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  1. if it's true he's terrible w/o the puck (moves like chased by swarm of wild bees), then there is no chance Q would be interesting on him.
  2. Hawks knew his history in Detroit when they signed him, so there is a chance. if not, he's not the only fish in the sea : )
  3. I've read somewhere that he is too slow or not very goot skater or something but I dont know if it's true.
  4. blackhawks breakdown about Hawks' dmen.It doesn't look optimistic ... Duncan Keith Keith turns 34 in a couple weeks and is starting to decline defensively. This past offseason he was near replacement level in terms of even strength defense, however he was still able to provide good offense. Taking Hjalmarsson away from him will really diminish the defensive ability of Chicago’s “shutdown pairing”. At this point in Keith’s career, it would be a good time to transition him to more easier minutes. That won’t be possible with the defensemen they currently have though. Brent Seabrook 32-years-old, and as Jonathan Willis of Sportsnet recently said, the contract that ended the Blackhawks dynasty. Seabrook still provides some offensive upside at even strength and on the power play, but his defensive game is horrendous unless he’s facing the weakest competition. He can challenge opposing skaters at the blue line, but then the opponents blow right by him. He isn’t quick enough to get to lose pucks. Even his physical game looks diminished as it seems like he doesn’t have the balance anymore to throw his weight around. Even his offensive game isn’t that impressive anymore. At even strength this past season he recorded one goal and five primary assists according to Connor Murphy 24-years-old and probably at his peak right now and shouldn’t improve that much over the next five seasons. He’s a big body that provides replacement level offense but has some upside defensively. Overall his numbers aren’t too impressive relative to his teammates. Even on a team as bad as Arizona, a top-4 impact defensemen should have been more impressive.Murphy is probably a bigger Trevor Van Riemsdyk. TVR put up better numbers, but if we give Murphy a slight boost going from Arizona to Chicago, they would probably look pretty similar. Obviously Murphy is bigger and more physical, but the overall production and talent level would be similar in my opinion. To me, best case scenario is Murphy becomes a solid 4th defensemen level talent with Chicago. Worst case scenario is he stays a good 3rd pairing, 5th defensemen level talent. As much as people liked to **** on Van Riemsdyk, TVR was right in this mix. He was slightly better than the average 5th defensemen, but not quite as good as the average 4th defensemen.I’d expect Murphy to fill in as the Johnny Oduya or Trevor Van Riemsdyk of the Blackhawks for the next 5-seasons, if he isn’t traded. Gustav Forsling Just turned 21, and he lit up the AHL last season posting good offensive numbers on a pretty bad team. I have high expectations for Forsling and also believe he can become a high impact, top-4 defensemen in the NHL that Chicago desperately needs. Michal Kempny He’s a 26-years-old okay 3rd pairing defensemen. He’s aggressive in the offensive zone with a highly effective pinching ability that keeps pucks in the fun zone. However, he isn’t much of a playmaker or passer. He isn’t that great defensively either. Even though Chicago dominated in shots with him on the ice, opponents outscored Chicago with Kempny out there. Even though he can keep the puck in the offensive zone, he probably isn’t good enough defensively to have Chicago see much benefit from winning the shot battle.It’s his second season in the States, so maybe he can become a competent 3rd pairing contributor this season. Jan Ruuta 26-years-old and put up good numbers in the Czech league. He probably isn’t much more than a depth defensemen. Best case scenario is he becomes a solid 3rd pair guy. Right hand shot which is a plus. Erik Gustafsson I just want to see this guy play in the NHL somewhere. He had the highest assist rate out of all NHL defensemen to play at least 500 minutes at even strength in 2015-16. He’s the type of offensive, mobile, puck moving defensemen that Chicago could use. He’s currently an RFA, so I don’t know what’s going to happen to him. I just hope he gets a shot somewhere to see if his stellar 2015-16 season was real or a fluke. He deserves the opportunity though. Ville Pokka He’s 23-years-old and hasn’t cracked the NHL yet. He is getting close to his peak already and isn’t even an NHL caliber defensemen. Best case scenario is he can become a solid third pairing guy at this point. .
  5. I don't know what's going on in the RF/AHL, but there must be something wrong with him if he didn't get a single shift with the Hawks in past two seasons, while ~20 other prospects had such opportunity.Also Hawks signed Rutta, so now they have four R-Dman in the roster while they didn't care to see Pokka in NHL yet. I hope at least Gus could accept that, but they both with Raz have very low salary and they both were ignored by Q the entire season, so maybe they could prefer go away.
  6. so it seems Gus, Raz and Pokka didn't accept Hawks offer yet.
  7. I like Panarin, always smiling guy more than Saad but this was good trade.And it's necessary trade.Good to know that he's better 5on5 scorer in addition to his better 2-way play, more physical play and 2 years longer contract.Dismantling globetrotter line to get more balanced lineup is another bonus.
  8. Ladd, Oduya now Sharp ... these players are not what they used to be, good memories, few SC rings but Hawks need focus on future and let youth play 82 games to make better NHL players from them..Remember how TVR has improoved in the next season, Panik grew up after got full time job and so..Out of them only Campbell met the expectations but it has a downside too, Kempny could have been better player already now if he didn't sit in the pressbox 1/2 of the season.
  9. looks like he has been #5 for ARI in terms of competition quality.That's why they compared him to TVR not ie Hammer. Unless he would successfully replace Hammer, we traded underpaid elite dman for overpaid bottom dman to gain 0.25M free cap.
  10. more important for stats is against who he played than team in which he played and he had similar role to TVR's role, no shut down job only easier matchups, in other words, Murphy played against same tier of players like TVR did.
  11. by the numbers, Hawks traded league elite d-dman for worse version of TVR with almost 4M cap hit..
  12. Granada, you're still avoiding to comment that 4.25M cap recapture penalty risk, what would be devastating hit for the organization for next four years.That's also main reason (besides NMC and ethic issues), why almost nobody talks about possibility of such trade, but I like to see your different and rare opinions, it makes any discussion more interesting.
  13. that would be top level trolling
  14. If I understand it well, Datsyuk first has retired in Arizona and then signed new 2-years deal with Petersburg. If Hoss (and Yotes) would do exactly the same what Datsjuk did with them, Hawks would be done for next 4 years.
  15. Datsjuk has job in Petersburg AND lives in Petersburg in the same time, that's possible. Hossa can't work/have job in Arizona and live in Chicago in the same time, that's not quite possible.. Well, if Hawks would trade him to Arizona, why he would not rather retire, return home to Trencin to his nice house, family, hotel and golf course he owns and not live there ? Datsjuk was not CRP risk for DET.