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  1. totally agree.... for years i've said they get an extra 2 feet on offsides calls as well... i wish nhl refs were so much better, might be worst in pro sports

  2. detroit is allowed to play the way they do, i.e. interference, hooking, holding, slashing, quite frankly you name it...even the kronwall hits because the league looks the other way most of the time with them. Perhaps other teams get the same treatment but I know the Hawks don't!

  3. kronwall walks that fine line but he's nowhere near as dirty as several canucks, esp. burrows

  4. I agree with your comments on discipline/player safety. I loved the "shanahammer", too!! Here's a chump just removed from his playing days in charge of suspensions. I do not think that is who you want to be charge. A former lower profile coach may be a better choice. Just curious, what is your take on goonwall and his "hits"?