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    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    T and I think a lot alike, pretty sure you can take my answer for his... lol

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    I never wrote them on... so yes

    10/18 Hawks vs Yotes

    coming off a bunch of rest and this is the best performance they could muster against a god awful Coyotes team? Pathetic performance by all the players, makes you wonder if Q has any motivational components left This is probably the start of a really bad stretch as they have come back down to earth after a good start in the first 5 games at the end of the day the defense is absolutely atrocious and there is just too much dead weight here to have a decent season: saad, anisimov, kampf, kunitz, kruger, rutta, manning are all questionable NHL players at this point also, nick schmaltz is easily the most overrated guy on the team... if Stan gives him a multi-year extension it will be a massive mistake

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    On the bright side they're unbeaten in regulation and have got 6 of 8 points On the down side, the defense is just atrocious top to bottom Power play is up to its typical awfulness... no goals, very few shots... it's once again a momentum breaker Kampf should be benched for what he did at the end... instead of being aggressive to the puck and getting an ENG he slows up to draw the penalty, which ultimately comes back to bite the team in the behind. I want to like the kid, but he's a non-threat offensively, irrelevant defensively and then does something stupid. No room for that. Get Edjsell up here or give another young kid an opportunity

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    I wouldn't go there yet about being "much better than expected" taking 5 of the first 6 points has masked some glaring and serious issues that still exist I guess I'm just looking at it differently, with no burden of expectations where in the past I basically expected them to win nearly every game, I now expect them to lose every game so anything better than that I'm kinda happy... if they don't compete for the top draft pick and are closer to competing for a playoff spot I'll be thrilled and stunned

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    getting 1 point from the Leafs is a win in my books... they are a legit Cup contender this season and remind me a lot of the 2010 Blackhawks The Blackhawks are a legit contender for No. 1 pick most likely... so there's nothing to be disappointed about, IMHO

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    so far I like what I see from this squad kane and toews look outstanding, granted i doubt toews can keep going at this pace (duh) and some others (D-Cat, Schmaltz, the person formerly known as Brandon Saad) are going to have to start scoring goals the 3rd and 4th lines are more physical than in past years... kunitz, kampf, martinson, hayden so far are at least willing to grind it out on the flip side, the defense is still very leaky and very mistake-prone. Maybe Murphy returning at some point will help this though I doubt that. They have got to clean things up in their own end. Cam Ward is simply awful. Yes, I know he made some nice saves late in Ottawa and St. Louis but he's no better than Forsberg was last year. It simply blows my mind Bowman thought he was an upgrade AND that after all these years the franchise cannot develop even a decent backup goalie (cause lets be honest, Darling was a fluke situation). I know, Crawford will be back in 10 days so the goaltending should improve drastically but they're in A LOT of trouble again if Cam Ward needs to play for any significant period of time. If Stan and company truly/honestly believe that this team can get back the playoffs this season then it doesn't make sense how they thought Ward was good enough for that job

    10/04 Season Opener Hawks vs Sens


    10/04 Season Opener Hawks vs Sens

    I know it's only game 1 of 82... but if they can't even beat the Ottawa Freakin' Senators there's truly no hope for this team this season. Everyone should boycott the UC and send a message to management this will not be tolerated. On a side note, how bad is Stan Bowman at his job? He honestly thought Cam Ward was an upgrade as a backup goalie and could fill in admirably if Crawford misses time AND he included a NMC in the contract??? When Bowman gets fired I'm going to throw a party.
  10. MERPER

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Sure, so then we can agree we're in for some bad/painful hockey over the next 3-5 years?
  11. MERPER

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    It is obvious now Stan's "plan" is to re-sign the 2 kids long term (based on them proving very little thus far) then letting the contracts run out to all the core guys. We're in for a decade or so of bad, playoff-less hockey. On the bright side, the bandwagon jumpers will disappear and tickets will be much easier to get.
  12. MERPER

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    well, Max Pacioretty is no longer in play... Vegas acquired him for Tatar, one prospect and a second-round pick
  13. MERPER

    Stan As Gm

    when the Roenick trade rumors first began, and it became increasingly obvious they were going to move him... I was just praying they were going to do a 1-for-1 for Tkachuk... of course, Dollar Bill went the cheap route knowing eventually Tkachuk was going to require a large contract and wound up settling for Zhamnov instead
  14. MERPER

    Stan As Gm

    I didn't only reference hits, I mentioned where they go to impact the game. Power forwards win board battles, they win battles in the corners for the puck, they go to the front of the net and set up shop and work there to impact the game. Tkachuk excelled in all those areas, he was the best or one of the best in the league at doing all those things for the better part of 2 decades. Daze excelled at zero of those areas. Not only could he not win board or corner battles, he didn't go to the front of the net... he wouldn't do these things. In no way, shape or form was Daze a power forward and comparing him to Tkachuk is, quite frankly, disrespectful to a guy who I believe belongs in the Hall of Fame
  15. MERPER

    Stan As Gm

    This is blatantly false. Not that far off in his power forward ability to Tkachuk? Are you kidding? Tkachuk consistently went to the front of the net and once there you couldn't move the guy. The only time Daze went to the front of the net was if he was skating through while moving side-to-side and happened to get stuck there on accident. Hits weren't kept as a stat during Daze's career, and only three seasons at the end of Tkachuk's career, but I'd wager Tkachuk averaged 5 times as many hits per season as Daze did... maybe more. Sorry, but the two are literally world's apart as far as "power forward" is concerned.