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  1. I can't buy that. I don't think the Hawks are that slow, un-motivated yes, they have speed, they're just not utilizing their strengths. Which is a problem from the top down. Chemistry is way way way off. We lost heart and soul guys in Sharp and Saad, for guys who don't even speak our language!!!
  2. I don't think for a minute that they never earned any of that. I just think that the team played overly emotional in 2015 cuz Sharp was already rumoured to be gone, and he was a catalyst of the rebirth. But they lost too much from that team, and never really replaced it. We had heart and soul guys torn away, and replaced by guys who don't speak our language. The chemistry is all outta whack. That's why I've stated many times to just go with the kids, they'll become like family!!!
  3. I have a hard time believing the outcomes are pre-determined. The Hawks team just didn't show up. It's happened to Detroit before when they set an NHL record with 68 wins and they bowed out quite easily to the Sharks. But I do feel the NHL draft lottery is rigged. I really do, they should really show the balls come out live, rather than just say to accept it. They "film" it but that could be done at anytime. Every team that Jim Balsillie tried to buy during that era got a #1 pick, like Pitt, and the Caps. And Pitt beat out Chicago 2x in a row with Crosby and Malkin. When he tried to buy the Coyotes, the nhl stepped in and took over. Then once Ovechkin, Crosby and Malkin were off the board, the Hawks were 6th worst in 2006, and somehow miraculously win the lotto, when they shouldn't have. Oh well, we won 3 Cups and all is well I guess!!!
  4. I don't think they were complacent either. What I truly think happened is this...... They overachieved during a regular season which can mask a lot of problems. They played "their" game in the post season, and were definitely out coached and out played. We lost to a weaker team, not in the standings as that means nothing in the postseason, we lost to a team that has very little star power. They may very well go all the way to the Cup, but at some point you need those stars to take you to the extra level. And the Hawks boast stars ✨! with that being said, I thought the 2015 team should have been a stern reminder to Stan and the coaches that it's not easy. I feel that they stayed a course that was not acceptable, I think they were very lucky to win in 2015. We faced a beaten down Bolts team that had nothing left to give. Plus every other round was a lot of luck. But they still won, and Stan let the team take another step backnthat summer, he did it last summer, and I hope he doesn't do it again. It's gradual because no one knows that they're hurting the team until they do, but do it 2-3 years in a row and you get what we got this year!!!
  5. I know he seems like the easiest target in EA Sports to move, but in the real world, he's here and just accept that. I for one, am not really worried about him. I think he'll be fine for a few more years. Again, we need depth to compliment what we got, right now the depth is meh, there's only so far 1.34768 of a line can take you. And I've done the math, that number is quite accurate. πŸ‘¨β€πŸ«πŸ”’βž—πŸ”™βœ–οΈπŸ’²β˜‘οΈ!!!
  6. Seabrook has a full no movement clause. No need to post about it much more!!!
  7. You'd think that was the case, but it's not. I think Stan was banking way too much on the cap to keep climbing, it was a gamble that has back fired, now we have guys we really can't afford, and we can't move them. If the core group fails again, it'll be impossible to move them, it'll be terrible to watch a team against the cap and not be able to do a thing about it. Let's hope that's not the case!!!
  8. Gig, I feel the same way about the regular season, it seems to be an 82 game cash grab. However. I thought about it like this instead. Buffalo would kill for our position this year. Also, maybe finishing 1st in the west as early as we did killed us? The regular season means a lot, we just don't see it that way. LA snuck into the playoffs the two times they won the Cup. And they had to come right down to the wire. I think the Hawks should go for playoff performers, and have a weaker regular season. Panera has a horrible monkey πŸ’ to get off his back. He's a one dimensional player, and it shows. He belongs on Washington, they're full of those guys!!!
  9. This is a fun series to watch. 2 OT here we come!!!
  10. Well, from what Stan has said, Q is his guy. He's had many chances to get rid of him and has stood beside his man, so to speak. I think they were both put on notice, and Stan like every GM will save their bacon πŸ₯“ first!!!
  11. I think McCub wants all the attention, and making a huge splash would create attention. No way Stan survives another first round exit!!!
  12. We'll see what he signs for. If it's under 3 million, then I can't see why trading the other goalie wasn't a top priority!!!
  13. I don't believe anyone would argue that, I think the point is trading Crawford would help this team immensely, especially when his replacement is in tow. That was a chance to save money and not take a step back. Now, we gotta lose an important piece up front, and probably have a horrible supporting cast. Hence, the team takes a step back!!!
  14. I believe the cap is supposed to rise to 76 million, the cap is at 73 million now. So it's not that bad. But bad enough where we will lose someone(s). Plus it's quite clear the Hawks need some upgrades. Now, what Stan actually does is different. I don't think he does much, and I think he goes dumpster diving for vets and it's 2011 all over again. He'll blame Q and fire him. Dineen will take over and the Hawks will lose first round again where Stan finally gets shown the door!!!
  15. I don't think the core is trending downwards. Just like the Pens and the Ducks, their stars looked meh for a couple of years. They get burnt out from no supporting cast, and that's where we are today. He overpays and gives out NMC which tie the teams hands for years. I'm all for giving guys NMCs, but only for half of the deal. So Seabs should only have 4 out of the 8 years covering him. I just don't see the "team" being what it was. We got a handful of stars and a sub par supporting cast. And we'll probably lose one or two of that group for cheaper (more than likely worse) players. The core group of guys are showing that they can't handle the extra workload. And that's about as far as I'd say they've slipped. Q has to lean on these guys far too much, and some of it is Qs fault too!!!