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  1. happy b/day edzo. (and you as well JW.)
  2. sorry....not really.
  3. got it. my mistake.
  4. first....i like the way MVR posts as well whether i agree with him or not. second...i don't think you can single out a single person here for "pouting". i would've used the word "smarting" though...something we all here have in common after the sweep. third...obviously, it's all open to discussion. but i'm not so sure there will ever be a correct answer as to the reason for the sweep. i think it's a combination of many things. but don't ask me to give you particular reason because you will be met with my "deer in the headlights" look. it won't haunt me to my grave but i know that many times in my future, i will look back to the playoffs in '17 and still ask myself "why?" 35 days until training camp opens.
  5. nice to see crow get a mention here, especially because i wasn't really expecting it when i read the article.
  6. another one bites the dust.
  7. the vezina's a bit of a reach. jagr for the selke! btw....37 days 'til the first pre season game...according to my calculations.
  8. You make good points, MJ. He isn't for everyone, no doubt. Maybe he could change his style.
  9. honored. is 8 okay for you?
  10. don't think for a minute i didn't realize your intention there, jan. .
  11. just so everyone doesn't forget.... 34 days until training camp opens.
  12. i won't be the g.m.anymore...i promise.
  13. iggy stats forthcoming.
  14. it's not all about stats stats you quote stats. you're taking this way too seriously puck. it ain't going to happen anyways.
  15. everything you say makes doubt...but if i could sign the devil for 1,2 million and he gets you 20 goals and 50 points in todays cap world...all i'm saying is that i would give it serious thought. new jersey would likely sign him first though.