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  1. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    I went to a longer stick because I was taught, “if you’re starring down at the ice, you’ll soon be laying there”. We learn quick, and a longer stick is a way of seeing the ice better!!!
  2. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    On skates, around here it’s always been to your nose. We do ours to our eyebrows. Like I said, the reach really helps, sticks are so light now a days that it doesn’t really matter if their 3”-4” longer!!!
  3. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Interesting. I’ve always played with a long stick, I got my son using a long stick too. The reasoning is like Goodman says, they stare at the ice more and limit their vision. I think a long stick helps more than a shorter one. Plus it extends your reach, and you can dangle a lot better by seducing players to go for the puck instead of the body. Hopefully he goes to a long stick!!!
  4. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    I like people that switch up what they think, it means you’re learning. I get called out all the time for something I said last year or two years, but I’d rather see people (especially politicians) learn and from the past and make a better decision next time. I remember during the Roenick/Belfour/Chelios era, it got to the point when I wanted them to blow the team up, well, they did! And we seen how long it took to change our fortunes over a decade. Don’t get me wrong, WWW had a hand in that, also Pully, but it’s hard to groom young kids with no real leadership, finally Uncle Dale changed that, and I realized how wrong I was to want to rid the team of them!!!
  5. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    I think Strome was the better prospect. Perlini was the NHL player they got. Although both had struggled, they just needed a fresh start. Also, what most don’t realize, this is the reason you don’t trade Kane and Toews. I know many have said “just trade them and blow it up then”, once players get to play with them or even hang around them at practice etc, they see what it takes to win, and that is why you don’t trade them. I feel Vancouver is much richer for not trading the twins, they really helped the next wave of kids learn to be pro’s and how to practice and perform like one. If you go out partying every night, it’ll reflect on your performance, if you hit the gym after games and on days off, you’ll see better results, and the vets teach them this. I think Strome and Perlini have benefited from being around the Hall of Fame guys we have. I remember Toews saying that in his rookie year, he met his idol...... Joe Sakic. He wanted Sakic to give him and sign a stick for him. Sakic said sure, as long as you hit the gym with me, so Sakic showed him what it takes to be at that level, and our guys will show the younger guys too!!!
  6. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Whether we like it or not, Perlini will more than likely get near 2. If not here, elsewhere. I think a 2 year 3.5 million deal is acceptable. If he struggles there’s not much to lose, that contract can easily be moved. If he crushes everyone’s expectations and gets 20-25 goals, he’s an absolute bargain!!!
  7. Big-T

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I don’t get it either. I think Neal has way more upside. And for what it’s worth. My buddy’s cousin plays for the Flames ( Brodie), and he said that Neal admitted that he wasn’t in the best of shape and apologized for it and promised to be better. But he also admitted that he expected to be traded because of it. Looks like Mr Neal partied through last summer and that was the result of it!!!
  8. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Or do you mean it’s going to be an interesting Kampf???
  9. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    That’s sad to hear about Nylander, it really looks like he’s just not NHL material. I still feel they should’ve taken picks for him or just keep him. Dach looks really good. Like really good. He has really high end skill for a big guy, he uses his body to his advantage, I think he’s what we needed, a guy with size and skill. I can really see him being like a Mathews type player, big and can dominate games. There’s a few good prospects, but the work is far from over, we will have a lot of holes to fill in the next few years, we’ll need to start developing young talent here!!!
  10. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    It explains the ELC does slide. But not if they’re 20 or older!!!
  11. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    I liked that video too, but didn’t he say Beaudin was player of the game? I could a swore he was talking to Beaudin!!!
  12. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    I believe the rule states that any player “drafted” by a CHL team. Boqvist was drafted. https://londonknights.com/article/knights-sign-import-pick Same rules applied to Joker, he had to go back to the WHL for a season. He wasn’t eligible to play in the AHL till he was 20. Boqvist will fall under the same rules!!!
  13. Big-T

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Although it’s impossible to argue his defensive play, we have 4 forwards on the pp, and Gustafsson. I don’t believe it’s wise to throw another forward out there. Plus, Gustafsson did the job better than anyone we’ve had in years. It clicked good. I’d rather just keep him and worry about losing him later, if we lose him, we should have a younger version of him in Boqvist ready to go the year after. If Boqvist is ready now, trade Gustafsson either during camp or shortly after!!!
  14. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    Not on loan, if a team loans a player, the players contract is now in motion and it counts against the cap, Boqvist is on a 2 way ELC, he can be sent down without his contract kicking in, as long as it doesn’t surpass the 10 game buffer that is set. The Oilers screwed up with Draisaitl, they kept him up for half a season, his contract kicked in, and they sent him back to Jrs. So they lost a year of his ELC due to keeping him longer than 10 games and he ended up being a healthy scratch. Since Boqvist is only turning 19 August 15, I don’t believe he’s eligible to play in the AHL this upcoming season!!!
  15. Big-T

    Hawks Moves 2019-2020

    He will be 20 and can go to the AHL now. Dcat is an American born player who played in the OHL, he was not allowed to go to Rockford in his rookie year, he either made the Hawks, or he went back. Same with Joker. When you sign with the CHL, you have agreed to those rules!!!