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  1. He called me.
  2. Hossa's contract is not being moved.
  3. What kind of salary do you think Thornton is looking for?
  4. Big T, is Thornton just doing what Alzner is doing, visiting 10-12 driving up his price. In all honesty there ia not much out there in terms of free agency.
  5. Yes your right my goaltender, Go Habs Go.
  6. Making a trade proposal with Carey Price is like saying the Penguins are ready to trade Crosby. Absolutley ridiculous iknowpuck.
  7. I doubt Stan does anything, he will wait for Hossa's cap money to be cleared and sign whatever is left to solidify the 3rd and 4th lines. The only way this team is involved during free agency is if AA or Kruger is moved.
  8. Its hard to believe Q would be upset about Saad coming back, considering how Q tends to favor players of his talent and skillset. Is he upset about Hammer, possibly, but thats the nature of the business, there will be some moves made that dont exactly sit well with everyone on the team, but as a coach his job is to coach the talent he has and make them better not worry about who will make his job easier. Good coaches make the best out of there players and this year it will be Murphy, Rutta and Kempny.
  9. That ia ridiculous
  10. I can't see the hawks getting rid of both Kruger and AA it would deplete this team of centermen. Boyle would be decent however. Tazer, Smaltz, Boyle and Kruger isnt terrible depending on who the Hawks get in return for AA.
  11. Let me inform you on something, Kane and Tazer lobbied for Saads return, and at the end of the day Pat Kane is a star regardless of who he plays with. Does Handzus ring a bell.
  12. I know rumors are flying high, but AA for Evander Kane is also very hot right now. SB is weighing his options. Nicolas deslaurier and money retained as well by Buffalo.
  13. Of course Kings would grab Vivaldi,
  14. If so. Who plays down the middle in Chicago besides Toews?
  15. Not sure who would come back, but Bergevin needs a centermen badly.