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  1. number-9

    reaction? chelios an ambassador.

    what exactly does an ambassador do? I was never a big fan of Chelios, but if he does become GM, at least I'm quite sure we won't have a team of smurfs anymore.
  2. number-9

    Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I would have liked if they kept some of the ones they had, ie: Buff, Ladd, Brouwer
  3. number-9

    Stan As Gm

    I guess you could say what he did with the great team that was entrusted to him is equivalent to what Mr. Bean did with Whistler's Mother. My new name for the bean counter will henceforth be Mr. Bean.
  4. number-9

    You Be The Gm 2018/2019

    we should have tried to get this goalie the Oilers just got from the Habs. His name is Hayden Hawkey (great double entente), and he seems to have pretty good numbers too. 2.04 GAA and 9.19 SP for Providence College
  5. number-9

    Draft 2018

    We Hawks fans should hire a good tort lawyer and file a class action lawsuit against SB for what he's putting us through
  6. number-9

    Draft 2018

    I would have been fine with Bouchard as well
  7. number-9

    Draft 2018

    E. It's not so much about who we got but more about the guys we passed on. Before the draft, I was hoping for Dobson and Noel, both were miraculously available for us, and SB passed on both for small players
  8. number-9

    Draft 2018

    i think the Isles did well today. Wahlstrom and Dobson. Also now have Trotz as coach, and Lamoriello as GM. I bet Tavarez will want to sign with them now.
  9. number-9

    2017/18 playoff predictions

    I don't see how McPhee could possibly not be Manager of the year. He built both teams playing in the final.
  10. number-9

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    I hope the Bears can get either Quentin Nelson or Tremaine Edmunds
  11. number-9

    Chicago Bears 2018/2019 season

    At least the old Cubs usually had teams that would allow us to have hope. The Bears are more like the current Bulls team if you ask me. They let go any players that might be able to contribute something. I have a feeling this draft is going to be really bad based on the mock drafts I've been looking at.
  12. number-9

    4/07 Hawks vs Jets (Season Finale)

    I've never seen Ovi play a game where he didn't give 100%. I'll take him on my team any day.
  13. number-9

    4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    a lot of the players on Vegas were in contract years. that probably helped
  14. number-9

    4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    I used to tape some of their games on cassette too. I had the one where the habs had to try and score 5 goals, pulled their goalie midway through the third, and the Hawks won 10 to 2
  15. number-9

    4/06 Hawks vs Blues (Home Finale)

    what's going on between schenn and kane?