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  1. I'm not totally sure if it was due to production, but Thornton and Marleau were both asked a few years back, then Wilson re-signs Joe at 8 million. I'm sure almost every time a player is asked to waive their NMC, it's probably about production, cuz if they were leading the league in scoring, they would never be asked!!!
  2. "They are who we thought they were"? Maybe that'll help looking back!!!
  3. I'd like you to, it'd liven the place up!!!
  4. MVR, I'm with ya. But the Hawks as of now, just have too many guys signed at forward. The bottom 6 is packed with 8-9 guys. Sure Hayden can be sent down, same with Hino, but after that we know Tootoo will make it.... just cuz. This leaves absolutely no room for any kid that may stand out. It would be tough to see Hayden or Dcat stand out and tear it up, only to be sent down. So unless a couple are sent packing, I just don't see it happening, and i do agree that a Vanek would be an upgrade. Imagine him with Kane? Geez that'd be a good line. And keep Sharp on the 3rd line with Jagr and Kero. I think that would give 3 absolute offensive juggernaut lines. And the 4th line would be pretty sick too with Hartman Wingels Schmaltz and sub in Bouma for one of Jagr, Sharp or any other scratch, and slot the available players accordingly. Cuz obviously Bouma would be on the 4th line and Schmaltz and Hartman could move up. This way everyone would be slotted properly, and Hartman and Schmaltz would get a real shot next year in 18/19. But let them get more experience and for them to earn their stripes!!!
  5. I also promise she loves his paycheques!!!
  6. True, I think in Schultz's case, it was more of a slot issue like most players. Imagine if Arnason, Bell, and Calder were the ABC line for the wings 3rd line? They'd have been much better off as players, but the Hawks didn't have many options at the time. So what happened happened. Also, I don't mind college players, just the left over ones and the ones that stayed 4 years, I don't believe they develop properly, same with OHL, left overs and players that put in 4-5 years usually are there for a reason, like Raddysh!!!
  7. However, Schultz had a hard time remaining in Edmontons lineup, they really had no one else, and the team suffered for it. He's always supposed to have been a massive offensive dman, but hasn't become much, until he's been on Pitt, and he was top 4 by default. It he looks to have found a stable home in Pitt, but will they ever pay him? I know I wouldn't, I think his replacement can be had for a lot less!!!
  8. Could be, however I'm not utterly sold on these NCAA kids that become free agents. Remember Leblanc? Even Vesey was touted to be an impact player, he was ok, but I'm not sure his potential is much higher. TVR is one of the better kids that have signed with the Hawks, and in general. What was the name of that dman last year that ended up signing with Minny? His dad works for the Wild too. He was sought after and not much happened with him. Anyways, the kids out of NCAA that are free agents are batting .900 plus in favour of being total busts, and .985 in favour of not actually making the NHL and sticking!!!
  9. I for one am ok without Jagr. We have too many forwards now, unless we were to get rid of a few and sign Jagr. I don't think Tootoo will be on the team, Wingels and Bouma will be 2/3s of our 4th line. I think Dauphin may be the 4th line centre. I think Schmaltz Hartman Kero could be the 3rd line. Hopefully the growing pains are behind us, and if they're not, well, it will expose a weaker defense as it is and the term contender is gone, and so will a lot of other people!!!
  10. I also believe the Hawks are still contenders. One thing to keep in mind is this, we had a lot of kids in the lineup last year, that will not be the case this year. We have experienced guys now, and with the signings of Wingels and Bouma, that shores up the 4th line like we had in 2013. The defence shouldn't be that big of a problem, yes they may come out of the gate slow and not be what we want them to be. But after months together, I think we'll see a better team in the 2nd half. And possibly, Stan will have to target a good dman, and make a deal by Yanksgiving. With Hossa's money set to be available, its best to wait almost 2 months and see if the D can handle it!!!
  11. He sure did, what a great guy too. I know someone who's dad had colon cancer, he dicided to not treat it and just what ever happens happens. He went on to live for 7 years with it and his lifestyle never really suffered. Makes you wonder sometimes if all the treatment is really worth it? Cuz I've also seen the other side of the coin. Anyways, RIP, lets hope Eddie O gets past this now!!!
  12. You are relegated to assistant gm of marketing for beer and liquor sales regionally for the region of Emeryville Ontario, and I'll see ya tonight!!!
  13. I fully respect what you and MVR are saying. It really is hard to argue his stats, it if he was 44, maybe I'd trust his chances better 😝, at some point he will call in for work, old!!!
  14. They always said the devil would be attractive! So no way to a 2 year deal. Unless it was league minimum or very very close to that. In a non cap world, I'd give him a 45 year deal. But I think we have too many forwards as it is now. I'm not sure he fits in....... Saad Toews Panik Sharp AA Kane Hartman Schmaltz Wingels Bouma Kero Dauphin/Yurcho/Tootoo/Hino/Hayden etc. Not sure a 45 year old Jags fits into our current mullet!!!
  15. Murray had a big hand in the building of Detroits dynasty, Anaheim, and also Ottawa. He did a lot of good work that not many truly realize what he did. I was always a fan of him, and I remember him clearly saying that if he would've gotten checked earlier, he'd have no problem beating it, but he never did and he got diagnosed in stage 4. So now that this has happened, I'm gonna go get checked, now that I'm 40, it's time to "grin and bare" it!!!