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  1. LordKOTL

    Jeremy Colliton

    No reason to run Crawford roughshod. Besides, Ward was not the reason the 'hawks lost. Like has been the case since the start of the 2016 season, the team D is the reason the 'hawks lost.
  2. LordKOTL

    11/12 Hawks vs Canes

    A 7th D-man who's been significantly better than both Rutta and Manning, at about 1/3 of the cost of either.
  3. LordKOTL

    Stan As Gm

    Nope. I would have put "pun intended" if I did. :) Thing about McDonut is that I always pegged him as more of a marketer than anything. He doesn't know hockey, but all the does it want to keep the 'hawks in the limelight and do whatever it takes to do so--hence McSplash or the hockey equivalent of Rudy Russo from the move "Used Cars". The major knock I have on McDonut is the fact that he didn't give Stan and/or Q their pink slip at the end of last season. His actions reek of thinking of the short-term--by keeping on Stan & Q rather than letting one or both go would cause more fan backlash after the abortion that was last season. Instead the backlash was and should be greater *now* since his lack of hockey IQ basically hamstrung the team. If we has someone other than Stan we probably wouldn't have been saddled with guys like Manning, Kunitz, and Ward at what their deals commanded. If JC would have been given the reins n this offseason he could have developed his gameplan ad gotten the players used to it a lot more smoothly than the piecemeal business right now. Both gone? Double the benefit. But being the pitchman he is I wouldn't have expected him to know that. I believe he's also the CEO, so I think short of him and Blunk Eiffel-towering Rocky's wife he might be here for the long haul.
  4. LordKOTL

    Stan As Gm

    Cycling back to this: I think Nashville should have been the final warning for both Stan and Q. After a good February, March and April of 2017 stank the joint up something fierce. There is literally no excuse for the fecal-fest of the Nashville series. After 2018 should have been when Q, Stan, or both should have been force-fed their walking papers (or better yet, a guy coming to their desk and telling them to, "GET THE @#$% OUT OF HERE!!!!!"). Anyone who actually watched the games in 2017/2018 knows that Crawford was masking the issues--the team was still slacking when Crawford was up and playing lights-out as they were when he was down. Sure, you could argue at the point Crawford went down the team went into tank mode without telling the coach or GM, but let's be real here, the skaters were still playing like congealed buttsweat even when Crawford was up and playing lights-out. Losing Crawford shouldn't have been an excuse. Sure, you lose a top-flight goaltender playing some of the best goaltending in his career your team is going to take a hit, but if you look at the skaters in a vacuum regardless of getting exceptional goaltending or excremental goaltending, Nothing was done to address the skaters and their horrific play by Q, and no acquisition happened to bolster the skaters, which is on Stan. After all was said and done, one or both of Q and Stan should have left this past offseason. My opinion is both, but even so by pulling a Savard on Q Stan & the brass hamstrung the team moreso than they already are. JC now has to flesh out the roster which ordinarily would have been done in training camp. No matter how you slice up the difference between "good" and "bad" players on our roster, they now have to learn any new tweaks to the system on the fly, and since JC seems to be piecemealing changes, that's going to take even longer. I don't expect miracles for JC. I do hope there's some semblance of a system built up by the end of the year though.
  5. LordKOTL

    NHL 19 Alternates

    Whoever designed that should be fired.
  6. LordKOTL

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    If that wasn't worthy of a bag skate I don't know what is...
  7. LordKOTL

    Jeremy Colliton

    Good luck Colllition. Welcome Aboard.
  8. LordKOTL

    Q just fired..

    Relax folks. Over/Under Stan doesn't last the season as the GM. That being said I'm hugely thankful for the cups Q helped bring us, but it was past time for a departure.
  9. LordKOTL

    Joel Quenneville

    Perhaps they are, but even still, it was a mistake to keep either, or both, on after last season. At least one of them should have gone.
  10. LordKOTL

    Okay Our Defence?

