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  1. hawkinmontreal

    Brandon Saad

    Saad needs to be shipped out, this team doesn’t need deadweight. Put him the press box for a few games maybe that will wake him up, if not Stan needs to to start shopping him.
  2. hawkinmontreal

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    The Trey Burton call was ridiculous, NFL primetime, Stephen A, PTI all showed the exact play from other teams and there was zero calls. Pittsburgh, New England, Kansas City all had the same type of play and no call, the Bears were screwed on that call. That changed the entire outcome of the game. There is a lot of blame to go around after the loss but a win versus New England would certainly change everything.
  3. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    Both positions are of equal importance, you can never have enough of either, but currently at this moment the Hawks are very thin down the middle. If one of AA, Toews or Kruger goes down, we have to rely on Johnson. Saad needs to be dangled with whoever to pick up a true centermen. Maybe Handzus can come back😬
  4. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    I would like to find a number 2 centermen, I think with the defence we have coming up in Boqvist and few others the glaring need is centermen.
  5. hawkinmontreal

    Cam Ward

    Look at this way, Ward has been less than stellar at times, however the team is 3-0-2 and hopefully CC comes back next week and the 2 goalies can share the lbulk of games for the season taking pressure of both goaltenders. At 3 million Ward is here for the season, like it or lump it.
  6. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    In all honesty, I was never sold on Schmaltz, he is to timid, he never knows when to shoot, not very strong in the corners and extremely weak at the dot. The only reason he is saving face right now is due to the fact he plays on a line with Kane. I also tend to believe, that Panarin will be back with Kane next season just a hunch.
  7. hawkinmontreal

    Alex Fortin

    Agreed, I would ship him out, save on the cash you would need to retain him and look to sign a solid second line Centermen who is worth 6-7 million. If the Hawks can have a decent season and prove that this team is not dead in the water more players will be open to coming to Chicago as in the past 10 years. I am liking what I see from Dcat and Kahun and Fortin thus far. One more thought, I would be moving Saad and his salary out as well, this team doesn’t need dead weight, they need complimentary players to help Kane, Toews, Dcat and the younger guys coming up. I was for moving AA, but he has been playing well thus far. Some solid additions to help through the lineup with Boqvist and other at the helm this team would be moving in the right direction.
  8. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    Keep Fortin and move Saad, I hear Arizona is always looking for players.
  9. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    The good in this game, they got the W and Decat looks great, the bad another blown lead, more disappointing defending, Schmaltz looks terrible, team needs help from the third and forth lines, Ward can’t play consistent and after 23 shots on goal in the first and 3 PP there is no rhyme or reason this team should be blowing 2 goal leads.
  10. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    Hopefully not a 6million dollar price tag with a no movement claus.
  11. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    Hawks playing very well tonight, the line combos look promising. Go Hawks Go
  12. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

  13. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    AA with the PP
  14. hawkinmontreal

    10/13 Hawks vs Blues

    1000 games as a Hawk for DK, let’s get a W. Go Hawks Go!!!!!
  15. hawkinmontreal

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    Not sure if there is any defence you speak of.