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  1. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    oh crap, it's end of 3rd period already ... DST chaos again.
  2. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Hawks feed flash http://suphd.club/stream/5ab66ac1e8124/chicago-blackhawks-vs-new-york-islanders/away YT (Isles audio) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNQ3GIQTTMk
  3. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    meanwhile in Canada ...
  4. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

  5. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    yes, that's respect.And Sedins are different kind than Burrows.
  6. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Martinsen 8 hits, 2 shots
  7. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    yes, I underrated him a bit.Also having Saad for the price of missing Hossa is a big downgrade.
  8. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    one year between WConf winner and worst team in the NHL.
  9. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    not until last two minutes, when Q will pull Forsberg at 1-6 and try get at least one point.
  10. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    they must really need Glass in RFD if Hawks have to play Berube.
  11. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Seabrook probably just realized that if Hawks would keep losing the games, there would be a very good chance they could draft, new, talented defenseman and leader for next 6 seasons.
  12. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    little sister could try go for hattrick tonight
  13. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    we need one more extra attacker for our PP, Q could pull Berube as he like it to do.
  14. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    and here is snow in the last week of March ...
  15. 3/22 Hawks vs Canucks

    Berube and Keith, Hawks secret weapons in fight for Dahlin.