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  1. Can someone post 300 greens after taxes prices for rounds 1 and 2? Diving up games in the pool and want to make sure numbers are correct
  2. I sell time to time on SH, etc to help offset some of the cost of season tickets. Past years I had no trouble. This year, its been at (in rare cases) and below (many) face value. If the trend continues and hawks increase prices again this off season next year might be the last year I'm a season ticket holder.... After 15 years
  3. I was looking at the greens which are $4171 each ($97 each) I think . So $8342 on SH there's a Sec 316 Row 8. I think those are greens. Asking price is 5600, $11,200 for 2 minus 10% seller fee its $10080. So about a 15% profit. The SH buyer fee is the hard sell though
  4. Resale value for 300's are pretty much under 10% profit now I bet. If you look at SH full season ticket purchase price. 300s going for around 5.5k per seat. Subtract the commission and you are selling for around 4.5k which is what they cost I think.
  5. Just grab them from SH closer to NYE
  6. and there goes the season
  7. Rumors of Love now being traded to Cleveland also. Cavs just became favorites in east.
  8. Mello staying with knicks. New deal to be signed tomorrow
  9. Any idea what the season ticket waiting list wait is for bulls? Just joined it this morning. Looking for 100 level