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  1. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Libor Suchanek made history as the first non-North American full-time official.
  2. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I think that was media version, later he denied these rumors about retiring and talked only about the next season..
  3. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I think if he (or any player) has admitted that his career is over (he will never play hockey again) then he can't be put on LTIR but he's retired (this is what Hossa and Hawks avoided by ARI trade) ... so cap wise it's 6.1M (Z's cap hit) - 4.3M (CRP) = 1.8M difference.
  4. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    they lose their 2nd most productive player and save 1.5M cap hit, definitely not enough to replace their captain.
  5. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    so here comes cap recapture penalty for Wing .. it seems Zetterberg didn't make similar agreement with DET like Hoss did with the Hawks, so they will pay ... It's minus 4.3 M from salary cap per season (3x) https://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2016/4/25/11487900/red-wings-cap-recapture-penalties-zetterberg-kronwall-and-franzens
  6. Modry-Jazyk


  7. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    MTL fans are very happy with this trade too.No one is sad bc Max departure but most of them are welcoming Suzuki acquisition.
  8. Modry-Jazyk

    Seabrooks Contract

    I'd say if he retires before his contract expires, there would be cap recapture penalty for the Hawks.Well, not so bad as it would be if Hoss retires, the difference between 6.87 and actual sallaries is smaller.
  9. Modry-Jazyk

    joe murphy

    I've read his story it in our (well, in czech) media few days ago,,,, it seems that love in gambling ruined his life https://translate.google.sk/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=sk&ie=UTF-8&u=https%3A%2F%2Fhokej.idnes.cz%2Fjoe-murphy-hokej-pribeh-0vy-%2Fnhl.aspx%3Fc%3DA180824_094150_nhl_par&edit-text=
  10. Modry-Jazyk

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    true, but you have to consider not only what teams/NHL want/could do but what they [W+B] want.To stay whole life in ie Calgary and stay life time 4-liners, they never knew if they will play next game or will sit in the pressbox.There in Swiss they will be leaders of their teams, they will have fixed spot in every game in one two top lines and if they have famillies, I guess it's better quality of life in Swiss than in all year cold Cgy in the middle of Canada.There is mild climate all year, great opportunities for winter activities but also 1-2 hours flight away of ie Spain and Bealearic islands beaches ... Maybe they will be back in the next year and this leader position in the team could help them gain big selfconfidence, do you remember new Bickell after he returned to Chicago after he played 1/2 season in Czech rep. in 2013, he got great reast of the season, even better playoffs and was rewarded with big contract..
  11. Modry-Jazyk

    RIP Stan Mikita

    I like these articles, I've realised that I knew very little about this important player in Hawks history.
  12. Modry-Jazyk

    RIP Stan Mikita

  13. Modry-Jazyk

    RIP Stan Mikita

    another top classy star who is gone.She became my fav. actress in the movie The Children's hour (1961).
  14. Modry-Jazyk

    RIP Stan Mikita