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  1. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Bruins bought out Dennis Seidenberg. He's 34 and had a 4 mil cap hit. As much as I want to see the Hawks bring Campbell back, I wonder if they could also somehow fit Seidenberg in to the D core as well, and what that might cost.
  2. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    According to Ryan Rishaug from TSN via twitter, if the Oilers land Milan Lucic, they might opt to trade Taylor Hall, as getting Lucic would give them 17.5 mil tied up in their left wings. Hall makes 6 mil for another three years. I wonder if there's any scenario where the Hawks could fit Hall under the cap. Think he'd look good on Toews left side. I tend to doubt it though. At least not without opening up some substantial holes elsewhere on the roster. Ah well, wishful thinking. If Edmonton's really interested in PK Subban though, wonder if some sort of swap involving Hall plus for Subban would happen?
  3. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Yeah, I figured most people wouldn't like him. Honestly, I don't like him much either, but he plays hard and he puts up points. I know it was a small sample size, but Ladd didn't seem to have the impact that I was hoping for given what the Hawks gave up to get him. Not that it matters. Both of them are out of the Hawks price range, I'd think. Does make me wonder what the Hawks will do though to fill the hole on the top line.
  4. Around The League - Other Teams' News

    Just read on Pierre LeBrun's twitter that Kings GM Dean Lombardi confirmed that Milan Lucic is going to market. I must say, he's look pretty amazing up there on the first line wing with Toews and Hossa. Obviously getting him would mean losing Shaw, but he kinda reminds me a bit of Shaw with more scoring. Obviously, I don't think the Hawks would get him. Too expensive and there are multiple needs that money could go toward. Wouldn't shock me if someone gave him 7 mil, as he's already coming off of deal with a 6.5 mil a year cap hit and he's only 27 years old. I'll be really curious to see which team lands him.
  5. The Crawford Thread

    True. I guess it depends on what you think you'd have with Hutchinson and Darling and whether or not you think that a team that's lost Sharp and Saad and gained a few unknowns is a contender this year. Personally, I think that they CAN contend if they have a few breaks of luck go their way (ie Anisimov turns out to be the real deal, TT takes the next step, Panarin and Dano turn in very solid rookie seasons, TVR turns in to a solid 3rd line D man, etc). Of course, any team would need some things to break their way. Not saying the Hawks are any different in that regard. But after an offseason of some purging (and still some purging to go), would it be the craziest idea to go with two inexperienced goalies that have put up solid numbers in small sample sizes and seeing if one of them turns out to be legit? It probably would be crazy. But given that the Hawks usually need a year or two to unload and restock after each cup so far, maybe this is a year that you feel more emboldened to try something and see if it works? I mean, if you're going to trade Crawford next year, you're going to be assuming some risk no matter if you get a young, inexperienced goalie or you pick up a goalie off of free agency (that some other team thought wasn't worth resigning). Why not do it this year? Again, I know I sound like I'm advocating for this and I'm not. My only point is that IF he's to be traded next year, I'd rather see him moved this offseason when the Hawks have already unloaded some talent for some youth and CC's at his highest value. If the Hawks have no intention of trading him next year, then this is a moot point and yeah, definitely hold on to him. Personally, I hope he retires a Hawk.
  6. The Crawford Thread

    Well, a lot of what I've read with regards to people thinking Winterpeg would be a good fit is that Hutchinson would be part of the return for CC. From the Jets perspective, Hutchinson is still relatively unproven after a first round loss last year, and Crawford is a two time cup winner who's only 30. Some might argue that Crawford is exactly what the Jets need, much more so than a 25 year old with half a year of experience who lost in the first round and may or may not be what that half season was last year. From the Hawks perspective, Hutchinson only makes 575K. He'll be an RFA after 15-16, but he'd have to have a monster season to get anything approaching CC's contract. If he outplays Darling for the starter job AND he plays well, he's still probably not looking at a deal worth more than 4 mil and that two million difference between that deal and what CC makes is likely the money needed to resign Seabs. Just throwing this out there as well, but Winnipeg has one of the best stocked farm systems in the NHL right now. They'll be looking to cut ties with Pavalec as soon as possible, and if they view CC as the big missing piece, how much would they be willing to send the Hawks along with Hutchinson to get him? As you said, the Hawks need cap space, not big contracts in return. But the Hawks also need to restock the farm a bit and having a few more "sure things" (in heavy quotes) would certainly help once Hossa slows down, Bickell and Versteeg are traded away, Daley moves on etc. I'm not saying the Hawks should move Crawford given what he's done for them. But if they're going to move him anyways next summer, then why wait? He'll be a year older and if he's not coming off of a cup win or he gets injured, his value will likely be less, plus teams will know why they're trying to move him and we could have another Sharp trade. Sure, he obviously helped us win the cup this year, but can you imagine how much Stan could've had for Sharp had he moved him last year versus this year? Again, not saying the Hawks should move CC. Just some stuff I've been chewing on lately.
  7. The Crawford Thread

