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  1. And that is the thing...Pirri showed that he is not interested in 3rd\4th line duty....even with the improved F/O stats. He also does not have one of either size or gumption for it. However, if he is willing for like 500k to give it a try, then, perhaps there is possibility at a low risk....but I want to pass regardless. He had his chance and did not rise to it.
  2. Good to know
  3. Not sure, but I just checked mine and have the same issue...perhaps you are on to something. Then again, I do not even see my pre-season tickets.
  4. Puck Cancer!
  5. Nothing concreate, but usually no later than two weeks after pre-season tickets go on sale.
  6. I think there are those that call it that...but mostly when one is hanging out or doing it for fun. Me I just call it "discomfort with an occasion loss of sensation in the legs because I am the lightest person on the boat and must go up the mast"
  7. Let's just say that there were quite a few personal mechanical issues throughout the crew. The 15+ foot waves may have had something to do with it.
  8. I could see them doing both.
  9. Not sure I would say that Nashville came out of nowhere this past season as there were quite of few media experts picking them for the Finals and even winning. They had a lackluster regular season which might skew it a bit...but they were also a solid team two years ago as well.
  10. I'm not so sure that another ring is his main drive....just seemed that with Florida he was about the stats and himself. For me, I would pass on Jagr unless he was willing to be on the 3rd line for this team and not want to be the guy on that line.
  11. I usually use tinypic (part of Photobucket)
  12. The problem with your wear and tear stance with the Pens and the Hawks in 2016 is that the three years prior to their back to backs didn't match up with what the Hawks did. Which was my point and what I was hoping you would look up. Remember you isolated 2016, which even the experts indicated was a driving factor for not being able to dig deep enough to get past a good Blues team. The 2017 turd is completely different as the Hawks had that time to recoupe going into the season.
  13. Did the Pens make it to three (3) consecutive conference finals and two (2) Stanley Cup finals in the three (3) years before their back to back Cup wins? Something to consider with your point you are attempting above.
  14. Buh, dum...tissssssssssssssssssss
  15. PU!!!