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  1. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Also, it sucks to get the win, sad to say, but it’s the truth. I’m not expecting 1st overall, but I’d still like to move up into the top 5 and have a shot at a good player!!!
  2. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    That’s a big and heavy team to start out against. Maybe he should rest for that one!!!
  3. Stan As Gm

    I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE the kids that come from the CHL, specifically the OHL, for the reasons and more stated above. And yes that also includes Saad, Dcat, Kane and Roenick to name a few. Also, if you read back, a lot of those points have been made, but lost in the argument. I’ve mentioned Mike Comrie. His dads a billionaire and his dad bullied Mikes way through hockey with money, a fascist if you will. The Oilers has to deal him due to the pressure his dad was putting on the club. It happens on both sides of the border. Alexander Daigle was another one. Pampered his whole way up due to his undeniable talent, and once he got to the show, it’s like he expected the rockstar treatment, it got old fast, and he was a coach killer. But in the CHL, it’s not just Canadian kids, there’s a lot of Euro’s and Americans now. I just think that the CHL has better values and trades happen which is always a threat to uproot a kid. The schedule and exposure you get are second to none, most NCAA rinks have just the workers in them, while most CHL rinks are filled to capacity. For hockey, my kid would be in the OHL, not even a question!!!
  4. Stan As Gm

    Problems aside. The team just isn't as good as most think. This has been going on for a year and almost a half. The finger needs to be pointed where the true problem's lie. The GM. He has done nothing but jettison more and more guys. And for no apparent reason. Cap space is good. But if it needs to be spent, it needs to be spent. The GM spends his time looking for bargains. Well, Cheap work isn't good. And good work isn't cheap. I highly doubt you can make a team out of bargains. I'm still not convinced that the "core" can do it on their own. I truly feel that they need a real supporting cast. And right now, they're proving me right!!!
  5. Stan As Gm

    I’ll say this. My neighbor played for the USNDT, about 12-13 years ago. He’s a Canadian but his dad got moved to Arizona and he kept playing down there. Now, Ryan is a good guy and I doubt he’s lying. But he even told me that the US development program is filled with very rich kids and their parents “donate” a lot of money to it to ensure their kids get ice time etc. Jack Skille comes to mind. That’s why Skille couldn’t crack the lineup with Q. I love Q that he won’t give kids any special privileges, and if you want what the core guys got, earn it like they did. Anyways, my neighbor also said that in the US program, money does dictate how far you can go, you may not even make a team if you don’t have the “financial resources”. So in other terms, if you’re a middle class kid with enough talent to make it, chances are the rich kid will get a shot before you. And I think what MVR and myself are trying to say is that in the CHL, there’s not that much of that, due to trades, a heavy schedule, and crippling rules ( see the Windsor Spitfires sanctions they faced for paying American kids like Jack Campbell more for coming here). Anyways, I don’t think the topic should be a nationalist pride argument. There’s just a lot of kids that are privileged that really don’t deserve it. Look at Austin Mathews, he could play on my team any day. He seems like the nicest kid and very humble about his success. He never rubs it in, and has the talent to do what he wants and to get fans out of their seats. Jack Eichel on the other hand!!!
  6. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    From what I’ve seen, I’m not sold on him. I hope he proves me wrong. But at 22 you’d better be ready, cuz teams ain’t waiting on you for 2 years to develop. I think he would a been best suited to leave after his sophomore season and play in the AHL. But his numbers sucked until last year when he was a jr, and I doubt the Hawks would a signed him. To me, he’s another Leblanc. The NHL is just too big of a step for a kid to come out of college and dominate in, and I doubt at 166 lbs he’s ever gonna be a grinder. For every Johnny Hockey, there’s 1000+1 that just don’t cut it!!!
  7. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I’ve met the kid plenty of times, he has the resolve and attitude to make it, on top of it, he has the talent. Nicest kid you’ll meet. My sons team played at the intermission last Sunday, we got to skate with the team afterwards, and my boy talked with Dipietro the whole time. He’s a great kid and only says the right things. Another kid to look out for in this years draft is Curtis Douglas. We chatted with him after the skate for about a half hour, he’s absolutely huge, 6’7” and he can skate, fight, score etc. It’s his draft year and he’s 17 at the moment. He may take a few more years, but let me tell you, this kid gots game. It’s cool to do these after game meets with them, cuz a lot of times scouts will stay and have a chat with them, and I always pick at their brains too. And Douglas is a total lunch pail work ethic kid, no privilege there. He earns everything!!!
  8. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    One move I’d like to see the Hawks make is a move for a good young goalie. Vancouver is going to be looking to get some prospects that are either ready or need very little seasoning. Draft picks and underdeveloped players are not on their radar at this moment. They have a goalie prospect in Michael Dipietro. I’ve seen this kid 100 times. He’s the real deal. He’s won the Memorial Cup, and led a horrible Spits team that traded anything of value to the playoffs. We are unbelievably thin on goalie prospects and goalies in general. I think trading a Hino or something like that could land a Dipietro. The Spitfires would have been dead last if it wasn’t for him. One thing is for sure, we need to get a few decent prospects in net, everything we’ve got look like life long AHLers or fringe pro tenders!!!
  9. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Very weird indeed. I’m not a fan of it being called a goal. I see the science of why it was called a goal. However if the ref loses sight of the puck, the play should a been dead, and not waiting for the puck to appear. Imagine that happened in a playoff game? Not the way you want to see your team go out!!!
  10. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Sieloff is a former Spitfire. The kid has wheels, he’s a good mobile dman, he’d be a nice prospect to have. If Stan wants American kids, I’d rather him go after kids like this, he’s 6’1” and 210. He hasn’t fared well at the pro level. But I feel he’s been stunted in his growth from the decision not to come back to jrs and play in the AHL. I think he could be a diamond in the rough. Reminds me of a JM Liles or someone like that. A good serviceable dman!!!
  11. How the Hawks Get Better

