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  1. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    Gotcha, I just don't understand the whole "butthurt" (for lack of a better term) that a ton of so-called fans across the league have--especially those that think that Vegas somehow hasn't "paid their dues" or "earned it". I just don't get that--Vegas did it right and most other teams did it wrong. Why get mad at them for that? If anything, the anger should be directed at the fans' own clubs for failing to do so with more stars, more support, and more established GMs and Coaches.
  2. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    What's to blame for the years waiting, though? Most likley $Bill and Pullford, and the rot went deeper into the club from there. That's not on Vegas. If both of those guys were pulling the strings of Vegas they'd be in the bottom of a cesspit as well. I don't see that as Vegas' fault. I see that as a fault on the brass itself and the club itself. They weren't committed enough. Even look at our beloved 'hawks for a second--both in 2010 and 2013. A lot of what Vegas has been doing is what the 'hawks did. They went all-in. They brought in players who complimented the style the core played. The coaching had systems in place the core players could play. The players had a pack mentality. There was hunger as well. They had something to prove. So does Vegas.
  3. Toews

    We much be watching different games, because our QB can't even hit the receivers--it's right into the defensive line...kinda like Jim Harbaugh's patented shovel-pass.
  4. Yep. Seen the Joker a lot as well--reminds me of Leddy except with some D upside. Maybe not carry a partner upside but definitively not hang-your-goalie-out-to-dry-David Runblad-level of liability. Can carry the puck from the back end to the front end and a great PPQB (as well as being able to hit a 4x6 from the blueline). The problem I see with him in Q's system is that he is a carry-the-mail type and not an outlet pass type. IMHO the simplest solution for that is to have him carry the mail. If Q were to insist on him outlet passing I can see his game devolving like Keith in 2011 and his "pass-to-nowhere" when trying to make an outlet pass which is read, which to me is more of a fault in the system rather than a fault in the personnel. Even so, being as young as he is it would mean that Q'd need patience with him to learn said, as opposed to nixing the idea altogether and letting him flounder as he plugs in aged vets into his system with far less upside. On the plus side though, I don't think Q/Stan are going to last much longer (call me a cynical bastard if you want), and it's not like a year of Trent Yawney permanently ruined Keith. I'm just not expecting the world from the Joker early on. A few years down I don't see a reason he couldn't be a top 4 if not a top-2 and the de facto PPQB.
  5. 2017/18 playoff predictions

    Vegas would me much harder to stomach if they did indeed have the pick of the litter from all 30 franchises. If Vegas got one of Toews or Kane, or one of Crosby or Malkin, then yeah, I can get the instant gratification angle and the pick of thew litter angle. But, they didn't. They had 30 2nd tier castaways, which the GM then parlayed into a ton of good pieces that didn't have anyone close to being a bonafied superstar (outside of maybe Fleury) and really, based on name and star power alone, who had them in the SCF at the beginning of the year? The thing I love about the Vegas story is that they did everything right--the built the team around the right pieces, the coach had a gameplan the players not only *could* play, but the players bought into it and for the most part played the type of pack mentality game and bought all into the system and team concept. I can't hate them or root against them for that. They did it how it should be done. They put forth the effort and drive to potentially win the hardest trophy to win; it's not like their success has been gifted to them.
  6. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    The more G coming into next season the better. Even if Crawford is primed and ready to go the fight for the backup slot should be like Vedrun.
  7. 2018 IIHF Worlds

    Got it. In the English colloquialism of "Filthy", think like dirty but much more so, but used ironically as the polar opposite.
  8. Hossa done?

    When I first saw a twitter of Hossa's retirement (worded about like that), my 1st though was, "Who in the 'hawks brass pissed Hossa off?" The way it was worded is pretty much nothing changed--he can't play for a medical reason. Kinda sucks he won't surpass Mikita in goals, but his health is paramount and he's now fully prongered. Still, one hell of a career. Best defensive FWD the 'hawks have had at least in my lifetime AINEC.
  9. 2018 IIHF Worlds

    I thought Slovaks used "Super" a lot--easily as much as "Krasne". But it just might be the limited circle I run with. But I have to say that pass wasn't sick...that pass was filthy!!!
  10. Hossa done?

    I don't know, but I think the bolded is precedent if Hoss wanted to coach
  11. Blackhawks Eulogy

    I think Keith and Seabs definitely retire as 'hawks--even if it's a compliance buyout or a Prongering. Kane I'm like 95% sure he does. Toews probably about 75-85%. ...and that's not because I think they're "scapegoats" or the like. I think you can put money on it that these are Seabrook and Keith's final contracts. I don't think Kane or Toews are on their final contracts. Both will be about 34-35 when they come due and while I think the 'hawks will try to sign them to a final "thank you for your service" deal(s), I think there is a chance (albeit slight) that something comes into play that could make both look elsewhere.
  12. Michal Kempney Feel Good Stories

    ...I'm not touching that with a 20-foot pole... Fun fact: Before Kempny left he led the team's d-men in +/- with +13 with he, Murph, Osterle, and Seabs as the only + defensemen at the time. He had to be doing at least *something* right. While I agree that Kempny is not a "savior", He was at least decently solid this year and thus, yeah, probably filled a hole the caps have. It's too bad we misused him here since we need all the defensive help we can get.
  13. Here Come The Pens

    I think that is something *everyone* here can agree on!!!!
  14. Hossa done?

    Always a beautiful country to visit. LOL! Close friends, definitely. I think her family dispersed but are still no more than a 2-hr drive from Zvolen... We definitely have to visit again...
  15. Hossa done?