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  1. signing also his best buddy tikhonov surely helped as well.
  2. was hoping konopka would be a good fit here, no such luck.
  3. nothing good happens (starts) after midnight...
  4. Ahhh, my bad, I completely forgot about that steal. Morrison a great addition - to the press box.
  5. It seems to me like people have forgotten how the hawks made the playoffs last year. thanks to another team on the very last day, very last game of the regular season... so hypothetically it could also go - stanley cup - no playoffs - no playoffs (this year). but let's give every assistant, GM, VP, President an extension, sign big multi-year 6 mil contracts and let's be mediocre. As long as we sell out UC. and that no GM wants to deal with Bowman? I start to believe that it may be the truth. A trust fund baby with no respect from another GMs.