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  1. give guys periodic breaks here and there... try finishing 1st in the division but every now and then give a guy a break. Just 1 game off for each star before the playoffs won't hurt in my honest opinion. (OK, maybe not Kane). But give Hossa/Panarin/Anisimov/Toews/Hartman/Kruger each a break or 2 games off. That should be an easy way to get Jurco 10 games.
  2. if Panik keeps playing this way with Toews he'd be a fool to leave this summer. He'd be wise to play 1 more year with Toews/Schmaltz and have a really productive season before testing free agency at age 27
  3. just got off the phone with my guy... expansion draft move... team was growing deeply concerned about Hartman and leaving having to leave him unprotected as he develops into a skilled power forward... now, if they get jurco the needed games, they likely won't have to do that
  4. My question isn't with Jurco, as I highly doubt he plays much. But what did Hinostroza do to anger someone? He got sent back down because of this. I like his speed in the lineup on the 3rd or 4th line because it's a matchup problem for other teams' checking lines.
  5. Lowered the price on this, still trying to sell it:
  6. It really feels amazing to have more than 1 line that can score again. I really feel like they haven't had this since clinching the 2015 Cup.
  7. Hjalmarsson out for the game
  8. 3 GA on 9 SOG so far by Crawford. Dreadful performance. I'm all for letting Darling start a few in a row right now.
  9. I am fine with the lines as they are now. The Hossa/Kruger/Rasmussen line is now the defensive shutdown line and it is working. Not only are they doing their job nicely, but Toews' offensive game has taken off with his defensive responsibilities lowered a bit.
  10. That was a lovely win. Looks like Toews is back to being Toews. Gotta hand it to Panik and Schmaltz. Panik is playing big and physical, much more than I ever thought he could. Schmaltz is a completely different player since his recall. He quickly got the message to be more aggressive offensively and use his skill. Good for him running with this opportunity.
  11. Rosi playing in the playoffs is the end of the world if he costs us a critical game. Let's hope we don't see him in the postseason. I would be fine if Q used him a lot over the last 15 games and rotated giving Keith/Seabs/Campbell/Hjalmarsson a game or 2 off to rest before the playoffs.
  12. yeah I can see a 3rd pair guy helping... whatever it is, just has to be cheap... mid-to-late round draft pick or a B-level prospect
  13. They've really turned things around since the All-Star break... good to see. They're fun to watch again. I wonder if Stan has changed his mind and plans to pursue a deal (nothing major, of course, but even adding a guy like Eaves or Iginla for the 3rd line would help)
  14. I don't want to believe this to be true. But you could be right. What I'll say right now is that it isn't a matter of "can't" but more a matter of "shouldn't" ESPECIALLY in the regular season. In the playoffs, maybe he still should but not in February games. And, if you are correct, and you might very well be... then Q needs to employ him in situations based on what the playoff scenario dictates. If the team needs goals, keep him away from the defensive element. If the team is protecting a lead, put him back on the team's best players.
  15. At the risk of sounding like an idiot, is it possible his slump earlier was more mental than anything and he was doubting himself and his skills? If so, is it possible the All-Star weekend and being honored as 1 of the top 100 players to ever play in the NHL... standing with his personal heroes, the guys he looked up to most like Gretzky, Sakic, Yzerman... made him realize just how good he is and that he has the skill to dominate? Because it seems like he has kicked it into another gear since the break. Just throwing something out there.