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  1. Vegas news

    So today I was looking for tickets to the Hawks game in Vegas on Oct. 24th, a Tuesday night. I wasn't expecting cheap prices but was a little taken back at what they do cost, and it's not a whole lot less than the UC. Now this as on Stubhub, which is inflated to begin with, and I'm sure this being the inaugural season has a lot to do with it. Anyway, tickets in the upper level equivalent to the 300 section, in the corner where the Hawks shoot twice, were going from about $96 to upwards of $200 each. Lower level was obviously a lot more. I really really want to go, and will probably bite the bullet and get a pair. Of course, if I wanted to go see somebody else like Winnipeg on a weeknight they're less money, but who wants to do that?
  2. The 'hawks and free agency

    With Panarin gone it might have been nice if they could've figured out a way to get Shalunov over here. I believe he was looking for a top-6 role which he now could've (maybe) had. He's got a 3 year deal in Russia and now the Hawks probably can't get him here until 2021 when he's 27. I'm not sure Sharp will fit into a top-6 role unless the Hawks get desperate and nobody else steps up. The league is different now with younger guys playing more so maybe D-cat gets a chance, but Q is Q, so it's hard to say. There is also Alexandre Fourtin, who looked good in camp last year. He's got some size, and could be another possibility for this year. I don't think there will be much of a problem at forward this year. Still some questions at D, IMO, and at backup goalie so we have to wait and see how it all shakes out.
  3. The 'hawks and free agency

    When I heard about Sharp, I thought Noooo! Not another retread, especially considering his condition with hip surgery and concussion. He is not the bionic man and he's certainly not the Patrick Sharp from days gone by. But that said, for a million or less, I suppose it's worth the gamble, and a gamble is exactly what it is. Still, with as strapped as the Hawks are for cap space, every dollar they spend on guys like Sharp is a dollar they could spend on someone else.
  4. The 'hawks and free agency

    I'd like to see them trade Kruger and get Gagne. I have mixed feelings about AA. He does some good things but for the love of gawd teach that guy how to win a draw. Seabs isn't going anywhere and hopefully he has a better year to justify that paycheck. With the cap I know they're limited as to what they can do, but please no more retreads. I was glad to see Versteeg sign with Calgary just for fact that he wouldn't be back here again. If they have to get retreads at least get somebody else's.
  5. Johnny oduya

    I like having Johnny O back provided he's healthy. Adds some depth and he knows the system.
  6. Q's Future

    I don't see him going anywhere unless he wants to leave. He would be difficult to replace.
  7. Looks Like Vegas...

    Having worked in trademark law for 20 years one thing I can tell you is that the U.S. PTO is unpredictable. There are many registered trademarks that share the same wording but get allowed because of different goods & services. In other words, there has to be a "likelihood of confusion" in the marketplace among consumers. Based on that, it would not seem that a hockey team would/could be confused with an Army parachute team, but like I said, it's hard to predict what the PTO will do. There are other legal avenues as well. License agreements, limiting the scope of the trademark, etc. It's also possible that the team could register its logo with out getting a registration for the words "Vegas Golden Knights". There are other legal possibilities, but that's the gist of it. Personally, I'm not crazy about the name, but it is what it is. I'm just glad to have a team in Vegas, for obvious reasons.
  8. NHL.com picks Hawks to win Stanley Cup

    It's also worth noting that the Las Vegas sports books have the Hawks as favorites to win the Cup. Those guys probably look at it a little more rationally than the fans who have an emotional investment. I know there have been times this year (like the last two games) where you just think the whole thing is swirling in the bowl, but the team has stepped it up in the past come playoff time. There always seems to be a lull this time of year and maybe once the schedule isn't as busy they'll get it back on track.
  9. Jimmy Vesey To The Hawks?

    It sure sounded like Stan & Co. gave it their best shot. If the kid wanted to stay closer to home, then there isn't much you can do about that. Nobody knows how the kid will do and like others have said, the Hawks may very well already have someone that could be as good as Vesey or better. One name I have't seen mentioned is Tanner Kero. He had 39 points (20g/19a) at Rockford last year and is a little older at age 24. I would think he'd have as much or more upside than Vesey.
  10. Jimmy Vesey To The Hawks?

    JMO, but playing for his hometown in Boston would create a lot of extra pressure. He has to realize that. It would be the same in NY with the media all over him. NJ -- meh. The Hawks give him a lot of things. The chance to play with bonafide starts and the chance to win. As for Q's history with young players, it's true he like his veterans, but if the kid comes in and plays well, he'll play. I don't know that any team is going to guarantee him a top-6 spot and leave him there if he struggles.
  11. Looks Like Vegas...

    The arena is actually a joint venture between MGM and and entertainment group, but a gaming company is involved with it. I've tried to find out through the US Patent & Trademark Office what other names they may have filed for but they must be filing under a pseudo name or holding company because I can't find anything. In any case, they'll have the name chosen fairly soon providing it passes the muster of the NHL. And with Patrick Roy leaving Colorado, could he be the 1st head coach? That would be interesting although I think he might want a better/additional title like assistant GM or something.
  12. Looks Like Vegas...

    I know that some of the naming issues have been related to getting a domain name. I work in intellectual property and and can vouch for how difficult it can be. Just about every single word in the English language has been registered as a domain name, so they almost have to use two-word combinations. I was among those that did not like anything with "Hawks" in the name. Apparently they still have two other names they're considering without the "hawks" part. Anything has to be approved by the NHL and anything gambling-related is off limits, such as Aces, Gamblers, etc. I kind of liked Scorpions or Outlaws, but Outlaws is used by an AZ hockey team. Finding a good name is kind of like trying to find a woman (if you're single). All the good ones are taken.
  13. Looks Like Vegas...

    We're relocating to Henderson (next town over) next year so having a team in Vegas will be nice. I looked into an 11 game package and while the prices are pretty good the packages have set opponents, e.g. there is no choice of games. Obviously I'd want to see the Hawks so I may just get tickets when I want them rather than buy a package. It's still a little far off but it's something to consider. Between Vegas, Phoenix, LA, and Anaheim I might end up going to more Hawks games than I do now.
  14. Panarin

    I would love love love to see Panarin win the Calder. At the very least it might shut up all the Connor McDavid people that already have him in the HOF. It's only a small sample, but so far the kid has looked outstanding. At some point it would be interesting to see a Panarin/Teuvo/Dano line, just to see what they could do. Sort of like a Hawks' version of the triplets.
  15. The Crawford Thread

    Crawford might get more recognition as a top goalie if the consistency was a little better. He'll make some spectacular saves one minute and then let in a dribbler from the blue line. As everyone knows, his glove kills him and it happened again against WPG. The first one, ok, he can't stop them all, but he should have had the second one. How many times have the Hawks dominated the opponent and gotten shut down? Look at what Montoya did last night. Crawford doesn't give that kind of shut-down performance very often. Sometimes they need a "goalie win" when the team isn't playing their best game and it's kind of iffy that they can depend on Crawford to get one. I'm not saying he's bad, just that he's inconsistent, and he doesn't always instill a lot of confidence that he'll come up big when needed.