    You do make a good point about Murph knocking the rust off. I do think we might be in for more than a year or two. The reality on the back end is that Seabs and Keith are not getting young and in all reality should get worse. Meanwhile Joker (who is indeed playing with a very small sample size even though he's been as-good as I or anyone could have hoped) is probably theonly guy we have that is high level and not projected to get worse. Could change, of course--either way. But who else? We're reeling from the loss of Hjammer still and when you couple that with Seabs and Keith just simply getting older, who's going to come close to replacing them? Assuming Joker follows a reasonable trajectory for him, That means we got 1 to replace effectively 3 world class guys. Boqvist may be 2 in a couple of years. Who's #3? I'm fine with it taking a few years. I don't like it, but I understand it. Right now though I think even if we gotta try some of the older rookies in a trial by fire mode, so be it. The problem is that we really can't at this point because of Q and Stan's unnatural Manning fetish.
  11. LordKOTL

    11/01 Hawks vs Oilers

    40 SoG and no goals? Can we get Dennis Hull to use the 18 skaters as target practice for that?
  12. LordKOTL

    Joel Quenneville

    I agree, but I also understand why they didn't fire Q after Nashville. Now why either or both wasn't fired after last season, that was boneheaded. Crawford going down shouldn't have been their excuse to stay.
  13. LordKOTL

    Okay Our Defence?

    Yes and no. Seabs' contract has been beaten to death. I won't rehash it. My stance on Joker is well-defined. He might be getting big bucks in 2022. Right now he's cost-controlled. Ideally we get a 3 & 4 and move Seabs/Gus to 5/6, but I don't see that happening. The problem is when Murph comes back. I think after he knocks the rust off he'd be a good enough anchor for the bottom pair and Davisdson is fine as the 7. But Murph/Rutta are creating the logjam. They individually may not be much cap, but they're too much to bury and essentially blocking the roster much like Montador and O'donnel were back in 2012. If we had only one of them we could but the bullet for a year, but really we should be swapping guys in/out in the #6 slot to see which youngin fits. Forling, for example. IMHO Stan failed by signing *both* Rutta and Manning as he did--and of those Manning was the biggest fail. Rutta showed some brilliance and giving him 2+ for a year wasn't a prima facie bad move on it's own. and if this year plays out like it has been the 'hawks are over the barrel just this year. Manning on the otherhand had no good reports out of Philly. He was supposed to be a physical stay-at-home D-man and his "stay at home play" is more reminiscent of a couch potato sitting at home with a sweat-stained A-neck t-shirt and unwashed sweats--and rumor has it both Stan and Q wanted him. Given his past play there's no reason he couldn't have been signed for 1 yr at sub 2-Mil--especially since comparables like Sbisa and Sustr were both had for a year at 1.5M or less. Now the problem is getting rid of one of them, which also puts a damper on solving the FWD issues. If we keep them both we're carrying 8 D-men once Murph comes back--which creates roster issues, or we have to jettison Davisdson who wouldbe the ideal 6-7). If we waive either there's dead cap from them being buried (I would not only crap my pants, but drive over to your house, put on a pair of your pants, and crap them if any team picked either off the waiver wire). And moving them could put a damper on getting FWD pieces that would fix the FWD depth since it would likely take good pieces to move them out or bringing back similar albatross contracts. No matter how you slice it: Stan & Q botched that one up IMHO.
  14. LordKOTL

    Okay Our Defence?

