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  1. Stan As Gm

    The players are not pathetic, it is the coaching and GM that are pathetic. The team has shown they have talent but they are being badly misused. The team is not playing hard and smart every night because they either peeved at Q or at Bowman or at both. There is a real cancer on this team and it continues to fester.
  2. 3/01 Hawks vs Sharks

    Q is the biggest fault on this team. He needs to be fired. These players aren't being coached one iota. The very poor coaching is evident.
  3. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    If I were Bowman, I would ask Toews to waive his no trade clause to go to Winnipeg which is his home town. I think he would do it. Should be able to get a decent haul for him. Toews should be pushed to lift his no trade clause as he is not doing the Hawks any good staying on the team. I still say as well to get Seabrook to waive his no trade clause and take whatever you can get for him just to free up the cap space for free agency this summer. At least one or more of the core need to go. I would keep Kane unless a team offers a mega deal and Kane agrees to lift his no trade clause but that would probably only happen with Buffalo and I don't think they would have enough to offer. I heard one time before that Kane wants to finish his career in Buffalo which is his home town. Not sure how true it is.
  4. Jan Rutta

    Players do start to decline after a certain age but the decline of our core except for Kane has been atrocious. There is no excuse for such a big decline and especially for Toews. Guys like Keith and Seabs need less minutes to be productive but should still be able to play at a bit higher level than what they are playing at. Toews should still be able to play at a lot higher level but just floats most nights. I can't figure out Saad as he is still quite young and yet has only played at half the player he was with his previous stint with the Hawks. The rookies have way out played the veterans except for Kane but even Kane takes too many nights off.
  5. 2/24 Hawks vs Jackets

    Forsberg should have been sent down to Rockford and not Glass. Forsberg has been downright terrible. I am wondering if he could even keep a beach ball out of the net. He is definitely not NHL ready. A couple of years in Rockford might be the best thing for him. The Hawks also need a big change on defense. Bowman needs to press Seabrook to lift his no trade clause and trade him for whatever they can get. Keith needs to be taken off the power play and given less minutes on the ice.
  6. Joel Quenneville

    Q needs to be gone immediately and Bowman by the end of the season if not sooner. First you fire the coach and get a new one to see how the team responds under new coaching. If the problems continue to exist, then you fire the GM. Right now the onus is on Q as this team has totally given up except for a few and Q's plan of action has never changed. Keeping him on as Coach is mind boggling. Where in the heck is Wirtz? Has he turned into his father somehow?
  7. Joel Quenneville

    I still say that Coach Q needs to get axed first as he is not equipped to coach in today's NHL and especially with such a young roster. His hey day is over. He seems to be totally over his head and totally lost. This team has plenty of talent but going nowhere. Time for a new coach to move the team in a different direction that compliment the talents they have. The Hawks are not a stanley cup calibre team but with the talent they do have, they are not a bottom team either. They are just playing like a bottom team for some reason which I think points to the inability of the coach to be able to coach this team properly. It has been only the odd game that they showed any desire to win. Everything about the Hawks has been downright horrible except for a couple of rookies. Why? Yes, Kane has played a few very dynamic games but only a few. There is a lot of frustration on this team and whether it is frustration between coaching and players or GM and players needs to be sorted out. Maybe it is time to fire both Q and Bowman. No one can tell me the talent isn't there. The big problem is that the talent is being badly mismanaged and the so-called core has pretty well given up.
  8. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    I can't watch anymore of these Hawks games because they continue to play like a bunch of misfits and cowards except for a couple who are willing to hit. Hardly anyone is even trying to play hockey. Both Toews and Kane have gone way south along with Keith and Seabrook. Saad has been way terrible. It is the rookies trying to carry this team. I will watch again when they finally decide to fire Q and bring in a coach who will come down hard on the so-called stars of the team. To me it looks like they are just throwing the games away. I do not like games where there is no effort at all from the veterans on the team. This has been going on all season except for a few games. The Hawks are a total disgrace to the NHL.
  9. Stan As Gm

    It is funny how one player can play very poorly on one team and yet excel on another team. I would think it has to do with coaching and chemistry and the type of system being employed. How do you respect a coach who keeps playing the same system for so long when it's been so brutal and easily countered by the opposing teams?
  10. How do we define success?

    It looks like now that if Bowman can trade for or sign a couple of rugged players for the 3rd and 4th lines that can play hockey it should be a big help to keep the Hawks going. Bringing in one rugged yet decent defense man would help as well. Not sure who all is available but Stan needs to keep a very close watch and pounce before other teams jump in. I don't think the season is lost just yet which is why he needs to try and make a couple of movements by the trade deadline.
  11. 1/24 Hawks vs Leafs

    Don't need to blow up the team, just need to get rid of Q and Bowman.
  12. Joel Quenneville

    We need to get all Hawks fans to boycott all Hawks Games until Wirtz does something. Q needs to be gone and Bowman needs to be gone. Neither one has any clue about today's NHL. Q constantly tells his players to poke check and don't hit. Bowman interviewed tonight sees nothing wrong with what's been happening to the Hawks.
  13. The Crawford Thread

  14. The Crawford Thread

    Crawford got hit by Mallkin on November 18th
  15. 1/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    The hawks actually played a decent game except for Toews and Keith. Someone needs to cll them out and embarrass them in front of the world. Saad has been trying but hasn't been able to get much of any free space to get a proper shot off. The one thing that angers me about Saad is that he is not hitting at all and he is decent size.