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  1. I think he is, when guys like Kero can do it cheaper, that's the way to go when you're cap strapped. That is also the reason he'll probably be traded. If Stan can save 250-300k on 3 guys, that's almost a million in space. There's a couple of other kids coming next year, and they probably have hefty cap hits for rookies too, so all of them won't work due to cap restraints!!!
  2. Thanks, that's awesome, but I'm gonna stick with JurKO!!!
  3. I've heard both Iginla and or Sharp. Jurco is probably an expansion piece, I neve heard a thing about that and usually with the Wings, I hear a ton. So I believe this was a calculated move, rather than a knee jerk trade deadline deal. I still feel one of those other two will make it here!!!
  4. They would retain half his salary because it's the right gawd damn thing to do!!!
  5. Hawks would not be acquiring a top notch guy to lead them to the Cup, he'd probably be with Hossa to shut down other teams best lines, while being able to chip in a few goals. He's proved that he will do whatever it takes to win it all. He's a guy I could see shutting down the opposing top line, and chipping in with 3-4 goals through the playoffs. He's been there, it's his last kick at it, I think he'll be an addition like no one else!!!
  6. Oduya helped the Hawks to the 2015 Cup with one good arm, he had to skate the puck up ice with one hand on his stick for the whole finals. I think with some rest he'll be fine, I'd trade Kempny and a low end pick for him. And possibly re-sign him. I'm also with Stan that maybe making changes is not the best thing for chemistry etc!!!
  7. Iggy can play center also. Theres also a chance that he does nothing, the team is looking good, why upgrade? It may be a down grade, chemistry etc. It's easy from the outside looking in to say "get this guy or that guy and we're set". But reality says that it just may not work out!!!
  8. On a serious note, I think it's a sad day for hockey if the Islanders leave the Island. I mean if they leave the area. They should head back to Nassau and do everything to make it work. That's where they belong. But if they were to move, Hartford or even Portland? I think that's more of a reality!!!
  9. Iginla? It's looking like it!!!
  10. Ahhhh the legend of Biggie Schmaltz!!!
  11. Ok, now imagine Panera playing/living there? Or a Czech or Slovak etc. I'm not sure it works out, it's not my opinion, but more of the truth. I have nothing against them, but with a constant weak Canadian dollar, and their performance equals to a more miserable salary cap. The league doesn't need them!!!
  12. I'd say Desjardin and Tootoo get sent away, Kero can be sent down only to be brought back up for the playoffs. So there is room to be made!!!
  13. He showed Minnesota that in order to be the man, you gotta beat the man!!!
  14. The city is about 97% French. So yes, the city. Quebec City is a different animal!!!
  15. No to Quebec. They'll have a hard time attracting the right players. Not many Euros will want to play there, due to learning an extra language on top of English. Quebec is dominant French and you have to speak it to love there. I fear that a team will go there and suck, then player after player will leave and they'll be a bottom feeder then the fans will stop coming. It will fail I guarantee, it's basically a worse climate than Edmonton. They'll have a tough time getting good players. If Tavares and the Islanders went there, I doubt Tavares signs an extension there!!!