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    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    sens are going to move ceci, dzingel, duchene and maybe stone... basically going full rebuild... stone would be a really nice piece to add as would ceci though they'd have to part with a decent contract to make it happen and not sure ottawa has any interest in anisimov

    2/18 Hawks vs Sens

    100% agree here. If Stan believes this team is somehow, someway a contender he has to land the best available D-man on the market. With that said, and I am not saying this kid is the answer, but if this team is serious about making the playoffs there is ZERO excuse for keeping Jokijarhu down at this point. He is leaps and bounds superior to Forsling. I didn't like when they sent him down a few weeks ago, but at the time, this season was a total lost cause so whatever. Now, back in a playoff hunt, if they are "contenders" your best players need to be playing.

    2/18 Hawks vs Sens

    Kane now has 40 points in his last 18 games I believe. Last Sunday (8 days ago) he was tied with Kucherov in points race Kucherov then went insane and recorded 18 points in a 5-game stretch including 5 tonight and now has a 9-point led (99-90)

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I feel like you're trying to have your cake and eat it too or whatever that silly expression is. This team is simply not a couple of small tweaks away from being a Cup contender this season. You gotta give up something to get something. The choices remain the same: part with quality young assets for legitimate pieces or sell and move on from certain guys to rebuild a bit. The very last thing they need to do is make minor moves that accomplish very next to nothing and still result in missed playoffs or first-round exit. Go big or go home.

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    we both agree he has the cap space, so my point again is: if he believes this team can make a run to a Cup then why not use it all and land some big fish? why just go for 4th liners? makes no sense... if they're going to add, add big, not small meantime, losing on home ice to Ottawa does not suggest this team is a contender for anything

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Guys like Panik, Kassian, Chiasson... these are guys that legit contenders get around the trade deadline to bolster lower-6 for the playoffs... the Blackhawks are not that good to add a minor piece and make a run. This team, in order to make a run, needs some big-time pieces added to the roster. So, either Stan decides to go for it again now and deals young players/draft picks for legit talent or stands pat or sells and continues a rebuild. But, simply put, guys like Panik/Kassian are not worth giving up even a late-round pick to acquire. Might as well hold those picks and hope you can luck your way into another shaw late in a draft

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I think Caggiula is a much better player than Panik is and have no desire to see the disco back in Chicago Let's not forget this was a guy waived by a horrendous Maple Leafs team after the 2014-15 season. He had the 1 good year with the Hawks (22 goals, 44 points) in a contract year then was absolute garbage the very next season while being given every opportunity in the world to skate among the top-6 and prove he could be given those minutes

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I think Winnipeg is legit, too Calgary is a true goalie away from being legit. Not sure if they can find that at deadline though. I agree in parting ways with the guys you mention but don't see what that gets us in return. Nothing important, certainly. No player that is going to make the difference between a first-round exit or not making playoffs at all is coming in for the names you mention.

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I just don't see this team beating Calgary... or any of the top-6 in a 7-game series... let's be realistic here, as nice as this little run has been... the personal numbers that Kane, Toews, Strome, DeBrincat are posting are not sustainable (well, maybe Kane's are but not the rest of them)... if Stan isn't careful and goes out and makes a Fleischmann/Weise type of deal to add a little help while giving up prospect(s)/pick(s) that could be catastrophic to the rebuild (whether major or minor) that needs to occur. I know I am Captain negativity, and you are captain positivity so we're seeing things from 2 very different perspectives but there has to be a middle ground here and if that is "they can squeak in" the question is then... is it really worth giving up more of the future to try doing so?
  10. MERPER

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I think Bowman needs to try hard to be a seller at the deadline now. While it's nice to kinda/sorta be in a race for a wild card (I don't think they are but I get why some believe they are) does it matter getting in as an "8 seed" and losing first round? This week they lost BAD to boston and columbus, 2 better teams than they had been playing over the course of the winning streak. sadly, there is still a really wide gap between where they are and where the top-10 or so teams are in terms of talent and quality of paly
  11. MERPER

    The heart of the Hawks

    Not sure where else to stick this nugget but I'll do it here because he's as much a heart of this franchise as anyone For about 14 minutes today Kane tied Kucherov for NHL points lead with 81. In his last 35 games he has 60 points (23 G, 37 assists)
  12. MERPER

    Crawford return?

    I think this is a bit premature discussion. I heard the details here are that he was on the ice for 20-25 minutes total, mostly at the opposite end of the team working on the side with Delia while the team did full drills on Ward. Before discussing his return and roster moves from that, lets at least wait until he gets more time on ice under his belt and goes through some drills, eh? Yes, it's a step forward but it feels more like a baby step vs a giant leap.
  13. MERPER

    The heart of the Hawks

    I agree with almost everything you said here and it is possible, especially for keith (health) and seabrook (age) that other factors played into it but, on many nights, their effort/heart/pride did appear missing at times from game 1 of that playoff series with nashville where they were never fully engaged straight through to about 1 month ago... there was, quite clearly, a big difference in their engagement and tenacity that was obvious... i don't think it was wrong to question whether they still had the drive to succeed... winning 3 Cups and numerous individual awards over the years will make any normal human eventually rest on what made them so successful in the first place but I'd certainly agree that myself and some others were overly harsh and dramatic about their heart and pride during this time
  14. MERPER

    The heart of the Hawks

    is it "new age"? or simply the price of success and burden of expectations? lesser players who win nothing have zero expectations so as they just hum along doing nothing and victories are greeted with a "wow, congrats that's awesome" type of praise there is just a general negativity/malaise over them great players with loads of accomplishments while always revered and celebrated overall are also always living up to the expectations they created for themselves and are thus met with disappointment when achievements don't occur I think this is just human nature and the world of sports only now it's magnified more because of the internet and fan forums a prime example to me is the 2005 white sox... in 2005, 100% of fan base was consistently happy as a team with zero expectations and lots of new faces won 99 games and a world series title... the next year, with most returning and 2 big trades that brought in bigger names a lot of the fan base grew angry and disappointed over the 2nd half of the season as they went into the all-star break with like 63 wins, finished with 90 and missed the playoffs... people expected them to at least make a run at back-to-back titles and they were looking good to do that until injuries and poor play piled up post all-star break
  15. MERPER

    The heart of the Hawks

    I think it is evident in the last few weeks that the veterans certainly have more heart and pride than many on here (including me) gave them credit for. When this whole thing got really messy I was questioning if the core guys still cared enough to turn this around and if they would just go through the motions after their coach got fired. Would they really want to learn a new system and work hard to perfect it or had they accomplished enough to just kinda appear interested but not really. While it's only a small stretch of hot hockey it seems evident they really want to at least get back to the playoffs and have clearly fully bought into the new system, especially with the power play. Hats off to the captain, Kane, Seabrook/Keith with their reduced minutes (finally, thank goodness) for doing what professionals should do. It would be very nice, and a true surprise at this point, if they could somehow get all their names on the Cup 1 more time before it's all said and done. (No, probably not this year but maybe a rebuild won't last as long as I and others thought it might).