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  1. BIackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    No one actually said that because we all know that the Hawks can win the cup with most starting goalies right now in the league. We tend to think that Crawford is average and this team is capable of winning the cup with average goal tending so why pay 6M for one when you can have one for 1M? Oh btw Crawford criticizers are also die hard Hawks fans...
  2. BIackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    The dilemma here is people will always bring up numbers to back up Crawford's performance forgetting the elite D team game in front of him, forgetting that whenever that the D game is not elite he usually lets in 3+ goals, also what about the usual one soft goal per game? I have said this before, those same people praising him right now in here were calling for his head after game 3 vs Tampa, its due to short memories unfortunately, for instance everyone forgot he was directly responsible for losing to LA last year with the amount of goals he let in 1-6-4-5-4-3-5. I just hope he gets traded and not just because I think he is an average goalie with a huge salary but just to prove the point that when he plays for another team he will not duplicate his performance here in Chicago and will be exposed for what he really is.
  3. BIackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    Are you guys serious? Sharp will be moved very easily, and will get a first or a really good prospect in return. He had one down season and all the sudden he is hard to move with 2 years left on his contract? He has 4G5A in 10 games in the playoffs when things really count. Also who cares if Saad can replace Sharp's production when you can have both of them? About Crawford if the Hawks can manage to go all the way, I am sure there will be more than a handful of teams that would want a dual cup winning goalie without any salary dump. I would rather trade Crawford and Bickell. I want Sharp to stay one more year as he really puts the team over the top for next year in terms of offense and that could be the difference between a cup or not especially if he can produce as well as he is right now which I think he will.
  4. BIackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    Yes I do because I believe Darling will just as good of a job at a much cheaper rate. Obviously this is where some people will not agree, they will say that he is not proven etc. I dont see it that way, from the games that I have watched Darling play and by that I mean all of them, he is calm, collected, makes good saves, and with the good defensive system the Hawks play I doubt that will change. So with similar goalie performance plus keeping sharp equals better team.
  5. BIackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    I am on the camp that wants CC gone, reasons behind that is the team can keep sharp here. I dont mind taking a shot at Darling and Raanta which both have shown that they can play very well in net. I dont think Crawford is elite but he is a good goalie no doubt with some flashes of brilliance at times but flashes of fragility other times. If his cap hit was 3-4 I really would not mind him staying but with the cap issues he needs to go. I dont know how that will happen with his NMC but I just hope he waives them and with Sharp here and hoping one of the two goalies plays as good if not better then we got another cup contending year at hand next year.
  6. BIackhawks

    The Crawford Thread

    The Hawks need to somehow get rid of Bulin's contract because quite honestly I think Crawford is just not good enough this year, I believe Raanta can steal the job and he should be given the opportunity if he continues playing the way he has.
  7. BIackhawks

    Stan As Gm

    How can you promote any one to GM position if they dont have any scouting experience? I thought the main job of a GM was to scout and evaluate players. Just listen to this guy talk, he sounds like a kitten, he seems to not have any social skills which are a necessity for this job and appears to lack confidence and is just soft just like his team, no wonder he gets hosed in every signing and trade. Pathetic just plain and simple. Start Axing Rocky or you are next and you know what that means, the UC will not be full next year if this team does not make the playoffs.