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    Henri J (can't spell it)

    I suppose I understand point 2 To point 1-- losing and going through difficult times is part of growing and maturing as a player, it will (hopefully) do all these kids well in the long run to experience this. Shielding them from what is going on does not allow players to grow. Many young players on teams like Winnipeg, Nashville, Calgary, Toronto, etc. went through very tough times and now are leading their teams as some of the best in the league. Heck, even Michael Jordan went through several tough seasons before turning the Bulls into a dynasty. To point 3-- yes, Stan needs to unload and rebuild the defense corps, but sending Jokiharju out for 10 days isn't necessary to do that. Hell, I'd argue playing Gus on the "top" pair and giving more minutes to Manning or Rutta could have negative results on other teams interested in dealing for them.

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    Nah, that can't be it. Both have NMCs and the interest in Seabrook is non-existent.

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    Can anyone explain to me why fans of the Blackhawks should be OK and accepting of them loaning him to Finland for 10 days in the middle of his rookie season? He's arguably been the second best/most consistent defenseman on the team and one would think every single rookie/youngster should be gaining as much NHL experience and continuing to grow/mature/gain chemistry with one another even during a lost season. I'm sure Henri and Finland requested this, and it surely is viewed kindly by the player and country that they're doing this. But shouldn't Blackhawks management be concerned with this team/roster first and foremost? This just does not sit well with me.

    Reports: Q to coach Flyers

    Interesting. As of last night when people were downplaying this entire rumor, Hakstol was acting like he was going to be coach today (Monday), telling the media he'd have an update on the health of Brian Elliott. Not saying Q is going to be the new coach for sure but it is obvious there's major changes happening in Philly even if they're moving slower than maybe originally expected.
  5. From what I am hearing Flyers are going to fire their head coach and name Joel Quenneville head coach... congrats to coach Q. We knew it wouldn't take long for him to return. I'm just happy it isn't with the Blues

    12/12 Hawks vs Penguins

    I liked Dahlstrom in this one. He was quite good, I thought. Actually willing to get physical and move guys from in front of the crease. Only 1 game but he was better than Rutta or Manning

    Rutta and Manning being shopped aggressively

    if this isn't an absolute tank job, what is? as I have previously noted, they're playing roughly .333 hockey over their last 121 games tanking any worse than that is almost impossible

    Rutta and Manning being shopped aggressively

    I was just thinking... remember a few years back when many here would complain about how bad Nick Leddy was? How spoiled we were as fans... Now he'd be the No. 1 or 2 defenseman on this team and instead we have absolute garbage like Rutta and Manning getting consistent playing time...

    12/09 Hawks vs Habs

    Colliton is sure a master of matchups and getting his guys on the ice when he wants them, much like Q in a sense
  10. MERPER

    12/09 Hawks vs Habs

    42 wins in their last 121 games... this franchise is in absolute shambles well done, Stan!
  11. MERPER

    Worst in the League Goes to Guess Who

    I'd argue that it started by finishing the regular season that year 0-2-2... right through the 4-game sweep but since they were resting a lot of their core I won't go there. I'll say it began with Game 1 of the playoffs that year
  12. MERPER

    Worst in the League Goes to Guess Who

    To show how quickly this fell apart... On 4/12/17 they were the best team in the Western Conference It took a dynasty all of 20 or so months to completely crumble.
  13. MERPER

    Rutta and Manning being shopped aggressively

    36 of 52 for a team that's only managed to win 42 of the last 120... lol
  14. MERPER

    Jeremy Colliton

    not only was it deleted here, it was also deleted on his twitter page fyi... if you linked back to it I bet that's why it disappeared here as well
  15. MERPER

    Jeremy Colliton

    whatever Konroyd tweeted appears to be gone now... can someone explain what it was for those of us late to the party?