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  1. Leon is a fantastic player, but him and Mcdavid cant win a cup 2 players. They need a team around them and at the cap hit these guys are taking it will be difficult for the Oilers to ice a solid team.
  2. He is off to the khl, so forget that.
  3. Would anybody take a shot at Markov if the price was right?
  4. Unfortunately Yooper that team you speak of is gone that had the killer instict. This is a new beginning, hopefully for the better not the worse.
  5. It must be Christmas in Tampa, everyone signing big contracts and the team has won jack squat. I guess they atw forgetting Kucherov needs to be signed in w seasons.
  6. Seems like Tampa has a never ending cap. This team will get itself into major cap problems very soon.
  7. I am not sure about Dahlback or Johns being replacements or Leddy replacing Keith, but we do know is that Stan put himself in a jam with the cap and had to pretty much send them packing without finding there true worth. Hammer will be a huge loss, and for the same reason with Hossa players like that have been a stable force on this team for many years and cant be replaced overnight. Chemistry and friendship goes a long way when battling for a championship and those attributes have been sold off during the years due to cap and need I say greed from players with managememt handing out contracts without realizing the repurcutions and thats where the Hawks are currently,
  8. I see your concern Squishy, but unfortunately with the loss of Hammer the Hawks will need Seabs more than ever now. I felt Seabs issue last year was more directed at conditioning, he looked slower on his skates, heavier, his pivots were off and think that has to do with lack of training. At 32-33 he brings alot of attributes to this team, how long will it last who knows, will he retire early maybe, but he is a damn good defencemen when he wants, kinda like Tazer, these players are elite lets see and hope they are ready to battle this year.
  9. I feel part of my reasoning for maybe being less optimistic than my fellow fans and posters also has to do with the fact the Hawks lost a significant peice to the team in Hossa. Hossa brought alot to this team in many different areas and his leadership, professionalism and just overall character was not replaced and to be honest it cant be replaced but the hockey player himself will be a huge blow to this team. As many Hawka fans knew, the day was coming but I dont think the team was mentally prepared for this and believe or not that changes alot to the Hawks overall gameplan. Even at 38, he played a huge role and the coach could always fall back on big Hoss something the team will have to figure out.
  10. Big T, I apologize for not being as oprimistic as you. Yes the Hawks have a considerable amount talent, I do like the additions of Saad and Sharp and to a lesser extent Wingels and Dauphine but you never know and thats baiscally why I am not hyping this team up as a contender. To many unknowns from the decor, to who besides Tazer is going to actually win a faceoff, the team as it looks is questionable down the middle. Tazer himself, what are we going to see. I wouldnt say this is a negative effect of the Nashville series, its the reality of how the team has played and looked since 2015. To say I am not excited about the upcoming season would be a huge lie, I am excited to see what comes of dcat the progression of Hartman and Smaltz , where Kempny is, has Seabs taken the offseason to train and refocus on being a better defender than he has in the last 2 seasons. How will Kanes game be without his buddy Panarin. Overall i just dont feel they are cup contenders but I am not going to sell them short, the Hawks still have a fun and exciting team in which anything can happen.
  11. Yooper, if he wants to win the cup at this point Chicago wouldnt be his option. The Hawks have as many holes to fill as Montreal, maybe not as much, but with this current lineup we cant honestly beleive this is a cup contending team. Yes I agree there may be more adjustments to come, but I cant imagine anything of real significance that will bring about any major changes. This is still a transition year unless our young guys all of a sudden progress beyond there current talent.
  12. Oldtime, my apoolgies If i am sounding condescending, just making a point that the playoffs over the last 10 years have gone in a direction where anything goes and that means slahing, cross checking slew footing your opponent, hitting from behind you name it, its being done. I am just commenting on your post because you are the one who posted about Subbam being dirty, I responded by telling you to get over it, this has been happening for years now and nothing will change anytime soon. To answer your question, summer is going very good except for the weather.
  13. Thats playoff hockey, dont like it dont watch it, the rule book is thrown out. Anything goes when battling in front of the net.
  14. It was the playoffs get over it , Kesler leaned into Toews more than Subban ever did and Tazer prevailed, cheapshots, slashing, tripping and everything is fair game according to the commish wehn battling for the cup, so I dont think Subban did anything different than any other player on any other team during the playoffs.
  15. Lets get this right, the best hockey player in the world dissapears in a rough and tumble game according to you. You must not watch alot of hockey to make a statement such as that. I am sorry but after that comment your post is deemed irrelevant. Silliest thing I have read around here in some time.