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  1. Wow. I actually like that idea a LOT. Wonder what it would take to sign him?
  2. I'll be really curious how the Hawks fill that 1LW spot. What's even left in free agency? I'll be shocked if Doan or Elias switch teams this late in their careers. Hudler seems like the only realistic option left, but can the Hawks afford him? If Vesey's the guy, man does that seem like a risk for a team looking to play for a championship. Anyone else think it's kinda weird that Russell, Schenn and Schultz are all still out there?
  3. Sorry, just to clarify in case anyone didn't know, Russo is the NHL writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Just wanted to clarify that it wasn't just some dude on Twitter.
  4. Michael Russo via Twitter says that Hawks are one of four teams that have been in touch with Vanek. The other three are Kings, Coyotes and Canucks.
  5. Bruins bought out Dennis Seidenberg. He's 34 and had a 4 mil cap hit. As much as I want to see the Hawks bring Campbell back, I wonder if they could also somehow fit Seidenberg in to the D core as well, and what that might cost.
  6. So does anyone have a review of how the Hawks did at the draft? Curious what more informed people think of the new crop.
  7. According to Ryan Rishaug from TSN via twitter, if the Oilers land Milan Lucic, they might opt to trade Taylor Hall, as getting Lucic would give them 17.5 mil tied up in their left wings. Hall makes 6 mil for another three years. I wonder if there's any scenario where the Hawks could fit Hall under the cap. Think he'd look good on Toews left side. I tend to doubt it though. At least not without opening up some substantial holes elsewhere on the roster. Ah well, wishful thinking. If Edmonton's really interested in PK Subban though, wonder if some sort of swap involving Hall plus for Subban would happen?
  8. Yeah, I figured most people wouldn't like him. Honestly, I don't like him much either, but he plays hard and he puts up points. I know it was a small sample size, but Ladd didn't seem to have the impact that I was hoping for given what the Hawks gave up to get him. Not that it matters. Both of them are out of the Hawks price range, I'd think. Does make me wonder what the Hawks will do though to fill the hole on the top line.
  9. Just read on Pierre LeBrun's twitter that Kings GM Dean Lombardi confirmed that Milan Lucic is going to market. I must say, he's look pretty amazing up there on the first line wing with Toews and Hossa. Obviously getting him would mean losing Shaw, but he kinda reminds me a bit of Shaw with more scoring. Obviously, I don't think the Hawks would get him. Too expensive and there are multiple needs that money could go toward. Wouldn't shock me if someone gave him 7 mil, as he's already coming off of deal with a 6.5 mil a year cap hit and he's only 27 years old. I'll be really curious to see which team lands him.
  10. So is there any realistic targets out there the Hawks can find to legitimately fill that #4 spot on the depth chart via free agency? Any trade rumors? I know we're still (painfully) early in the "offseason" but...
  11. So how many more hurdles does the NHL have to clear yet before they officially expand? For all the talk I've seen about an expansion draft, are we actually going to see expansion this offseason or the next?
  12. Yeah, that's insane. If I were a Canucks fan, I'd be livid. Even if it was Hamhuis for a 2017 3rd round pick or something along those lines (and I'm willing to be that the offers from both Chicago and Dallas were a good deal better than that), that's a pick more than you have now AND you have a solid chance of resigning him in the offseason. Of course, even if they don't get him back in the offseason, is it that big of a deal given that they're about to enter a long and likely painful rebuild? They need to be stockpiling assets, not defensemen approaching their mid-30's. Only thing I can think is that Stan was trying to unload Bickell on them to make the money work or couldn't get Toronto to take him without having to give up something absurd and then had to pull out of the Hamhuis running because of it. Unless they had enough cap space for Hamhuis for the rest of the year without needing to unload Bickell. In which case, yeah, confusing one for the Canucks. No question.
  13. According to Chris Kuc via twitter, the Hawks aren't done yet. "They're looking for a winger to play alongside Teuvo Teravainen."
  14. Wasn't there a rumor recently that the Hawks might be interested in Staal? I don't know what the Hawks would have to trade back to absorb the rest of his contract, but could you imagine Staal as the Hawks 3rd line center? I know he's not the player he once was, but still...
  15. Good point. According to Lyle Richardson over that The Hockey News: "Speaking of the Blackhawks, their demotion of veteran defenseman Rob Scuderi has many observers assuming GM Stan Bowman is clearing cap space in anticipation of a move or two by the trade deadline. The ‘Hawks free up $950K, giving them over $3.8 million in salary-cap room by deadline day." Cap info provided by Capfriendly.com. So yeah, 40% of Hudler's deal is 1.6 mil and 40% of Ladd's deal is 1.76. Hawks have the cap space to swing that. If it's 50%, the Hawks will sill be okay with Kruger on IR. Purcell's cap hit is only 100K more than Ladd's so the numbers are also doable if he'd be the one the Hawks get. Man... After looking at it, I'm honestly kinda surprised that the Hawks have this much space to play with and these kind of options at the deadline. I'll be really curious to see what Stan does here.