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  1. Stan As Gm

    Even if ability was at the forefront (which I'm 100% sure it was), the pick compensation would still be a factor. Maybe not a major factor, but a factor nonetheless. I'm sure Stan partially weighed the chance Hjammer would disappear like Samsonov vs. the chance Niemi would peter out vs. the chance that SJ's 1st and 3rd would end up being a force. IMHO he chose right...especially considering what the Sharks 2011 1st and 3rd picks turned into (I don't think Zach Phillips or Justin Seffon even got their cup of coffee). But I distinctly remember the fit hitting the shan *because* we lost Niemi, specifically, not because of the laconic attitude of Stan to being offersheeted. He (Niemi) just helped us to a cup. Meanwhile Hjammer never had the O upside he was projected to have materialize, and we were paying 3.1M in 2011 cap dollars for him to be a D specialist vs the 2.8M Neimi would have cost via arbitration while being as cap-strapped as we were.
  2. Stan As Gm

    People at that time flipped out over losing Niemi. People flip out--it's what they do. Don't get me wrong, I think pondering what would have happened if Wilson OS'ed Niemi or didn't OS anyone is a great thought exercise, but my posts were based on the decisions Stan had in front of him based on everything else being what it was. Back to the OS though: If Wilson offersheeted Niemi over Hjammer, There would have been more incentive to keep Hjammer, not less IMHO. The way things played out Stan had a choice: Neimi + a Sharks 1st rounder and a 3rd rounder vs Hjammer alone. Had Niemi been OS'd, the choice would have been between Niemi alone or Hjammer + a Sharks 2nd rounder (Assuming Niemi was offersheeted at his 2M 2011 salary). That's more of a no-brainer.
  3. Stan As Gm

    In the end Bowman had a choice: Keep Hjammer or Niemi since there wasn't enough money for both. Wilson offersheeting Hjammer is immaterial--if Wilson didn't offersheet Hjammer that could have changed the dynamic even further to the point of it being possible to keep both. With Wilson offersheeting Stan could have walked from Hjammer and took the picks and kept Niemi. He didn't. Be it him clairvoyant enough to know what side his toast was buttered on or a lucky flip of a coin he chose what we can assume was the correct course of action given the 3 cups and the emergence of Crawford as the superior goaltender and Hjammer being a rock in the backend. We'll see how it ultimately plays out when the season is in full swing. Maybe they get back on track...maybe they don't. Maybe they go with the youth...maybe they continue to run the core roughshod. I think someone's head will roll before 2 years if we get a repeat of 2018--especially if there's an over-reliance on the aging core over the youth. If the youth ends up being given more responsibility/icetime either/both might get a pass because it was indeed a de facto transition year--in spite of the talk being offered by the 'hawks brass. But, if like last year Q keeps leaning on his core vets and they don't have any significant rebound...someone's gone.
  4. Stan As Gm

    Imagine for a moment if Stan kept Niemi over Hjammer. That could have drastically changed 2011 and beyond. IMHO between 2010 and 2015 Stan kept and/or brought in the right players to win in 2013 and 2015. If he played it differently the results could have changed. We can't know if it's for the better or for the worse but IMHO he played it right enough. And, just like Q, since 2015 he hasn't really done much to drive the team back up--especially last year.
  5. Chicago Pro Hockey League

    With Crawford in doubt the team making the playoffs is already in serious question--Kane/El Gato/Schmaltz or none. Unless more moves are made the team coming into 2019 already resembles the 2018 team. Unfortunately, life is dangerous and crap happens, be you a professional athlete or an average schmuck like all of us on this board. If Sami Salo can miss games because he got bitten by a snake, or Havlat missing 3 months because he botched a routine line change, then just about anything could happen that takes a guy out. I'm not going to sweat any of our players playing in a summer hockey league if they want to do it, and playing in a non-contact league in the offseason might keep them fresher than usual--it's not like they are base jumping off the Sears Tower. Could an accident happen? Sure. But if a few of our players want to play in their off-season IMHO it's better then locking them in a padded cell for the summer just to ensure nothing happens to them. Besdies, from a ticketing standpoint it seems the STH's are complaining that McD upped the ticket prices in spite of the losing season. Maybe people staying away from the UC might adjust McD’s attitude.
  6. Stan As Gm

