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  1. I'll just throw this out there even though I doubt it could ever happen. Would you try to get Tavares if he becomes available. He's only making 5.5M this year which is only 1M more than Anisimov. Re-signing him after this year would probably be about 10M per year which is roughly the same as Hossa and Anisimov combined. Could we get him for say Anisimov + Shmaltz + Debrincat + 2018 first round pick + 2019 first round pick + d-man prospect (ie: Gustaffson, Svedberg, Pokka etc...)? Maybe we need a Toews + Tavares 1-2 punch to keep up with Pittsburgh's Crosby + Malkin
  2. I heard that Alzner has blocked a few too many shots. Apparently he can't even open a jar anymore. If Hammer was too banged up, so is Alzner if you ask me.
  3. That would have been a good opportunity for SB to tell them "If I didn't have to pay you guys 21M, we could have kept him in the first place!"
  4. With what sticks cost nowadays, and the way they break if you just look at them wrong, you would probably have a stroke watching them play.
  5. Could you afford to pay Toews and Kane?
  6. If Datsyuk can have a job in Russia and live in Russia while being on the Arizona payroll. the Hossa could have a job anywhere he wants and live anywhere he wants while being on the Arizona payroll. But I still prefer pulling a Kaner and just bringing him back for the playoffs after using his cap space to fill out the roster. Other teams' fans would just love it.
  7. Datsyuk was a member of the Coyotes last year yet he was playing in Russia
  8. He wouldn't have to live there
  9. Whether you think Shattenkirk would be a good addition or not, it's not like we could sign him for 3M per. He's going to be asking for 7M minimum. That would mean we'd probably have to dump a couple more core players and we're starting to run out of those.
  10. I agree about Shattenkirk. I'd like to start adding dmen that make it very tough for opposing forwards to camp out in our dzone. I think Murphy might be a good start there but Vegas also seems to have a few of these types of guys.
  11. Maybe we should start a thread about splitting threads.
  12. We may be losing a bit skill wise with these trades but we are adding intangibles which make us a more balanced team for the playoffs.
  13. Maybe he had to go talk Hammer off of a ledge. Must be rough having to leave the Hawks to go play in Arizona.
  14. It means he had to go somewhere I guess?
  15. It wouldn't be in his best interest to retire since he would lose 1M per year for a few years.