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  1. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    who would have thought the advantage would go to the National League Team... Bring on the DH!
  2. dylan mcilrath on waivers

    I was hoping the Hawks were going to draft him way back when the Rangers did. Love this kids game. Another player of the same mold on waivers (last i checked) was Mark Tinordi's Kid Jarred... same kind of tough nosed player with some skill to boot.
  3. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    anything is possible, but i dont think Schwarber plays in the field at all this year. What I do worry about is who does play in the out field corners. Ok, I think Zobrist is a lock, but who plays the other corner... Soler? His defense still scares me and he hasnt done much behind the plate either. Coghlan.. no thanks.... Heyward... no. Contreras will be behind the dish for the most part.
  4. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Last night the boys figured it out. Kyle Schwarber is quickly becoming a Chicago Cubs legend. Arrieta pitched well, but I still thought he lost some control with some of his pitches... im thinking that he might have been juiced up for the moment. Now we bring it home to The Friendly Confines ! Should be a very exciting weekend gentleman !
  5. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Welll that sucked... However we had a ton of base runners despite Kluber's and Miller's pitching. IF thats the best they can give us, I like our chances moving forward LET GO BOYS!
  6. Chicago Bears 2016-17 Season

    Perhaps it was an attempt at distraction from all the negative bears vibes.... or more likely ... im just an idiot.
  7. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Cubs Game One Tonight! Cant say I followed the indians a whole lot this year, but my understanding is that their pitching is top notch, and they were the hottest team going into the playoffs. Regardless, I think the Cubs found their Mojo in the end of last week. Look for them to keep rolling.
  8. Chicago Bears 2016-17 Season

    Edit ---->insert useless Bears thought here <----
  9. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    THE WORLD SERIES THE WORLD SERIES THE FRIGGIN WOLD SERIES All those years waiting... its here my fellow Cubs fans. Now lets bring it home!
  10. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Great team win last night. Lester is nails in the PlayOffs! Love the Look over at the dodger bench after his throw to first.... Going to have to be clicking on all cylinders Saturday night to beat kershaw... it can be done! Lets Go Cubs!!!!
  11. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    that was refreashing... that is the 2016 Cubs team we know. Lets keep it rolling tonight!
  12. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    would someone kill a live chicken already! Try not to suck tonight... please
  13. Chicago Bears 2016-17 Season

    well the good news is that I dont spend time, money, and effort watching them this year, and its doing wonders for my marriage.
  14. Chicago Cubs 2016 Season

    Great win Saturday followed up by a disappointing loss Sunday night. I know Kershaw is good, but only 2 hits ....? ? ? ? Here's hoping the Boys get some cage work in before Tuesday
  15. The Panik Thread

    Its early, but there are plenty of things to admire about his game. I for one like the physicality he brings to a less than physical top 6 group of forwards. His scoring and ability to connect with his line mates is also looking like a positive.