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  1. Season Ticket Holder waiting list

    Why would anyone put $100 down on a list if you can buy tickets at anytime? The Blackhawks are trying to make the demand seem bigger than it really is to continually raise ticket prices. IMO
  2. Season Ticket Holder waiting list

    So let me get this straight, you don't have to wait to buy tickets, but there's a list.
  3. Season Ticket Holder waiting list

    Congratulations JustJoined. Welcome to the family
  4. Season Ticket Holder waiting list

    Is there a waiting list after this year? I saw in a previous post someone that joined the list last year, got tickets in first row.
  5. Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    Insert other media.url Insert other media In 112 there are 3 pairs. In 113 there are dozen seats, two on the aisle in low row. In 121 Plenty of seats and nothing in 122.
  6. Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    Still some pairs in 300 level Row 1 in corners and ends. Pairs available in center ice but Rows 3+. four seats are scarcer in lower rows.
  7. Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    The only sections without seats available are Sections in 201, 206, 207 and 234.
  8. Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    Plenty of great seats available at all levels. Almost half the Stadium.
  9. 2018-19 Invoices Are Up!

    Well said Phill.
  10. 2018-19 Invoices Are Up!

    The Blackhawks have once again disrespected their Season Ticket Holders. Tuesday's game you could buy from Ticketmaster Lower Level Center Ice tickets for $80. Season Ticket Holder Price $225. You could buy Upper Level for $40., Season Ticket Holder Price is $80.+++ Please tell how to mistreat your loyal STH worse than that.
  11. 2018-19 Invoices Are Up!

    I quoted because you failed. You failed to answer any of my questions. You failed to prove that John McD has not taken STH for granted. When you see the empty seats on TV, that will be my proof!
  12. 2018-19 Invoices Are Up!

    How can a team with the highest attendance and highest prices in the Hard Cap era be losing money? You must a johnny come lately fan. Where were you when the applauding for the National Anthem started? Do you think fans started to arrive when Mr Bill Wirtz drafted Kane?
  13. 2018-19 Invoices Are Up!

    You're kidding, right? The Blackhawks have consistently raised prices to bring in the corporate people and squeeze out the fans. The Blackhawks have the highest attendance in the NHL. They rank in the top 3 in ticket prices and still claim to be losing money. They say they need to raise prices to stop losing money. How can a team with the highest attendance and highest prices in the Hard Cap era be losing money?
  14. Blackhawks Seat Relocation

    For those of us that remain STH, will we get a chance to upgrade our Season Tickets? The Cubs have their Seat Relocation going on now. The Chicago White Sox have their relocation going on now. The Chicago Bears have their Marketplace open now until May 22nd. Why do the Blackhawks remain secretive? Do they sell on secondary market when things are good and dump prices when things are bad? These are the questions I will have for my rep when my renewal invoice arrives!
  15. Will the Hawks make the playoffs?

    There is no special link to buy tickets for less than 50% off. Go to Ticketmaster search Blackhawks tickets. The Lower Level are $120 each, normally $265!