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  1. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    preds league worst (12.9%) PP in the regular season doesn't let them down in the post season as they go 0 fer 15 in the playoffs.
  2. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

  3. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    tomorrow's going to be fun. both games are game 7's. and for me the best part is that they're 3 hours apart.
  4. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    it's been said here a thousand times. the playoffs are a whole new season.
  5. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    wish i could go back in time and visit the old barn for a playoff game. anyways, i didn't hear this exchange between edzo and numbnuts but i thought it was pretty funny.
  6. galaxytrash

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    a bison in heat? that's a-battlin' alright.
  7. galaxytrash

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    i edited my above post. only messier has more goals than him when facing elimination. i'd be pretty damn proud of that record if i was williams. hopefully he notches a couple more in game 7.
  8. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

  9. galaxytrash

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    15 goals in 23 games when facing elimination. now that's clutch. caps/'canes going to game 7. edit: williams in fine company here.
  10. galaxytrash

    hawks unsigned prospects

    he's going back to college for another year. https://www.collegian.psu.edu/sports/men_hockey/article_a8d9b612-6532-11e9-bdb3-3f48c0bccaad.html
  11. galaxytrash

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    tons more. idk, like i've said i'm trying to like the guy but it just isn't happening.
  12. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    yes, you do give me too much credit. if you follow good people on twitter, these stats find you. it takes all of 10 seconds to copy/paste and all i burn is about three quarters of a calorie. i do it mainly to create talking points so hopefully i have some good comments to read the next day. because i HATE logging into these boards and there's nothing to read. but thanks just the same.
  13. galaxytrash

    2019 NHL Draft: Blackhawks edition

    agree 100%. maybe his defensive game has improved. i never really payed attention to him on the other side of the puck. i seem to recall a few takeaways but nothing much more. sikura would make johnny hockey look like patrick maroon. it's like some sports article from bizarro world.
  14. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    the blues have been gelling at the right time as well.....since the beginning of the new year, actually. like it or not, no one should be shocked winnipeg lost that series. pains me to say it but the blue's story is pretty amazing. unless they run into some injuries i'm not sure they can be stopped.
  15. galaxytrash

    2018/19 playoff predictions

    no jack. i am the master of the copy and paste.