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  1. damn you zawaski ! what are we supposed to talk about now??
  2. true. 38 in 48 games. and not one 8 point game in the lot that year.
  3. gagner set a career high for points and tied a career high for goals last year while his average t.o.i. was a career low.
  4.*re way off. it was 17%. he finished with 47 points that year.
  5. for some reason i always thought he was closer to kane*s size. i was surprised to see he was that big.
  6. no....his 8 point night against us as an oiler actually.
  7. i*d have a go at 2 million. a bit below average at faceoffs at 45% career but he*s got decent size and a history with kane. and he*s 27...lots of miles left on the odometer. he would absolutely destroy our goalies confidence in practice though.
  8. FWIW...
  9. me neither actually. and yeah...good point about needing a center.
  10. well....there was but the razor blade killed it.
  11. not sure what to think of this. he goes on to add they are both on the last year of their contracts and that he figured AA would be involved which is no surprise. i*d think about kane maybe if he has his poop in a group but never been a fan of neal. too many dumb penalties from what i*ve seen.
  12. elite prospects has him at 192 pounds and hockey*s future has him at 176 pounds. who knows? edit: likely more believable that he would gain 16 pounds as opposed to losing 16 pounds. jmho. dbl edit: having said all that...i saw an article where bobrovsky lost 17 pounds last year so we*re back to *who knows?*
  13. wiki has forsberg at 6 foot 2 inches and 192 pounds. has him at 6 foot 3 inches and 192 pounds. i would agree anyways about having a bulkier goalie but that beanpole the penguins have as their #1 is 6 foot 4 inches and 178 pounds.
  14. i hope so. jurco never really did much to impress me from what i saw. hopefully more playing time equals better results for both jurco and forsberg.