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  1. Modry-Jazyk

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

  2. Modry-Jazyk

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    some GM's act like if salary cap goes up 10M.It seems to me they don't care about winning SC but they want get more fans to their arenas.No doubt, Panarin is good choice for that if you don't care about cap.
  3. Modry-Jazyk

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    everyone who understand how proper cap management and effective utilization of limited resources are important for final success.
  4. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    lol, to spend more money and cap for 28G scorer (NHL #18 in pts) Panarin than 44G and 3 SC winner Patrick Kane gets, this is the safest way how NOT to win SC.
  5. Modry-Jazyk

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    he put solid numbers but Habs fans think he's one concussion away from retire and can't play with his style the entire season.Also returning players are not the exact same players we traded away few years ago .... ie Saad or Ladd ....
  6. Modry-Jazyk

    Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    the young one could be still re-signed today.If this is just the way to avoid arbitratrion, it's OK.
  7. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    that's about 5M more than I would max. pay to 28 goal winger with solid playmaking skill but nothing else.He asks more than our super star who has (besides three Cups and clutch instinct) all Panarin skills but on even much higher level.
  8. Modry-Jazyk

    [TRADE] Hawks Get de Haan

    well, if you force offensive dman to play defensive role and never put him on PP (where he excels under JC), then he looks bad.Smart coaches recognize player abilities and use them properly. Under Q Gus would spend 1/2 of the season in Rockford, under smart coach he became the league 6th most productive dman (60 pts) and 3rd best in scoring (17).Not to mention Gus achieved 13 more points this season than Saad and all other forwards except T, K, Dcat.
  9. Modry-Jazyk

    [TRADE] Hawks Get de Haan

    hm, true.They should have signed him for long term before.Unfortunatelly old coach Q never realized how's his potential and talent.
  10. Modry-Jazyk

    [TRADE] Hawks Get de Haan

    yes, but so far it wouldn't made any difference.Hawks didn't make playoffs with or without CC and his 39 games played last season.We will see next season, now w/ upgraded D good goalie could make the difference..
  11. Modry-Jazyk

    [TRADE] Hawks Get de Haan

    I think Gus is important reason why Hawks PP and offense generally went from NHL worst to NHL top.I would not let him go away so easy.Hawks should try to find cap elsewhere.