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  1. They speak of the oil lasting because our (artificial) demand for it will drop eventually to nothing... (which is a good thing considering the collateral effects of pollution and carbon emission.) But were demand to continue at the current or increased rates, mankind would certainly run out... eventually... and sooner than they (especially oil companies or governments with vested interests) would care to admit. It's common sense considering how much of the resource has been used in just this last single century and how many millions of years it takes the earth to make the stuff. ...but I fear we're getting off topic.
  2. The "experts" on "SN's Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown" were laughing at the habs' management (and particularly Bergevin) for the Shaw contract citing that the Habs don't have a Kane and Towes and Shaw won't come close to playing like Shaw let alone living up to that contract. They say "he's a buy-out in the making..." which may mean he'll be back (ala Versteeg, Campbell, Ladd etc.) at a much more cap-friendly price. Just give it a year or two and hope the Hab-fans don't lynch him for being what he is beforehand.
  3. Anyone not directly involved in the oil business (except maybe buyers) would applaud if it were believed that oil ... Canadian or otherwise ... "will be never so expensive as before, only cheaper"... but the day is coming in many-here's lifetime when the planet's finite oil stock will be used up. Your statement will only come to pass if we do not come up with a renewable and inexpensive replacement...and then only until the oil is gone. And when/if that happens the price will dissolve to nothing with the non-existent oil reserves themselves. What will it mean to the cap if Canada's dollar slides out of sight with the oil? Canada needs to have its economy become less dependant on its oil production and invest in developing that replacement. But Oil companies are powerful and resistant ...and oft rumored to have squashed competing technologies. Not sure exactly what would do it, but raising the Canadian dollar to par with the US' would mean a substantial rise in the cap ceiling.
  4. Well... I won't argue... international economics is not my thing (more at business, business-law, English-composition, sports, women... , etc. ) but the point is ...that the resolve of the issues and the rise of the Canadian $ is another way the cap ceiling will rise. Anything resulting from or impacting the sport (attendance, merchandising, licensing... value of the Canadian $ etc.) that directly affects the profit margins of NHL teams in a positive way, will raise the ceiling. And buying Canadian won't hurt ...especially with at a 29% discount. Ps: As for "oil is cheap"...? I'd say: "I started driving when gas was $0.41 per gallon" ... but it might show my age. Anyway... north of $1 per litre still doesn't make my "cheap" list or fit my definition. I know...I know... "it's all relative."
  5. How about something that everyone here can actually do to help...Buy Canadian! Right now Canadian teams are paying an extra $290,000 per million. With a par, or near to par $ that difference would be pure profit which would translate entirely and directly into nothing but more of me.
  6. Essentially, TVO was traded for me. My value is at a maximum for this team and they could yet use more of me. Including TVO, was the only way to get Bickell off the books and that was a must if they expect to make the post season. Even with those two, it would have been a challenge to make the PO... but they still would not have been a lottery team. Losing Bickell's spite of paying for it with TVO... means the Hawks will very much remain a contender.
  7. This is complex and needs point addressing and won’t fit in one post...Playing "Devil's Advocate"
  8. You mean the term "Parity"...? That's when all the teams are close in ability to win and are all separated by fewest points in the standings. Greatest parity has all teams with the same number of points...least parity is when one team is in the stratosphere and one at the bottom of the ocean with the rest parceled out in between. 0 repeat SC-Champs is also a product of parity. Parity = competiveness Anathema is not cap ... it just means "a hate on" for the contra that is undermining an objective.
  9. To obtain all the praise for the increase in "parity" brought by the cap, best teams must be disassembled. What would be great for the Hawks and their fans would be an anathema to the rest of the league including management/ownership and possibly revenue-sharing. One reason that the cap exists...
  10. I like the idea in principle but...teams don't know if bonuses will be met or not on July 1.....and once they do (season end ...the only time the space is usable) it's too late (unless they gamble that bonuses won't be met and fill that budgeted bonus-space prematurely) and of no use. Unlike overage, unused cap space is not passed on to the next season. Should it be? Should Cap-space be trade-able not tied to a player? If so, it would become a tangible asset and commodity . Trade you Joe blow and 20M in cap space (which could be used or sold at any time needed) for Sid Crosby (who's cap exemption would be lost.) Financial gerrymandering at its finest. (ala Fair Wind To Java.)
  11. No way the NHL PA would ever go for this ... so don't blame league they'd probably be in your camp....but FA market-price would decrease with less to no movement. Senior “players not on their drafting team,” ‘s salary demand decreases while entry level contracts increase since most EL’s would include draftcap - exemption . Drafted players would be harder to trade as their value to the trader is inflated by a factor that is of no benefit to the receiver. Value of draft picks would increase… with a rise in the price tag of those they’re used to obtain.(or is it only their “own” draft choice that gets the immunity?) …and the logistic problems would be horrendous. Is immunity for all draft choices or just the teams’ “own” rather than an acquired? ​Does a player regain his cap-immunity if he's traded back to his drafting team? How much of a drafted player's salary impacts the cap? (can't be 0%...or as it is now: 100%) A Drafted players' bonuses? A Drafted players’ retained salary after traded? How does drafted-players’ over-cap affect escrow? How does drafted-players’ over-cap affect profit-sharing % (currently 50-50)…? At what point is a team over cap with a mix of drafts ,FA and trades and how far over cap can a team go? If a team fields a roster of 23 drafted player…. Do they have no cap? If any player for any reason is exempted or even discounted from the cap... it would create a whole new can of worms that one might call a "cap-wall "(scale)... much harder to negotiate than a floor or a ceiling.
  12. I think some here would benefit much by taking UCLA's course iin "Sandcastle building." Remember that course that taught its pupils to build beautiful sandcastles (or Stanley Cup Winning Hockey teams) and then how to handle it when the tide (or Salary Cap) comes in and sweeps it away. Thanks to the cap... this real "La La Land" course actually does now have practical application. "Time and Tide wait for no man." Serenity Now!!!
  13. Gees guys... I'm real sorry... I really didn't mean to cost the Hawks anyone. But I suppose if I was Canadian, I'd be responsible for the low dollar preventing the ceiling from rising too... oh wait Maybe if you'al start buying Canadian ( 'specially since it's real cheap for you now) we could fix this thing in time to save the Breadman. Ps: Dam multi-quote failed and I ain't going back to pick them up again.
  14. Most definitely an undisputed dynasty. Where was this type of management prior to the cap...? Oh ya! ...$100,000 was too much for $Bill to pay Bobby Hull.