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  1. You Be The Gm

    Is their a chance Peter Holland becomes a Hawk?
  2. Hawks Sign Jordin Tootoo

    Just one more forward to sign Who will it be for $2 mill Vrbata? Hudler? Versteeg? Gagner? Shiparev guy?
  3. Hawks Sign Jordin Tootoo

    I'm sorry but I LOVE this signing! This is a exactly the kinda guy that we needed...exactly!
  4. You Be The Gm

    I see the Hawks signing one UFA forward and another NHL forward for one of our young dmen...
  5. Hawks Lottery Team Or Cup Contender?

    Hawks will finish better than this past season, do not want another first round match up like that again #3 overall VS #5 overall???
  6. You Be The Gm

    Have seen conflicting reports on our pending RFAs MacNeil was qualified? Ross was obviously not, he signed with ARI Fraser, Haggerty and Brisebois? Generalfanager has them as RFAs NHL has them as UFAs Anyone know? Anyone care?
  7. Okay Our Defence?

    If it's true that Brian Campbell is 99% certain to be signed I'll go with the following 1-KEITH 2-SEABROOK 3-HJALMARSSON 4-CAMPBELL 5-VAN RIEMSDYK and ROZSIVAL 6-KEMPNY 7-SVEDBERG and GUSTAFSSON/POKKA Going with 8 Dmen, with TVR and Rosie sharing duties paired with Kempny Gustafsson and Pokka replace Svedberg if needed
  8. Okay Our Defence?

    How does everyone see our defence looking after FA Day? 1-KEITH 2-SEABROOK 3-HJALMARSSON 4- 5-VAN RIEMSDYK 6- 7- And possibly 8-
  9. You Be The Gm

    How about the Hawks signing Ben Lovejoy and Vern Fiddler? Both players started their pro careers with Chicago's then AHL affiliate in Norfolk Price might be right?
  10. You Be The Gm

    My choices are Matt Martin and Brian Campbell
  11. You Be The Gm

    Nystrom and Brouwer both play well vs Hawks, it'd take either
  12. All RFAs we qualified except Garret Ross... ...too bad his decline was too fast, off ice issues could not garner him a QO
  13. Why hasn't Chicago announced any QOs? MacNeill is rumored to be qualified? Ross? Haggerty? Fraser? Brisebois? Right now Chicago sits at 36 contracts plus these possible 5 With many surprising non qualifiers out there the Hawks have a chance at signing NHL spots at $575000-600000 bargain contracts
  14. You Be The Gm

    From what I can see the Hawks should have approx. $2.5 million to spend in free agency on one roster spot or $4 million two spots depending on who they go with on defense, Gustafsson or Svedberg or both could be moved for Pokka and a UFA dman and $2.5 on a UFA forward I see cheap Lundberg and Baun joining Motte and Hartman as roster players...Kempny and maybe Pokka on defence Toews Kane Panarin Hossa Anisimov Kruger Panik Desjardins Rasmussen Motte Hartman Lundberg and Baun Keith Seabrook Hjalmarsson van Riemsdyk Kempny Pokka/Svedberg/Gustafsson Crawford Darling So I see a UFA forward and UFA dman for a combined $4 million being added Trade Rundblad to TOR or OTT(he played with Matthews and for Crawford in Swiss) Trade Svedberg or Gustafsson for 2017 pick(s)
  15. You Be The Gm

    Hawks did well today DD2 DD1 saw Shaw dealt for 39 and 45 Used those two and the 50 from the TT and BB trade to get offensive phenom goal scoring machine, BU dman and Hawk loyalist Ruskie! Acquired two extra picks (5 STL, 6 NYI) to go along with the pick from CAR(our own 3 back) in the 2017 draft Now have ten picks in 2017 1-Chi 2-Chi 3-Car via Chi 4-Chi 5-Car, Chi, Stl 6-Chi, Nyi 7-Ana