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  1. 12/12 Hawks vs Panthers

  2. Joel Quenneville

    Q has been and still is too soft on the core. He needs to play hardball with them so they know that half effort play will not be tolerated. Start benching one or two of them to get the message across. The 3rd and 4th lines are playing all out. It is the top two lines except for a couple that are really hurting the team. None of the core seem very motivated and need that type of coach who will come down hard on them. Q has failed miserably for quite awhile now to motivate his top two lines. If Q can't motivate the top two lines than the choice has to be a head coaching change.
  3. Joel Quenneville

    The big problem with Q is that he is way too soft with his core of stars. This has to change or he will need to be gone.
  4. Joel Quenneville

    Wirtz needs to confront the Core - Toews, Kane, Keith & Seabs and find out what is going on and why they are playing most games with little or no effort at all.
  5. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    The so-called core of the team is a shambles and need to be held accountable for their horrendous, lack of effort and don't care attitudes.
  6. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    Toews should be stripped of his captaincy and if he really wants it back, he will have to earn it. Kane and Keith need to be called to Wirtz's office and blasted for the way they are playing.
  7. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

    The rookies were great. It is the veteran stars that are stinking up the rink. Time to sit a star or two and let the young guys play.
  8. 12/08 Hawks vs Sabres

  9. 12/06 Hawks vs Caps

  10. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Every Hawk fan needs to bocott the games. An empty stadium will make Wirtz move a lot quicker.
  11. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    No because the team has to carry the stars (core).
  12. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    For goodnessw sake Wirtz...fire Q now and warn Bowman that he is next.
  13. 12/03 Hawks vs Kings

    Our stars are so great that they always play like Peewees. Wirtz not care about this team either?
  14. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    It is pretty bad when your stars refuse to play because they are getting the big money and don't care anymore. Is it the stars or is it the coach that they don't like anymore. Time for Wirtz to meet with the stars and find out why they refuse to play up to their talents.
  15. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    Why did Both Toews and Kane just throw the game? Neither one made any effort to try and score. It is definitely time for the big boss to sit down with the players and get to the bottom of why the stars just don't care anymore. I think they want Q gone. I don't think they like him one iota.