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  1. Hawks Lottery Team Or Cup Contender?

    They speak of the oil lasting because our (artificial) demand for it will drop eventually to nothing... (which is a good thing considering the collateral effects of pollution and carbon emission.) But were demand to continue at the current or increased rates, mankind would certainly run out... eventually... and sooner than they (especially oil companies or governments with vested interests) would care to admit. It's common sense considering how much of the resource has been used in just this last single century and how many millions of years it takes the earth to make the stuff. ...but I fear we're getting off topic.
  2. Hawks Lottery Team Or Cup Contender?

    Anyone not directly involved in the oil business (except maybe buyers) would applaud if it were believed that oil ... Canadian or otherwise ... "will be never so expensive as before, only cheaper"... but the day is coming in many-here's lifetime when the planet's finite oil stock will be used up. Your statement will only come to pass if we do not come up with a renewable and inexpensive replacement...and then only until the oil is gone. And when/if that happens the price will dissolve to nothing with the non-existent oil reserves themselves. What will it mean to the cap if Canada's dollar slides out of sight with the oil? Canada needs to have its economy become less dependant on its oil production and invest in developing that replacement. But Oil companies are powerful and resistant ...and oft rumored to have squashed competing technologies. Not sure exactly what would do it, but raising the Canadian dollar to par with the US' would mean a substantial rise in the cap ceiling.
  3. Hawks Lottery Team Or Cup Contender?

    Well... I won't argue... international economics is not my thing (more at business, business-law, English-composition, sports, women... , etc. ) but the point is ...that the resolve of the issues and the rise of the Canadian $ is another way the cap ceiling will rise. Anything resulting from or impacting the sport (attendance, merchandising, licensing... value of the Canadian $ etc.) that directly affects the profit margins of NHL teams in a positive way, will raise the ceiling. And buying Canadian won't hurt ...especially with at a 29% discount. Ps: As for "oil is cheap"...? I'd say: "I started driving when gas was $0.41 per gallon" ... but it might show my age. Anyway... north of $1 per litre still doesn't make my "cheap" list or fit my definition. I know...I know... "it's all relative."
  4. Hawks Lottery Team Or Cup Contender?

    How about something that everyone here can actually do to help...Buy Canadian! Right now Canadian teams are paying an extra $290,000 per million. With a par, or near to par $ that difference would be pure profit which would translate entirely and directly into nothing but more of me.
  5. Hawks Lottery Team Or Cup Contender?

    Essentially, TVO was traded for me. My value is at a maximum for this team and they could yet use more of me. Including TVO, was the only way to get Bickell off the books and that was a must if they expect to make the post season. Even with those two, it would have been a challenge to make the PO... but they still would not have been a lottery team. Losing Bickell's cap-hit...in spite of paying for it with TVO... means the Hawks will very much remain a contender.
  6. Panarin

    That at least is a break... but winning the Calder is still a huge bargaining chip when re-upping comes around. It's worth at least several 100K over not winning it (more over not being a finalist) and I have to take all these individual kudos with a lot more salt than I used to. Even an Olympic selection has the thorns of cap hit inflation not to mention risk of injury. Other than fan "bragging rights" all individual awards not only don't help, they are detriments to the player's teams.
  7. Panarin

    Love any accolades for Hawks players… and prior to the league going cap… I always rooted for them to get the awards. Since the cap, awards have become a liability to the team’s allotment of me. I’ll bet this one will cost the Hawks a significant chunk when the time comes to re-up… not that it won’t be substantial anyway. Haven’t been following it too closely since the Hawks went out in the first round… and I’m not sure how close the Hawks were/are to the ceiling… but I imagine this has a bonus attached (actual award money is ineligible) and hope they don’t get nicked next season for ending up over-cap this (ala Toews’ win a few years back). A popular Ruski in Chicago… who’da thunk it!
  8. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    In IE 8.06, the inital "Edit" of a posted message won't work. It puts everything in edit mode but will not access the text. One must hit "Full editor" to alter the post. Strangely... when the above is done once... straight "edit" then works for subsequent changes. Not sure if its a quirk of IE or the combo of IE and XP...but it is annoying. "Edit" is actually greyed for my posts when seeing them with firefox.
  9. Hossa

