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  1. The Panik Thread

    I just know that I'm glad the Hawks didn't send Dcat down to Rockford, as was suggested on these boards a few weeks ago. The kid is a natural scorer and getting better all the time in other areas (heck, he's only 19 years old!).
  2. Jan Rutta

  3. 12/02 Hawks vs Stars

    I'm with you on your comment about Toews' post-concussion effects. He is definitely not the same talent that we have grown to know and enjoy. I do have concerns about him. I would also like to add some comments about the Hawks and my being a fan of theirs: When I was in grade school, CBS used to have an NHL game of the week on Saturday afternoons (this was in the 1950's). I believe a guy named Bud Palmer was either the play by play guy or the color guy. It was the first time I had ever seen any level of hockey, rather than the games us kids had at the local outdoor skating rink. If we were playing at the rink on Saturday afternoons, we would try to hurray home after we had "run out of gas," so we could watch guys like Fern Flamin (sp?) and "Terrible Ted" LIndsay, etc. I remember seeing a young guy wearing #16 for the Black Hawks, and liking what I saw from him. His unselfish pass to a line mate (Ed Litzenberger) to complete Ed's hat trick is still ingrained in my mind to this day. Bobby Hull's performances made me a Black Hawks' fan for life. OK, I know this may be "wordy," but I just wanted to have all you Hawks' fans stop and think about how fortunate we have been in the recently passed years, with 3 Stanley Cups, multiple super star players to watch, and the "rebirth" of the whole franchise from what was, at one time, acclaimed to be the worst pro sports franchise in all of sports (before Rocky took over). I really feel fortunate to be a Hawks' fan, and will continue to be one until my last day on this earth. Sure, I get upset when I watch the weak play of our PP and of certain individuals at times. But I have stopped to think, it wasn't that long ago we'd be happy to just get into the playoffs, not even considering a possible series victory or two. When I watch Seabrook, Keith, Toews, and Sharp, I have come to realize that they are probably on the down sides of their careers now. Goodness knows that they would love to be able to still make the plays to which we had so grown accustomed. But remember this: They have given me (and probably any Hawks' fan from as far back as the 1950's) so many great thrills from their play that I cannot quantify their worth to me. Many of you will comment on how this guy or that guy are not worth the $$ they are now being paid, but I must differ with you on that. Stretch that $$ out over 60 years, and it doesn't seems so bad, considering that it took that long for them (the Hawks) to put together the 3 Cups in such a short time span as they have. That's what I'm looking at, and that's how I must value their contributions to the success of the past few years. If you say, "Forget the past, what are you doing for me know?" then I will say, think about the thousands of fans who have not even experienced ONE Cup victory for their teams? I think we need to realize how fortunate we have been being Hawks' fans. I'm not waving the white flag on this season yet, but if we should not fulfill the ultimate goal (the Cup), I'll just have to remember that I've been so blessed to be a Hawks' fan for most of my life, that maybe it's like they say, "All good things come to an end." Sorry for my ramblings on here, but I especially am a bit reflective today, as it is my 71st birthday, and I'm in pretty good health, and last year I actually was able to take in a Hawks - Montreal game at the United Center. GO HAWKS!
  4. 11/18 Hawks vs Pens

    Question: What's with the stupid horn blowing, three times before each crowd chant of "Let's go Pens!" and all this while play is going on? I thought it was a no no to have any noise makers in NHL rinks. I remember this happening throughout the playoffs at the Pens rink last year. They should stop that (the NHL front office).
  5. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    Your observations of the 5x5 is dead on. Puzzling isn't it, when compared to the way they have been doing on the PK. In many cases, it's the same personnel that we are seeing in both instances.????
  6. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    The success of a PK can almost simply be summed up as: 4 skaters have to out-work 5 skaters to be successful. When a team has a man (or two) advantage on the ice, it is not guaranteed to be successful unless it out-works the short-handed team. Sure, there are team strategies involved on the PP, but the fact that the Hawks' PK has been pretty good this season should be an indication that if the PP would up their energy and work ethic they could be more successful on it also.
  7. 11/15 Hawks vs Rangers

