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  1. Well, this was a complete fail by every player and every coach.
  2. Isn't it about time for Gene Gene the Dancin' Machine?
  3. Bad ice, bad D, Bad O, Bad G, Bad officials. A Gong Show all around.
  4. Don't forget Kane as well.
  5. Realistically No one had a good night. Kinda surpirised the fighting took this long to happen...not that I am not enjoying it
  6. Blah!
  7. PING!
  8. Better Walkom off the ice as the head of officiating than on it as a ref.
  9. Yeah...i was yelling at my TV telling Eddie where to stuff his SoftServe You, sir, just won the thread. Agreed. Kane mixing it up says a lot...
  10. Detriot game 7...but I hear ya
  11. I miss Lysiak.
  12. As a slackjawed, bloodthirsty neanderthal, I liked Kane's response.
  13. Maybe Kane willing to throwdown will spark the team
  14. Surprised Q hasn't called the Timeout yet to rip the team a new anus.
  15. Smart....