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  1. mvr

    Stan As Gm

    Trading Panarin for Saad was a bad move. Panarin is a much more talented player. You don't trade talent away. I never liked the deal, but I felt the one potential upside to save it from being truly a disaster was the goaltender. Forsberg's collapse last year was a real disappointment.
  2. mvr

    Stan As Gm

    We know what we have right now regarding secondary scoring threats on the wing. I believe some competition could help. It would not take much to upgrade on what we have seen from the 40-year-old Kunitz and the kid Fortin (whose career numbers in lower leagues do not excite by any stretch). Some very useful players have at one time or another been rescued from waivers. Steve Sullivan was a waiver claim. So was Tony Esposito. I would rather the general manager experiment with waiver wire claims than waste assets such as draft picks on fringe talent such as Jurco and Rundblad. Bowman ignores the waiver game, and I do not understand why. Already this year, two goaltenders have been claimed (both of whom would likely have upgraded this roster). Dano is likely not to amount to much. But he might. Colorado now gets to try out a former highly touted prospect without wasting an asset. Adding him (or someone like him) to the roster is a very low risk move with no real downside. Should the player not work out, the team can waive him with nothing lost. It was not so long ago that many here were penciling in Dano (over Panarin) to play on Kane's line. I was never as convinced, but I did see some talent there. Clearly the player has been lost in the numbers game in Winnipeg on that deep roster.
  3. mvr

    Stan As Gm

    Marko Dano is presently on waivers. If I am Bowman. I make a claim. Fortin has shown some promise, but he might be a flash in the pan. Kunitz certainly could use some competition and really should not be playing every night. Sikura is not ready. Tyler Johnson is not going to beat out Kampf or Kruger for a checking role. He should be back in Rockford playing big minutes every night. I believe Dano's contract is one year at $800 K. The reason why this topic belongs in the Bowman thread is because this is the kind of move he never will make. I do not believe he has made a waiver claim in years. Potentially useful players such as Dano move through the waiver wire all the time. The present team has three forwards - total - with more than one goal.
  4. mvr

    Okay Our Defence?

    I believe Forsberg would need to clear waivers before being sent down. If so, he is a likely candidate to be claimed. The Leafs lost two goalies on waivers just last week. I would trade Forsberg regardless if any team shows interest. There is no question he has skill. The issue is confidence and concentration. I am not sure these problems can be fixed on a rebuilding team facing the number of shots this team is allowing every night.
  5. mvr

    Okay Our Defence?

    You would have to think a trade is coming soon. There are far too many defenders and goalies both on the team and in Rockford. We all know Forsberg is not likely to be here much longer. But two other guys to shop are Rutta and Gustafsson. Neither has much trade value on his own. But packaging one with either Forsberg or a lower grade prospect might interest a team looking to unload a forward contract. The Hawks do have plenty of cap space in the short term. Rutta's contract runs out this year making him a UFA, and Gustatsson is not likely here for long either considering what is coming down the pipe. I doubt Bowman waits very long. Forsberg will need to go before Crawford returns. A couple of the defencemen need to go before Forsling and Murphy come back.
  6. mvr

