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  1. Where's Corey Perry in that line up? Thought he took Carter's place ...
  2. I would think that this year especially Stan won't be trading away our 1st at the TD!
  3. It's always a gamble … trade TT to Minny for the 15th OA … keep him in case he develops into a top 6 RW/C ... Will we land Vesey? Will Kempny work out. I think it's safe to say that as Hawk fans we are missing/longing for that 4th cup in the modern era ...
  4. It's clear that sooner or later one of the core will have to go. Seabrook is my first choice followed by Crow. Of course either will create a big hole to fill ... We are already short on D so moves will have to be made.
  5. I'm really looking for Timonen and Runblad to step up and play 10-12 effective minutes per game. I think they can rise to the occasion. With the 5 man unit continuing to play consistent team defence it will only help to ease them in. Adversity breeds success.
  6. This from the HF boards : with Rozy down Q has to up KT's minutes … come Q give him 10-12! It's time. There was actually an article about Timonen in one of the Finnish tabloids yesterday: Rough summary/translation: After recovering from his blood clots he was given the chance at the deadline to pick a team of his choosing where to chase the Stanley Cup. However, he didn't expect to be spending most of the games sitting on the bench which is what has happened. "I thought I would've had the chance to get some minutes on the power play or on the penalty kill. I'm trying to enjoy what I'm given. In this team there are five defensemen who've played together for a long time and it's hard to break in to that" "I guess it's something I had to still experience in my career" (laughing) "I've gained a new respect for 4th line players. It's incredibly hard, especially at my age, to sit 10 minutes at a time on the bench and then try hard on the ice. It's not easy even if I'm jesting about it here. You just try to play careful and avoid any mistakes" In fact, 5 months ago many doubted if Timonen would ever play again: "Considering that even 5 minutes is a lot of ice time. You just have to try and enjoy the small things even if you wanted to play more." It then goes on to talk about his choice of Blackhawks and ends in a quote: "I didn't come here to play 20 minutes a night and score 10 goals. I came here because it's a great chance to win the Stanley Cup. It's what motivates me and it's why I'm here. And we are on the right track to do that."
  7. I think part of the issue is that Q is just not testing KT with more minutes .. his minutes have gone down so maybe he sees something but I don't' know I just think that KT could handle 10 - 12 minutes a game now. Not so different than Leddy in the past couple of years. I would love Johns to get a look but Runblad could be the guy … either way nothing is written in stone and they now have about a week to play around with their options.
  8. I don't get why everyone has this low regard for Timonen .. sure he's a little slower but he's crafty. He is a + 3 so far in the PO's so he isn't this great liability that everyone seems to be harping on. I say give him more minutes plus some PP time and bring up Runblad, Cuminskey or heck even Johns.
  9. It's time to start increasing KT's minutes up to double digits .. around 10 - 12 … I think he can handle it and will not be a liability. We're to the WCF now! The KT factor is just starting to grow now … if we can make it to the SCF than it will really begin to flourish. By KT factor I mean the grizzled vet who has never won the Cup and he and the team around him galvanize to make it so! Call me crazy but that's the way I see it. And bring up Johns! Or if it has to be Runblad than so be it … 5 WCF's in 7 years!!! Now that is something to be proud of.
  10. I would seriously consider Crow, (Sharp) & Bickell ( though I would think that is way too much salary for Edmonton 16 m! ) In return I would prefer the Penguins 1st round pick and Draisaitl + + some salary of course. I think Hall though a great player has some attitude issues and team chemistry is fickle thing.
  11. Would rather keep #29 for the promise of PO Bickell. With the way the guys are all playing now I would hope it would be Versteeg sitting once Kaner returns.
  12. I don't think TT is in a bad spot on the 4th line either. He got 11.25 of ice time last night .. more than Bickell and is contributing offensively, learning the defensive side of things and going up against the opponents lesser dmen I would think. A perfect storm for now to nudge him along in his development. What the hey is Q handling one of our youth intelligently?!
  13. Yeah 3 more years at 4.4, so if they ate 50% we would be in or 2.2 for 3 years and he is getting older .. could become Zeus ll ! Still it is a thought though … Vermette would be a great choice as he will walk at the end of the year .. only thing is there will be a bit of a bidding war for him and I don't want to see the Hawks lose any of their blue chip prospects for a rental .. even if that rental could help them win the Cup!
  14. I would love for Stan to land another center .. I think we will be fine with our D, especially if TVR returns as good as new. TVR/Runblad/Rozy/Erixon are good for the 6/7 pairing. Now for a centre … I keep thinking of Lecavalier as someone who might gel well with the team. He would be reunited with Richards and would I believe play well in the shadow of Toews. He's a big body too which is most often a good thing. Problem is his cap hit .. at the deadline if Philly retains a good percentage and we move out someone like Rozy than maybe ... I also like Vermette but he will demand more in a trade I would think than Vinny. Thoughts?
  15. We have Bickell, Sharp, Crawford and perhaps Seabrook to look at as to who is to go … maybe two of them. If Bicks goes than the 2nd one would be tough to call … we have some depth though untested in goal .. Sharp would be hard to replace but he is getting up there and he still has demand … it's a toss up for me. Keep Seabs though!