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  1. Japan Hit by 8.9 quake and 13ft+ tsunami.

    1. ouzo


      and Nuclear Reactor is melting :(

  2. 9 months give or take a few days till Chicago Baby Boom Hits!

  3. LOL! STR8 - Min. need 2 field goals to win. Such slackers.

  4. It's the 5th Happy BDay STR8OUTTACHICAGO!

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    2. ChiTownSwagger


      Dang, I need to make sure I remember all of your birthdays now haha

    3. pengi100
    4. InDaWheelHouse


      Congrats on another year past! Happy Birthday!

  5. Happy New Year! Go Hawks!!!

  6. Happy Holidays Everyone!

  7. when ouzo says they win they win! =)