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  1. Well, if he’s getting facts wrong, “he must know what he’s doing”. That right there loses all credibility to me, didn’t even fact check or anything!!!
  2. Free Agency List

    And it’s not that hard. He doesn’t have to give his whole agenda away, just simply say “ we have a plan, it doesn’t include high end UFAs, we’re going younger and more cost controlled”. That would be enough for me. But we here he wants to “talk to many free agents”, and “ we’ve got a lot of work to do over the next couple weeks”. So now if he ends up getting C grade guys, what does that accomplish? We need star power, Hossa, Sharp used to get us 60+ goals a year. Now we’re missing that horribly, plus the secondary scoring is also non existent, help those areas out and it’s a lot easier to win!!!
  3. Free Agency List

    From what I hear, those are just teams that are “interviewing” him and there’s a good chance he doesn’t sign with any of them. Personally, I think Stan will get Bozak or someone like that. He’s smaller and just what stans looking for!!!
  4. Free Agency List

    I’ll say this, of course my pitchfork and torch are always ready to rock. But I could easily extinguish the flame and dull the forks if he’d just tell us his direction. If he’s retooling and not wanting to add through free agency, just say it. Just say we need a couple years here to steady the ship, and retool or rebuild or whatever you want to call it. I’d love to hear his direction, but we never hear a direction. Maybe one more horrible year would refill the cupboards and get this thing back on track? Or maybe he’s going to get Tavares? We just never know!!!
  5. You Be The Gm

    I don’t disagree, but have you read the scouting reports on Boqvist? Very worrisome about his play in his own end. Karlsson wasn’t very good defensively until a couple years back. He was actually atrocious. Even if Boqvist tops out at 5’11” 180, it wouldn’t bother me one bit. Even if his defensive play is awful, it won’t bother me one bit. What bothers me is that they’ve not thought to draft a dman that can help create space for him. If he plays with another 5’10” 175 guy, that bothers me. All I have to say is look at what Boston did with McAvoy, they put him with Chara and he had 7 goals and 25 assists for 32 points in just 63 games. He’s a 20 year old and actually has decent size 6’ 208. But Boston got him protection by re-signing Chara at 41. We have no one right now that can offer that help to a young kid. Anyways, I’m sure Boqvist will be alright, especially on the offensive side, but its The size issues I’m petrified about!!!
  6. You Be The Gm

    But I find it hard to believe that in 2 consecutive years, and many of the other years, that there’s no bigger players with skill. Even stans smaller guys aren’t panning out so well. He’s had 2. I just don’t get this smaller player notion? I’m not saying you said it, Stan has said it. But I noticed that you are liking this style of drafting, I for one think it’s a race to the bottom. No other team does this. And if the Hawks were winning, I wouldn’t have an argument. But here we are!!!
  7. Free Agency List

    I agree, Tavares is the real fish to catch. But if he doesn’t, and I suspect he’s not, it’s best to see if some of these guys will waive their NTC and try and start over, cuz my guess is they’ll mail it in again. It’s either go full arse or nothing. And next year is a great year for Stan to win the lotto, Jack Hughes will be available and he’s currently 5’9” 155. Perfect guy for us!!!
  8. Ya, it’s all over the news now that he didn’t fit in there. The source was bang on! But I don’t think it was a lot to give up for Hamilton, it was more of a hockey trade. Carolina made it abundantly clear that the team was going in a totally different direction. They didn’t have to give up those guys, they wanted to. They were getting rid of both of them no matter what, and they got some value back. Good trade on both sides, unless Dougie is the C word!!!
  9. Tampa, I don’t believe they have the cap space or budget for him, but they could make room somehow. Plus with no tax, it could be an ideal destination, SJ is another one, are they past their window? I think they are. But that’s me. Chicago is right in the position if he came here, he could extend the window. He’s 27, so in the same maturity age as Kane, Toews etc. Plus there’s a couple decent kids in Dcat and Schmaltz, so the top 6 would be sick with him. But again, it all comes down to how much he wants and where he wants to go. He said winning is most important. Well the Hawks ownership has proved they’re into winning and want to keep it that way!!!
  10. You Be The Gm

