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  1. You Be The Gm

    To be honest I looked up if there is a Thorton that I wasn't aware of. Signing one year patches shouldn't be the way to go. Signing talented players with a future and filling the open spots from within the farm is more like it. Maybe add some experience at the deadline (no fan of it).
  2. You Be The Gm

    who is thorton ? makes sense when you put them all in the same assisted living facility, otherwise, no thank you.
  3. Patrick Kane

    yes ! This is as picture from one my band members. We are "Buf and the pathetic losers" !
  4. Panarin

    If I was a betting man, I'd bet that Panarin stays and Panik will be back.
  5. Panarin

    I guess I have to look up the deals and clauses before I post again..
  6. Chicago Bulls 2015 Season

    What about the Bulls 2017 ? Playoffs we're coming ! Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the Bulls sweep the cavs this season ? I'm looking forward to that first round matchup !
  7. Panarin

    Well let's add another option and it hurts me just typing this but Seabrook could be another way to go. He's 32 (or will be shortly) and he had a rough season. I think he'll be fine come playoff time (and I wrote a couple of times that I want him to retire in a Hawks uniform) but if his performance this year is an indicator of what's to come then we might think about him. I have no doubt that Keith can play until he's 40, Seabrook has different physical qualifications (is qualifications the right word ? preconditions? let's say abilities). I think his game will deteriorate earlier. It might not be a bad idea to trade him while we can get the maximum return.
  8. Panarin

    Agree except for Panik. I want this guy back. He just now realizes how good he can be.
  9. Panarin

    4 m for Darling ? I don't think so. Cut that in half and that would be a stretch...
  10. Panarin

    now people will question your state of mind
  11. Panarin

    You never know. This rumor isn't over until it's over.
  12. Panarin

    While it is conceivable poor artemi doesn't deserve the Bollig example.... Don't see it happening, stans not risking losing 95% of the female/under 16 fanbase
  13. Panarin

    Anisimov looks so good because he's surrounded by 2 of the most talented kids in the game. I think he's overpaid (about 0.75-1 mio too much). But centers are hard to replace. Way harder than goalies imo. And Kruger is not a 3rd line center and I hope he's on his way out (for cap reasons). That would leave us with Toews and Kero. And not much promising in the pipeline. For decent, talented centers you have to overpay. Decent goalies are not hard to find.
  14. Panarin

    Look, once again, I'm not trying to take anything away from CC. I'm not emotionally involved here, all I'm saying is that if one big contract has to go my choice would be CC.
  15. Panarin

    Nevermind Granada, I was talking about the playoff series in 2012. Everybody was up in arms about CC back then and there weren't many who stood up for him.