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  1. Is there a place to discuss Blackhawks hockey without having to drink a fifth of cheap vodka?
  2. I seriously want to share a 6 pack with you. Maybe only if the Hawks are winning.
  3. I have. In person. A few times. While he was at ND and then as a Star (when they came to play the Hawks at the UC).
  4. The team in front of him won't get any better. This is the best they have under the circumstances and the cap hell that they are up against. Darling is an average netminder, but I will agree that the offense needs to pot more than 1-2 goals a game with him minding the pipes, or they will slowly fall in the standings in the weak Western Conference.
  5. I always like welcoming new fans, but I may change my mind after reading the OP of this thread.
  6. One of the silver linings would be 88 and 72 will probably score more points together next season. If the Hawks solidify a line for Toews, then teams will be forced to split D time, meaning Kane could be due for a 120 point season. If someone said this before the arrival of the Bread Man, 120 points would be laughed off this board. It's amazing how those two are continuing to evolve.
  7. Hossa should be a choice on that list. Diminishing returns. Perhaps he and 19 can find chemistry again, or 81 will be relegated to an aging 3rd liner. I can see the Hawks dealing him mid season next year or definitely after 16-17 to make way for Panarin's pay day. I see no one in the list of 4 that I would vote for over Hossa. Hossa's aging and breaking down a bit, and the fans will be lucky to see him skate 70 games next year. If you can get 50 points out of him, it's a bonus, but I don't see it. Make a trade and guarantee he will "Pronger" it the final 2 seasons instead of retiring and creating a cap nightmare for the Hawks. I agree Bickell will be bought out so that the team saves 3m this year and will be hung with 1.5m the year after. That helps if they want to bridge-deal Shaw, but expect 65 to see 3.5-4m per. He very well could be signed/traded for a D need if some of the pending free agents don't want a pay cut to see if they can get a shot at winning a cup.
  8. A good win, and I appreciate the rant by Foley about the late puck drops, even though McD threw him under the bus instead of supporting him. Smooching the behind of Bettman seems to be common practice of the team prez. Go get 'em in game 6. Everybody knows....
  9. You watch Bravo?
  10. I'm glad I read all 409 pages.
  11. Any forum with Joe Schwenn is a forum that loses a collective IQ of around 100 points.