    Exactly. We need a true top 4. And I for one do not feel Stan has enough allies to make reasonable trades. He gets taken to the cleaners far too much for me. I wouldn’t be surprised if both Q and Stan are back next year. I’m hearing Crawford’s situation bought both of them time. But we’ll see. I never thought I’d hear that. But I did, and Crawford going down showed that this team has massive problems, and we should get a new set of eyes on this!!!
  12. How the Hawks Get Better

    I’m not too worried about the right/left slottings. I LOVE having guys on their off side, it helps with scoring. If we get another lefty, cool, but one thing is certain, we’ve entered a stage where we have nothing coming down the pipeline, and we need guys. Gonna have to make some “hockey trades”. We need to fleece a team with cap problems now. Can’t just be Stan that gets little for their guys when in cap hell!!!
  13. How the Hawks Get Better

    That’s a step in the right direction. I’m not sure Hamilton is worth that much though. But if we could get Hamilton, Trouba and sign Tavares, this team is on the right track. The top 4 D is now a real top 4. Keith-Trouba, Seabs-Hamilton, Murphy- Rutta- Gus. I’d feel much better with that than going into next year with Keith, Seabs, Murphy, Rutta, Gus, Forsling, Jokiharju. I think the last version of the D here makes them awful and another long year and lottery. Hamilton and Touba together would cost roughly 11 million, pay Tavares close to the same and we’ve settled the roster!!!
  14. Stan As Gm

    I’ll say this. And it’s not a nationalistic rant. But if you could please read Creetch’s post about his upbringing, that’s the kids you want on your team, unfortunately for Creetch, I feel that time isn’t on his side when it comes to being drafted! However, those are the best people, that’s what I’m trying to teach my son, how he to be a man, and not a self centred D!*k. My neighbor played for The USDP for 3 years. He never got drafted and played a bit in the minors etc. His fathers job shifted to Arizona and he went there for most of his teens. He told me that all the kids are from very wealthy families. Like 500k per year or more, they’re entitled and only work for what they want, and don’t go out of their way for many others. Spoiled brats in other words. Country club folk. I think what MVR is saying is that we don’t want spoiled or entitled kids, and that’s why our team has been a mess this year, they don’t want to play with each other!!!
  15. Stan As Gm