    So do people think that the Hawks should try and deal Crawford this summer in order to free up cap space, or do you think that the Hawks should hold on to him? If you think they should deal him, where would you like to see him go and for what kind of return do you think he'd get? What do you think will actually happen this summer with regards to Crawford? My guess is that he goes nowhere, but given the cap issues and the need to resign Seabrook next summer, I really tend to wonder if he finishes his contract in Chicago.
  8. You Be The Gm

    No clue why, but this site doesn't work properly on my work computer (possibly the security settings?) so I can't quote on that computer. Strange...
  9. You Be The Gm

    "Dreaming I know, but I'd like to see a nice package worked out to Arizona for Vermette and Yandle. It would have to include some of our expendable players that have contracts that need to be unloaded between now and the summer. It will need to include a couple of top prospects (even TT). I didn't look at cap numbers because it wont happen. But wouldn't it be nice?" Yeah, that would be nice, and it'd be a dream worth dreaming! I'd prefer Ekman-Larsson, but he's obviously part of the Yotes long term plans, whereas Yandle probably isn't at this point. Yandle's only 27, has one more year remaining at 5.2 mil cap hit. He's a great offensive D-man with 40+ points in five of the last six years. Pairing him with Hjalmarsson would give the Hawks an amazing top four on D. I don't know what Stan will do (if anything), but with the contracts and assets has, it'd be nice to see him do something bold to really keep this team in contention, as I really don't think that this needs to be a lost season.
  10. You Be The Gm

    Yeah, I had a feeling that Trouba was a long shot at best. It's tough to tell who'd be available on their team as everyone seems to be pretty young.
  11. You Be The Gm

    I was actually thinking something similar to this. Something like Sharp and Leddy for Kane and Trouba. Hawks save some money now and in the future when Leddy's contract is up, plus the Hawks get much younger while the Jets get a player with top line skill and high level scoring ability that they can market.
  12. You Be The Gm

    "Rumor: Chicago-Ottawa Blockbuster Discussed "Basic parameters of deal would be: Patrick Sharp and Nick Leddy to Ottawa for Colin Greening, Zack Smith and 2013 1st round selection, Curtis Lazar." If that was pasted correctly, then that's 2013 1st round pick Curtis Lazar, not Lazar plus a 1st round pick. What I was mainly confused by was the fact that BitB was saying that Ottawa probably doesn't include Lazar in a deal. So I wasn't sure if he meant Sharp/Leddy for Greening/Smith, or if he was just assessing what he thought about the two Ottawa players without specifying what Chicago would trade back the other way.
  13. You Be The Gm

    I'm not sure that I follow your logic behind Sharp/Leddy for Greening/Smith. We'd be trading our top point getter form last year for two guys that, combined, had exactly half as many points as Sharp by himself last year, and then we'd include Leddy as well? That's a net loss of about almost 70 points of production. I get that we'd save about 4 mil in cap space, and that's great and I also understand that Greening and Smith play their roles pretty well. But if the Hawks decide that they have to deal a core player, I'd personally want something better than that.
  14. You Be The Gm

    For what it's worth, apparently Hawks are fielding offers on Pirri (Per Bob McKenzie tweet) Seems obvious, but still nice to hear. The kid deserves a real shot on another squad. Given that when a team is kicking the tires on an elite team's prospect, they're usually offering present help in exchange for that prospect's (hopefully) bright future, it kinda makes me wonder if he gets moved in a small deal, like for a pick or a prospect swap, or if something bigger (maybe involving a 2LC like Jokinen or Legwand) is brewing. I certainly doubt it's the latter, but with Stan, ya never know.
  15. Stan As Gm

    I have to admit, and I don't know how many other people on here are eating crow, but I've questioned a lot of Stan's moves. I've questioned a lot of his failing to make moves, fill holes the way that I thought they should be filled, etc. I was wrong. Very wrong. Stan was right, and the Hawks have a cup in no small part because of it. He didn't listen to people that wanted to get rid of Crawford or jettison Hossa's contract or fill the 2nd line center spot with a big name or go out and grab a ton of names at the deadline like Pittsburgh and the Hawks have a cup. Again. Major props to Stan, this whole organization, the players, Rocky... Huge fan here, very happy to be eating crow. That was one of the best playoffs I've ever seen, capped by an amazing cup finals, the likes of which I may never see again in my lifetime. Thank you to the Hawks for this fantastic fan experience!!