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  1. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    Wavy gravy!!!
  2. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

  3. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    This pains me to say this, and I got a tear in my eye saying this, but it seems the game has passed Sharp bye. I was hoping he’d be of use, but it seems he’s just taking a spot from someone deserving. I know it takes time to come back from his type of injury, but after 30+ games, I don’t think he’s got much more, and by the time he gets anything, he’ll be way too old. He’s almost embarrassing himself now, it’s too bad, it’d be nice to see him go out on better terms!!!
  4. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    On TSN today they had interviews with all the Jets players, Wheeler said that they had this game circled on their calendar as a measuring stick. I think they gave the champs too much locker room material!!!
  5. 12/14 Hawks vs. Jets

    I was missing that the last couple of games!!!
  6. Stan As Gm

    I may be wrong here, but wasn’t Johnson out with a concussion? And he wasn’t even expected to play for the Hawks. So I don’t believe his contract was a problem for the Wild. I believe that the Wild thought that Barker was the real deal, and they were giving up a prospect to get him. Barker had like 40 points in about 62 games(I didn’t look at his stats), not many would turn down that trade!!!
  7. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    I guess it’s good that they’re finding a way to win, but the inconsistency has gotta be better. It’s nice to see Toews kinda get her going of late, especially a clutch goal, he needs to be captain clutch again, and I feel if Panik is off of his line, there’s a good chance. Hopefully Dcats youthful exuberance is contagious and the other two on that line catch it!!!
  8. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    The Hawks of old could win off of talent, but they’d also lose on some of those nights, but when they’d have the compete factor, they’d be unbeatable!!!
  9. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    I agree, it seems like a team with no real direction, not really going for it, but if it works out, great! And maybe a mini rebuild, if it works out great. Kind like throwing scat at the wall and seeing which consistency sticks!!!
  10. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    He has a ton of time and space. On the last PP he skates in, curls back, and makes a weak attempt to pass back to the point and they picked it off and went down the other way. It’s like he’s hearing footsteps, and just letting it go!!!
  11. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    My main complaint about Dcat is that when he curls back, he always loses the puck and it goes back the other way. Gotta get better at it!!!
  12. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Maybe a bit of a charge there???
  13. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Kane’s having one of those nights where he seems to be able to skate where ever he wants whenever he wants, he may very well get another 2 points in the last 3 mins again!!!
  14. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Trochek is one hell of a hockey player!!!
  15. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    Hawks are actually moving their feet tonight, even CC!!!