    MVR. I really think that this notion that only small players have high end skill is rediculous and insulting to the game of hockey. Bowman said that in one of his post draft interviews. He was asked by a reporter about all the small kids taken over the past 2 years. He said “I don’t wanna day it, but the smaller kids have higher end skill”. I don’t buy that, I feel that there’s guys that have a ton of skill that are bigger and they get better results. Come playoff time, this team will eventually be done in 4 straight. I’m all for a smaller guy like Kane, but this other notion that the league is changing is also not true. There have always been smaller players, always. Just no one team has ever stacked up on a lot of them. So to say that the league is changing is narrow minded, the Hawks are changing. It’s the same as when Mike Smith went Euro Hawks, but at least he had enough wherewithal to draft big and talented players in later rounds, you should always hedge your bets and still take some bigger guys, but we haven’t seen this!!!
  11. Free Agency List

    I guess it all depends on what direction the org wants to go. If they’re cheaping our, then I’d go with Roussel, Green and a vet center man all on lower term deals. I believe stan is hell bent to get this roster filled with smaller players. The plan may be to get another high pick next year? One thing is for sure, without any immediate help, I don’t see this team doing much and they’ll remain in the middle of the pack and get shtty picks. The goal is to win, and I don’t see the team going that way. So we’ll see very soon!!!
  12. Blackhawks acquire Chaput from Vancouver

    Could be an AHL depth move!!!
  13. Defensive prospects

    I’m not against the Boqvist move. I get it. But I do agree with OTH that some size with skill would be welcomed. I would have traded the #27 and took a couple of 2nd rounders and grabbed a couple good sized Dmen to go with Boqvist. Look at McAvoy, he’s with Chara so that he can get more room for him to do his thing. Put him with a smaller guy, and you got a struggling prospect!!!
  14. I’ve never heard a thing about what teams he’s got, that “5” team list, I’d have to think the Hawks are on it. That’s just me. When Stan was asked if he planned on meeting with Tavares, and he said he’s “not even gonna comment on it”. And he’s gonna have talks with “a lot of agents”. So I’d have to think that he’s gonna have talks and probably meet with Tavares camp. If he wasn’t, I’d have to think he’d just say no!!!
  15. First off, he did not get the team tougher to play against. As we seen, when Toews isn’t 100% (Q just said that Toews has finally healed up from his ailment he had for most of the season, and kept him out at the end) there was no depth. Bouma is a borderline NHL talent. Wingels was a step in the right direction, I’ll give him that. Hayden clearly was not ready for the NHL last year, he even agreed and said all the right things, I think that AHL stint will help someone with the right attitude moving forward, but he clearly didn’t help the 3/4 lines last year. Next, Franson was demoted by management so they could see what they have in the d prospect pool, they clearly weren’t happy and chose to go out and use two first rounders on smaller Dmen. That’s why that happened and it wasn’t Qs decision. The trades he made at last years draft were made out of frustration, and Stan wanted it clear that he was in charge and he’ll make moves to show he’s serious, well, that clearly didn’t go over good. It backfired on him, and he later said that it wasn’t a move to be tough to play against, those two moves for Saad and Murphy were to get some longer contracts and have some control over players moving forward. Basically Saad had 4 years left and Murphy had 5 when they dealt for them. Hammer and Panera had 2 each, and he was afraid of having to pay them a whack load. We lost Hossa, Hammer, Sharp(he wasn’t the Sharp we knew and when he was traded, he never really came back), they were replaced with Saad, Murphy and Schmaltz. And that didn’t help. It hurt bad, and we seen the results. Q used to have size on all lines, now he has barely any, with Dcat, Schmaltz, Hino, Duclair, Kane, a few more and a litany of small draft choices. Montreal has struggled with size, they are where they are due to no size and smaller perimeter forwards. Tampa is a great example of this, skilled? Yes, easy to play against? Yes. So the direction of the club doesn’t look good, we need some real outside help to replenish what was lost. Then players like Saad get better, cuz he’s not leaned on as heavily to make a difference, he’s not a difference maker. So getting a Tavares will help more than many know, it gets guys slotted differently and takes a lot of pressure off of them, including Toews. Without that outside help, we will see more of what happened last year, one injury will crush this team!!!