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  1. '17/18 hawks outlook

    ehhh forget it
  2. '17/18 hawks outlook

  3. 4/06 Hawks vs Ducks

    when I originally typed it out I was combining the Roszival one with the Kemny/TvR one so it was "Defenisvely speaking" as in the entire defense related comments... then I separated them so it mate those 2 words null and void haha
  4. 4/06 Hawks vs Ducks

    I was at the game last night in Anaheim... can't say I am shocked by the final score considering the lineup. Game obviously meant nothing. With that said, a few observations: 1) I don't think it was as bad as the final score indicated. I expected to be outplayed/dominated worse than that. So I left slightly encouraged. 2) To the surprise of many. I don't blame Crawford at all. 3 of the goals weren't on him. He had no chance. I hope he realizes with the defense in front of him not much was expected and doesn't focus on the stats of it. 3) I really like Hayden's game. He is big. He is physical and he isn't afraid to get his nose dirty. I really hope to see him on the 4th line in the playoffs. 4) Defensively speaking... Roszival is god awful. The guy can't do anything anymore. It's sad. 5) I would really like to see Kempny get first shot as the 6th d-man for the playoffs. I think TvR will get this but Kempny is a better skater, he's better with the puck and he will actually get physical in the corners when needed whereas I saw TvR purposely avoid at least 4 different physical situations.
  5. Changes needed on the fourth line....

    I haven't read the last few pages but just wanted to weigh in and say I enjoyed the 4th line last night quite a bit. Lots of size (most they've had in over a decade)... they all skated well for big guys and they all delivered a few hits while applying pressure. I realize someone has to sit when Anisimov comes back, and it won't be Kero, but that line is one that can really help in the playoffs I believe. Rasmussen/Hayden/Jurco can score a goal once in a while but over the course of a long series they can really wear down opposing defenses by delivering some quality hits.
  6. 3/29 Hawks vs Pens

    If this team can't wake up and play a solid game tonight against another Cup contender then I don't get it. I realize it's a late-season game against an out-of-conference team but there has to be some pride in playing 1 of the other 3-4 teams with legit Cup hopes on national TV, etc.
  7. 3/27 Hawks vs. Lightning

    I'd like to see Kempny over TvR anyways. I think he is a better player by a wide margin, but that's just me
  8. 3/27 Hawks vs. Lightning

    The Oduya/Seabrook pairing has been particularly pathetic. Not sure I've ever seen the play this poorly. Hjalmarsson was so bad tonight even Q had words for him after 2nd period. TvR was awful tonight as well. Hard to win when only 2 defensemen are bringing it every night, and 1 of them is Campbell
  9. 3/27 Hawks vs. Lightning

    If this team doesn't figure their crap out soon they'll get upset in the 1st round...
  10. 3/25 Hawks vs Panthers

    Capitals this year...
  11. 3/25 Hawks vs Panthers

    yeah this is a good point... lackluster efforts a few games in a row now... maybe they need a loss like this to wake them up before the playoffs I guess
  12. 3/25 Hawks vs Panthers

    I haven't seen any of this one so not going to even comment on it and jump off a ledge like many of you would expect... instead, I am going to ask for honest reaction to this question: is it really as bad as the score indicates?
  13. Hawks Re-Sign Kero

    Happy for Kero. I like his game. He's like Kruger, only with more offensive potential. He'll get playoff experience under his belt now, and IMHO, should be able to step in and fully replace Kruger next season.
  14. 3/21 Hawks vs Nucks

    Yes, very stupid to look to clear $6 million from the salary cap when up against it. Even stupid-er to get back a nice package of prospects and picks that would help keep the dynasty rolling for years to come. Stupidest of all to accomplish both those things in 1 trade while having a goalie with talent and experience already on the roster who can take the reigns and run with it.
  15. 3/21 Hawks vs Nucks

    touche. fair point