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  1. Duck's i believe,
  2. Tnx GT, , Hossa looked to take a wack on the wrist in your replay
  3. Looked like Hoss took a slash from the replay GT posted
  4. Just got home, from riding the Harley, hows it lookin
  5. another uneventful (hopefully no injuries) Lackluster game. Going thru the motion's. Go Hawks
  6. I was thinkin the same,
  7. " YEAH BABY" I'm love n it
  8. I don't know what to expect, but i think it's going to be a better game than the last few, Superstition in me says since Madrose started the thread, we win, Little more net presence, and clear the d zone a little better, Tnx Maddy, " GO HAWKS "
  9. Well,how fast things can change, Dunno if i like the Hartman benching, A.D. doesn't seem to be a better option, and Hartman probably knows what not to do , again, but i'm not the coach. Here's to a better game tonight, Hopefully everyone wakes up, TNX Granada, SO " GO HAWKS "
  10. I'll second that, only smile i got out of this game
  11. Bad officiating, power plays bad, looks like passing practice ,leading to turn overs, ice looks to be crap, but its crap both ways, I hope they come out to play in the 3rd
  12. Tnx M.R., Hopefully see a game with a little more click tonight, but i'd still take a win, I just want to see them really gellin for the play offs, I still say every day, who'd a thought !st in the west at the season open, or even half way, " GO HAWKS "
  13. Suffering thru this one looks like a lazy game
  14. Tnx M.R., Onward we roll, " GO HAWKS "
  15. Clicked on MJ's Tracey Myers link above, Says Hoss likely, Darling in