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  1. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

  2. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    He was a talented scorer, just not not use his body enough to take that talent further.
  3. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    I think so, as Crawford was ready to jump up to the NHL in the 09-10 season.
  4. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    No false equivalences when labeling people is part of ones argument or retort. Maybe the intent was not a negative, however in text one cannot hear connotation. Many conversations on this board, and other forms of text, go sideways in when labeling is used...which makes the conversation devolve. It is no secret that for a long time I have been tackling posts with label the counter side first and argue second. And yes it has made me a lightening rod....then again part of this job is to keep civility over chaos...which is not always going to be popular, especially for those who try to be “righter” in their debate. No, I am not just singling you out here, there was plenty of edited, hidden, reminders, etc. in the recent and ever present Stan and Q “debate” before I even responded to you.
  5. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    Finally, and I thought was a legit concern. Too bad he has missed so much time so far...and sadly it just seems like holdouts in the NFL either bust early or take too long to develop.
  6. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    You lost me at wouldn’t stoop to name calling...which is used as a vehicle to belittle and generally to infer they are idiots/stupid for a different point of view. Context.
  7. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Joel Quenneville

    Removed those last couple of posts as that should be PM...
  8. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    Now that it is brewed back in Pilzn only, the quality has gotten a ton better
  9. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    I am pretty sure that the vast majority so called “Stan defenders” are not claiming that Q won’t get another job if he wants one. Perhaps dump the labeling, us vs them stance, calling people idiots; and actually read before making such a broad claim.
  10. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    PU is from the Czech Republic and considered the first Pilsner beer brewed. It is brewed in a town called Plzeň, which says it all.
  11. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    ‘Tis true
  12. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    Quite frankly the top 4 are highly likely the best opportunity of a sustained NHL player based on the last 30-ish years. After that the rate severely dimishes...I have the historical-ness data somewhere as I calculated it for another board, perhaps I’ll look for it and post it
  13. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    BitB clock is based on sunrise, sunset, and whisky in between a Pilsner Urquel. That is about as accurate as it gets because the dark just move at a faster pace of time at the rate of whisky-PU osolation factored by the quotient of 1+1=3
  14. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    The reality is that is the nature of the business given the shear number of pools to pick from and only a small number of teams. Quite a few former players or well known and successful coaches or GM’s have stated many times that over the last 30 years getting two sustained pros out of a draft is highly successful, one is a success.
  15. Biscuit_In_The_Basket

    Stan As Gm

    I work on the BitB calendar....which translates to 2006 for youse on that ancient Roman calendar 😉