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  1. 3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Just got home after supper out. Turned on the game to see Keith do his deer-in-the -headlights stickhandling routine and turn the puck over, after he had an easy opportunity to clear the zone. My old basic training drill sergeant would often yell at us after someone screwed up. His comment would be very appropriate for Keith, at any given time in any given game........."Hey boy, you eat up with dumbass? You're dumber than owl poop!" Glad the Hawks got the win, but I probably didn't miss much from the first 55 minutes of this game.
  2. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    Blues/rock (Clapton, BB King, Stones, Albert King, Freddie King, SRV, etc.) is what I play. Sometimes I get to sit in with one of my son's bands here in Arizona (we're here for the winter), but they are rock, not blues. I know the Aardvark had closed a while ago. Too bad, that was a fun time. The next time we are heading through Windsor, I'll mention it to you and we can figure out how to, at least, have a couple of cold ones and discuss the solutions to the Blackhawks' problems. And I should mention to "Montreal" that we will probably be heading that way after Windsor on our way up to Sorel (my wife's home town). We have stayed in Montreal a couple of times with a niece of her's. My wife moved to Windsor when she was young, so both places are on our often "go to list,"with relatives and friends in both places. BTW, my avatar photo is me holding a Blackhawks Telecaster. My son works for Fender and has the opportunity to purchase a lot of neat stuff that comes available at work at very reasonable prices. That Tele apparently was a prototype, but it never really was a seller, I guess. He also has an Islander Tele under the same situation. My main axe is an American 50th Anniversary Strat. I play through a Fender Deluxe Reverb with a Tube Screamer the main pedal on my board.
  3. Hawk Moves (Real Time)

    The next time we are in Windsor, we should get together and do some "jammin'." A number of years ago, the friends we were staying with called all around to find a blues jam. We ended up going to the "Aardvark Blues Cafe." I was a blast, as I ended up playing a whole set with the band, once they saw that I could play the blues.
  4. 3/08 Hawks vs Canes

    i didn't want to respond to this last night after the game. Now that I've cooled down, I'll just say that this team played a TOTAL GARBAGE HOCKEY GAME last night. The goal after the early PP in the 2nd period was one of the worst I've ever seen in hockey at any level. I'm not talking about the goalie not stopping the breakaway shot. It all started with Berube apparently not alerting his team mates of the impending end of the penalty. Even without that alerting, the Blackhawk players on the ice should know that the PP was going to be over in about a minute since the start of the period. The ineptitude of the Hawks' zone entry attempts, and their disorganization shown were a total disgrace. I cannot understand how professional athletes can be so oblivious to what is going on around them, as this collection of Blackhawk players. I would call them a team, but that would be a stretch of the terminology that is required to be called a "team." They seem to be nothing more that a "collection" of guys wearing the same type of designer clothing at predetermined times during the hockey season. Don't even get me started on Mr. "shoots wide or over the net all of the time." For a trained athlete to have such an obvious fault/lack of productivity that continues, not just for days, but for years, makes me wonder where "practice" fits into the professional athlete's work schedule. Hey, physical performance can usually be improved through proper, repetitive practice of the desired activity. What's the reason for no change in the results? Is it coaching? Is it lack of concentration on the part of the athlete? Is an uncaring attitude by any and all of those concerned in the organization? Or is it a combination of many or all of those mentioned? Boy, I'm glad I waited until today to comment. I still have a s...load of other things I could air here, but I could go on, and on, and on, and ...............
  5. 3/06 Hawks vs Avs

    Well that really sucks, doesn't it?
  6. 2/15 Hawks vs Ducks

    Does anybody else feel like they are in the movie "Ground Hog Day," after watching any of the past eight Blackhawks' games?
  7. 2/12 Hawks vs Yotes

    Has anybody heard the dates for the summer Blackhawks' convention? (purple font) Will they even consider having one? Who would be the players attending it? Who cares? I still care, but it is embarrassing to see the demise of this once-proud organization to what it has now become.
  8. 2/10 Hawks vs Wild

    Just to show you how bad this team is doing: A couple of days ago my son told me that someone at work offered him two free tickets to the game against the Coyotes here on Monday (we are wintering in Scottsdale, AZ). He asked me if I would want to go, but I declined. I'll probably watch it on tv here, but I don't want to waste my time getting out to Glendale (about 45 minutes one way) to watch what they have been doing for the past couple of months. The Yotes will probably beat them, and I wouldn't have the option of watching something else if I was at the game. I should also mention that I have attended two games here in the past 5 years or so, and the Hawks lost both of them, so I don't want to have any responsibility on me for a loss that might happen. I never thought I would ever pass up on tickets (free ones, at that) for a Blackhawks' game, but that is reality.
  9. 2/06 Hawks vs Flames

    Aren't Hammer and Nail (Yak.....something) hockey players in the NHL? Also, Happy Birthday to Lord!
  10. 2/01 Hawks vs Canucks

