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  1. 12/10 Hawks vs Yotes

    back-to-back HOME games after a lenghty losing streak against cellar dwellers Sabres/Coyotes and they struggle to beat both of them... this team is closer to a team with a top-5 draft pick than a playoff team
  2. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    Positives: Forsling is becoming a quality NHL defenseman, not only in his own end but in the offensive zone as well. DeBrincat is a weapon, miles ahead of Schmaltz or Hartman already. 2 points is 2 points and badly needed. Negatives: Kane/Toews invisible again. On a 5-game skid, on home ice, against a really bad team (one of the 2 or 3 worst in the entire league) it took overtime to get the win. Unfortunately, I think this game answered some questions we have about what this team's future holds and it isn't good. If you're angry (as they should be with recent performances) and you can't send a message against Buffalo, then maybe the Blackhawks really are closer to a team staring at a top-10 pick in the draft than a playoff team.
  3. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

  4. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    It's sad how much some of these local media guys are trying to defend the status quo based on past accomplishments. This team has been trending downhill for over 2 seasons now. First round loss, first round sweep, missed playoffs entirely this year. How many more seasons did the Cups buy the front office/coach?
  5. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    not many options... Fire Q makes the most sense though I'd like to see Bowman gone. I suppose they can cut some guys (Panik, Hartman, Sharp)... realistically the latter two won't ever get cut. Trades I guess, but who? None of the core (really, the most disappointing aspect of this team) are going. Their contracts are too large and contain NMCs.
  6. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    There is nothing to suggest Toews and Kane are the players they were capable of bringing another Cup or 2. They can't even guide this team to the playoffs (yes, 30 games in I am saying this team isn't making the playoffs)
  7. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    Hartman is a real piece of crap. Contributes nothing, takes bad penalties and now apparently cheap shots. Cut his a$$ as far as I am concerned.
  8. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    This team is embarrassing.
  9. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    It's one thing for a power play to go through scoring droughts but this power play is a momentum killer AND turner... it hands the other team momentum every single time. It is completely disorganized, generates zero pressure or shots on goal most of the time. And worse than that, other teams are starting to realize how inept it is and are willing to commit more penalties to stop rushes or pressure because they are well aware it's unlikely the Blackhawks power play will make them pay for it.
  10. Patrick Kane

    Evander Kane currently has 3 more goals than Patrick Kane. That's a sentence I never thought I'd write almost 30 games into a season. (I still think Kane will finish with more goals but when I saw that tonight it caught me by surprise).
  11. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    trust me, the Kings are really not among the best in the WC. They are among the best in a real bad division currently being led by an expansion team. The Flames are underachieving again, the Ducks are terribly injured and average, the Sharks are on the downfall... I'd take Winnipeg, Nashville, Dallas, St. Louis and Minnesota all ahead of LA.
  12. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    ya know, this is one of the things about this team that is most frustrating... they miss the net, wide open or not, A LOT... and from many distances and angles. Now, of course not every shot on goal will go in but shots on goal create rebounds opportunities or other things happen that lead to goals. Missing the net altogether doesn't allow anything to occur but loss of puck possession. Why does this team have accuracy issues? Are they trying to be too fine and pick little corners where a few centimeters off results in a total whiff of a shot? On top of that their shot selection is poor. Their odd-man rush percentage is way down. Kane/Toews try to pass too often (kane did it in this game with schmaltz).... they have elite wrist shots. Take the shot!!!
  13. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Barring a big trade that lands a top-6 scorer this team isn't making the playoffs. There isn't a single thing they do well.
  14. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Q or Bowman have to go. This team just totally mailed it in tonight. From opening faceoff to the final horn. Oh wait, Toews just scored a meaningless goal... pad his stats a little so he doesn't look as awful as he really is.
  15. Toews

    I heard from a strong source today that Toews regularly sees a concussion specialist doctor these days. Now, that doesn't mean he has a concussion and is playing through it and the Blackhawks are hiding it. But... it does suggest there are lingering issues and possible stuff he's feeling from past concussions. It would also support Big-T's theory that he plays "not to get hurt."