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  1. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

    I just don't get it. I thought he played his best game of the year against Arizona. During 1 shift alone he made 3 solid body checks. He also set up Hinostroza for 2 great scoring chances and he made several good defensive plays in his own zone.
  2. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    Why would you release Panik and keep Saad?
  3. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    Damn. Just when we were starting to get the momentum, we had to get a PP.
  4. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    Meanwhile the Vegas team which was made up of everyone else's garbage is leading in Nashville
  5. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    As usual the Hawks PP is a good time for a peepee break
  6. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    I say reunite Shmaltz, Toews and Panik. They were one of the hottest lines in the league when they were together. Put Saad with Kane and Anisimov.
  7. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    to answer Foley's question, Hawk mvp's are Crawford, Anisimov, Ruuta, Debrincat
  8. Chicago Bears 2017/18 season

    Well. it's December. It's that time of year where we Bear fans start discussing the upcoming NFL draft. So I guess we might be looking for a WR or TE this year?
  9. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    I'm just trying to be positive. But I really believe this Hawks team can beat any given team on any given night.
  10. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    Well, we beat the Rangers when they were on an 8 game winning streak.
  11. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    My bold predictions. Hawks will win 5 to 3 DCat with 1G 1A Panik will end his goal drought The PP will score 2 goals
  12. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    I think the Hawks will play well enough to win tonight. It's all going to depend on how well our goalie plays.
  13. 11/30 Hawks vs Stars

    Hawks came out flat last night but that isn't uncommon for a team that just played a big game against their biggest rival. I'm sure both the Hawks and Predators had that game circled on the schedule. It looks like Nashville came out flat against Vancouver as well. But overall, I'm very impressed with the Hawks' play since the Rangers game.
  14. 11/30 Hawks vs Stars

    I agree. I've always felt the core veterans should get less ice time during the season so that they will have something left in the tank come playoff time. And the younger players should get a lot of minutes to develop their skills and gain experience/confidence.
  15. 11/28 Hawks vs Preds

    all in all a good effort. 2nd game in 2 nights and the backup goalie in nets. close finish.