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  1. galaxytrash


    Looks a lot better for d-cat though. That impressed the hell outta' me.
  2. galaxytrash


    This explains things somewhat.
  3. galaxytrash

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    Everyone's favorite coach on the joker....
  4. galaxytrash

    12/18 Hawks vs Preds

    I didn't mean to infer there was. I mean, if chicago's out i will always cheer for some canadian teams in the playoffs (vancouver and montreal excluded) but the last few seasons cheering for canadian teams isn't much different than being a hawks fan this year. But i won't cry myself to sleep if said canadian team gets eliminated like i would if it were chicago.
  5. galaxytrash


    You could do the same every time Kane says "obviously" in interviews. Anyhoo....it's the Cat's b/day so hopefully a big night from him. Anyone else surprised to see edzo top this list? Lots of scoring in his era but still....
  6. galaxytrash

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    On twitter also and he wasn't in the morning skate either. Good for him and good for the Hawks letting him go. Latest pairings....
  7. galaxytrash

    12/18 Hawks vs Preds

    Really? I thought it was one of my more negative posts to tell you the truth. And to further be honest, these rose colored glasses are really starting to dig into the bridge of my nose....and the koolaid tastes like watered down sugar free. Tiresome work staying positive these days....
  8. galaxytrash

    12/18 Hawks vs Preds

    Correctamundo. I was a bit surprised. Not sure i'll be able to join the fun here tonight but thanks once again ms. Madrose for the start and all. Hoping the boys don't leave their gonads in the locker room tonight but i'm prepared to be disappointed. As much flak as Tootoo got on these boards he woulda' looked good in red the other night. Anyhow, because it's physically and psychologically impossible for me to cheer for someone else (or to stop cheering altogether)..... !!!!!!! GO HAWKS !!!!!!!
  9. galaxytrash

    The Crawford Thread

    DOPS stands for Department of Player Safety. The extra "e" was thrown in for....well, i think you likely can see.
  10. galaxytrash

    The Crawford Thread

    I think it means the player is not subject to the waiver process due to it being an emergency but i'm not 100% sure. (As usual)
  11. galaxytrash

    Reports: Q to coach Flyers

    actually Gordon was HC of the islanders across 3 seasons (2008-2010) going 64w 94l and 23otl and has been coaching in north america 24 years. He has a much higher pedigree than colliton.
  12. galaxytrash

    The Crawford Thread

  13. galaxytrash

    Reports: Q to coach Flyers

    Scott Gordon was the coach of their AHL affiliate.
  14. galaxytrash

    The Crawford Thread

    The back of his head and neck bears the full brunt of removing the net off of it's pegs. I sure hope its not as bad as it looks.
  15. galaxytrash

    12/16 Hawks vs Sharks

    Sad to say i gotta' agree. Still....nobody from 2 to 95 had the nutz to even chirp when crow went down...perhaps for the last time in his career. Everyone from the g.m. down thru the coach to the 4th liners are to blame but to me the players on the ice and on the bench when the goalie went down deserve the lion's share.