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  1. I understand that Tazer is well known for his 200ft game, but Crosby aint no slouch on rhe defensive side of the puck. Gig you and I have always seen eye to eye on many topics, but these are the type of comments that make it seem like its ok if he craps the bed and has been a huge dissapointment for the last couple years. All you hear is he more defensive than offensive, he always has a shut down role, he always has to play against the other teams top talent, forgive me If I am wrong but I thought he is the highest paid talent in the league and the top 100 of all time, if that were the case he could carry a team like. Crosby regardless of who he plays and what he is up against. This to me is a huge reason why the team is in cap trouble, players are earning mega bucks and arent contributing as there salary should dictate.
  2. The difference is Crosby is the best player in the world and regardless of who plays with him he keeps his elite status and continues to make the players around him better. Unfortunately cant say the same for Toews. Even when the Pens were faltering Crosby still played like Crosby and earned his pay check. He is the difference maker, and this is what we expected from Tazer the past few years when the team really needed him, In turn he has been a huge dissapointment. That is currently the biggest problem.with this team and getting cap compliant. Players arent earning there checks. In terms of mentoring, Kane and Toews need a reality check before they can mentor anybody, there heads are swollen and cant see past those huge pay checks they get. If things dont change by next seasons playoffs the axe will have to fall.
  3. ??????? I dont understand this trade what so ever. Is Smith disguised as Stan Bowman? The next thing is Boris Mirinov is coming out of retirement to suit up alongside Rosi.
  4. Ridiculous, there was no need to.give away picks like they did, this team can never get anything right. To top it all off wasted there number 2 pick on a damn qb. Just shaking my head right now.
  5. The biggest issue, both teams play in the same division.
  6. I agree with you Creature, Kero needs to work on his skillset add some weight and muscle and develop his game. The third and or forth line would be ideal for him at this moment.
  7. I am looking for a Blockbuster trade this summer, the country club needs a shakeup. Players and coaches are taking it easy, putting there feet up and living on what they did and not what is coming or what just happened.
  8. He just needs to stop talking and start playing.
  9. I certainly dont disagree with what your saying. I have been on Tazers case all season, his performance in the playoffs is certainly not being ignored or his play during the season for that matter. We have all seen Toews at his best and recently at his worst, but I am certainly not willing to give up on him. Next season will prove pivotal in where the Hawks are going, either they stay near the top or start a decline to the bottom and that in itself will be a reflection of what Toews brings to the forefront, Hawks cant afford another season from Tazer that he displayed this year and last yeara playoffs.
  10. Like to see a top 6 addition with some bite, someone willing to dig in the corners and fight for the puck, not afraid to go to those dirty areas for a loose puck. I personally dont like Kero with Kane, its to easy to shut them down. The 2 players are to small and are easily pushed of the puck when playing a bigger more aggressive team. Kane needs space, Kero doesnt give him that.
  11. There was talk today in Montreal that Shaws current concussion is very serious, not that all concussions aren't serious but the Canadians are very concerned about this one.
  12. No one is blaming Toews and Kane for there contracts, and I never said that. Read what I wrote.
  13. Because Panarin AA and Panik has done nothing in the post season 2 years straight now. Hartmam is a rookie, cant expect miracles, Hossa carried the team on his back this year and his age showed in the playoff. Kane and Toews are going nowhere anytime soon. Was Kane actually shut down or was Nashville just overpowering, he cant do it on his own, Kane is 5'7 180 soaking wet, AA was brutal and Panarin just looked scared shitless outhere for the 2nd year straight. Even Bryan Bickell on one wheel was more effcient than the Breadman and AA in the playoffs, now thats an issue. Yes Toews was brutal cant argue that, but where was Panik the 23 goal scorer and aggressive forchecker we saw all season, Smaltz and Hartman are learning the ropes. How many years has Perry and Getzlaf crapped the bed in the playoffs, Ovi and Backstrom, Thornton, Marleau and Couture, The Sedins, its not all roses but Kane and Toews certainly deserve a little more from us, yeah it sucks but it took the Pens 7years to get straight before they won again.
  14. Here is the dilemma Lord, Lets take a look at a few scenarios. Hossa, when he signed his contract the organization knew by signing him for 12 years there was going to be issues on the backend of his career when his cap hit was going to be 5 million plus in his late thirties and early forties. It was a price the team was willing to take to win a championship, end result the Hawks won 3, cant blame the organization on that. Keith, he could easily have a cap hit of 8 million per season and has given everything he can, i agree he was very sub par this year but its hard to fault him on that, he has led this team on the backend for 10 years now, he has mileage on him and injuries are starting to hamper him. Seabrook, terrible year with a brutal contract and 7 years to go. Did we all.expect him to fall from grace so fast, another player who was at the forefront in 2007 and stayed true to the team and franchise and was rewarded for it. Panarin and CC contracts are where they should be, Hammer at 4 million is a steal and that leaves us with the faces of the franchise Toews and Kane. There contracts are ridiculous only for economic reasons and the failure to the NHL for poor marketing and poor management of teams like the Coyotes, Panthers, Hurricanes, Devils and so on. When those albotross contracts where signed there was a strong notion the leagues salary cap would be around 80-85 million by now, instead 72million is still the norm which is ridiculous, can blame Kane and Toews for that. Options, Kruger, AA, and Seabs(unfortunately) need to go, if not, make a blockbuster deal and package Panarin and Seabs together and reorganize the structure of the team, not rebuild. Move some parts, get more agressive, try and restrict the number of smurfs in the lineup and go from.there. stop signing guys like JO and Campbell let the kids ride it out and learn, if Q cant handle that ship him out and bring someone in to.work with the kids.
  15. About time