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  1. galaxytrash

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    jeez...i hope the hjammer tribute pops up on YT or twitter.
  2. galaxytrash

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    ? he wasn't on the ice when AZ scored.
  3. galaxytrash

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    here's another if the first one falls on it's face. http://bilasport.net/game/chicago-blackhawks-vs-arizona-coyotes-9359.html
  4. galaxytrash

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    not a fun fact at all tonight.
  5. galaxytrash

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

  6. galaxytrash

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

  7. galaxytrash

    If Seattle Is Next, Realignment issues?

    blows a tire and scores a beauty.
  8. galaxytrash

    Okay Our Defence?

    just a quick forsling update.
  9. galaxytrash

    Stan As Gm

    i'll take one or two in the lineup for the time being should anyone skate within spitting distance of crow. all kidding aside, it's going to be tough watching crow take even the most minor of contact for the first few games at least.
  10. galaxytrash

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    cheers ms. madrose. nervously excited. following MJ's lead....another crawford video. !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
  11. galaxytrash

    The Crawford Thread

    the pants and pads were made smaller prior to the start of last season. this season it's arm and chest protectors.
  12. galaxytrash

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    nice article about nik. class act for sure. never realized that this is his first time back to chicago since the trade. looking forward to the video the organization puts together for him. https://www.nbcsports.com/chicago/blackhawks/niklas-hjalmarsson-wasnt-happy-about-trade-remembers-time-blackhawks-fondly
  13. galaxytrash

    The Crawford Thread

    seems like forever.
  14. galaxytrash

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Its guaranteed.