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  1. Toews

    best game for him in the season.I'd say if Q didnt create that lines chaos taking Saad and Panik out of the line just to fix 2nd line in past weeks and started with Anisimov on 2C/Schmaltz on wing earlier, Hawks could have easily 4-8 more points now.Fortunatelly still 62 games ahead.
  2. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    I think 1st star for GWG is right in close 2-1 game with BOTH goalies very solid (Murray w/ 36 saves, 0 ES GA), but the 2nd should get goalie of winners team, CC. 1.AA, 2.CC, 3.Murray
  3. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    35 saves and 0.972 should be enogh for a star, he would get it if they played in CHI
  4. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    yes,who is interested to see 30-40% numbers after a loss : ) But Hawks are back on track.
  5. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    and here's confirmed what we have seen, Toews line completly outplayed Crosby line. Panik remains Hawks puck possesion/Corsi leader this season.
  6. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    confirmed by puck possesion/shots stas.
  7. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    3RD VERY GOOD GAME BY THE HAWKS IN A ROW !!! ...................... (incl. loss vs. NJD)
  8. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    thanks CC ...... our skaters were too late back
  9. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    4th line plays well in o-zone but they should not go full offense, they got catch in dzone second time in two shifts
  10. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    someone has to score 3rd goal
  11. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    blind zebras already made three weak calls aganst Hawks and now this
  12. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Hawks pp looks better besides that two goals. ... there must be some connection between these two facts.
  13. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Anisimov again lol
  14. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Forsling and Rutta will be best Hawks dmen soon.Or they are already, offensivelly w/o doubt.
  15. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Toews line completly outplayed Crosby line tonight