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  1. Big-T

    12/18 Hawks vs Preds

    I agree, these are the holes that need filling. If I was GM, I would look heavily into moving one of them along with Sikura. I think Sikura still has some value in the trade market, but we still have about 10 more of him coming, might as well get something for him before it’s too late!!!
  2. Big-T

    12/18 Hawks vs Preds

    You have always beacon of light in the dark ages of the Hawks, and the good days of the Hawks, and the yesteryears of the Hawks, even though we disagree, especially nowadays, I still think some positive helps, so does beer! Hope you’re enjoying Canada again. It was 42F here today. Hope that doesn’t kill you and your tropical blood!!!
  3. Big-T


    Looking back, most of us forget how good Eddy O was. But that’s a good for Dcat. I think he’s looked more confident since he’s got Strome back with him. It was no secret that I didn’t care for Schmaltz’s style of hockey, and I was hoping for Strome on the Hawks. If we can get this winning culture back, guys like Strome and Dcat could be part of a brighter future, 6’3” centers are a plenty in the NHL, but, I guess 5’7” wingers aren’t really a plenty either!!!
  4. Big-T

    Stan As Gm

    You’re absolutely right. I think they’ve been told not to fight, so they’ve been coached out of it. Just a sad situation here, whatever the problem is, this place needs a good rectal scrapping!!!
  5. Big-T

    Stan As Gm

    Something is weird, I was just watching TSN last night. They were talking about how Tkachuk on Calgary was up in Price’s grrrrrrrill the other night, and Weber steps in and says that won’t fly and he took care of the kid. Now imagine if they did the same to Price as Crawford? The people in the stands would a thrown their undies or even their seats. And we have zero reaction? I’m not sure it’s the players as a whole, many will say I have an agenda here, but it’s coming from up high. Why they would do that is beyond me. Everyone of those guys on that team has been coached to protect their goalie at all costs, it’s basically second nature. They’re being programmed to walk away. Is it because they want to separate the Hawks from the concussions debate and not add to it? If that’s the case, your team is getting crippled with concussions due to it.... IE: AA and CC. Something is very weird!!!
  6. Big-T

    The Crawford Thread

    I think EKane should have been tossed out, imagine if that was the Bruins? Preds? Flames? They would a killed EKane, and the game would become a gawd damn side show. Why the Hawks didn’t even get in his face is unreal. Look at the linesman, he races in and looks over his shoulder as he gets to EKane, and he’s like “what the!”, cuz not one Hawk went to “see him”!!!
  7. Big-T

    12/14 Hawks vs Jets

    It worked well until the roster went to hell, personnel is the one that will tell!!!
  8. Big-T

    Stan As Gm

    Mark Hunter is a smart hockey man. Dale Hunter is what’s needed to help develop these kids properly. We don’t have anything in our front office or coaching staff that can do what those two could. Dales son Dylan can take over the Knights, and feed info along to good players in the OHL. Right now, the people running this are not hockey people, and you will not get proper hockey decisions made!!!
  9. Big-T

    Stan As Gm

    Bob, that’s basically it, it’s the same as a parent saying “I take care of my kids”, well, aren’t parents supposed to take care of their kids? A GM adding a mediocre piece doesn’t not mean they’re Hall of Fame bound. Now he’s picking up the same type players for every hole on this team, and his style is killing it!!!
  10. Big-T

    12/16 Hawks vs Sharks

    Oh well, there’s always next...... life. I guess we had a decent one this time around!!!
  11. Big-T

    12/16 Hawks vs Sharks

    I agree, I’m actually shocked that not one went after EKane. Watch the linesman whale in there to get in front of EKane and the would be confronters. Then the linesman looked over his shoulder and was like, huh? Where’s the beef? No one even said hello or good day to him. Then EKane scores a goal and we still say nothing to him. You are correct, that is on the players. This is a team with no faith in each other, they’re not playing for each other, the chemistry is non existent. If they were best of friends and close, they’d go to war for each other, look at Calgary, they’re in first cuz they have an identity and don’t lose it. Tkachuk comes out last night and hands Dumba his arse for his hit the other day on Goudreau. I’m sure the team just loved that. We need new leadership up top to get what I just described!!!
  12. Big-T

    12/16 Hawks vs Sharks

    Hahahahaha, in the words of CC, “You’re a F****** Beauty”!!!
  13. Big-T

    12/16 Hawks vs Sharks

    I must say, I like the fire 🔥 in yur belly! This is what I’ve told you for a long time. The players can be held accountable, but for how long? When are they not good enough? A GM cannot sir there and say, “They wear the Indian Head, they’re good enough”. It’s not on the players, the roster is the worst assembled in decades. We have way to many AHLers that don’t belong. But too many drink Stans coolaid and believe that hes a Bowman and can do no wrong. He’s the same effing thing as Scott F****** Foster. At least Foster has played, and probably knows more about the team than him. So to say the onus is on the players, sure, but for how long!!!
  14. Big-T

    12/16 Hawks vs Sharks

    No no no, what I said was to bring Q in to stop the bleeding, let him finish the year, and then bring in a real coach, as in not Colliton, to replace Q. I think it was just about time for him to move on anyways, I have no doubt about that, but the results speak for themselves!!!
  15. Big-T

    12/16 Hawks vs Sharks

    Now it’s bad, Stans roster is gonna be exposed even more. What can the team do with Crow pretty much done? I don’t see many more wins coming, and the team will totally tune out the kid coach now. I seriously hope change is coming, Dreger said Stan is “In the cross hairs now”. So I hope that’s true!!!