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  1. Stan As Gm

    Problems aside. The team just isn't as good as most think. This has been going on for a year and almost a half. The finger needs to be pointed where the true problem's lie. The GM. He has done nothing but jettison more and more guys. And for no apparent reason. Cap space is good. But if it needs to be spent, it needs to be spent. The GM spends his time looking for bargains. Well, Cheap work isn't good. And good work isn't cheap. I highly doubt you can make a team out of bargains. I'm still not convinced that the "core" can do it on their own. I truly feel that they need a real supporting cast. And right now, they're proving me right!!!
  2. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    I think now with Kruger, that all but gets rid of AA, no use in having Toews, Schmaltz, AA, Kruger, Kampf and possibly Ejdsell. I’m all for paying a legitimate 3rd line center AAs money, but seriously he’s just not that type of player, so I think unless Stan stands pat, I don’t see how he doesn’t trade him. Always trade from a strength to aid a weakness!!!
  3. Stan As Gm

    I highly doubt if the Hawks win in 14, they 3peat in 15. Just not possible. I seriously feel that if managed properly, 11 was a possibility, the core guys came to life, but a brutal play by Campoli, which was another solid pickup, ended it. That game was the best I’ve ever seen Toews play. He was possessed to win, just not enough help!!!
  4. Stan As Gm

    Stan wasn’t well liked from the get go, Tallon was a well liked guy amongst the GMs, and the hockey world. The backlash was evident, the offer sheet to Hammer, then swoop in and grab Niemi. Then Stan went and added to it by basically trading Damaged goods to Minnesota in Barker and bragged about it around the NHL circles. Even till today, he has a horrible time making trades, and I’ve said the same thing from his first day on the job. I’m sure he’s a good guy, father, husband, employee etc. I personally don’t feel he’s done the right things, I hope like hell hes learned from his mistakes, cuz the team is slipping very fast and there’s less and less talent making the squad, the right things need to be done!!!
  5. Stan As Gm

    Not really, Hamilton makes 5.75 million. He got 44 points. Hanifin just finished his ELC, he got 32 points. Ferland got 21g 41 points he makes 1.75 million. Lindholm 2.7 million and got 16 goals 44 points. So the flames sent 7.5 million away, and took back 2.7 plus whatever Hanifin signs for, more than likely 3 million, they save very close to 2 million. That enabled them to sign James Neal. It was a pure salary dump. When the Hawks Dumped Campbell, all people remember is getting rid of Campbell’s deal, but we took back Olesz who made over 3 million, was that a hockey trade? Anyways, Calgary GM said he needed to “shed salary”!!!
  6. Stan As Gm

