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  1. LOL
  2. His talent is there...but not the physicality. I remember an article after the trade where he indicated that he felt that Detroit was spending too much time to make him a physical player rather than play to his strengths. If he is smart, he will do both.
  3. Good, there is not a worm in that apple!
  4. If the 'Hawks decide to develop Jurco the way that Detroit did with trying to force him to use his body size and be a physical forward then he will only be a 3rd/4th liner...He is skilled and wants to be a skilled interesting to see where this will go.
  5. Formula for percentages is: (value / max value) *100. So, (8 / 63) * 100 = 0.12698 * 100 = 12.698 or 12.698%
  6. Kane makes his line and the people on it. Panarian won't be missed too much on that line. Saad makes Toews line immensely better. The revolving 3rd/4th liners with Toews will not be missed when the line can score regularly again. More lines that are effective = more effective team.
  7. HA! Maybe that is why there is only one phone!
  8. Wasn't on stage in 2011
  9. Only holding one phone? You are not working hard enough!!!!!
  10. Coaches are not always on stage for any team. This is about the GM and scouting team, which usually dominate the stage. So yea, I would not read too much into this.
  11. That is enough for me to believe the league will not be doing anything negative about it.
  12. It does seem convenient, though I think Hossa might have been enduring with the issue to reach some personal achievements like 1300+ games played, 500+ goals, 1100+ points.
  13. Bummer.
  14. I could be wrong, but isn't a I-9 form for employment eligibility? LOL, maybe your prize is to work the draft for CSN.
  15. I think Yak will be with Vegas soon. Just a hunch.