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  1. Joel Quenneville

    I agree a lot with this post. As I said in mine the other day, a coach can only coach what he is given to work with. Q, likely begrudgingly, has changed style of this team to suit the roster. It's not to many of our liking and the results are poor, but when you're given, essentially 10 or 11 of the exact same type of forward there isn't much mixing and matching with the lines or different styles one can play. You have to try to use speed and puck-handling abilities of the small guys up front. Unfortunately, only 4 of the 12 forwards possess the talent to play this style effectively.
  2. Joel Quenneville

    i haven't read many posts in this thread this year but just want to weigh in with some thoughts. I don't want Q gone, I want Stan gone. A coach can only play the players he is given. He was given a roster lacking talent both offensively and defensively. A roster where the older, core players got real old real fast and their play diminished. A roster where the younger players were too young, inexperienced and small to contribute enough. A roster minus Marian Hossa, a future HOFer whose replacement Saad (brought in by Stan at the expense of the 2nd best offensive player on the team) struggled all season. A roster that lost its starting goalie 1/3 of the way through the season and didn't have a legitimate NHL backup. It is not Q's fault that all these factors occurred. He cannot take the ice for these guys and play for them or find some magical fountain of youth. Lots of speculation about him "losing the locker room" and the older guys "not listening anymore"... but we don't know this... we aren't in the locker room. Others say this team needs a "Fresh voice" and "new message" but from who? Who would be a replacement that makes sense? The only way I am OK parting with Q is if the direction is "total rebuild" and due to the contracts of the core I don't think that is possible. If the direction is to spend big in free agency, make a couple of impactful trades and try making another run or 2 over the next few years than I want Q behind the bench.
  3. How the Hawks Get Better

  4. How the Hawks Get Better

    I still have a copy of "The Hockey News" magazine from that summer which had the 4 guys I mention as potential No. 1 overall picks. Kane was considered by some, not many, as too small to be a superstar. As a matter of fact, JVR at the time was getting more publicity due to his size. For both Kane and Toews, just because the Blackhawks had them targeted or had made a decision prior to the draft does not mean they were consensus picks. I am well aware the Hawks were thrilled Toews fell to them. The rest of the hockey world was not as sold on Toews. My post on this is reflective of the overall sense in the NHL not within the Blackhawks organization alone. The Blackhawks get credit for making the right pick. By contrast, Barker was highly regarded by everyone including the Blackhawks and didn't work out. Everyone was wrong on him. Now, it could have been more disastrous than that because I was told by 4 prominent NHL "Insiders" that the Blackhawks were so in love with Barker and felt he was the next Lidstrom they would have taken him No. 1 overall that year AHEAD OF Ovechkin/Malkin.
  5. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    The nerve of this Martinsen kid flying around and hitting anything that moves... that breaks Blackhawks protocol and will obviously really piss off Stan Bowman
  6. How the Hawks Get Better

    oh, I totally get and understand what you did with the first round only and that's fine... but obviously not looking at all at the rest of the drafts is silly My criticism of Stan's drafting isn't about the first round it's about quality players on the roster or in the system that can compliment the core and my personal belief that he hasn't added enough quality/depth to this franchise
  7. How the Hawks Get Better

    I think the difference is we are looking at contributors to success... and not just in the first round... In the years pre-Bowman are where a vast majority of Cup contributors, including keith and Crawford... Hjalmarsson... Byfuglien... heck, even Ruutu being dealt for Ladd... etc. etc. were drafted. Other than Saad and Shaw, there simply isn't that many draft picks SB has had that contributed to Cups... not necessarily as stars or HOFers but just keeping the system stocked and churning towards Cup runs. SB had the groundwork laid for him in the core players. He has failed to draft/trade well enough to compliment them and keep the machine operating smoothly.
  8. How the Hawks Get Better

    I mean yeah there were some bad ones... you also had 2 NHL HOFers in Kane/Toews and another guy who will have his number retired in Seabrook from 2003-07. And lets not act like Kane or Toews were obvious picks. Kane was one of 4 guys people had as possible No. 1 picks with JVR/Turris/Gagner... any of the other 3 and we don't have a single Cup. Kessel/Brassard/Mueller were all as hyped as Toews in 2006... Kessel woulda likely been fine but not the other 2 Barker was a lock future HOFer according to everyone back then.
  9. How the Hawks Get Better

