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  1. hawks27

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    I might be wrong, but wasn't it Keith who pinched with the other two Hawks deep in the O zone on the OT goal? Whoever it was made a terrible decision. How can you pinch in OT with the other two men in deep? Unless the puck is coming up the wall with no opponent near it, you just can't pinch in that situation.
  2. hawks27

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    Yes it does here, too! I just finished cutting the lawn in 37F with a northwest wind of 19mph. It looks like there is a snow event coming in from Montana, so we have to get a lot of these things done before it's too late. Grand Forks, North Dakota got 19 inches of snow over night! Yikes, we got snow here in Mandan last Thursday night, but it's all melted away now. I bet Luke Johnson knows about the weather up in Grand Forks. His dad (Steve) was probably the most talented high school player I've ever seen in North Dakota. He went on to play for the UND Sioux and was on the 1987 NCAA Championship team. He led the NCAA in scoring the next year in his senior year at UND. GO HAWKS!!!!
  3. hawks27

    10/11 Hawks vs Wild

    With Joker working on the #1 PP, I hope that we'll see some productivity now and in the future. He has the smarts and his shot is not all that bad, either. GO HAWKS!!!!
  4. hawks27

    10/07 Hawks vs Leafs

    I always thought that Hamms tasted like it had a bit of ketchup in it. But it was 3.2 beer at the Green Door in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, and it was summer and....I was a lot younger then (as Eric Burdon once said). PBR is the real beer for most of the hockey people I hung around with ( NHL players and coaches) when I used to work hockey camps in the summer. I also like Molson and LaBatt's Blue when we are in Canada.
  5. hawks27


  6. hawks27

    reaction? chelios an ambassador.

    It's hard for me to remember that he once was a Blackhawk, after his years in Montreal and Detroit where he had his most success. I do remember the many stupid penalties he took while wearing the Indian head, but that's about all. He should be in the Red Wings' organization, not the Hawks'.
  7. hawks27


    So you are saying that Kruger will be actually playing in the offensive end, besides falling down in his d-zone? I haven't yet commented on the return of Kruger to the Hawks, but I can't hold back anymore after reading the many posts that indicate that this next season will be better because he is back to "win" faceoffs and take care of the d-zone. His contributions to the Hawks two Cups were good, and certainly helped the team's success, but now he is just not the NHL level player (defensively) anymore, that he once was. I don't think he has ever really accomplished much in the offensive side of his game (other than that huge OT goal vs the Ducks a few years ago). If his injury last year was the cause of his lackluster season in Phoenix, then what was the problem before that injury? With most of his ice time spent in the Hawks' d-zone, it's only inevitable that the puck will find its way into our net. He is on the ice for a lot more goals against than for, a lot due to his lack of offensive skills. His faceoff %, also, is not what the Hawks need, either at full strength or on the PK. I think he only had one year with the Hawks where he could really be claimed to be a successful face off man. I only hope that I am wrong on this, but I can't see him doing much to help the Hawks' cause now. I do, however, understand why he was included in the deal for Phoenix to take Hossa's contract, but I don't expect much from him on either side of the puck in the NHL anymore. Thanks, Kruger, for your past contributions to the Hawks, but maybe it's time to move on from NHL hockey.
  8. hawks27

    RIP Ray Emery

    I remember seeing a video of Ray pounding some "unfortunate" player who probably thought that a goalie would not be too tough of a customer in a fight. Ray was a key player to winning the Cup, and I think he was very well-liked by his teammates. RIP.
  9. hawks27


    I wonder if the fact that Toews is fluent in French would have any bearing on these rumors (or that it could possibly NOT be rumors, but facts)?
  10. hawks27

    Patrick Sharp is coming to town.

    It was great to see Sharp wearing a Blackhawk jersey and firing those one-timers from the circle to the goalie's right. He was instrumental in the 3 Cup wins and a classy player throughout his Hawk career. Hopefully he can remain connected to the team in some fashion. Thanks, Patrick, for the great thrills you provided to so many of us Hawks' fans. Best wishes in all of your future endeavors.
  11. hawks27

    3/24 Hawks vs Islanders

    Just got home after supper out. Turned on the game to see Keith do his deer-in-the -headlights stickhandling routine and turn the puck over, after he had an easy opportunity to clear the zone. My old basic training drill sergeant would often yell at us after someone screwed up. His comment would be very appropriate for Keith, at any given time in any given game........."Hey boy, you eat up with dumbass? You're dumber than owl poop!" Glad the Hawks got the win, but I probably didn't miss much from the first 55 minutes of this game.
  12. hawks27

    Hawk Moves 2017-2018

    Blues/rock (Clapton, BB King, Stones, Albert King, Freddie King, SRV, etc.) is what I play. Sometimes I get to sit in with one of my son's bands here in Arizona (we're here for the winter), but they are rock, not blues. I know the Aardvark had closed a while ago. Too bad, that was a fun time. The next time we are heading through Windsor, I'll mention it to you and we can figure out how to, at least, have a couple of cold ones and discuss the solutions to the Blackhawks' problems. And I should mention to "Montreal" that we will probably be heading that way after Windsor on our way up to Sorel (my wife's home town). We have stayed in Montreal a couple of times with a niece of her's. My wife moved to Windsor when she was young, so both places are on our often "go to list,"with relatives and friends in both places. BTW, my avatar photo is me holding a Blackhawks Telecaster. My son works for Fender and has the opportunity to purchase a lot of neat stuff that comes available at work at very reasonable prices. That Tele apparently was a prototype, but it never really was a seller, I guess. He also has an Islander Tele under the same situation. My main axe is an American 50th Anniversary Strat. I play through a Fender Deluxe Reverb with a Tube Screamer the main pedal on my board.
  13. hawks27

    Hawk Moves 2017-2018

    The next time we are in Windsor, we should get together and do some "jammin'." A number of years ago, the friends we were staying with called all around to find a blues jam. We ended up going to the "Aardvark Blues Cafe." I was a blast, as I ended up playing a whole set with the band, once they saw that I could play the blues.
  14. hawks27

    3/08 Hawks vs Canes

    i didn't want to respond to this last night after the game. Now that I've cooled down, I'll just say that this team played a TOTAL GARBAGE HOCKEY GAME last night. The goal after the early PP in the 2nd period was one of the worst I've ever seen in hockey at any level. I'm not talking about the goalie not stopping the breakaway shot. It all started with Berube apparently not alerting his team mates of the impending end of the penalty. Even without that alerting, the Blackhawk players on the ice should know that the PP was going to be over in about a minute since the start of the period. The ineptitude of the Hawks' zone entry attempts, and their disorganization shown were a total disgrace. I cannot understand how professional athletes can be so oblivious to what is going on around them, as this collection of Blackhawk players. I would call them a team, but that would be a stretch of the terminology that is required to be called a "team." They seem to be nothing more that a "collection" of guys wearing the same type of designer clothing at predetermined times during the hockey season. Don't even get me started on Mr. "shoots wide or over the net all of the time." For a trained athlete to have such an obvious fault/lack of productivity that continues, not just for days, but for years, makes me wonder where "practice" fits into the professional athlete's work schedule. Hey, physical performance can usually be improved through proper, repetitive practice of the desired activity. What's the reason for no change in the results? Is it coaching? Is it lack of concentration on the part of the athlete? Is an uncaring attitude by any and all of those concerned in the organization? Or is it a combination of many or all of those mentioned? Boy, I'm glad I waited until today to comment. I still have a s...load of other things I could air here, but I could go on, and on, and on, and ...............
  15. hawks27

    3/06 Hawks vs Avs

    Well that really sucks, doesn't it?