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  1. Wild lost point in Detroit, so this "fiasco" it's even less concerning.... Hawks still owe something to their fans in Florida, so tomorrow they have to play much better.
  2. they are waiting for Anisimov to screen goalie and pick rebounds but Anisimov is meanwhile in Chicago watching the game on TV and Schmaltz is nowhere near the net Hawks should try trade one of their bottom wingers for some (more physical than Kero) bottom center in case Toews or Anisimov are out.
  3. Desjardins and Panik each fight a Panther in opposite corners of the ice. Lot of gloves on the ice at the moment.
  4. that's true and pretty important fact coming into playoffs series.
  5. I didnt mean that Tootoo would kill poor Jokkinen, I mean he would pick random goon from Panthers and energize the team full of players frustrated by bad officiating.It's pretty common thing in hockey.
  6. they simply quit the game after couple of of bad calls, no-calls and resulting goals.The combination of poor officiating from refereers who wanted steal the show from players and poor effort of Hawks players resulted in this loss.The worst thing about it was many disappointed Hawks fans on the stadium.
  7. I don't think Desjardes instead of Tootoo in Hawks 4th line will determine which team wins 2017 Stanley Cup. Both are non factor in production but Tootoo at least can keep Kane and other true important players safe and away of such crap like happened yesterday.
  8. Tootoo should be in that 4th line permanently. He is not much better or worse than Desi or Raz but at least we would not have to watch frustrated Kane fight.It would never happened if #22 is on the bench tonight.
  9. don't say that
  10. this game doesnt concern me.Hawks quit the game after couple of bad calls, no call and goals.I blame only Q who put both Raz and Desi in the lineup instead of Tootoo.Tootoo is not difference gameplay wise, not upgrade nor downgrade but for sure HAwks would have not been frustrated and Kane fighting, this is pure nonsens.
  11. If I am Kane or anyone else, I would throw the stick away and go to locker room.
  12. this is on Q. ... Tootoo is the only Hawk in the roster who could pick random opp. player for fight.
  13. I hope Q will say something about officiating, he can afford pay a fine time to time..
  14. Hawks gave up as referees ruined this game. Q's big mistake to not put Tootoo in the roster, who could have settled it a bit when it was not too late..