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  1. At first I thought Tkachuk was a cocky little punk, but he's putting a target on his back and not shying away from the consequences. That's rare to see in a young player, and pretty refreshing. Just don't do it against the Hawks
  2. Not to mention, Dennis Wideman's original 20 game ban for obliterating the linesman got reduced to 10 games after an appeal. It would have been absurd for Vermette to sit the same amount of games for that tap. Kind of makes one wonder why they even have the "automatic" suspension anymore if they're almost always reduced.
  3. Whatever happens, I just hope his tenure with the Blackhawks ends with a lot more grace than Hitchcock's time in St. Louis.
  4. So this happened on Tuesday. After a bad puck drop, Antoine Vermette took a swat at the linesman and got ejected for abuse of official. In this case it's an automatic 10 game suspension, but Vermette appealed and according to Doug MacLean the suspension has been reduced to 5 games.
  5. Captain was all over the ice last night, looked great.
  6. I'm really liking Hinostroza. He's small but already shown he's not afraid of going into those dirty areas of the ice to generate scoring chances. He's starting to remind me of another small #48, Danny Briere.
  7. Definitely. Especially if you can go during the week, the crowd is much more manageable than on weekends.
  8. If you'll be in town a few days, it looks like they have open practices both on Monday and Wednesday that week at Johnny's Ice House (about 1-2 miles west of the UC). Not only can you watch the team up close for free but several guys will usually stop on their way out of the parking garage and sign a few autographs.
  9. Seriously, the Wings and Leafs did red and blue and it was pretty easy to tell who was who. Not to mention this will be the third one-off outdoor jersey in a row that's going to be white. That's not gonna sell a lot of jerseys.
  10. He was a solid contributor with the Oilers back when they made their cup run, I don't really remember him being a real dirtbag until he went to Vancouver...what a fun rivalry that was.
  11. More disappointing than unsweetened apple sauce. It was tough to watch. Caught offsides a few times, went offsides and had to tag up a few more times. Hopped off the bench and immediately hooked a guy.
  12. And he got suspended 3 games for that board. Granted, they're all pre-season games, but it does count towards being a repeat offender if he does more dumb things later this season.
  13. No way Montreal will ever regret that contract!
  14. I was laughing when I heard that. Maybe he thought the US was gonna pull their goalie and try for a 3-pointer.
  15. The best part about the World Cup is that they play it in September instead of February, so if something does go wrong there's a much lower chance of it affecting a potential cup run.