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  1. Looking forward to a good game, Good luck Jurco, hope he scores one. Tnx big time MR, Here's hoping the blues will be singing the blues on their way home. "GO HAWKS". It's about time GT
  2. Here's hoping he likes it here, and play's great, bettering the team, ya never know, Maybe Hoss helps revive him, Good luck to Jurco, especially in a Hawks sweater
  3. My favorite game this season Yee efin haw
  4. Almost forgot, TY Madrose !
  5. I loved that 2nd period, keep pushin boy's, wish Kaner would of lifted that puck, About the best period this season
  6. Looking to be a great game, I hope we pummel them, " GO HAWKS "
  7. I think i heard the commentators say, coach hasn;t been usuing him at the dot much cause of his finger, { Kruger}
  8. Hawks starting to look much better, Liking what i see so far this game also
  9. Things are coming together nicely for the Hawks, nice time to start gaining momentum , Ive really enjoyed the last two, let's make it three, " GO HAWKS " Tnx Madrose,
  10. Seab's Keith, HJ, and soup had good games, Soup looked best this game than any this year, and Seab's probably saved the game, that is good to see, and the rest of the d didn't have any major break downs, which is good, considering
  11. Great 1st, a little scary 2nd, need to come out flyin in the 3rd, don't just hang on, pummel em
  12. The way things are going, I'm looking for another good game, in our favor tonight, " GO HAWKS ", TYVM Madrose !
  13. A win over the best team in our div, point wise ,ot or not, is an awesome feat, and a good moral, confidence booster, We played a decent game, and i still feel there is more left on the table. Especially after the offsides missed call, kept pushin, great to see