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  1. Congrats to Slovakia for taking bronze at the World Juniors!

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    2. galaxytrash


      good point...it's just that it's canada, u.s., russia, finland, sweden...these are the teams you usually think about. (maybe i should say "i" think about.)

    3. LordKOTL


      I could see that. I do think the perennial hockey powerhouses are the Canadians, Russians, Swedes, Finnish, American, Czechs, and Slovaks. usually anyone else is an also-ran.

    4. Grims0n
  2. Lord, I love your new avatar!

  3. At least we out-lasted both Vancouver and Detroit...but man that loss was hard to take. Nothing to do but laugh.

  4. The UC staff should be playing Dio's "Holy Diver" every time Mike Smith is on the Jumbotron.

  5. It's not "Ready...set...Hut! Hut!", it's "Crouch...touch...pause...ENGAGE!"

  6. I sense a great disturbance in the force. It's as if millions of Canuck fans suddenly cried out, then started rioting.

  7. I think I fixed it.

  8. I have no clue...I'm trying to figure out how to add you...

  9. Hun, how come I'm showing up as your friend, but you aren't showing up as mine?