    Milk hands? Maybe that’s the key to magic hands? I made it very clear the other day on the bench that if he thought smashing his stick off of the boards was smart, if he broke it, he’d better learn to fix it, cuz that’s his last stick this year. Of course he had to get the PKane Bauer Vapour, which aren’t cheap. In my day, I got one Titan stick per year, and that was my road hockey stick too, once it broke, I got a plastic replacement blade. I’m gonna get him cutting lawns this summer, kids can’t have everything given to them. The good news is, I won’t be coaching any of this spring hockey, so I can take video. It looks pretty bad when you’re supposed to be into the game and teaching kids and you got your phone taking video! Anyways, I’ll hook ya up, and I just found out that I may be heading to Chicago for a day or so for work, I’ll keep ya posted!!!
  16. Stan As Gm

    I agree. I would never say there’s no talent in the college ranks, but they can breathe easy knowing they won’t be traded. I was chatting with Spitfires HUGE centerman Curtis Douglas on Sunday. He’s 6’7”, so it’s tough to hold a conversation with him. But he was traded here after Xmas. He said it was tough but it’s the best move for him, and his career. Just an awesome kid that’ll take time for anyone. He had a good chat with my son. So trades happen and can ruin a young kid. It’s real adversity here!!!
  17. Stan As Gm

    The CHL gives scholarships to every kid that plays there. Many CHL players still go on to the NCAA, just not on full rides, due to them signing a contract. I don’t like 16 year old kids going to college, if my kid was that good to make it, I’d say choose hockey first, school can always happen at age 20, like it does for a lot of people!!!
  18. Stan As Gm

    Thanks, now just to pay for it!!!
  19. Stan As Gm

    I’ll tell you this. If my son has the skill to make it far enough, and his decision is either NCAA or the OHL, I would not let my kid go to college at that age. He’d learn from the grass roots and ride the buses and make his friends for life there. Learn the ways of hard work and dedication from a 68 game schedule, school, and practice. On a positive note, my boy made the Southwest Ontario travel team for this years spring tourneys. All the best kids from Chatham through Essex county and Windsor area were picked for this Mays team. We get to play the Belle Tire team from the States. And he’s gonna learn at the ripe old age of 7 that playing in Canada is the way to go. We had 2000 people at the 3rd round for the Belle River Canadiens jr C game last week. It’s just the place to play!!!
  20. Stan As Gm

    I agree Bob. No ones more pisssed than me, trust me. But I think it’s time to retool rather than rebuild. I will bet everything that they don’t rebuild. They have to just try someone else’s vision!!!
  21. Stan As Gm

    To be fair, Keith and Toews are from college!!!
  22. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    Actually, I forgot about poor Murph. But if he stays, even better, guys like him would play better if the puck wasn’t in his end the whole time he’s on the ice. It’s really amazing how players look so much better on a good team. That’s why I say put together a better roster on the top end, the guys that get slotted lower will miraculously be good NHLers. And we’ve seen with our own eyes, winning is contagious!!!
  23. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    Even if he’s used to move up in the draft. Take a dman, and develop the kid properly. Don’t rush him or Jokiharju. Let them develop and bring them up in 2-3 years time, and we could have our backend ready for the next decade!!!
  24. 3/20 Hawks vs Avs

    Kinda, you’re probably not gonna have the same line out there for 1:40 seconds. They change guys all the time. Even if Q sits the kids. Is it a bad thing to get Toews, Saad, Kane, Schmaltz, Keith, Seabs some extra pp time? At this point, that’s the last thing I’d be complaining about. I think if all he did was get them out there, it’s still a good thing to get them going!!!
  25. How the Hawks Get Better

    The sad thing, I had a beer with Cherepanovs dad at the draft. I was talking with this season ticket holder in Columbus. She said she was Ukranian, I said I know. She said how do you know, and I said because you got a square head. She laughed and said, do you see any other “square” heads here? I said yes, that guy over there. She bet me 2 $7.50 beers that he wasn’t Russian. So she goes and talks to him, and I see her making a jesture with her hands like a square around her head. He starts laughing and comes over. It was Alexi’s dad. He was very cool, I believe his name was Andrei? But he bought me and my buddies a beer, she was the translator, and he when he walked away, he was still laughing shaking his head. When I heard of the news, I was devastated for him. He was so proud of his son and how much he loved him, it really hurts to see people go through that. RIP!!!