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  1. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    T, maybe you should write email to the team scouts, Dipietro is a very good goalie, how will he be in the NHL is another story, but I do like your insight on the goalie situation, Hawks are very thin in that area, as we saw this season.
  2. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Knowing there is only a handful of games left in this disasterous season, I sat down with a case of beers and tried watching this trainwreck. I am just glad I am not a paying client for that mess. if there was at least something promising to watch from this team the games would be somewhat enjoyable to watch, but I see nothing from the players, the overall outlook of this team is very sad.
  3. Joel Quenneville

    I understand new players have to learn the system that is put in play by the coaching staff, however, simple passing plays are elementary, this team couldn’t even make a simple stick to stick pass on most nights, that has nothing to do with the system and more to do with lack of focus, lack of desire and not really giving a rats ass about anything.
  4. Joel Quenneville

    What I am saying is the team needs a new philosophy. There are to many coaching blunders and it’s seems as though Stan has his own belief on what this team needs to succeed, and unfortunately both have sent this team spiraling to the bottom of the league. You are right there is no cut dry answer or is there. The biggest need and glaring issue is the backend. The team needs 2 solid defenders to fill out the top 4, and CC back with a capable backup, maybe Halek. The team needs some size and strength, they are getting outmuscled constantly, the passing has been brutal, I have seen better passing from novice players. The PP, is the worst I have seen from this team since 2007. These issues can be worked on with a different approach and viewpoint, a new set of ideas. Kane, Toews, Saad, AA, Keith even though he is going to be a year older are still elite athletes in the NHL, Q has made it to comfortable for the players. The team needs a coach and GM who are on the same page, not different books.
  5. Joel Quenneville

    The team needs a different direction, they have become to complacent, players Need to be accountable for there poor play, the funhouse on Madison has to stop. The team is currently a trainwreck caused by both Coach and General Manager. It’s not a question if there is better out there or not, Qs resume speaks for himself but like the vets on this team we can’t keeping thinking about what they did, we all appreciated the championship runs but it’s time for change. Rocky was a huge part in bringing back the fans, but the question is, will he make the proper decision in keeping them around and bringing them back, cups aside another dreadful season like this, the Hawks may become an afterthought again in a city where Baseball and football and basketball(yes those bulls) rank supreme. The hawks will still have its loyal supporters such as those on this board, but after that who knows.
  6. Stan As Gm

    Thanks Creach for pretty much saying what I wanted to.👍
  7. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    The Allman brothers band were awesome.
  8. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Get your scale and chords book out, retrain the fingers. The hardest part T, is your fingers know where they want to go, but our brain has a hard time catching up. Kids take over our lives, but there is always time, if you want to make time to jam on your ax, even if it’s for 30mins.
  9. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Only 7-8 strip clubs, jeez we have one at every corner down here.
  10. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    It’s a tough gig, I played all kinds of shows through my late teens and throughout my twenties. My band had written tons of originals, we recorded, we had a good following. We had played shows at the Metropolis in Montreal, played on smaller stages at the Vans warped tour in our early twenties. We had a cool sound, had the punk attitude and flare like NOFX and Rancid, combined it with a grundgy Alice in chains sound. We had done small tours through Quebec and Ontario, played small tours through eastern United States. But we just couldn’t break through to the masses, which in the end you become a struggling musician which is no way to live your life.
  11. Jan Rutta

    The minute Stan hears anything about the cap going up, he hands out money likes it’s Halloween.
  12. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    That’s a nice musical setup T, I say lets jam but unfortunately we live quit the distance from each other. I have more of a modern setup, been jammin on my Gibson Les Paul Studio, which I have had since 2000 and I currently purchased a 2008 Gibson Les Paul standard sunburst, love the guitar, it sounds great. I am hooked up through a JCM 800 Marshall, which I modified for a better sound. I have a few acoustics as well, my first which is a BC Rich, I also have a nice fender I bought on line for a dirt cheap price. I certainly don’t play like I did in my teens when I had a really good band put together, but I still play and record tracks. It’s a passion of mine. It was cool to see another Hawk fan on this board who loves music and plays music. Rock on T.
  13. 3/11 Hawks vs Bruins

    Yeah I saw that game, it was rather bad.
  14. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Yeah I remember Leblanc, lots of talent unfortunately just didn’t have the overall strength and size to compete at the NHL level. So from you are saying, Hawks fans shouldn’t get to excited, as he more or less has a good chance of mimicking Lablanc career. T are you a guitar player?, read your profile.
  15. Jan Rutta

    There is no way Rutta deserves that salary, 1 million to much. This needs to stop, the over evaluations of players from Stan has become ridiculous.