    To address this 1st: most of those teams have an overly-stacked D much like Chicago in 2010-2014. They have several players in their top 4 which would be 1-2 on any other team. Top 1-4 are not balanced across all teams and there are some teams that have a very weak top-4, and some teams that have a very strong top-4. But no matter how you shake that out, Right now there are not 120 D-men better than Keith or Joker, which puts them as top 4 right now. Even if Joker is ranked 120, that's still a top 4 D-man because all the other d-men below him would be ranked a #5. IMHO you can't purely classify this as "on elite teams". Not all teams are elite and for those that aren't, like us. You have to take what you can get. As it stands right now--even after last night's fecal-fest, Jokers numbers are still quite good. For the 2nd most time on the ice on the team, he hasn't proved to be a liability. His O-numbers are tied with Keith and Seabrook for best on the team. His +/- is tied with Keith's for best on the team (and both Keith and Joker are the only + D-men). He's 2nd in shifts.game, he's 2nd in hits among D-men on the team, and his GvA/TkA ratio is better than everyone except maybe Seabrook. Now, yeah, you can argue he wouldn't be top-4 on the "elite" teams, but every team has to deploy d-men in top-4 roles, and Joker has been deployed in a top-4 role--arguably top-2. If he wasn't playing at a top-4 calibre, his numbers would be far worse than what they are now. 1st, off Manning and Rutta are both getting over 15 minutes on the ice per game and they got some of the worst numbers on the team. If they were deployed only 9 minutes per game it would be far less of an issue. Problem is I don't think you can do that this year. Keith & Seabs can't handle it. The 'hawks right now would need 5/6 guys to take 15 or so minutes per game, not 9, and I question whether or not Manning/Rutta can handle 9. 2nd, as for the D-issues: Coaching and D from the forwards are a lot of the issues. Aside from Rutta/Manning visibly botching plays, Some of the biggest contributers have been the skaters: Schmaltz has botched things up. Toews has botched things up. Kane *really* botched it up a few games ago. Ditto wth Saad, Kuntiz, etc. That was also a problem last year...except the D-men were a lot worse last year. That's not saying there's nothing wrong with the d-men, but looking at them specifically Joker and Keith are playing D as well as can be. They're in position, Joker's gap control is really good and Keith's is much better than last year. They both can shut down some of the best players in the game. Those two: on the backend there'snothing much more you can ask out of them (except Keith to keep it up being as old as he is and Joker to keep developing). Seabs/Gus are playing like 5-6's. More mistakes than Keith/Joker and Seabs' age is showing, but in terms of what you'd expect from a 5-6 guys they're showing it. You don't play them in game situations but really, they can soak up minutes and not be *that* bad. They might be over their head deployed as a 3/4 but they are still NHL'ers. Davisdson is what you'd expect out of a 6-7. I have no issues with him and what he is. Manning/Rutta are a problem. They're paid as 5-6's, deployed as 5-6's and playing like AHL/ECHL tweeners. Poor decisions, bad plays, and completely losing their coverage. they bring nothing except *maybe* some physicality and even then not enough (Joker is almost as physical as Manning but not a liability). Rutta might get a slight pass for playing injured but Manning is blocking the Roster--and this year would be the year 5-6 guys can be pulled into the lineup to see what they can do. Forsling should have a shot. Snuggie should have a shot. Guys like that deserve a chance to crack the roster and right now, Maning and Rutta are blocking them--and it gets worse when Murph comes back. Overall though I think the biggest issue is coaching. Q's gameplan hasn't changed since last season and even then it was as obsolete as an Apple //e. The gamplean needs to revolve around the guys we have NOW and not the guys we had back in 2013. We gotta start there. Keith/Joker can somewhat handle the gameplan, but none of the other guys can and because the roster is what it is thanks to the contract situation. They're over-relying on the breakout pass--that's on Q. Their passes aren't tape-to-tape--that's been an issue for awhile and Q should have them doing that at practice more than he has been. IMHO You gotta start with coaching--then g from there. I think Q's message has gotten stale and he's not changed anything. PP is still crap, same gameplan that doesn't work except for a team better than the 'hawks, and his overreliance on players who aren't that good. Get a new voice in the locker room then go from there. IMHO that would help the Team D a lot especially if the coach coming in builds the gameplan for the guys here now, and not what they were back when they were the top D in the league.
  15. LordKOTL

    Okay Our Defence?

    If you think Gus, this year is an AHL tweener you're obviously not watching the games. If you think Keith is not a top 120 in the entire league this year, you're obviously not watching the games. If you think Joker is not a top 120 in the entire league this year, you're obviously not watching the games. The team as constructed is what it is. We paid the price for those three cups. Are guys like Seabrook overpaid? Sure. Can we do anything with them? Most likely not. Slot them where they do the least amount of damage and for a geriatric like Seabs, that's in limted icetime. But be real here: Keith is playing his best defense since 2015. Smythe/Norris level? No, but he's started keeping it simple and he's breaking up plays again. Joker's been a big part of that That's more than we've had all season last year. You start there. Gus/Seabs are 5/6'ers. It's Rutta/Maning who are bringing the D-men down, not to mention the FWD's not playing D either. The problems start/end there. Get Manning and Rutta off the ice permanently, and start giving cattle-prod enemas to any FWD that starts blowing their coverage. Oh, and fire Q and Stan.