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  1. Toews

    Partially...While it might make Crawford's look bargan basement, and Seabs not look like much of an albatross, the guys coming due will get more cap per due course.
  2. Debrincat

    To be completely fair to El Gato, though, before Forsling, Anisimov, and El Gato caught fire the past few games...who outside of Crawford was doing much of anything with any regularity? Everything you attributed to El Gato being "Wrong" could be said about every other skater...avoiding contact, weak on the puck, giving up odd man rushes, and needing Crawford to bail their sorry butts out. So it's not like he and he alone was dragging the team down, per se. Rather he wasn't dragging the team down any more or less than anyone else. Thus the argument about seasoning him in Rockford could also have applied to Schmaltz & Hayden (the other FWD Waiver-exempt players). Thus, if he was seasoned back before he caught fire...6 of 1, half a dozen of the other. Right now though, he's producing.
  3. Toews

    I disagree that it's unwarranted. I think there has to be an expectation of output based on cap dollars, and when Toews is making as much as he is, he should be one of the strongest performers for the club. He's not and hasn't been since 2015. He's better than last year, but he still has room for improvement. My expectation for him was a 30/70 player and that should have been realistic. I can ease off of the "70" because Saad and Panik are not doing much of anything, so his assists will go down, but I think it's reasonable that Toews should be able to pot +/- 30 in a year as well as being a go-to guy for D from the FWDs and a wizard at the dot. After all, that level of play is what earned him that 10.5M. The same criticism came for Campbell in his waning 7M deal. Hell, Crawford has taken a drubbing from some so-called fans for "not being worth 6M" (Including this season!). Seabs...ditto--at least Seabs has a valid excuse for age being on the bad side of 30. To be 100% fair though, I've been riding Kane just as hard if not harder this year because even though I feel Toews is somewhat below where he should be vs. his cap, Kane is well below. Toews has produced some O recently even if it's empty netters, and is better along the boards vs. last year. Kane has done nothing since the 1st two games, and needs more of a rectal craniectomy because if he's not denting the twine he's not helping the cause at all. My stance is that if there's an injury to Toews...heal it up. Anisimov is playing well enough right now that some of Toews' heavy minutes can be reduced. If it's a conditioning issue, that's where the Hossa comparison comes in...if anything Toews' conditioning should be better, not worse, than Hossa's in a given year, and last year it didn't look like it. He should have been carrying his G/F on his back like she was Yoda and he was Luke Skywalker through Maccu Piccu. Word has it Toews looked a lot better this past game (I missed it--but I can say Jokihariju looked decent on Saturday ;)). If that's the case then good, he should continue pressing if he's just snakebit, but at some point he's gotta start denting the twine. He is being paid as a team leader, and sometimes that means he's gotta carry the team on his back.
  4. Debrincat

    Bingo. I think the logic was being a smaller player and being so young throwing him to the wolves could possibly "stunt his growth", especially with Hino down in the A who can come up and possibly make an impact when everyone but Crawford, including El Gato, was on hiatus...especially since he could see top minutes there as opposed to 2nd-tier minutes here while the Q-O-Matic 76 was still trying to find line combos that worked. Now, El Gato is right up there with AA being the only skater actually doing anything right now, so if we want to see Hino someone else not pulling their weight should go down.
  5. Toews

    Hossa is/was very consistent in his tenure with the 'hawks in terms of output. You could get mid-to-high 20's in goals from him (broke 30 once), and outside of 2013 when Toews rightfully took the Selke, he was de facto our best defensive FWD AINEC--all in his 30's The fact he never won a Selke is an effing travesty. Toews, in his tenure here (all in his 20's) hit 30+ twice. Had 1 deserved Selke. Last year Hossa outplayed Toews in almost every respect in spite of the near decade that separated them, while also carrying the offensive black hole that is Kruger on his wing as opposed to a 20-goal Panik...and that also taking into consideration Hossa had 2 extra SCF runs prior to becoming a Blackhawk that Toews didn't have, plus couple all the Blackhawk runs Crosby didn't have. I don't think Toews being "gassed" should be an excuse because Hossa's been there every step of the way and then some. If he could do it, then Toews should be able to as well what with 9 years of youth on his side.
  6. Joel Quenneville

    That could have devolved quickly....like his appreciation for goalie Ron Tugnutt devolving.
  7. The Crawford Thread