    I think in some places in the states liquor laws are still *that* strict...and some importers so devolve to the lowest common denominator, which means we all lose. Still, imagine you ordering what you thought was Brador, and instead getting Bud Light or Natty Ice. That was the level of Whiskey Tango Foxtrot I experienced. Now if you're ever out west in my neck of the woods, Check out Bridgeport Brewery's "Old Knuckelhead Barley Wine". 9.8 on the Richter scale and tasty as hell.
  7. Stan As Gm

    This. Without Crawford the 'hawks were all but last place: they had the 3rd worst record in the entire league in the timespan Crawford was out--only the Rangers & Canadiens were worse in that timespan. Can you blame Forsberg/Glass/Berube for that nosedive? Not all of it--not even the greatest share of it IMHO. All of them were backup goaltenders and carrying the team should never be their responsibility. There's a lot of variables we don't know--like when the tank started and were the players, Stan, and Q on the same wavelength as to when the tank was on, but from where I stand with the roster last year being what it was even in retrospect the skaters, even running Forsberg, should not have been a 3rd-to-last place team. Without Crawford def. not a playoff team but not as bad as they were. I believe the stuff I got was brewed in Plzen...but was watered down specifically for the American market since, in the words of Stephen Fry, "American beer is like making love in a canoe: It's @#$%^&* close to water." You could imagine the shock of having drank a decent amount while in Czech Republic/Slovakia in the past and, expecting the real deal, getting a watered down version.
  8. Stan As Gm

    Hey! Leave my toothbrush out of this! Pilsner Urqell is good...but I prefer Šariš. Granted...the last time I had Pilsner Urqell stateside...the matricarchal copulators watered it down!
  9. Stan As Gm

    Can't say I disagree with this. I figured for a long time at some point the 'hawks were going to cycle low (not this soon though) and at some point both Q and Stan will be let go simply because their positions are hire to be fired. And as for the core, well, we're paying the pipe at this point. Even if we have to suffer through a few uncompetitive years...fine, that's the nature of the business as long as there's a plan moving forward. But yeah, McDonut is basically Rudy Russo from the movie Used Cars.
  10. The Crawford Thread

    "MY HALLERGIES TO THESE @#$%*% FANS HAS RETURNED!!!!" I'm not saying it's too early to give up on him, but in a lot of cases timing plays a major role. I don't think he should be the one basket all of our eggs are in like last year. IMHO the goalie slots should be as wide open as Huet's 5-hole...(unless Crawford manages to come back at full tilt...which is looking less and less likely by my estimation) and Forsberg deserves the same shot as anyone. Be it Ward, Forsberg, Delia, etc...if any of them can come in and grab the bull by the clockweights they should be slotted. But that also being said anyone should also be expendable if needed. If someone like, say, Pickard who's far more developed than Forsberg is a cheap option...why not?
  11. The Crawford Thread

    I was going to say...Forsberg and a 3rd seems fair...except we don't have a 3rd for 2019. Maybe Forsberg, one of our 4ths, and a 2nd-tier prospect? Plus they sweeten with one of their 3 2020 7th round picks? As I mentioned in my previous post the circumstances of Crawford coming up were much different. He came up with one of, if not the best D in the league at the time. Forsberg is coming up with one of the worst. It simply might not be a good fit at this time. Forsberg might be a guy who thrives on tighter D which the 'hawks won't have for awhile--Our vets are old and the young guys will need some seasoning. The G prospect pool isn't so bad in itself, but combine that with the Team D situation and barring an established, top-15 starter in net and it's gonna hurt for awhile.
  12. RIP Stan Mikita

    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so.
  13. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Touche my good sir...
  14. James Neal the new Marian Hossa

    I was gonna say...Hossa's a class act and 1st ballot HoF. James Neal will be cutting the ribbon at new Mini-marts in the Nashville area in 20 years.
  15. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Anyone else hoping Ladd would chime in?