wants more goals against when he goes to stan for a better goalie.
  11. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    didn't know if i should put this here or the foley thread. (turn up the sound to hear it properly.)
  12. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    a rare kane slapper.
  13. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    not only has konroyd shown a sense of humor...but he's a brilliant mathematician as well. !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
  14. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

  15. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    my advice....seek help.
  16. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    it's that stupid collar that's cost us this season.
  17. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    take from it what you wish. for some reason i cant quote this other tweet but here's a copy and paste (from mark potash). The Hawks have scored the first goal of the game 27 times in 36 games since Jan. 1. They are 12-11-3 pending the outcome of tonight's game.
  18. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    what i was thinking is that nearly every power play, you see the shorthanded defenseman give the other guy a lot harder crosscheck in front of the net about 7 times a penalty.
  19. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    so....that was a crosscheck. okay.
  20. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    the beauty (for me at least) of your team sucking after winning 3 cups is that it's just a lot easier to shrug and laugh after a goal. we'll be better. hopefully sooner than later.
  21. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    he's always been a nice player, but i sure never thought that mackinnon would be MVP material.
  22. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    i kind've got a hunch that Q thinks of d-cat t the same as kane.....that he can create offense no matter what line he's on.
  23. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    of course i got a couple canadian teams to cheer for, but i wouldn't find it hard to cheer for colorado in the playoffs.
  24. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    i really like soupy as a pregame/between periods guy. the "commercial music" was playing but i don't think he even noticed and just kept on yakking. i don't know...i just find him appealing that way.