    My position on Stan is unmoved by your list, thus I didn't feel a need to comment. Hayes is a good player, but never signed. Stan doesn't get credit for drafting him but failing to sign him. It's a lost first-round pick. McNeil= bust Teravainen= stupidly traded before he had his first good season this season, all so a team would take 1 year of a bad contract Hartman= Bust before being dealt Schmaltz= looking good Knott= 9 points in 62 games this season isn't very inspiring DeBrincat= great rookie year, too early to say this is a huge success Jokiharju= obviously WAY too early to call this a win but let's hope it is
  10. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    at the beginning of the season probably 3rd line... now? 2nd line... it's not about the lines though... it's about depth and talent throughout... this team currently has only 5-6 true offensive threats out of 12 forward spots... he'd be another one... OR another legit asset at this point to use in a big trade, not just a salary dump Furthermore, if you have watched Carolina's power play, TT has turned into quite the special teams specialist and there is ZERO reason to believe he wouldn't be on this team's top PP unit based on its abysmal performance all season
  11. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    TT was 21 when he was dealt... he wasn't ready to be a top-6 player then... no doubt. That's still an insane sweetener to rid yourself of 1 more year on a bad contract. If Bickell had 2+ years left it would look better. I am not saying TT would be the difference between last place and a playoff spot this year... but the future of this franchise currently looks better with him, DeBrinCat and Schmaltz than it currently does with just the other two.
  12. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    The Kane, Toews and Keith deals still don't bother me to this day. Kane remains a top-5 offensive player in the NHL. Toews is still a high-quality two-way player and is not the problem with this team currently. Sure, it would be nice to see him hit 30 goals and 80 points or so but he has never been that offensive guy. Is he a bit overpaid for a No. 1 with the production? Maybe. He's probably a No. 2 at this point in his career but I still don't mind that contract when it was signed. Keith, despite his terrible play this season, is still a bargain and has been since the day that contract was signed. The contracts that bother me currently are: Seabrook, Anisimov and maybe Murphy Others in the past have been quite bad as well... such as Bickell... and then the trade to get rid of it, giving up Teravainen to lose the 1 year remaining on Bickell's deal looks really bad. (No, I was never a TT fan but throwing him in to get Carolina to take 1 year of salary looks awful now with the season he is having).
  13. How the Hawks Get Better

    Hey Bob, good to hear from you... 1 thing... 2 different players Carlson is the soon-to-be free agent from the Capitals... he's a more defensive-minded guy. Karlsson is the one from the Senators who is the offensive gem with the bone removed. My original post here mentioned signing Carlson as a free agent but T suggested he'd get $8-9 million per year with the cap going up. T then brought up possibly trading for Karlsson since Ottawa was trying to ship him at the trade deadline. He is signed through next season at a $6.5 million cap hit. It'll take a really nice package to land him and that, of course, is only worth it if they sign him long-term and this Karlsson will demand way more than the other Carlson for the reasons you mention about his amazing offensive abilities. If they can land Trouba at a reasonable rate, fine, but I wouldn't overpay him.
  14. How the Hawks Get Better

    I can't say I am any more sold on Trouba or Klefbom helping this defensive corps than I am Carlson so it's all about price both in salary (Carlson) or in compensation (trades for the other two guys). To be honest, if none of these guys can be had for cheap (money or players), I wouldn't mind adding an Alexei Emelin or Luca Sbisa kinda guy.
  15. How the Hawks Get Better

    I half agree with this... I don't want to pay Carlson 8-9 million per but I do think he's a 1D... he's been the 1D there for a few years now and that team has had a lot of success except for in the playoffs and that isn't his fault. So, I do think he's a 1D but not a 8-9 million a year guy. I'd love getting Karlsson just not sure the Blackhawks can come up with the package to make it work. With that said, they better add at least 1 good piece if not 2 to the blueline because that's the No. 1 problem with this team. The leakiest, most turnover prone defensive corps that's totally unwilling to pay the price to win board battles or move guys out from in front of our goalies. In an ideal world now, Keith is a 3-4D, Seabrook a 5-6D guy. Need to acquire 2 to make that happen.