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  1. ..... for a salary dump and a second round pick. Obviously, the market is way down. Boyle's contract (like Hanzal's and Eave's) is relatively affordable which escalates his value in the cap world. Boyle is a legitimate centre who checks off many boxes. This is not much of a return for this type of player, especially in comparison to previous years (think Nashville and Gaustaud; Chicago and Vermette). Hanzal and Eaves also went for less than expected. Bowman should be able to add a couple of players for little, especially if he waits it out Teams looking to unload the heavy contracts might have to be very generous. Sharp, Streit and Iginla might not be moved at all. There could be no market for them.
  2. The coach was asked about Kruger: "He's fine." Kruger played perhaps two or three minutes the entire second half of the game - less than both Desjardins and Jurco. Did Kruger do something? Was he being sent a message? I certainly can't recall any play warranting a benching. Now if Bowman is about to move him, the coach might choose to protect him so he does not get injured.
  3. What was up with Kruger tonight? He barely played after the first period. The coach was making due with 9-10 forwards most of the night. Obviously, this shortened bench impacted the line matching. I wonder if Kruger is on the trade block. He could be sick or injured, but he did return for a couple of shifts at the end of the game once the Hawks regained the lead.
  4. Hanzal, Ryan White and a fourth round draft pick coming from the Coyotes. The Wild give up a first, second and a conditional pick (2nd). I believe the Wild are now the favourites.
  5. Hanzal goes to Minnesota for draft picks...... The Wild is now very deep now at the centre position. They will be a tough out. According to Pierre Lebrun at TSN, the Hawks were never really involved here.
  6. Caddie and Bob - As you know, this is the only real issue I have with the coach and general manager. It astounds me that Quenneville continues to make this same mistake again and again every post-season and that the general manager allows him to do it. Quenneville remains the best teacher in the game, and he is a terrific in-game strategist. There is nobody I would rather coach, and I have made this point repeatedly. Bowman has drafted well and made some smart trades (although he is too cautious for my liking and could tinker with the bottom of the roster more). The two have done a very good job. But they are not above criticism given the roles they play. No one person deserves blind-loyalty. The world quickly would become very scary if we allowed it. The players for the most part win or lose. Quenneville and Bowman have been provided (and helped develop) the best roster in this sport over the last 25 years. Three cups is a very good showing. Four or five would make it better. You might think the bottom of the roster isn't important. I believe every player contributes and plays a role in both wins and losses. Decisions about who plays on the fourth line on a given night matters. These players impact the game in several ways. Quenneville is a very smart coach, but smart coaches make dumb decisions. Playing guys like Bollig and Mashinter and Carcillo (and likely Desjardins, Tootoo and possibly Rozsival this year) in important playoff games is not a smart strategy when so many better options are available. Buck Showalter, perhaps the best pure manager in baseball right now, inserted Jiminez into the 11th inning of a tie playoff game against Toronto last year, which cost the Orioles a chance to play in the American Championship Series. Jiminez is a notorious slow starter, and not surprisingly, he could not get focussed coming into the game that way. The best reliever in baseball, Zach Britton, sat on his hands. Orioles fans watched the game, and we could not believe the manager made that decision. Are we not entitled to have an opinion? Showalter knows more about baseball than just about anyone else.
  7. I do not "trust Q's decisions" about this one issue, but, of course, you know that. We have seen the same self-destructive pattern year after year. I fear it is about to repeat again. The coach does not consistently dress his best players in the playoffs. He is loyal to his "checkers" and feels a responsibility to get them into games. It did not work last year. It did not work with Bollig in 2014 either. The strategy almost cost the team in 2015 ('fresh legs") and in 2013 as well. Both runs featured playoff rounds where the Hawks had to dig themselves out of serious holes because of highly questionable lineup decisions early on. When a player is not useful, he should not be on the roster. Period. Desjardins has one point this year. Tootoo has zero. The fourth line is much better without either. The evidence is compelling. Bowman has to take charge, but will he?
  8. .. ....Which is exactly what I believe. This means the coach intends to use Desjardins in the playoffs. Tootoo will also "draw in" during the next couple of games. Is this what we want? Mashinter got his reps in during the last month as well. Then he played in the playoffs. This season, he was not good enough to make the team.
  9. Rasmussen is sitting. Desjardins is playing.
  10. I am disappointed that Bowman sent down Hinostroza yesterday and continues to carry both Tootoo and Desjardins, who practiced today on the fourth line (with Rasmussen on the outside). The fourth line was finally becoming a productive unit with Hinostroza a big part of what made it successful because of his speed. That line has been a major reason why the Hawks' game overall has been so much better the past few weeks. The general manager has a week to finalize the lineup. Why are Desjardins and Tootoo still here? Why not waive both and save the extra cap space? Neither has trade value. Neither has done anything to justify their continued roster spot here. I would prefer Rasmussen as the spare over either. I realize the Hinostroza demotion might be temporary. He will return at some point. I just don't understand what the plan is. Is Bowman serious about keeping both Desjardins and Tootoo (and Rozsival) for the playoffs? Has he still not learned? If the coach still has these players, they will play. I do applaud the coach for playing Jurco with Hossa and Kruger. This might turn into a very good third line.
  11. Bowman likely can re-sign Jurco for $600-700 K for next year. If he isn't claimed by Vegas, he provides value here as the 12th-13th forward. The team always needs a few very low contracts on the bottom of the roster. Next year will be no different. Jurco is certainly an upgrade on Desjardins/Tootoo, and he has no bargaining leverage heading into RFA (similar to Panik last year). Bowman can and will play hardball to drive down the player's contract to the bare minimum. This is a win for the team any way you look at it. I see Jurco as a talented player who could thrive playing with better players.
  12. Perhaps Bowman already has a deal lined up with Vegas to select Jurco instead of Van Riemsdyk/Hartman.
  13. He is an option. There are other bottom six centres who likely won't cost as much. Hanzal has not excited me the last few times I have seen him. Perhaps losing all the time looks like it has taken its toll on him. I might prefer Boyle if the price is right.
  14. I believe this is the likely rationale. If Jurco gets claimed by Vegas, so be it. If he does not, so be it. The key is to get him into those 10 games.
  15. This is a big plus then if the coaching staff can get him in those 10 games. They need some options, and likely do not want to re-sign Tootoo or Desjardins.