    While Crawford did indeed deserve the Smythe in 2013...in 2015 I think it was all Keith's AINEC. But let's not forget 2016, where the year was all Crawford, Kane, Panarin, and a bunch of dead weight. This year it looks like the same. Crawford is running a .933 at this point with a 9-7-0 record. That's the worst record of all of the 6 goalies with 5 or more GP and that are above .930: Hutton: .943, 5GP, 4W, 0L, 0OTL Kuemper: .943, 6GP, 3W, 0L, 1OTL Khudobin: .935, 8GP, 5W, 0L, 2OTL Bobrovsky: .933, 16GP, 11W, 4L, 1OTL Crawford: .933, 17GP, 9W, 7L, 0OTL Hellybuck; .931, 15GP, 11W, 1L, 2OTL If your goalie is pulling a SV% above .930 and the team's record with that goalie is close to .500, the problem lies with the team in front of the goalie. The proof is in the pudding: Overall the 'hawks are 7th so far this year in GA/GP (2.65), but 28th in SA/GP (34.0). Further, we're 6th in SF/GP (34.8), and 12th in GF/GP (3.05). In terms of Team O, Some of that is affected by the drubbing of Pittsburgh for the season opener, but even so, the Team O's conversion rate needs to rise, while the team D needs to, you know...show up and play. At this point if the 'hawks are to be better the best bet is going to be tightening up the Team D. While the Team O can improve somewhat, the Team O is close to the ceiling. I feel it's virtually impossible to realistically ask the goaltending to be better. The Team D on the other hand seriously sucks at this point--moreso than 2015, 2016, & 2017. This is the worst it's been since the 80's (Even Aucoin-led Team D was tighter).
  8. Toews

    2 words: Marian Hossa...who looked better at 38 than Toews did at 28...and played much more hard, grueling hockey.
  9. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Missed most of this one...but I liked the outcome. In prospect news, Jokihariju got an assist in the Winterhawks 3-1 victory over Regina. 😊
  10. Debrincat

    At this point whether or not he can use some AHL seasoning or not is moot. He and Anisimov are denting the twine, Saad, Toews, and Kane aren't. Moving him down to the rock is like trading Anisimov: not even an option unless we're trying to tank. Now, if Saad, Toews, and Kane could score...we could probably season him in Rockford.
  11. Joel Quenneville

    The problem is the core is virtually immovable. Seabs' contrast has absurd negative value--even if he waives his NMC. I think the only way he leaves is early retirement or a compliance buyout. Keith is a recapture risk. Like Hossa, he holds all the cards lest he really screws the franchise over--plus has an NMC. Toews and Kane would only work with a like-for-like deal. They wouldn't draw 10.5M worth of players. It would be ailing core for ailing core. Plus...NMC. Crawford may be the only movable option if he waives, but really you're talking a top-8 netminder making his contract worth on a team with basement-level D with no one remotely close in the pipeline...plus he's only on for 2 more years after this one. So I don't think Core moves are in the cards. Guys who aren't pulling their weight might get sacrificed, but I feel the bras is going to try and keep/acquire those who will be the next step once the core is ready to cycle down or cycle out. Be that with Q/Stan at the helm or someone else.
  12. The Crawford Thread

    Perhaps, but to say the fire's not there is inaccurate...it's more like he's made of asbestos now. Kane was benched a shift or twelve way back when. For guys like he and Keith who right now are making some really bad decisions out there, It would be a nice "check yoself before you wreck yoself!" move if they'd be riding the pine for a shift or three...especially when you've got El Gato and Goose outplaying them in the near-term. Back on topic though, I did kinda figure Crawford would come back to earth, but I think he does need to level back. He wasn't as bad this past game as the previous, but now that we have some depth hitting their stride if he puts up a top-10 netminding consistently it can help us win a few games...even if he doesn't get back to the early-season level of carrying the corpses of the rest of the team.
  13. Where is the leadership ?

    Interestting...I like the cut of your Jib...but I was just going with a well-known epic failure:P Rosie+Hossa....that is pretty much Czech + Slovak
  14. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    I'll admit...I LOLed.
  15. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    I hear ya...I was about the same. It was better, but I still think after goal #2 Keith should have sat a shift or 2 for his gratuitous Runblad impersonation. Ditto with Kane disappearing like Kim Johnsson.