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  1. The latest reports I saw were a projected increase of at least 3M
  2. I really think that was the case when he signed Toews and Kane. The league had just signed a massive contract with Rogers which was supposed to bring in a ton of revenue. But then the Canadian dollar took a dive.
  3. What about Johansson?
  4. So the Cheifs just traded a few picks including next year's first to get the next Jay Cutler.
  5. I'm sure that the GM's are lining up to make a trade with Pace after that.
  6. I'm sure they could have traded down and gotten him. Pace is going to become a joke to other GMs after this.
  7. When I watched the movie "Draft Day", I thought that movie was ridiculous because no GM would ever be that stupid. Pace just outdid that guy
  8. Wow. Was that ever amazingly stupid. Not only did they draft a QB, but they traded half their draft picks to do so.
  9. I know what you mean. I guess I'm hoping they can pick Jamal Adams. If he goes 2nd to SF, maybe they should trade down. There must be a team somewhere in there who would love to get their hands on Fournette and be willing to trade a few picks to take him.
  10. I've been thinking along the same lines for the most part but I would want to keep Seabrook, Crawford and if at all possible Kruger too. I think Kitchen needs to go too. I would see if there was any way possible to trade Panarin for Evander Kane. Trade Anisimov. I'd really like to add a big nasty dman. I would re-sign Panik but definitely not for more than 2M. I'd try to also re-sign Kempny and Rasmussen. And I would really try to sign Joe Thornton. Hayden-Toews-P.Kane E.Kane-Thornton-Hossa Shmaltz-Kero-Panik Rasmussen-Kruger/Fortin-Hartman
  11. What? You don't like our PP?
  12. The difference was that this team is not built for the playoffs. The checking is tighter and the stars don't have the space to do what they do best. That's why you need a few physical players to create time and space for them. Even in past cups, Toews and Kane struggled until guys like Buff and Bicks were moved up to play with them.
  13. Tell me what the bad contracts are and then tell me who was the GM
  14. Stan did NOT build this team. Dale Tallon did. Stan has merely been plucking it apart.
  15. You need that negative aura cleansed