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  1. nothing ventured nothing gained i guess.
  2. undefendable? indefensible? not sure what word to use.
  3. mic wasnt working for the anthem singer tonight in edmonton but no problem.....
  4. not great i don*t think. but as a fan if i had to live thru an 82 game season of sh*t i would be pissed off to lose the top pick no matter how great or how bad the draft was.
  5. it doesn*t matter. just get it done stan!
  6. luck likely has as much to do with drafting well as good research and scouting. you will find every team likely has good players that have *fallen into their laps.*
  7. tough pill to swallow if you*re colorado or arizona.
  8. sad isn*t it.
  9. i hate trades when you know its for the best but still hate that it happened. stupid cap.... what a story though. a few short years back he likely couldn*t find a lower league to play in and he*s an out of shape alcoholic on the edge of oblivion to boot. fast forward a couple years. his name is on the cup and he is in the White House being singled out by the POTUS for good deeds done. what a guy! carolina is lucky to have him.
  10. i*m not sure even if i grew up in montreal like crawford and maybe even cheered for the habs that i would want to play there. tough crowd that one.
  11. actually i find it quite easy to cheer for nashville. st. louis? thats a different kettle of fish.....
  12. bit of a risk for carolina but i guess they like what they see.