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  1. BlackhawkPaul

    Is this the beginning of the end?

    Congrats Hawks. This is your playoff video.
  2. BlackhawkPaul

    Stan As Gm

    I have nothing against Calder. He led the team in points for a season. Take what you want from that.
  3. BlackhawkPaul

    Stan As Gm

    Yup. There are a ton of people complaining that probably never stepped in the building when #19 was a dude named Calder and he had the A and the B to help him.
  4. BlackhawkPaul

    Stan As Gm

    By the way, the Cups were totally worth it.
  5. BlackhawkPaul

    Stan As Gm

    The Hawks mortgaged the future to hang shiny Stanley Cup banners in the east end of the stadium. Was that cost worth it? All of us have to ask ourselves this. It's the formula that the RedWings followed, now they're 1 and dones or missing the post season, which may happen sooner than later for the Blackhawks. What will make/break Stan is how he handles the core, if/how he breaks it up, what returns he receives and how quickly it can be implemented without the Hawks skipping a beat.
  6. BlackhawkPaul


    I won it all in NHL '04. I got skills.
  7. BlackhawkPaul


    Not many people posting in this thread would make a very good GM. It will always be a business. I know that people miss Sharp. That's fine, but we all knew he was going to be a cap casualty. The trade with Dallas really benefitted neither team. I think the Hawks were premature with Daley, but obviously there was something that didn't fit in Chicago, so he won a Cup in Pittsburgh instead.
  8. BlackhawkPaul

    Blackhawks Photos

    Toews warming up against the Flyers
  9. BlackhawkPaul

    Blackhawks Photos

    Over the next few thousand years or so, I will try to upload random shots I have taken over the years.
  10. BlackhawkPaul


    That's because the meatballs run rampant in Chicago. Crawford will never receive the proper credit he deserves.
  11. BlackhawkPaul

    The Panik Thread

    Trolls gotta troll.
  12. BlackhawkPaul

    Patrick Kane

    Is there a place to discuss Blackhawks hockey without having to drink a fifth of cheap vodka?
  13. BlackhawkPaul

    The Crawford Thread

    I have. In person. A few times. While he was at ND and then as a Star (when they came to play the Hawks at the UC).
  14. BlackhawkPaul

    The Crawford Thread

    The team in front of him won't get any better. This is the best they have under the circumstances and the cap hell that they are up against. Darling is an average netminder, but I will agree that the offense needs to pot more than 1-2 goals a game with him minding the pipes, or they will slowly fall in the standings in the weak Western Conference.
  15. BlackhawkPaul

    Patrick Kane

    I always like welcoming new fans, but I may change my mind after reading the OP of this thread.