    Thanks ... it seems insomnia is actually good for something.
  10. Hossa

    A direct effect of the cap. Pre-cap... while fans may have been curious ... we intimately believed that player salaries were none of our business (a management/ownership promoted ethic.) The cap has added a new strategic element... that of managing me... which has increased interest by producing a sort of vicarious fan participation that had previously never been known: All fans... (even those who may realize that they're not that adept at the actual "nuts and bolts" (play-designing, coaching, scouting and skill teaching) of the game)...do think that they can manage cap space much better than the brass can. After all, while relatively few are actively involved in the game itself, everyone has to manage finances, if only their own household's. The cap has given people something far more interesting to apply their hard earned knowledge than just bringing home the bacon (both figuratively and literally.) While fans aren't directly paying the players, we do feel (as fans of a team) that we own the finite cap space and have a say (even if an impotent one) in how it should be used. It's had as similar an effect on fan interest as fantasy hockey has... although probably even more widespread. It does however, provide yet another point for criticism of management and ownership that those of the $Bill era would never have stood for. But ...since it has effectively put brakes on escalating salaries by tying them to revenue and leveling the financial playing field producing the parity we see today.... they have decided it better to grow a thicker skin, a fatter wallet ...and a deafer ear.
  11. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    I'm using IE to post (works) and Firefox to read (much faster navigation). As a result of the site's logout policy, I have to login twice as much... even when neither browser is shut down. Logging in on one won't log in the other. I tried to get Chrome last Oct but it refused to install in Win XP. I do intend to try it with my new Win10 machine once the techs get done with it but in the meantime... I'm still having problems with Firefox (doesn't happen in IE) not stopping the sliding ad-bar (Hawk jerseys) from anchoring on top of and covering 3" from the top of the page... and then putting up another floating 2" bar splitting the rest ...every time I change the page. My own solution has been to wait until it jumps to the bookmark then hit "stop loading the page." But it's a bit(h and sometimes I'm not fast enough. Once started the ad-bar ignores the "stop loading the page" command.
  12. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Surprise, Surprise ... about an hour after this above post Firefox auto-updated itself to 43.0.1 ...but it hasn't fixed the problem and the posting toolbar is also not showing up. Maybe Mozilla is aware of the problem but their fix isn't working.
  13. Message Board Issues/technical Problems

    Don't know why but ...Firefox 42.0 (the latest I think) quite suddenly refused to execute Quote, Multiquote and post. After a complete system (XP) reboot the problem remains. I Switched to IE 8.0.6 (XP can't run newer versions) and... while significantly slower... I had no problems with posting (obviously.) It may be an issue with any new board-software updates and the combination XP/Firefox. The combo had been working but It's been awhile since I last posted so I'm not sure how long this problem has actually existed (I first noticed today.) I had been having problems with ads popping up and obscuring almost the entire page... but I think I got that figured out (don't click on apparently empty space.) While XP is probably not used by many any more I've had to use an old backup machine until my new Win 10 PC's OS has been installed and my (rather large system) is transfered. Anyone else having this problem? ...is it just XP/Firefox ?
  14. Panarin

    SB said that he would not have signed Saad to that (CB) contract even if he'd had the cap space. "What a terrible precedence..." Panarin may be slightly different (when the time comes) simply because he is ...and will be ...much older than Saad was this year ...but still the number of NHL games played will be similar. One has to wonder just how high the Hawks will go... and how high they'll have to go... to keep him.
  15. Panarin

    Yup... but that next contract is bound to hurt. We could very well see another "Saad saga."