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  1. Per your statement: "...be the backstop behind what looks to be an unproven d-group at this point and show that he really is the man." The numbers don't lie--in 2016 Crawford was on a Vezina trend before he took the header and got himself injured--behind the worst defense the 'hawks have iced since 1989.
  2. ...so I take it you missed all of 2016 where he, Kane, and Panarin dragged the other 16 players' carcasses into the playoffs?
  3. It could be worse...they could've used that awful "Black Hawk" crest to appease the PC brigade. Glad they got rid of the tail. Glad the 'hawk design stayed virtually the same. Collar? it's ugly but so was the RBK.
  4. I think just go with the KISS principle on offsides: The puck has to be the 1st thing (aside from the stick) to break the plane of the goal-side of the blueline, otherwise it's offisides. All of the players' bodies must be on the center-ice side of the plane of the goal-side of the blueline when the puck is carried by the attacking team, and a puck is out of the zone and the zone must be cleared when it fully crosses the center-ice side of the plane of the blueline. That leaves little interpretation by the officials (and human error), and makes it easy to call.
  5. FWIW Jokiharjiu looked pretty damned good for PDX. He's no Seth Jones, but also didn't go 4th overall. I don't think he makes the roster this coming year and could probably use some seasoning so we don't Barker him, but I don't see him turning into a bust like Beach...bottom-pairing as worst, likely middle pairing.
  6. Agreed...no Sharp, no Campbell, No Oduya, No Verpass, & FFS no bringing back Runblad!
  7. The deal for Saad makes an imperial buttload of sense: He's now our best defensive FWD with Hoss out. He can win a board battle...probably our only FWD now that can do so, with Hoss gone. With him and Panik both scoring more goals than Toews last year, Toews now has really no legitimate excuse for a 3rd year underperforing in a row--no one can claim he was gassed or was saddled with an AHL'er who scored more goals than he did. His scoring level is not that much further below Panarin's. His D-upside is much better than Panarin's He can kill penalties. He's younger than Panarin He's signed longer than Panarin. Saad might not be Hossa (who is?), but he definitely helps. The Hjammer trade worries me a bit. I'm sure Robocop can be a fine defenseman in his own right, but from a whole-team standpoint that trade is hinging on him replicating what Hjammer did--and that is being a solid defensive defenseman to the point of covering for Keith and propping him up and covering for his mistakes. If not, we're looking at a step back in the backend--like 2016 or worse. Either the team regresses (possibly to the point of being an also-ran), Crawford repeats 2016 and carries everyone not named Kane (and Panarin, but he's no longer with the team), Keith and Seabs regain their poise and play defense well again, or we get extra O from some source that hasn't been there these past 2 years--like Toews is sparkplugged and then some, Debrincat, Schmaltz, Hayden, etc. come out of nowhere, or Kane assails the league again. From a cap standpoint Matt Guitar Murphy (pick your nickname) does make some sense, but ideally we'd have added a defensive defenseman, not swapped. The way it stands now he, like Hjammer, will be on an island in the backend.
  8. Further proof that the media should never be allowed to vote on sports awards.
  9. Nah...i like Scott and think his ultramo punch on westgarth was the 2nd most beautiful thing I've seen in hockey (aside from Evander Kane knocking Matt Cooke the eff out), but Scott never had the killer instinct that Probert, Grimson, Domi, Twist, and Hextall had. Torres would have probably turtled and Scott would have been done with it. Any of the aforementioned would have gone through the entire Coyote's roster, the coaches, and the refs to give Torres the business. Bingo. If Hossa "didn't want to play", chances are he would not have played in 2017...he would have rode off into the sunset. And if he did play to get the cash, would he have put up the numbers he did while playing on the 3rd line? I say no. Hossa has never been that kind of player. Hossa on LTIR would be a great solution if his play would be in perpetual 2016 mode. Coming off this past year? Bend over and start grinning, boy, here comes the red hot spike. You know whatever's ailing him is serious. This...in mothereffing spades.
  10. I personally have Hossa over Stastny...:). Stastny may have more assists and thus more points but Hossa's 3-zone play is just that good. Bollig did challenge Torres but Torres turtled. And Bollig is not on the same level as any of the guys I mentioned. Walkom was just that bad and was one official who needed to be fired or Lysiaked. The linesmen to my knowledge could have only "informed" him or the other ref--not called it. And yes, it's good Torres was out of the game but let's be honest, Even Bollig getting the bad end of the call (2+5+10) and we were on the PK for 7 minutes--if you're a cup-winning team like the 'hawks were in 2010 or 2013--you kill that penalty off and probably score a shortie. The instigator would be a non-factor because one of your own stood up for a guy who got blindsided--you make the opposition pay.
  11. Let's be honest--if that hit would have happened in Probert/Twist/Semenko/Grimson/Domi/Hextall eras, any of those aforementioned players would have ground Torres into a red smear on the ice since they didn't let something like a turtle or the linesmen holding them back get in their way. Considering Torres got a 20 for that *in the playoffs* and Walkom and crew missed it, the 2nd travesty was that it took them 2 years to "promote" walkom to the Head of Officiating rather than firing his arse on the spot. Not just the blindside on Hossa.
  12. Well this just distills <censored>... 1st off, I hope he's okay. Been a class act player since his inception into the league and been our best defensive FWD since he signed on One of the top-2 Slovak-born players of all time to strap on the skates (He and Mikita). For the team though, is is going to be devastating for the team. He's been one of our top O players and the top defensive FWD we have AINEC. Losing his scoring is going to hurt. Losing his D is going to hurt more considering how FUBAR our team D is. Irrespective of who we could get from the LTIR I doubt they come close to sniffing his jock as opposed to filling his shoes. I think we just went from a 3rd-in-central position for next year with all players playing up to snuff to 2nd wildcard/also-ran with everyone playing up to snuff. On a further note--the fact that in all likelihood he'll never have won a Selke in his career is a flippin' travesty and proof that you should never let the press vote on any major hockey award. Being a RW be damned; there were years when he deserved it over the center who won it. Hope he can skate for us again...but if this was his last hurrah here's to one of the best players to have ever put on the Indianhead--for both Chicago and Portland. That's what happens when you have eunuchs like Walkom officiate.
  13. Keith to my knowledge is a recapture risk...I don't think Stan puts himself in that Pants-downer position with him or Hossa. I also don't think Kane moves...he has been our O the past 2 seasons. That being said, I do think a draft-splash could happen.
  14. That's the risk of being a GM: When you sign a player to a contract like that you have to take into account not just the performance going forward (and if they underachieve), but the amount they over-performed in the past and the fan fallout if you lose the guy. Anyone here sitting in their mom's basement in their unwashed a-neck shirt thinking they could do a better job is quite frankly, deluding themselves. After all, let's say you let Toews walk. Chances are the team ends up the same way it did the past 2 years: Getting bounced the 1st round (or worse). You'd have the same keyboard warriors speculating about what would have happened if we kept him instead. You might also risk the loss of fan revenue if you ditch a fan favorite. At the time, I think when it comes to Toews, Kane, Seabrook, etc. You sign them. Even in retrospect I think you make that move especially since no one here has a souped-up DeLorean and could have definitively said that Toews/Seabs would have underachieved like they have--and if you let them go you risk losing part of the fanbase. Still doesn't mean we as fans can't be frustrated though.