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  1. You Be The Gm

    my feelings as well. if they're going to keep one i'd say duclair but he did very little to impress me last season.
  2. Blackhawks acquire Chaput from Vancouver

    i suppose...or maybe vice versa. either way....a little extra competition can only be a good thing.
  3. So if i'm looking at this right we draft 7th.........

    not a bad read about the hawks' draft, although the guy might have made it seem better than it actually is. i hope not though. http://www.hockeybuzz.com/blog.php?post_id=93587
  4. Free Agency List

    i'm not sure the team is ready for tavares to be their highest paid player, so maybe it was bowman who said no thanks. i guess there are 25 other fan bases we can share our sadness and embarrassment with.
  5. You Be The Gm

    there's an "ignore user" feature on these boards that works real good if it bothers you that much.
  6. Tavares

  7. James Neal the new Marian Hossa

  8. Free Agency List

    sad to say we'll lose franson and another team will undoubtedly get a good year out of him.
  9. Tavares

    if the below is true, i'll go a step further and hope he stays out of dallas.
  10. So if i'm looking at this right we draft 7th.........

    you'd be hard pressed to draft less size. anyways....it is what it is. can't do much now except hope for the best.
  11. Tavares

    seriously though, my brother, who's quite possibly the world's biggest leaves fan outside of toronto, would soil himself. yeah....if tavares went there, toronto could be a major force for some time, if their youth develops like they're hoping.
  12. Tavares

    despite stan's attempt of being a man of mystery....i just can't see us being in the running for tavares... ...especially if the below is true.
  13. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    l.a. was the 3rd oldest team in the league before they signed 35 year old kovalchunk. this oughta' put them on top now.