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  1. You Be The Gm

    I want berry smith here now
  2. You Be The Gm

    I want the hawks to make a trade and don't care who it is this team needs a wakw up badly and get that kieth off the pp he is useless
  3. You Be The Gm

    are the hawks going to make a trade no erixon on the ice this morning
  4. You Be The Gm

    theres talk now of the hawks looking at kassian from vancover is he any good
  5. You Be The Gm

    don't no what to say anymore im talking hockey
  6. You Be The Gm

    Crawford can go get his girls and party now we have to good goalies that no how to win and please get that lazy bickel out of here now what a waste go get vermeete like him better
  7. The Crawford Thread

    ok Crawford you can go back to your partying now we don't need you with ranta and darling playing better than you.
  8. You Be The Gm

    are the hawks going to get vermet I hope so
  9. You Be The Gm

    now morin has requested a trade what will we get for him a second I hope
  10. You Be The Gm

    why are the hawks always in cap trouble is it bad management.
  11. You Be The Gm

    apparently you don't watch the games if you don't no
  12. You Be The Gm

    I agree, also I see shaw is not playing tonight quenville puts him on a line that's no good and he has to try and do all the work so sick of that coach I wish he was gone
  13. You Be The Gm

    I hear the hawks are looking for a vet with size I wonder who that would be.
  14. You Be The Gm

    if its dineen then he should be fired he isn't doing any better than Kompon did
  15. You Be The Gm

    theres always a smart ass and he no,s who it is.