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  1. He was probably gone in expansion draft otherwise. Still don't like the message it sends. Perform up to and above expectations and we will send you away. This has been the theme the last few years. Some cap related others not.
  2. You are correct Stan, Unacceptable. Look long into that mirror. I am glad he IS holding himself accountable. Will Joel Hold himself accountable as well? He already has been told his is our coach and will continue to be our coach. IMO Joel's stubbornness to change has cost this team more than just this 1st round horrendous exit. Players came through and fought back in the past despite some of his REPEATED coaching Failures, from Lineup's to PP's, to complacency to continuing to allow flybys without finishing checks and bailouts. This worked to some degree until the league caught on and stopped calling interference and obstruction once the playoffs start. Good players were moved because Joel would not use them properly. good players habits were altered to comply with this no check system. We Don't need enforcers, But you must complete your check and "let em know your there". This is a simple basic fundamental of the game. Preds had ZERO happy feet this series, because they knew they would not get hit. On the flip side, the hawks were rushed everytime they touched the puck.
  3. You can't win in the playoffs with 1 line. Even worse When that 1 line had Nobody who would go to the dirty areas. Not getting any replacements for players like buff, ladd, bickell, eager, burish, saad, Bolland, brouwer, shaw. Was more apparent then ever. Guys who were willing to go to the areas needed. Hartman is one who could have but was neutered before playoffs with composure issues. Hayden was benched who could have been another. And Desi was injured. AA and Panara soft bread seemed more interested in going back their homeland than playing more hockey. Makes me sad that Stan gave up on a very young teravinen. Who was at least defensively responsible, And vermette who could win faceoffs. Then there's the Cap casualties.
  4. I thought Forsling played really well. Not sure why oduya was needed over a forward.
  5. 3 - 1 Nice win
  6. So much for giving away TT in the Bickell deal so Shaw can be signed theroy.
  7. Panarin's arrival and success allowed TT to be part of the deal to unload Bickell. Prior to Panarin, TT was all but slated to be Kanes setup guy. This forced him to play mostly 3rd and 4th lines with 3rd and 4th liners where his vision and passing wasn't utilized so he was used as a shutdown line, defensive responsible forward. Its the role he was asked to play and did well at that roll, all while still being soft and easily knocked off the puck. Put in the right roll, I see TT as being one of the top 2 or 3 passers in the whole league with his vision and ability to get the puck to the open man. We saw glimpses of this ability his rookie year. Not so much last year due to the roll he was given and accepted. Its this rare Vision and on ice awareness that is his greatest attribute which very few others have. I may be wrong but I think since TT is still on his Entry level contract, If he were to have improved next year and became un affordable, he would be an RFA & the hawks would still get compensated with picks.
  8. I said as much about the +/- stat. That's fine, Where are those stats. Are they massively in favor of blues overall or only when TT was on the ice, Because what I watched was the whole team having some issues with that. I though he played fine the later part of games 5 and game 6 where he was on right wing. Game 7 Q went with the blender again and dbl shifted Kane anywhere he could. I just think if the kid can play more than a week with the same line mates, and build some confidence, he will be fine.
  9. considering how BAD many claim he was in this series. There are only 2 forwards on the team with a better +/-. And only by 1 at +2. They were on the ice for 6 or 7 goals for. He was only on the ice for 1 goal, and ended up a +1 on the series. While I agree the +/- stat is not much of a determination of overall play, It does demonstrate his effectiveness with his positioning, even if he was easily knocked down. Find another more physical player in his price range with his vision and positional awareness, then trade away. However I don't think one can be found.
  10. didnt play enough imo. St louis is still waiting to get a single goal with TT on the ice.
  11. I remember when fleishman and weiss just got here there was a bit of chemistry building with tt. Then line juggling started again with mashinter and others. TT had to go to 2nd line for AA's injury and I dont think the 3 have been together since. Maybe just go back to what worked?
  12. He's been a complete non-factor thus far, (true) which is a good thing for a shutdown line. has zero chemistry on that line, (true) and is scared (maybe) or maybe it just appears that way because he is not a physical player. Just because that line hasn't been scored on yet doesn't mean he isn't turning the puck over, (No His GVA stats mean he isn't turning the puck over.) Perhaps he will be able to turn a corner eventually -- and hopefully -- but quite honestly, he looks like a rookie out there. I hope so too, but don't think it will happen playing in his current role. What we must all remember he is still very young and basically still a rookie. No one is asking him to be Jocelyn Lemieux. There is a middle ground. I know, I also wish he was stronger on his skates. But do you really think he will win any of those board battles? I think we all know that answer, So why take yourself out of the play?
  13. Agree, I have always said he is a complimentary player who can get the puck where it needs to be with quick decisions as good as the best in the league. I do not see where he has been a negative as the blues have yet to score with him on the Ice. But there can certainly be more positives. However if people think he will become Jocelyn Lemieux on the boards, they are expecting results that quite frankly are not his style of game. Panarin already had this intangible quality, but with that also comes some situations where you wish he made the smart and safe play. I really do not think they want him battling along the boards and in the corners because he will LOSE those physical battles and be out of position to defend his own zone.
  14. well he has stepped up in playoff series. Just not as the primary player on the line. I think moving him back to wing may help his offense. I still dont think he is playing all that terrible as others make it out to be. He is still even on the series and his line hasnt scored. Many times matched against other top line.
  15. i saw that too. It show he is at least willing. I also saw why he doesnt have the freedom to skate the puck in. He tried but was alone and all 4 of the other linemates went for a change. His skate in attempt failed resulting in odd man rush the other way. Im sure he got the reminder to make the safe play kid from the coaches. I do think he errors on the side of caution more than most others, but this could also be what he is instructed to do. He will be given more freedom over time to attempt more of the risky plays ala kane, panarin. But i think the coaches want his primary focus on prevention and defensive responsibilty since there are others where that is secondary concern.