    I'm not sure if a lot of Hawks' fans know that Boeser and Schmaltz were teammates (even linemates at times) at North Dakota University when they won the NCAA title two years ago. That was Boeser's first year at UND, and he was unbelievable the way he could get a shot off and into the net from just about any place outside the circles. His quick release was about as good as I have ever seen at any level of hockey. Boeser didn't have a very good season last year, but he had an early season wrist injury that really deprived him of his most valued skill. He looks like his wrist healed up just fine this season.
  11. 1/22 Hawks vs Lightning

    It seems that not that long ago: 1) Hino with Saad and Toews seemed to get the two "big guys" going. 2) Wingels and Bouma, along with Hayden made up our most dependable line, from game to game. They always seemed to out-work the opponents and even would pop a goal now and then. 3) Kane and Schmaltz have shown a lot of chemistry and still are getting things done, offensively, pretty well. Why not put the new guy (Duclair) with Kane and Schmaltz, and reunite Hino with Toews and Saad? The former fourth line of "grinders" would also be a welcome sight.
  12. 1/10 Hawks vs Wild

    I was of the same opinion that a save is something that prevents the puck from going into the net. A shot that hits the goal post or cross bar is not a shot on goal. I do believe that in the situation being discussed (goalie playing a puck that does not appear to be going into the net) is one of subjective opinion of an off-ice official. A goalie shouldn't be awarded a save on a shot going wide of the net. So if the goalie doesn't get a save for playing a puck that is going wide of the net, so what's the problem? Maybe those experts should learn the rules of the game they are analyzing. They are often just making comments to "stir the pot," and this seems to be one of them. I didn't watch the between periods discussions, but am just taking the info that has been discussed here, on the boards. That doesn't matter........a save cannot be given for a shot that is NOT ON GOAL!
  13. The Panik Thread

    I just know that I'm glad the Hawks didn't send Dcat down to Rockford, as was suggested on these boards a few weeks ago. The kid is a natural scorer and getting better all the time in other areas (heck, he's only 19 years old!).
  14. Jan Rutta

  15. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    I'm with you on your comment about Toews' post-concussion effects. He is definitely not the same talent that we have grown to know and enjoy. I do have concerns about him. I would also like to add some comments about the Hawks and my being a fan of theirs: When I was in grade school, CBS used to have an NHL game of the week on Saturday afternoons (this was in the 1950's). I believe a guy named Bud Palmer was either the play by play guy or the color guy. It was the first time I had ever seen any level of hockey, rather than the games us kids had at the local outdoor skating rink. If we were playing at the rink on Saturday afternoons, we would try to hurray home after we had "run out of gas," so we could watch guys like Fern Flamin (sp?) and "Terrible Ted" LIndsay, etc. I remember seeing a young guy wearing #16 for the Black Hawks, and liking what I saw from him. His unselfish pass to a line mate (Ed Litzenberger) to complete Ed's hat trick is still ingrained in my mind to this day. Bobby Hull's performances made me a Black Hawks' fan for life. OK, I know this may be "wordy," but I just wanted to have all you Hawks' fans stop and think about how fortunate we have been in the recently passed years, with 3 Stanley Cups, multiple super star players to watch, and the "rebirth" of the whole franchise from what was, at one time, acclaimed to be the worst pro sports franchise in all of sports (before Rocky took over). I really feel fortunate to be a Hawks' fan, and will continue to be one until my last day on this earth. Sure, I get upset when I watch the weak play of our PP and of certain individuals at times. But I have stopped to think, it wasn't that long ago we'd be happy to just get into the playoffs, not even considering a possible series victory or two. When I watch Seabrook, Keith, Toews, and Sharp, I have come to realize that they are probably on the down sides of their careers now. Goodness knows that they would love to be able to still make the plays to which we had so grown accustomed. But remember this: They have given me (and probably any Hawks' fan from as far back as the 1950's) so many great thrills from their play that I cannot quantify their worth to me. Many of you will comment on how this guy or that guy are not worth the $$ they are now being paid, but I must differ with you on that. Stretch that $$ out over 60 years, and it doesn't seems so bad, considering that it took that long for them (the Hawks) to put together the 3 Cups in such a short time span as they have. That's what I'm looking at, and that's how I must value their contributions to the success of the past few years. If you say, "Forget the past, what are you doing for me know?" then I will say, think about the thousands of fans who have not even experienced ONE Cup victory for their teams? I think we need to realize how fortunate we have been being Hawks' fans. I'm not waving the white flag on this season yet, but if we should not fulfill the ultimate goal (the Cup), I'll just have to remember that I've been so blessed to be a Hawks' fan for most of my life, that maybe it's like they say, "All good things come to an end." Sorry for my ramblings on here, but I especially am a bit reflective today, as it is my 71st birthday, and I'm in pretty good health, and last year I actually was able to take in a Hawks - Montreal game at the United Center. GO HAWKS!