    2018/19 IceHogs

    Neither Hillman nor Gilbert played last night. Is either injured? Are the six who played higher up on the depth chart with brighter futures? Or are the two college kids getting an attitude adjustment? At one point, the Hawks brass were touting Hillman as just about NHL-ready. He must not have impressed much at the NHL camp. He was demoted early. There are eight guys in Rockford. Only six can play each night. At least two (and likely three) will need to go at some point, especially after Murphy and Forsling return.
  7. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    You asked why the coach wasn't playing Hayden. Of course, nobody outside the dressing room could possibly know the real reason. But there are only a few possible explanations. 1) The coach believes he has better choices to fill out a winning lineup. 2) The coach does not like the player personally. 3) The coach is benching Hayden to send him a message and teach him something. 4) The coach has lost his ability to recognize talent Most of us are in agreement that the reason that Hayden is not playing has nothing to do with his on-ice performance as demonstrated in camp. He is more talented than many who played last night. He has size and the skill which could help the bottom six. He shows determination in both zones and is not a defensive liability. I do not believe the coach is a poor judge of talent. He knows a useful player when he sees one. He is not stupid or ignorant. Quennevile is a winner. If the issue is not about Hayden's on-ice performance, it has to be about off-ice (attitudinal) issues. Something is not right (yet) in the coach's eyes. Perhaps Hayden is not listening to the coach's instructions. Perhaps he is condescending to either the coaches or the other players. We know the player is capable of learning. He is an Ivy League graduate. It is early in the season. I trust Quenneville knows exactly what he is doing. Sometimes young kids need to be humbled (especially those from more affluent backgrounds). Many young adults have know-it-all attitudes. It is not at all uncommon. I have one living with me right now.
  8. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    I still don't really get why Hayden has not been developed as a centre in Rockford. He played the position for much of his college career. My hope was for him to become that third line centre.
  9. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    I have no personal bias against the player at all. I do not know him. I see a player who should be playing and is not. My guess is that he might have an attitude and a sense of entitlement. This coach is a very good assessor of talent. He has always found a spot for players with size. Hayden is not an elite skater, but he has more talent than several players in the lineup. There has to be a reason. My guess is that the coach is making him work extra hard. He wants Hayden to be hungry and grateful. If Hayden makes the adjustments, he will play without question. The team needs a player with his size and reach.
  10. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    From what I have seen so far, Hayden is a marginal player who will have to fight to maintain a roster spot his entire career. He lacks top-six talent. He will have to play mean consistently to be successful. He can't take nights off, and he can't think of himself as a scorer. Nevertheless, my eyes tell me this player should be playing every night. There are at least three forwards in the lineup tomorrow who provide less value. Of course, none of us has any idea what goes on in the dressing room. Does the player have attitude? We don't know. My belief is that the coach is making him work extra hard to earn the job. I suspect something about the player rubs the coach the wrong way There is a reason why players filling bottom six roles tend to be called "blue collar"/ "lunch pail" types.
  11. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    My guess - and I have hinted at this problem before - is that Hayden's privileged social background could be at issue here. I believe the kid comes from a very upper-class position. He grew up with money, and then he went to Yale. Quenneville is riding the kid extra hard to make sure the boy understands what it will take to succeed in the NHL. He needs to earns everything now. Nothing will be handed to him. The coach without question has a soft spot for kids like Andrew Shaw who come from working class backgrounds and had to pave their own way.
  12. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    This is the point. Those who excuse Bowman for making this trade (all all the others) tend to blame the players and coaches for the team "under-performing." Saad is a good player. He is no all-star. Similar to Toews, Saad is doing what he can under the circumstances. Can he do better? Of course he can, but it is all relative. The talent around the core guys is not very good or very experienced. It is difficult to maintain motivation without any real hope. I believe the players were the ones who won the cups. The general manager was largely around for the ride. He is very good at pointing fingers and shifting blame. This team's decline is not Saad's fault any more than it is Toews' fault or Keith's fault or Seabrook's fault.
  13. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    A power forward is an above average sized player who can use his size to his advantage. Hossa was a big strong man. I would call him a power forward even though he did not fight. He was a handful because of his physicality. Defencemen had trouble containing and controlling him. They would be bruised and battered after playing him. This is not Saad and never was.
  14. mvr

    Henri J (can't spell it)

    He was dealt a very poor hand. He inherited little real talent and no prospects. The owner insisted on cutting the team budget and letting the remaining assets go. It takes a long time to turn a freighter around. Smith set the conditions to start that turnaround in motion.
  15. mvr

    Opening Night Lineup

    On this team, a 200 pound forward is large. On most it is not. Saad has league average size and weight. He is not a physical forward. He is a good forechecker when motivated which is where the Hossa comparisons originated. He also can be defensively responsible. This does make him a "power" forward. He intimidates nobody and never has. He rarely throws a body check or gets involved in the physical part of the game either in the corners or the front of the net. He does not have Hossa's offensive game or his hands.