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  1. Stan As Gm

    He did have a concussion history coming to the Hawks. Got another one after the trade and was put out for the season and career like 8 games with the Hawks.
  2. Joel Quenneville

    Aren't Toews, Kane, and Sharp, Tallon's guys?
  3. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

    To add to that optimism, the Panthers are after the 'Yotes!
  4. Joel Quenneville

    This will be 5 losses in a row....Aloss on Friday will make the situation interesting. At this pace, there has to be a major change somewhere as there is no commitment to the Indigenous Chief Black Hawk.
  5. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    but that 0.017 shot%
  6. You Be The Gm

    More like I am too lazy to move the posts....kinda like this 'Hawks team trying to win a game.
  7. You Be The Gm

    The majority of Comfortably Numb was to be on his solo album at the time. Not just the solo’s. This was in either the Nick Scahaffner box or the booklet from the first remixed CD box set of their albums after Momentary Lapse of Reason. I forget the other two songs, but they are the others that Gilmour has writing credit on. Animals is the best and still very contemporary. Both Sedins or just Daniel would help this team in the scoring dept.
  8. You Be The Gm

    Most of the biggest songs on the Wall were Gilmour’s. One or two were supposed to be on one of his solo albums and were used on the Wall instead with some slight re-writes. Mason had much to do with the music as well.
  9. Toews

    Interesting as your account suspensions have not been due to a negative posting view of the team...
  10. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    The only reason to trade hammer is if there is someone who is younger AND better, or if Hammer is damaged goods. I do believe it is the latter
  11. Are You Worried Yet?

  12. The Crawford Thread

    HA! And, all in good fun.
  13. The Crawford Thread

    I couldn't resist
  14. 11/01 Hawks vs Flyers

    Kiddie Cocktails give hang overs?