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  1. Jimmy Vesey for top six Vesey-Toews-Hossa Panarin-Anisimov-Kane Desjardins-Kruger-Lundberg Panik-Rasmussen-Motte Schmaltz Tootoo Mashinter MacNeil Hartman
  2. On a side note I missed Matt Murrays day with the Cup here in camping trip to Quetico... I've made all of the recent days with the Cup 2006 Eric Staal, car 2009 Jordan Staal, pit 2010 Patrick Sharp, chi 2013 Patrick Sharp, chi 2015 Norm MacIver, chi in Duluth, Minnesota Sharpie didn't bring it back to TBay that summer Oh shucks!
  3. Is their a chance Peter Holland becomes a Hawk?
  4. Good to know Just thought it'd be unique to SKATE on UC ice Checkout locker rooms and training rooms, That kinda stuff
  5. I'd like to see the convention held at the UC just once...maybe next year for the 10th annual convention...
  6. Even tho I didn't go this year I have some thoughts Panarin wins the Calder, it would have been an excellent chance for him and other Calder winners to panel up Seabrook was over heard at a past con that h was done with these, and yet he's back...good to see, it is a commitment/responsibility/honor to attend...but I think if a player takes a year off, then fine I enjoy an NHL rare fan convention, STL WAS and TOR are a few others that have started this now
  7. I've been to two of the conventions 1st in 2008 And 5th in 2012 We'll be attending next year, 10th I'd love to see Tootoo there, and the Stanley Cup
  8. Just one more forward to sign Who will it be for $2 mill Vrbata? Hudler? Versteeg? Gagner? Shiparev guy?
  9. I'm sorry but I LOVE this signing! This is a exactly the kinda guy that we needed...exactly!
  10. I see the Hawks signing one UFA forward and another NHL forward for one of our young dmen...
  11. Hawks will finish better than this past season, do not want another first round match up like that again #3 overall VS #5 overall???
  12. Have seen conflicting reports on our pending RFAs MacNeil was qualified? Ross was obviously not, he signed with ARI Fraser, Haggerty and Brisebois? Generalfanager has them as RFAs NHL has them as UFAs Anyone know? Anyone care?
  13. If it's true that Brian Campbell is 99% certain to be signed I'll go with the following 1-KEITH 2-SEABROOK 3-HJALMARSSON 4-CAMPBELL 5-VAN RIEMSDYK and ROZSIVAL 6-KEMPNY 7-SVEDBERG and GUSTAFSSON/POKKA Going with 8 Dmen, with TVR and Rosie sharing duties paired with Kempny Gustafsson and Pokka replace Svedberg if needed
  14. How does everyone see our defence looking after FA Day? 1-KEITH 2-SEABROOK 3-HJALMARSSON 4- 5-VAN RIEMSDYK 6- 7- And possibly 8-
  15. Gustafsson and Pokka are on two ways...Svedberg. Is not... ...Svedberg for a pick?