    Here are two fairly simple suggestions for the Hawks: 1- When you are on the PP, always out number the opposition around loose pucks, until you have acquired safe possession of the puck. (Watch Hawk players on the PP fore-check around loose pucks.......sometimes the Hawks are out numbered........that should not be happening.......we have the "extra man," not the opponent.) 2- Always out number the opposition around loose pucks in your D-zone. In addition, always have someone defending the front of the net if the puck is not securely in your team's possession. I coached hockey for over 30 years before retiring from the competitive version, and continued to work as an instructor in many summer hockey camps (until 2010) with players ranging from Pee Wees to NHL level. The players at all levels understood how to do these things, so it seems that the Hawks should probably be able to follow through on them too (some were in camps in which I worked). It might not solve all of their problems on the PP and D-zone play, but it should help to make those areas more workable for the Hawks. I'm sure that Coach Q knows these strategies, now it's up to him and the other coaches to get the players to perform together to accomplish them.
  8. 11/12 Hawks vs Devils

    Here's a point to remember: Some coaches do a better job with experienced and talented players than with young and inexperienced players. Think about how the Hawks have been beaten by hungry, hard-working teams with many "unknowns" in their line ups. The Hawks are at a point in their existence that requires a teaching-type coach. Just as the Wings got "old" all of a sudden, the Hawks have reached that point now, I'm afraid. It's time to reset our expectations of this team, but also the people in charge must also take a look at their own contributions to the success of the team. Also, to say Toews hasn't at times been an offensive giant is maybe due to a cloudy memory. One in particular was the infamous "Campoli turn over game" vs Vancouver. I seem to remember Toews pretty much putting the team on his back that night and got the game into OT pretty much single-handedly on the scoreboard. Thing is, he maybe can't do it anymore, just as Seabs and Keith can't either. Time waits for no one. This core group has been amazing to watch for the past 10 years, and I thank them all for giving us the 3 Cups that came from their efforts. But time has not waited for them.
  9. 11/05 Hawks vs Habs

    I have watched Toews play since his freshman year at the U. of North Dakota. Watching him this year is like watching a totally different player. He has mishandled the puck so often and fails to make the proper play in situations that used to just come to him naturally. I have a concern that there may be something physically wrong with him. I hope I am wrong, but his lackluster play is so evident (as every Hawks fan can see) that I fear it may be the cumulative result of the previous concussions he has incurred. I can't help but think that there is something physically not right with him. He loves to play, and loves to win. I miss his steady game and the occasional burst of speed and energy he used to show us. This has to be frustrating to him, more than we can even imagine.
  10. 10/28 Hawks vs Avs

    My comment on the team's play is this: Thank goodness for being able to fast forward through the recorded game and just go regular speed for pp and pk situations, plus goals scored. The recent games are a disgraceful embarrassment to what was once a proud and storied franchise. It's reminding me a lot of the bad years in the not-so-distant past, when they couldn't even make the playoffs.
  11. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    Here's the thing: Some of the core players on the Hawks no longer possess their ability to perform at the levels to which we have become accustomed. As we all age, we don't like to admit that all good things must come to an end sometime. In the case of professional sports teams, as a successful team "ages" (as the Hawks have), they may not be able to do like they have so many years. I remember when Keith would always seem to beat forecheckers to pucks that were dumped in. Toews used to be something to watch when he was attacking an opponent's d-man. I hate to say it, but maybe the Hawks' "glory years" have eroded and are done. Whatever the case for the team's present situation, I feel it is the coaches' responsibility to utilize the talent they do still have in a way that gives them the best opportunity to be successful. That is, and always has been, the job of the coaches. When you no longer have the luxury of just opening the door and letting the boys go do their thing on the ice, you have to make adjustments. We probably all need to remember that in the past decade, the Hawks have provided us with many games of enjoyment and success beyond many teams' fans wildest dreams. It's just a fact of life......."time waits for no one."
  12. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    Totally agree. I stopped watching the game after 4-1. I recorded the rest to watch after I got back from pheasant hunting today. I kept thinking, the Hawks definitely have more talent than this Vegas team, but it was just like the last year's playoff fiasco vs Nashville. I am reminded by this that "just talent doesn't win, unless talent out-works the opposition." I have greatly appreciated what Q has done while coaching the Hawks, but last night I came to the realization that maybe a change at the top of the coaching staff is what this team needs. Too many embarrassments have happened due to questionable decisions and seemingly lack of continuity in team play, and not just this season.
  13. 10/24 Hawks vs Knights

    At our house, we have been calling him "The Rink Rat." Sort of sounds like his name, and it probably fits from his earlier days growing up.
  14. 10/21 Hawks vs Yotes

    I heard that she is in chains, now.
  15. Schmaltz Thread

    A lot of what we are seeing now, from Schmaltz, is what we saw when he played at the University of North Dakota his senior year.