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  1. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    Sorry....you've lost me.
  2. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    you're a bit off here MJ. it's winnipeg that's in the middle of canada. calgary's out west, closer to the pacific than it is to winnipeg. winnipeg is freezing cold in the winter but the summers are hot as hell. calgary's is a much milder winter....much milder than edmonton's even (edmonton is a 3 hour drive to the north.) calgary's summers aren't as hot as winnipeg's but still very nice. i don't know about the quality of life in switzerland...i've only been to an airport in zurich....but i imagine it's pretty good.but calgary is a pretty cool city. clean and safe and very metropolitan in my opinion. i lived there and around there for about 15 years. the rockies are less than an hours drive away and easily visible on a nice day. anyways.....do you have any idea what those guys would be making in switzerland? just curious.
  3. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    kris versteeg is off to russia. https://lastwordonhockey.com/2018/08/17/kris-versteeg-signs/
  4. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    anthony lewis (#45) looks huge out there at first glance but the gal who scored is just 5'2"and 125 lbs. the poor guy is going to catch a lot of grief over that play.
  5. Stan As Gm

    this writer. whose sole job is senior nhl prospects writer for "the athletic", has the hawks' farm system ranked at #14. (up from #27 last year) i thought that was pretty decent considering where we've been drafting from. unfortunately you need to subscribe to read the article, and even more unfortunate is that i'm a cheap SoaB. https://theathletic.com/459786/2018/08/16/pronman-2018-19-nhl-farm-system-rankings/
  6. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    not a great angle,but an absolutely oily pass from d-cat to kane who then top shelfs it.
  7. hawks unsigned prospects

  8. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    seems like a good deal for nashville. might be a year or 2 too long but that's normal i guess.
  9. Sox/Cubs 2018

    of course...it was a 2 out, 2 strike pitch to put the proverbial cherry on top.
  10. Sox/Cubs 2018

    that looked like it was FUN! shame hamels never got the W.
  11. Hlinka/Gretzky tourney

    It had been agreed upon that there would be no video review at this tournament because three separate rinks were being used and they did not all have the same capabilities. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/juniors/controversy-masks-thrilling-canada-usa-tilt-hlinka-gretzky-cup/ no doubt it should've been used in the medal rounds. U.S. squad got hosed i'm sad to say. i hope something was learned at least.
  12. RIP Stan Mikita

    accolades just keep coming. https://www.nhl.com/news/stan-mikita-left-lasting-legacy-on-community/c-299739662
  13. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    i don't know h.i.m. .......drouin getting hurt in a summer charity game is indeed very unfortunate. but what do you want these guys doing in the off season? if management in montreal is pissed off than maybe there's more to it than meets the eye. i'd sooner though, take the risk that they show up in camp on top of their game because....i don't need to say it....but (imho) we're going to need EVERYTHING going right if we want a sniff at a playoff spot this season.
  14. Hlinka/Gretzky tourney

    pretty greasy goal, but greasy in a good way. he made it look like the defenders where standing still yet i only saw him take 1/2 a stride during the entire replay.
  15. Hlinka/Gretzky tourney

    i'll say. granted...most of the players in this tourney are likely smallish players, but he's not huge either at 5'11" and 165 lbs. he drives to the net like he's byfuglien. i want one.