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  1. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    Oh man, so if they wouldn't pay to bring in bigger names for the 10th convention it's probably a guarantee that they never will. I guess i can't blame them, like it or not the majority of the Hawks fan base is more about the current team than the past, so why pay to bring someone in when people will line up for hours to meet Richard Panik or Gustav Forsling. Unless attendance dips significantly I can't see them changing the formula anytime soon.
  2. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    Bobby Hull was one of the greatest players this franchise has ever seen, but I don't care for Bobby Hull as a person. I don't want to get much more in it than that. I understand why they employ him as an ambassador, but if it were up to me I'd have a different alum representing the franchise.
  3. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    There were 2 extra pages of bids and it was up to $3000 when I walked by woth a few hours to go, so I can only imagine how high it went.
  4. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    Pretty much the same as years past. Auctioned off game used sticks, gloves, skates and jerseys of popular players. I remember seeing Toews, Seabrook and Hossa white gamers for silent auction (among others). You also had the chance to purchase one of over a dozen signed game used Michael Kempny sticks for $200 a pop...they definitely milk everything they can out of that sale.
  5. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    Had a great time this year. Caught Bell and Calder walking through the hotel unnoticed and had a chat with them for a few minutes about the ridiculous 180 this franchise has pulled in the past 10 years. I guess that's one good thing about growing up a Hawks fan in the early 00s; I don't have to worry about winning a scratch-off to meet my favorite players! Also, can the Hawks replace Bobby Hull with Pat Stapleton as an ambassador? Such a great person.
  6. 2017 Blackhawks Convention

    I've gone to the Convention every year so far. I've been disappointed in the line-ups the past few years but was hoping they'd do something special for the 10th Convention...nope. Although, I'm glad they finally brought a few teammates for Eric Daze in Bell & Calder. I'll always remember those cellar-dwelling early 00s years fondly, so it'll be cool to see those 3 together again. Other than that, I'm not liking the trend of filling out the alumni roster with recently retired 4th liners. 7 of the 23 alumni played on the team within the past 7 years. For a team with 90 years of history, that's a bit pathetic for a milestone year. Overall though, it's always been a fun excuse to spend a couple summer nights downtown. And even though the hotel itself isn't the greatest (or even close to the greatest) venue for the event, it's hard to beat the location.
  7. Matthew Tkachuk Vs. the LA Kings

    At first I thought Tkachuk was a cocky little punk, but he's putting a target on his back and not shying away from the consequences. That's rare to see in a young player, and pretty refreshing. Just don't do it against the Hawks
  8. Not to mention, Dennis Wideman's original 20 game ban for obliterating the linesman got reduced to 10 games after an appeal. It would have been absurd for Vermette to sit the same amount of games for that tap. Kind of makes one wonder why they even have the "automatic" suspension anymore if they're almost always reduced.
  9. Q's Future

    Whatever happens, I just hope his tenure with the Blackhawks ends with a lot more grace than Hitchcock's time in St. Louis.
  10. So this happened on Tuesday. After a bad puck drop, Antoine Vermette took a swat at the linesman and got ejected for abuse of official. In this case it's an automatic 10 game suspension, but Vermette appealed and according to Doug MacLean the suspension has been reduced to 5 games.
  11. Toews

    Captain was all over the ice last night, looked great.
  12. Hinostroza

    I'm really liking Hinostroza. He's small but already shown he's not afraid of going into those dirty areas of the ice to generate scoring chances. He's starting to remind me of another small #48, Danny Briere.
  13. Definitely. Especially if you can go during the week, the crowd is much more manageable than on weekends.
  14. If you'll be in town a few days, it looks like they have open practices both on Monday and Wednesday that week at Johnny's Ice House (about 1-2 miles west of the UC). Not only can you watch the team up close for free but several guys will usually stop on their way out of the parking garage and sign a few autographs.
  15. Hawks 2017 Winter Classic Jerseys Leaked

    Seriously, the Wings and Leafs did red and blue and it was pretty easy to tell who was who. Not to mention this will be the third one-off outdoor jersey in a row that's going to be white. That's not gonna sell a lot of jerseys.