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  1. Okay Our Defence?

    Seebs leadership cannot be undersold.
  2. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    The sad thing is that they gave up the Falcons and Vikings games. Would be a very difference season. Oh well.
  3. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    I abhor the ruiling at the plate after the review. That will have some serious implications...and not for the best for baseball.
  4. ken dryden on concussions

    That is a very good article. I agree that there is no need for plastic in the pads. It only makes the players more wreckless. The only place for plastic would be wrist guards. I have always been of the belief that any hit to the head is an automatic 5 min...but there is that fighting thing that tends to be the devils advocate.
  5. 10/09 Hawks vs Leafs

    Well..getting kicked out of the f/o's with a high frequency and interesting penalties will derail any team.
  6. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    I think it was the right call, just wrong pitch...
  7. 10/05 It Begins...Opening Night - Hawks vs Pens

    Very, and I mean very few teams will be as stacked in as the team that was in front of Niemi in 2010. That is a case of being on the far, far, far, far, far, far, far extreme. Linus from the peanuts could have been the Hawks goalie that year and won a cup.
  8. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    So, just out of chance, I clicked on the reset password button, but did not reset. Tried to login and got that account was locked. Waited 15 min, and all is good.....I hope that is not the correct way to get out of it though.
  9. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    I am getting that on one computer running Win 10, and with all of the browsers at current version. Only computer I have a problem with. Tried clearing alllllllllll browser cache and passwords, and such and no dice. very odd.
  10. Schmaltz Thread

    No kidding, maybe Kane is as tall as advertised.
  11. Jack Eichel

  12. You Be The Gm

    He was not the same after his conclusion back in 2015.
  13. '17/18 hawks outlook

    That might be why he is in Thailand already...
  14. '17/18 hawks outlook

    I suspect it will 13F 8D 2G as the D is probably still being sorted out. They have plenty of F's that can easily bounce up and down as needed.
  15. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    Me too. They were in the game the whole time. A few cranial stinky gases on key 3rd downs did them in more that that last drive. There might be hope for 8 wins, or it might the Falcons just has a bad game. Either way, I was happy to see the son of an Army buddy of mine play his 1st NFL game...even if he was on the Falcons.