    No team has had to do as much as the Hawks, but recently the Flames got Lindholm and Hanifin for Hamilton and Ferland. Ferland hit 21 goals last year and is emerging as a real power forward, he will also get a hefty pay raise, so I’d think that Calgary got a decent return!!!
  7. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    If the Hawks got back decent compensation for Buff, Bolland, Sharp, Versteeg, Saad, Shaw etc, we wouldn’t be having this conversation. Draft picks were wasted and everything you described happened for these reasons. Inexperience has wrestled this team to the mat. I sure hope he learned from this, cuz wasting the last 4-5 decent years of the core guys is not realistic at this point!!!
  8. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    You’re absolutely right. I may be wrong here, but I truly feel that this group shoulda been the best and most successful group ever assembled. I really do, the core group slaughtered playoff competition for the better part of a decade. I feel and the proof is there, that they never really had the help, and when they did, they walked through the league like 2013, a 23 game streak to start the year. Now the core has shrank and so have the wins. Yes Sharp and Hossa got old, it happens. But nothing was done while they were getting older. Not many draft picks stuck around, and we had a ton of time to develop kids. I will never undermine what they accomplished, I just feel it should’ve been another 2 Cups in there!!!
  9. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    The main reason the core is beaten down is due to being heavily relied on during the playoffs. I know many overblow the acquisition of Vermette as this amazing deal. We gave up a lot for a guy that easily could a been done by someone else and probably better. We won due to the core group, mainly Keith that year. Take him out and we lose 100 times out of 100, the acquisition of Timonen actually hurt the teams chances. When also old Roszival went down, we were forced to play him, and who gives up a 2nd and 3rd round pick for a 39 year old that didn’t play all year due to blood clots? Moves like this have over exerted the core and they are burnt out. They’re bodies have faced the slayer and hopefully they can rebound. In 2013 I’ll give him Oduya, that’s his best trade to date, isn’t that kinda sad considering the talent he’s sent packing? Ladd, Buff, Versteeg, Campbell, Sharp etc, and we got nothing at all to show for those guys. I could go on forever, the proof is in the pudding, we all see it, but some choose to ignore it. Bob, what you’ve seen over the last year is what I’ve seen over the last decade. It was just covered up by the core group over exerting themselves, now we have the fallout and no one likes it and wants to blame Stan now, that’s not the case. Bowman cannot be blamed for the past couple years, the blame should lay in the 5-6 years before it. Now he’s in scramble mode to try and get younger and more cost controlled, while still trying to compete, a tough task but it needs to be done, but should of been done after 2016 season!!!
  10. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Plain and simple, there’s not 30 teams lining up to take that contract. We lost 2 fringe NHLers, which was the reasoning why this team was awful last year. At the ages of those 2, 24 and 26, we didn’t lose much, plus if you haven’t noticed, Stan loaded up on these type of guys in recent drafts, many more coming. Now we have space to actually better the team, now whether he does it or not is another thing. Stan has never really bettered the team in my eyes, he’s looked to the core group to make his shady acquisitions look better. Now he has space, let’s see if he can make a deal trade!!!
  11. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Contract talks have stalled completely with Karlsson and Stone. Stone is set to go to arbitration and if he does go, it’ll be a one year deal and then he’s a UFA, not ideal for the Sens. Rumour has it that they offered Karlsson a deal, and he wants all bonus money like Tavares recent deal. Apparently Tavares gets all his money on July 1 every year, he gets 10 million and 1 million actual salary. This is what Karlsson wants but the Sens just can’t afford this. They are looking to possibly deal both. They would want a kings ransom for both, but how many teams could afford with one of the other? Tampa was rumoured to have him locked, but they couldn’t clear the cap space. Hawks have the space and obviously they’d have to send money back to the Sens. Saad, AA, Dcat and Jokiharju for Karlsson and Stone. The money equals out for this year, but a longer term deal for Karlsson would have to be worked out. With Boqvist’s idol being Karlsson, it would be a smart move to give him the opportunity to play with him in the near future. Yes it’s a lot to give up, but Saad is replaced and then some by Stone, Karlsson more than makes up for the other 2 it’s not like they’re old either, 25 and 27 isn’t that bad. Karlsson can play at a high level for the next 8 years, that doesn’t bother me, Stone also can play at a high level for 8 years. We can win now and also add in our prospects as time moves on, not much need to trade away 1st rounders. This is a deal that would work for both sides!!!
  12. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    This is true, and the worst part is he misses assignments in his own end very easily, something a center has to do. Nik Backstrom would do the same, and that’s why he and the Caps would never win when it counted, you seen a different attitude from them this year. Hopefully Schmaltz can make that next step, it’s not all about numbers, but being in the right place the stop the opposition!!!
  13. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Sorry, I never said a one year, but rather if Schmaltz takes a 2 year bridge deal, Patches could be re-signed, that was all. If Schmaltz wants all the money and term now, then it’s hard to re-sign Patches, cuz the cap could easily go up what he makes in 2 years time, 7 million is not that impossible for the cap to rise in 2 years. So it’ll all ride on Schmaltz!!!
  14. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Absolutely. Also, I’m not suggesting Stans plan was to draft a bunch of smaller guys to mimic Dcats game, but they do have many options for his replacement. I also feel that a top six of Toews/Patches/Saad, then Schmaltz/Kane/Panera really gets things going. That would be the best top 6 we’ve ever had, and we can take Toews off of the PK and throw in Kruger. Plus to re-sign anyone, it wouldn’t be that bad, we’d have potentially 20 million next summer. Obviously someone would have to go, cuz Schmaltz will probably get 6-7 million, and that eats quite a bit of the amount, plus Panera will get 8 million. So we’d probably lose Patches but maybe win a Cup? Or if Schmaltz takes a 2 year bridge at 4.5-5, than there’s hope for re-signing Patches!!!
