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  1. Stan As Gm

    Lack of hunger or urgency perhaps.
  2. Stan As Gm

    If you want a team who fights for every scrap, you need to build it with hungry mouths, not entitled college kids with full stomachs.
  3. Stan As Gm

    As you know, I was never that upset about 2017. That team was not competitive. They had been playing over their heads most of the season. The expectations were far too high given the on-ice talent. There was no real fire to play (or get burned) with. That series ended pretty much how I expected it would.
  4. Stan As Gm

    This team played with fire every postseason. Sometimes, it worked out. Other times it did not. We quickly forget how close the Hawks came to losing in 2010 to Nashville in round one (and likely would have if not for a late third period short-handed goal by Kane). The 2013 cup run could have ended in disaster - with a bad bounce - in Detroit. There were moments when it did not look good in 2015 as well. The three disappointments (in 2011 against Vancouver, in 2014 against LA and in 2016 against St. Louis) were all winnable series - each decided by a single goal in game seven. I believe mistakes were made by both the general manager and coach which contributed to these losses. I also recognize and respect the role Quenneville especially but also Bowman played in surrounding the star players with enough talent to be competitive for most of this decade. But let's be clear here - The Hawks in 2009 had by far the most talented core assembled for more than a generation. This team was loaded, not only with star players, but prospects and excess draft picks as well. There was no team better positioned to succeed. The core players won these cups. The general manager and coaches were largely along for the ride. With a little luck, this team could have won five or six cups. In fairness, they also could have not won any.
  5. Hawks Rumors 2018/2019

    If the Hawks are rebuilding on the fly, they can't afford to trade away future assets. The better approach is to add players who won't cost anything. I am thinking here of guys like Lucic, Shaw, Brouwer and Coburn - overpaid players in situations where their teams are looking to unload. Take back these bad contracts on a discount. Have those teams add picks or prospects. Use the cap space appropriately for a team on the rebuild. I do not believe adding Pacioretty or Skinner will make the team a contender.
  6. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    Anisimov is not going to be easy to move. The Hawks will have to take a contract back. I would do Shaw (with some salary retained) straight up for Anisimov.
  7. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    The Canadiens are shopping Pacioretty hard. He comes with a good contract, and teams will want him which will make acquiring him expensive. What if the Hawks also agreed to take back Andrew Shaw as part of the deal? We know the Shaw contract has negative value....... I can see Pacioretty + Shaw for something like Anisimov, a mid round pick, and Forsberg. I would make this trade.
  8. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    It is time to reverse the Byfuglien trade.
  9. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I'm thinking JT Miller + Brayden Coburn from Tampa for some junk B grade prospects.
  10. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    I believe he can improve the roster dramatically before October without giving up anything of consequence. He has cap space now. He should use it smartly. This team is nowhere near a contender until some of the young talent emerges. It can become immediately competitive again, however, with a few smart additions. You always want to be in the playoffs.
  11. You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    My belief is that Bowman should still be focused primarily on the long term. He should not trade a prospect with real upside, and he should not give up a high pick. We should be looking for teams who need to make moves because of the salary crunch. One is Tampa Bay, who is looking to add Karlsson. Would they give away Coburn to make it happen? What about JT Miller?
  12. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    Taking back the Kruger contract was necessary. Arizona is absorbing at least part of the $1 M/year salary to pay Hossa (minus the insurance). Hinostroza's contract, though not that excessive, is a concern for a team on a budget. The Hawks now have to pay Kruger his negative-value contract. The Coyotes come out with more budget space next year. This is the real incentive to this deal.
  13. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    This is one of Bowman's best moves as general manager. Hinostroza is a spare part here, more than adequately replaced by Dylan Sikura. Oesterle is not an NHL player. The return is a quality prospect and cap space. If Kruger if healthy and can fill in as a checker, this trade looks even better. I did not believe it would be possible to move out the Hossa contract this summer. Congratulations to the general manager for doing the right thing here.
  14. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    If the best offer for Hammer was an overpaid third-pairing defenceman (who the coach had trouble finding a permenent spot for), you don't make the trade. The return was abysmal. Hammer re-signed in Arizona with another team friendly deal. He makes just over $1M more than the guy Bowman acquired for him (which is hardly a cap savings). Hammer will remain a valuable player who has wisdom and experience to teach the young kids. There was no need to trade him.
  15. Hawks Moves 2018-2019

    There are different ways of packaging to the press why moves are made. Bowman lashed out at the players' effort against Nashville and clearly made it seem like they under-performed (blaming the coaching staff and core players). They did not under perform. They were overwhelmed by a much better team. Bowman should have acknowledged this reality. I believe he lost the dressing room and the coaching staff that week.