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  1. replacing hoss and nik.

    Dennis also said: “Someone once said that Bobby could hit a puck through a car wash and not get it wet and that I could hit it just as hard, but not hit the car wash. That was the difference.” He also wrote a book entitled Third Best Hull: I Should Have Been Fourth but They Wouldn't Let My Sister Maxine Play.
  2. replacing hoss and nik.

    I only started watching hockey in 1966 but I don't recall Bobby Hull playing on a line with Mikita. Hull played with Phil Esposito at first and Chico Maki (The HEM line), when Esposito was traded I remember Hull playing with Angotti and Maki as well as Nesterenko and Maki. I remember Mikita playing with Mohns and Wharram but I'm having trouble remembering who replaced Wharram on right wing (Koroll maybe?).
  3. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    My favorite is a German beer, Beck
  4. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I thin k he means a logical keyboard, not a physical one
  5. Kruger Finally Traded

    My guess is they are going to get a player back because it probably wouldn't have been future considerations if it was a draft pick. They will probably get some overpaid guy once Hossa is on LTIR. I hope it isn't Reilly Smith.
  6. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I hate him too but I think he could be very usefull
  7. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    This all happened while I was writing my endless post up above, and I guess it proves me wrong. They are going to wait until the start of the season to put Hossa on LTIR. I wonder if the guy coming back could be James Neal.
  8. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    I'm no cap expert either but if I understand correctly what I read here: https://www.reddit.com/r/hawks/comments/6kh944/2017_nhl_free_agency_a_guide_for_the_chicago/ then the Hawks options are as follows: 1: Get cap compliant by the beginning of the season and put Hossa on LTIR after game 1. This would give full cap relief for his contract but the options become more limited when they try to use the cap space because most teams aren't looking to make trades that early in the season. 2: Put Hossa on LTIR prior to the start of the season. In this case, whatever the amount they were over the cap with Hossa is the amount of cap savings. The rest of his cap hit still goes towards the cap so for instance, if they were in the situation they have now with 77,135,628 cap hit, and they put Hossa on LTIR, then the cap savings would be 2,135,628 and the rest of his salary would count against the cap (3,139,372). If I understand that amount would count against the cap all year no matter what they do (unless they trade him). 2A: This is what I think they are doing. If they spend right up to the cap limit plus Hossa's cap hit, therefore 80,275,000 and then they put Hossa on LTIR, then his full salary will be cap savings and their cap spending will be at 75M. So what they need to do is maybe sign 1 or 2 guys (for instance Oesterle and Bouma) and then bury their contracts once the season starts to give some wiggle room for trades and deadline trades.
  9. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    One more reason for me to hate Nashville
  10. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Those of us who like to propose lines for the team are going to have to give it a lot of thought this year
  11. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    I'm rather underwhelmed by Bowman's choices once again.
  12. replacing hoss and nik.

    I remember a pretty heated argument between him and Buff52 a little while back.
  13. The 'hawks and free agency

    Why did they trade for Datsyuk then? As I recall they even gave up something for him. The advantage with Hossa is that it only costs them 1M to get 5.25M against the cap.
  14. The 'hawks and free agency

    If Hossa stays on the Hawks, they need to get him on ltir for the cap relief. But I think people are overlooking the fact that if they trade him to a team like Arizona, he doesn't need to be put on ltir. As a matter of fact, they probably wouldn't want him to because they need to reach the cap floor. He would simply not be in the lineup. I don't see why Hossa would retire and forego an easy 1M per year.
  15. The 'hawks and free agency

    I'd rather add Hartnell and just keep Anisimov. I'm really not sold on Gagner.