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  1. 10/14 Hawks vs Preds

    Well, i dunno what happened after the first 2 games, seems they lost a step, or at least some of the team did, can't just be Smaltz, can it ? I'm hoping they come out rejuvenated, since they're playing the pred's, I think this team has more potential, if they just come out giving it their all, should be a good game, Tnx Madrose,
  2. 10/10 Hawks vs Habs

    TNX M.R.,, Hawks looked a little different last night than the prior 2 games, But you'll have that, bounce'n back tonight, " GO HAWKS "
  3. 10/09 Hawks vs Leafs

    TNX MR, Really looking forward to this one, Keep it rollin boy's, " GO HAWKS"
  4. 10/05 It Begins...Opening Night - Hawks vs Pens

    Fun to watch last night, My favorite moments were Kane's passing, those passes leading to goals were sweet, Saad with a HT, and Sharp with a goal, welcome home !
  5. 10/05 It Begins...Opening Night - Hawks vs Pens

    Tnx MR, Can't wait for the game start, Good to see hockey back again, "GO HAWKS :"
  6. 4/08 Hawks vs Kings

    Duck's i believe,
  7. 4/08 Hawks vs Kings

    Tnx GT, , Hossa looked to take a wack on the wrist in your replay
  8. 4/08 Hawks vs Kings

    Looked like Hoss took a slash from the replay GT posted
  9. 4/08 Hawks vs Kings

    Just got home, from riding the Harley, hows it lookin
  10. 4/06 Hawks vs Ducks

    another uneventful (hopefully no injuries) Lackluster game. Going thru the motion's. Go Hawks
  11. 3/29 Hawks vs Pens

    I was thinkin the same,
  12. 3/29 Hawks vs Pens

    " YEAH BABY" I'm love n it
  13. 3/29 Hawks vs Pens

    I don't know what to expect, but i think it's going to be a better game than the last few, Superstition in me says since Madrose started the thread, we win, Little more net presence, and clear the d zone a little better, Tnx Maddy, " GO HAWKS "
  14. 3/27 Hawks vs. Lightning

    Well,how fast things can change, Dunno if i like the Hartman benching, A.D. doesn't seem to be a better option, and Hartman probably knows what not to do , again, but i'm not the coach. Here's to a better game tonight, Hopefully everyone wakes up, TNX Granada, SO " GO HAWKS "
  15. 3/25 Hawks vs Panthers

    I'll second that, only smile i got out of this game