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  1. Dub has a bigger body of work and more consistency....but was on the oil but still put up respectable number. So I do think it will be matching or less to Darling. Just not enough body of work. And there is the age thing.
  2. All sports are a business first. Put that into perspective of anything that occurs.
  3. I would bet that it might be closer to 4-ish than 5-ish.
  4. That is the thing, they got a 3rd round pick for a UFA that they very likely were not going to be able to afford...and especially if Crawford would need to be moved first.
  5. Huh.....and not major or even a penalty in the last game on that unsafe board action. This was more incidental than purposeful.
  6. I think that is what Hammer looks like after games to heal his bruises from shot blocking
  7. The contract amount is definitely on target for a guy who has scored 30 goals in the two seasons he has been in the league and in or near the top ten in total scoring. Yes there are questions about playoff performance based on this year, which the team threw the turd, but last year he was pretty effective. So I do think it is an attractive contract for someone, especially since the off-season could have proved to be higher for teams that need his skill and have the cap.
  8. And I love Pace's defense of the Pick and that Glennon is the QB....makes me think of Lovie and the "Rex is our QuarterBack" comments.
  9. I'm pretty sure SF was shopping the #2 to see what value they would get. The Bears were probably too worried that someone else would swoop into the 2nd spot and take a 12 college career game QB before they could....
  10. There were some that did...after the series ended. Of course those got corrected.
  11. I was going to say that only Hossa is on the hook for the recapture. Also, if Seabs contract would not be allowed if there was a recapture penalty to be had. Keith's was within bounds of the expected to prevent recapture.
  12. Tru dat!
  13. No biggie. Though it could have come from a multitude of Tribunes like the Daily Herald Tribune in Alberta
  14. LOL!!!!
  15. Yup. Read about those injuries, and impressed he tried.....then again he has had to answer the "toughness" from critics as of late. This should shut them up....maybe until next year