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  1. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Yep. When they were so much better then other teams. They could overcome poor power play. Now that many teams have caught up, it looks like a glaring weakness. If it means not giving the headliners pp time to get some success, so be it.
  2. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Well past time for a pp coach replacement. This one aspect has been beyond frustrating for many years Givin the talent.
  3. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    So in other word or the same words. Kane can stay in the offensive zone all the time. All the Hawks have to do is shoot the puck into the zone and as long as it touches the other team in any way on the way into zone it's onside? This could be advantageous. I say q should test this rule. I guarantee it would be whistled offside immediately. I call bs.
  4. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    Did they change the offside rule this year? I always thought the offensive players skate must still be touching blue line until puck completely crosses it for player to be onside.
  5. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    Basically 4 gaa due to an incorrect review.
  6. 10/12 Hawks vs Wild

    Cant say I'm suprised. Seen this movie before. Just eliminate reviews if they still get it wrong in slow motion hd.
  7. Darling to canes for 3rd round pick

    He was probably gone in expansion draft otherwise. Still don't like the message it sends. Perform up to and above expectations and we will send you away. This has been the theme the last few years. Some cap related others not.
  8. Stan As Gm

    You are correct Stan, Unacceptable. Look long into that mirror. I am glad he IS holding himself accountable. Will Joel Hold himself accountable as well? He already has been told his is our coach and will continue to be our coach. IMO Joel's stubbornness to change has cost this team more than just this 1st round horrendous exit. Players came through and fought back in the past despite some of his REPEATED coaching Failures, from Lineup's to PP's, to complacency to continuing to allow flybys without finishing checks and bailouts. This worked to some degree until the league caught on and stopped calling interference and obstruction once the playoffs start. Good players were moved because Joel would not use them properly. good players habits were altered to comply with this no check system. We Don't need enforcers, But you must complete your check and "let em know your there". This is a simple basic fundamental of the game. Preds had ZERO happy feet this series, because they knew they would not get hit. On the flip side, the hawks were rushed everytime they touched the puck.
  9. Stan As Gm

    You can't win in the playoffs with 1 line. Even worse When that 1 line had Nobody who would go to the dirty areas. Not getting any replacements for players like buff, ladd, bickell, eager, burish, saad, Bolland, brouwer, shaw. Was more apparent then ever. Guys who were willing to go to the areas needed. Hartman is one who could have but was neutered before playoffs with composure issues. Hayden was benched who could have been another. And Desi was injured. AA and Panara soft bread seemed more interested in going back their homeland than playing more hockey. Makes me sad that Stan gave up on a very young teravinen. Who was at least defensively responsible, And vermette who could win faceoffs. Then there's the Cap casualties.
  10. Stan As Gm

    I thought Forsling played really well. Not sure why oduya was needed over a forward.
  11. 2/08 Hawks vs Wild

    3 - 1 Nice win
  12. Panarin

    im fine with TT on 3rd line if bickell is on 5th.TT deferred to toews and hossa too much instead of just reacting, he was over thinking.
  13. The Crawford Thread

    And lets not forget his virtual shutout in game 6. That set the stage for game 7.
  14. The Crawford Thread

    Great Game by CC, Especially staying strong and continuing to battle after the two Goalie Interference Goals.
  15. The Crawford Thread

    CC's meltdown in the 3rd period of Game 2 turning into a blessing in disguise. If they lose that game 3-2, I highly doubt Q goes to Darling for games 3 and 4 and i do not think Corey makes all those saves in his current state of confidence.