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  1. I didn't mean 15 million per year. But 5 years and 15 million total, AAV of 3 million per year. I think he'd do it, we'd save 1.5 million on that posistion. As for Alzner, I'm sure the Hawks have interest, but I'm sure they can't afford that. Actually, I'm positive they can't. Alzner will get 5-6 million!!!
  2. 50 points is a lot of points these days. That's the same as 70 a few years back. Now 70-80 points gets you in the top 10 in scoring maybe even the top 5. So I'd have to think that 3 million per year is relatively cheap for a guy who's 28 and looking for some stability. We can go 1 year and 2 million. But then if he gets 60 points playing with Kane, which is very probable, he'll want 4-5 million and we just screwed our selves. He just played for 650k, I'm sure he'll love a 3 million salary, and we save 1.5 million from AA!!!
  3. And a mighty fine one too!!!
  4. Gagner plays the game the right way too. We need to drop these higher paid guys for someone more inclined to win. I'd sign Gagner to a 5 year 15 million deal. He'd probably be looking for term and money, for us that's a bargain, and it takes him right into his early 30s. With Kane he could put up easily 50 points. I'd rather cheap out like that, than with other guys like a Brunette, or Pisani etc. If they have mutual interest, my guess is that someone like Thornton said no to the Hawks, cuz the Hawks were one of 12 teams to talk to Joe. But Gagner is a better option than AA in my opinion!!!
  5. Really too bad, the kid has talent, he just doesn't want to play a team game. He's basically a shootout guy, if hockey were 1 on 1 or just a breakaway competition, he'd probably be decent, but it's 5 on 5 and he'll have assignments!!!
  6. I'd have to think that Joe would want about 3-4 million, on a "comfortable team", but I'd have to think for a shot at a Cup, he'd take 2 million!!!
  7. He wants to stay in SJ, that's no secret. But he has to see what's out there. So I don't think he's driving up his price. He's looking for opportunity now!!!
  8. The Hawks are one of a dozen teams to have spoke with free agent to be center, Joe Thornton. Not saying that anything will come of this, but put together all the Anisimov trade rumours, and where there's smoke!!!
  9. It may get him going, but one thing we don't need is another version of Panera. Good player, but not to be leaned on. Maybe he starts to utilize his size, and become more than a perimeter presence? The only problem playing with Kane is this, Kane draws all defenders to him and the perimeter is always open, Panera made a living staying by the boards waiting for a one timer from Kane, thats all great in the regular season, but when Kane's space gets limited, he needs wingers and a center that can help create space, standing along the boards will not do that. That's my fear with Jurcho, I'd like to see some Panik type effort out of him first!!!
  10. Check out a YouTube video on his stick handling and you'll know right away. But for some reason, it just doesn't translate to goal scoring. I think that Jurcho thought that it would come easier, and it hasn't, so I believe he will have to learn to stay in the league, rather than look for a top 6 spot given to him!!!
  11. Alzner will want 7 years at 6 million per, and some stoopid GM will do it. He's a 4-4.5 million at best!!!
  12. Hockey DB has him at 6'2" and 176, and they're usually bang on. I use DB or "database" for all my answers on numbers, so we should still send him on a summer tour with Hitch!!!
  13. I don't doubt that Forsberg could be really good on a good team like the Hawks. I just think that he's really skinny. He's 6'2" and 176. Now, I don't think he should be Ken Hitchcock, but that's the weight of a 5'9" guy. He needs another 15 lbs minimum. Goalies usually say they lose 4-6 lbs per game, he just cannot afford to lose anything. Hopefully a few rounds of Giordano's pizza will help him out!!!
  14. I agree Bubbles. I've said it before and I'll say it again. All angood team needs is an NHL goalie. The 2010 Hawks were a great team, they had an AHL goalie. I think Forsberg will be more than fine. He was decent at the AHL, and he'll be good with the Hawks D in front of him. I think a lot of the moves that were needed to be made were made, and the Hawks will be better off because of it. And I promise that Toews and possibly Kane were brought in and asked what they thought the team needed. They probably gave their 2 coppers worth and I bet stan listened and did what he could. And I bet guys like Saad and Sharp were brought up. I won't be surprised if Sharp is brought back and Forsberg is our back up!!!
  15. Yakupov was not qualified by the Blues, he is now an Unrestricted Free Agent. Not sure how many more teams will take a shot on him? He's going to be limited real soon. I think he may head back home, some team in Russia will pay(default on payment) him a decent amount!!!