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  1. "Marian Hossa has scored 42 playoff goals in his NHL career and 38 of them have come in games his team won"

  2. Chicago Blackhawks forward Jamal Mayers was fined half a day's pay for shooting at the Detroit Red Wings net during warmups before Game 5. : )

  3. I see he is from the other side of the country from you.

  4. I don't know him Daze ... looking at his bio, Scurko is ukrainian name and region where he's born (near Ukraine borders) probably some crazy/psycho Ivan is he (or family he grow up).I'm only surprised he got only 8 years, because standart judgment would be 15-20 years (or lifelong prison) for murder...

  5. Slovakia !!! :)

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    2. LordKOTL

      LordKOTL beat the snot out of the Finns

    3. kronostin


      Slovakia rules, and this without Hossa. Awesome job!

    4. LordKOTL


      Congrats on beating the Czechs!

  6. Jesse Rogers (from FLA) :Just saw Big buff. Jets still down here after playing Panthers. Hawks, Jets, Panthers. Whole Stanley Cup team in S.Florida

    1. netminder341


      haha that's just awesome!

    2. netminder341


      but what about Niemi? :(

    3. DerFreischutz


      Or Eager or Burish.

  7. modry jazyk

    modry jazyk??? ako budes citat tenti odkaz, ozvy sa na mail "" budem rad,ak sa oyves a dohodneme nejaku komunikaciu. Dikyyyyy