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  1. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    T I felt the same way, except there was a big difference and that would be the championships the remaining core won. Roenick and Larmer were my favourite hockey players, I idolized them when I played hockey, I wanted to be the exact player they were, but as a fan when there was no success being had, I wanted to see the team blown up as well. Then it happened, chelios traded for 3 first rounders, Roenick for Zhamnov, Larmer was shipped to New York, Belfor shipped to Dallas and then the team went to the dumps. Zhamnov and Amonte with the help of Daze just weren’t enough in the leadership department for the likes of Arnason, Bell, Calder and a few others. That’s the importance of Toews and Kane, Seabs and Keith, the kids need to learn and why not learn from these guys.
  2. hawkinmontreal

    Chicago Bears 2019/2020 season

    Icaddie, I read that same article. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I am hoping the Bears take all this negativity shown toward them and turn them into positives. A team motivated and charged up is going to be difficult to beat. One thing about that article, How is Dallas and San Diego’s defensive 3 ranked higher than Mack, Hicks and Jackson. Just another snub towards our Bears. This is the year for Nagy and company to put there foot down and shut the traps of all the negative nellies out there, starting with piledriving the Packers through the turf in Soldier Field in the season opener.
  3. hawkinmontreal

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Hawks can’t be adding more salary with the Cat needing to be signed. Gus is on the cheap right now, might as well keep around for the PP, and with Smith and Carpenter, the PK should be better. On a side note, *** the Rangers, tell me what teams were there to help the Hawks out in 2010, 2013, and 2015 when they were purged and piliged. That’s there problem the gave Panarin the Brinks truck to sign there, if there having issues now wait in 3-5 years for that team.
  4. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    People think the Hawks could of traded AA for Malkin or Mcdavid. They are lucky they didn’t get a bag of pucks for AA.
  5. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Smith > AA, that’s all that matters. The team is better with Zach. 2 areas have been covered here, another player who can kill penalties and another player who can win faceoffs besides Toews.
  6. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    This team is still not good enough for round 3.
  7. hawkinmontreal

    Blackhawks pending RFAs

    I understand we all want Stan’s coffin to be nailed shut, but another wasted year is another year we get to watch Kane and Toews get older and eventually head to there decline.
  8. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    You had to go and mention his name, Sikura, heavens no, we don’t need another. The truth is the trade doesn’t bother me, what bothers me is what the Hawks got in return. Why he wasn’t used as a trade chip to aquire another player, or a package of some sort is what is mind boggling. if I saw the Hawks trade Sikura for Nylander, I would be ok, but the Joker certainly had the intangibles to be a decent defencemen in the National Hockey League.
  9. hawkinmontreal

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    You are correct on his assessment but the Hawks don’t have anybody else, and when we think about it, Strome has been the best 2nd line Center the Hawks have had since Toews and Kane were drafted. It has always been Center by committee, Sharp, Shaw, Richards, Handzus, they tried Kruger, Kane gave it a try, AA was decent between Kane and Panarin, but Strome has definitely been the best the Hawks have had in some time.
  10. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    2 million for Perlini, come on. He gave the Hawks a small sample size, but not enough for a 2 million dollar contract.
  11. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Right on Jim, there was zero reason to make this trade. I do t even want to discuss Byram, because it’s infuriating more now with this ridiculous trade.
  12. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    That all depends on if they make the playoffs, which right now is hard to imagine.
  13. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Old time its great to dream, but Stan is buying his meal ticket out of town.
  14. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    This trade is a complete headshaker to me, I just don’t get it.
  15. hawkinmontreal

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Mccube is just as bad as Stan, it’s the blind leading the blind.