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  1. The whole team sucks. Toews either needs to be benched or take some time off to get his head back on straight.
  2. The big poblem is that most of the guys are lazy, no one wants to shoot but rather try and make the fancy play. Toews needs to be benched for a few games to wake him up. Nobody was hitting tonight. They need to get it through their heads that they are no longer a puck possession team and need to start hustling, digging along the boards and in the corners much more and much more hitting. Toews had been a total disaster this year. He is playing injured or just doesn't care because he is making the big money. Is it a team problem or a coaching problem. The games they have won for the most have been squeakers that they didn't deserve to win.
  3. Oh yeah, the bad times are long gone and forgotten. Must keep in the present and look to the future.
  4. I can't help out either as I live in Canada on the east coast. Just wanted to wish you a happy 70th birthday and what a great experience to be able to attend a Hawks home game. I have been a Hawks fan since 1959 and would love to some day go to Chicago and watch a home game live. It is so great to see those who have stuck with the Hawks even through the bad times.
  5. A high salary player is definitely going to be traded as that seems to be the only route Bowman can take in order to sign Panarin. I doubt very much that he would trade Panarin. It is more likely that we see either Crawford, AA or Seabrook moved. Could move Kruger but that wouldn't be enough cap space freed up unless the salary cap jumps a fair bit next year which is highly unlikely. Have to wait and see if Bowman can pull some magic out of that hat of his. Very very tough situation to be in but Bowman put himself there and now we wait to see if he can get himself out of it.
  6. I think we are going to see Bowman make a trade and we will be saying goodbye to either Kruger, Crawford, Seabrook or AA . Take your pick who you think will be gone before the summer is over. I think it will be either Crawford or Kruger. I also think that Chicago has an over abundance of defense men which means one or two will be included in a trade.
  7. It could end up big problems for Nashville if Weber retires before his contract expires as I believe he has one of those contracts but I could be wrong. Not sure how Weber's contract works.
  8. http://nesn.com/2016/06/nhl-trade-rumors-blackhawks-andrew-shaw-wants-4-5-million-annually-should-he-be-moved/ Apparently Andrew Shaw is asking for 4.5
  9. Kane needs to get his act together as he has been horrible. Hossa needs to come off the 1st line as he is to slow now to keep up with Toews and Ladd. Hossa would be much better used on the 3rd line.
  10. I think the Hawks have packed it in. No one is hustling until that last couple of minutes of the game, defense is horrible and even the star players are playing like amateurs. This Hawks team is a total mess right now. Passing is horrible stick handling is horrible and the shooting is horrible. Yes they got a lot of shots but right at the goaltender. There needs to be a major shakeup before the playoffs or they might not even make it that far.
  11. Me likes too!!! Great moves by Stan and I expect at least one more to come and maybe two with one sending Bickell to the big TO. Seriously though, I do not think that Stan is finished just yet.
  12. There is still the possibility of Bickell being moved and yes there are a couple of roster players to be moved from the bottom six if there are any takers. It is the bottom six that Bowman needs to upgrade more than defense. Kruger will probably be placed on LTIR. I don't believe for minute that Bowman is done.
  13. This move is to free up cap space for next next as Erhoff will be off the books whereas Scuderi would be on the books for one more year. Great move by Stan as he is not only looking towards this year's Stanley cup run but also next year.
  14. Since Rockford is not far from Chicago, a few defence could be called up to practice with the Hawks to see who best fits with the team for the remaining playoffs. Whoever they decide with to replace Rosy would not not be put on the 3rd pairing with Timo. Let's wait first to see how some of these defense respond in practices with the Hawks.
  15. I don't think Stan is even done yet. He may even get a pic back by deadline on Monday.