  15. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Pacioretty is one year removed from a 37 goal campaign, he single handily took the Habs offense and drove it. That team is dried up now and needs a full rebuild. Pacioretty has no miles on him and would pretty much be the same as Pitt adding Kessel. I don’t believe Pacioretty is washed up and with the right players is still a 30 goal guy, he has size and probably drive due to being in a contract year. What he is not, is a captain, I think if he had the pressure off of him and he could play in less of a pressure cooker, he’d become exactly what we’re missing, and have been missing since 2015 after Hossa noticeably started declining. I truly feel if you get him, and yes it may only last for 2-3 years with him (if he re-signed), you’d see the core group get rejuvenated and get back to business. We’ve had nothing but band aid solutions over the past 6-7 years, some of those band aids worked for a bit, but most didn’t. Now with amazing players surrounding them once again, they will get back to the top. The band aids caught up to the team. Skinna would be nice, but I feel he’s another smaller forward with concussion issues and the playoffs may not be for him. He’s definitely a talent, but we need bigger guys up front!!!
  16. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Thanks Merp. I haven’t heard much as the folks I know are back home or on vacation, I have heard a little rumbling from a friend about Panera. But not the most reliable, he hits on 50%. I think AA and a prospect to Montreal for Pacioretty makes the most sense. Maybe even Graham Knott, Habs need centers and there’s 2. If AA has the Habs on his list!!!
  17. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Look at Pastrnak, he had one good year of 70 points playing with Marchand and Bergeron. He got 6.66 million. I feel playing with Kane and the more than likely newly acquired Panera or Pacioretty will get him to 70 points. So he’ll have a 52 and 65-70 point campaign, I think he gets 7 million, even Hertl with his career best 46 points and he got 5.6 million. Saad had a career best 52 points at the time of his deal and he got 6. So I don’t see Schmaltz getting anything less than 6, probably similar or more than Pastrnak!!!
  18. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    Yes, that’s been the Rumour. If AA, and a couple prospects went back, I’d be ok with it. I’d rather trade Dcat or other smaller forwards for getting a dman, but it sounds like Pacioretty and Skinna have fallen through!!!
  19. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    The problem with Panera is that he’s one dimensional, which we both know is easy to shut down. However, getting him without removing any other top 6 is the best way to go. If we could have 2 good lines going, then it’s tougher to shut down a guy like him. Depth is the key, adding him would be nice, but in all reality, we cannot have Dcat, Schmaltz, Kane and Panera all on the same team, especially the top 6. So we’d have to deal either Dcat and or Schmaltz to get him. Plus we got at least 7-8 undersized draft picks over the last few years, so I feel it’s best to limit how many we have in the lineup or system!!!
  20. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    You’re right, but he only has 10 teams he can be dealt too, are any of those teams interested? And he probably picked teams that he knows would never take him, like Pitt, Wash, Tampa, SJ, Toronta, LA, Nash, Winnipeg, Philly, Boston etc. Any team against the cap. Not sure Carolina or the Habs would be on there!!!
  21. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Thanks Joe. I’ve seen him play quite a few times over the last few years, but he never stood out to me, HOWEVER, he’s got size and a lot of room to grow into it. He’s a project. But like Bickell or Buff, they’ll never make it till their 21/22 or later. He’s a good prospect to have!!!
  22. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    I know this is all speculation, and on my behalf too. But if they did land Patches and Skinna, I don’t see how Saad fits? You’d have line 1) Toews, Skinna, Dcat. Line 2) Schmaltz, Kane, Pacioretty, line 3) Ejdsell, Kunitz, Hayden. I don’t believe Saad to be a 3rd liner nor a 4th liner. So a deal to get bonifide scoring is not a bad thing, and maybe Saad was part of the problem in the room? Again, just speculation. Skinna and Patches would be a major upgrade in my opinion, so if we had to lose Saad, AA, that’s more than fine to me. Adding 2 guys still in their 20s that each scored 37 two years ago is a good move in my eyes. Saads best year was 31 goals and 53 points. And I hate to say it, but that’s probably his ceiling, whereas the other two have a much higher ceiling to me!!!
  23. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    TSN is reporting this, but they were wrong earlier today. Skinna and Patches would be amazing additions. Any time you add the best player from two different teams, it’ll make your team quite amazing. We’ll see what’s up, trading Hossa’s deal was only necessary if they plan to spend to the cap. So there’s smoke, now for the embers to catch fire!!!
  24. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I’d have to think AA is going to be moved. With Schmaltz emerging as 2nd line center, and Kruger back with Ejdsell, I don’t see paying a guy 4.5 million to play 3/4 line center and not be good at it. Montreal needs centermen bad, I don’t see them giving away Pacioretty for why you’ve said, you wouldn’t even do that deal. So I’d have to think it’d look more like this To Chicago: Pacioretty, Shaw( 1 million retained for a 2.9 million cap hit). To Montreal: Anisimov, Altybarmakyan, 2nd round pick, Knott. I think something like this makes much more sense from both sides. No ones taking back trash for a good player like Pacioretty. The Habs get 2 centermen, which they need horribly, a decent prospect and a good pick. I think that’s more of the type of deal I’d be looking for if I were Bergevin!!!
  25. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Let’s hope Homers hoping helps out our hopes and all bodes well for hoping and he plays!!!