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  2. I'm considering buying PSL's for the Bears. Any helpful advice on purchasing would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Center Ice Lower Level 2015 $230 / $260 / $320 / $400 2016 $250 / $285 / $345 / $475 2017 $265 / $300 / $360 / $495 Total $45,440.00
  4. Here is a Tribune article dated 12/20/16.
  5. MLB has an partnership agreement with Stubhub. Stubhub reissues barcodes to buyers to insure no fraud. By doing so, the Cubs know exactly which tickets have been sold and for how much. The STH of the Cubs are running scared. They realize that their tickets can be pulled from them at the Cubs discretion. The Cubs do not post what level of tickets being sold is acceptable. I have yet to meet any STH that can attend all 81 games. Those that feel no sympathy for this guy have not known what is like to have Season Tickets when the team is doing poor. I use to share all of my 81 games and keep 10 for myself. When the Cubs were doing poor, I had partners drop with excuses such as "I can't attend games, I'm too far", "I can buy cheaper day of game than face value", "my kids are in college", "I can't afford them any longer", etc. I lost thousands during the bad times. I knew the good times were around the corner. Now I have 50 games and sell half of those. Call me a bad guy, I know. Since the Cubs are better, I've had former partners ask to extend them an invitation for tickets again. My reply is "sorry, you've been replaced." But what I am thinking is "Isn't your kid still in college?", "Aren't you still too far?", "Buy them day of game outside for cheaper."
  6. Today only, get 10% off everything. Find Events | My Tickets | Sell Tickets Today only. 10% off.* Be a holiday hero to friends, family, and your wallet. Promo code: HOLIDAYHERO See gift ideas › *Ends 12/19 at 11:59 pm PST. Exclusions apply.
  7. Since it's been difficult for STH to sell tickets at Face Value, there will be no price increase next year. It's been really soft in the secondary market, even the Blackhawks organization has been losing money selling tickets in the secondary market.(When tickets don't sell at Box Office prices, organizations use the secondary market to garner some money instead of no money) This organization has long been referencing the secondary market for reasons for price increases. The Blackhawks can no longer use that excuse. You have two Original Six teams playing on a Friday in December(Rangers 12/9) and STH can't get rid of them for what they paid for them, let alone Box Office price. You have two first place teams from large markets and they won't be able to sell all the seats. (SRO tickets over-inflate the numbers) Next up, expect lots of movement on the waiting list. So those of you on the list, start saving your dollars!!
  8. Normally I would agree with that thought. However, this venue is smaller than Soldier Field and Minnesota Football stadiums. The St. Louis fans no longer have a football team and the St Louis fans are rabid. Speaking to fans that live in St Louis, they seem to think they will be anxious to go to the game. The sale to the General Public hasn't happened yet and they are skeptical that they will be able to score tickets when the tickets do go on-sale.
  9. I finally got the updated email and was able to get four.
  10. There were none available for the presale for season tickets. Either it's the Blues "keeping the Red Out" or something more sinister. Blackhawks don't bother to send out presale passcodes if they won't work or tickets not available.
  11. Which regular season game is your first choice?
  12. The price of Cubs tickets are going through the roof. They plan to build a club behind Homeplate while displacing those presently in the seats. Cost of seats are somewhere in the neighborhood of $700-$900 per seat, per game.
  13. The answer was "NO" in years' past.
  14. John McD has the plan. He will burn through the season ticket holder waiting list during the 8 year rebuild when the Toews/Kane era ends. Until then, highest ticket prices in the league with little push back.
  15. Something to consider; Cubs have most wins in MLB Twins have the least wins in MLB They both have the same number of wins when they score 3 or less runs per game! This needs to get corrected soon because in the playoffs, either the Giants, Mets or Nats have great pitching and games will be one run games.